Analyst warns China ready to invade PNG, Australia then the US. What is Penny Wong’s role?

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China is on the verge of completing preparations to eventually invade America. Hundreds of sleeper agents have been importing arms into the US for some time according to military analyst Jeff Nyquist.

Under what flag is Penny Wong’s Loyalty?

He says a leaked tape of a meeting held by the Chinese military outlines their deadly plans and how they have been rolling out military equipment under cover of Covid for two years.

A vast amount of military equipment is being mobilised not to invade Taiwan but Papua New Guinea as a stepping stone to the Pacific and Australia, then the US.

CCP-controlled Darwin Harbour will play a significant role in any PNG invasion and will impact immediately on our security.

A compelling interview which should worry every Australian and American.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Putin’s speech is excellent and articulate as always – this man is a true Statesman. For people who have not read the transcript, please do read it and apprise yourself of what is truly going on in the world… Putin is a man who cares for all people, not just his own and wants to see a better world for all.

    It was pleasing to see representations of so many nations attend despite threatened sanctions by the US. These are the countries of vision who want a multipolar world and change.


  2. Wake Up Kiwi
    Putin Declares Victory Over New World Order: ‘Change Of Elites’ Coming Because Humanity Has ‘Woken Up’ + Facts And Opinions Suppressed By The Corrupt Mainstream Media & New Zealand: A Surveillance Society
    June 27 2022 | From: NewsPunch / PrincipiaScientific / NZCPR / A / Various

    Global elites who have been running the world in recent decades, working in concert to usher in a New World Order, have been defeated according to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Putin used his speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) on Friday to warn that a “change of elites” in the West is just around the corner.

    Related: Putin: Era of Unipolar World Has Ended Despite Attempts To Preserve it at Any Cost

    Disastrous liberal policies undertaken by EU and US leaders are exacerbating inequalities and divisions in their societies, not just in terms of welfare but in terms of values and orientations of various groups, Putin said.

    “Such a detachment from reality, from the demands of society, will inevitably lead to a surge of populism and the growth of radical movements, to serious social and economic changes, to degradation and, in the near future, to a change of elites,” the Russian leader said.

    Putin Declares Victory Over New World Order: ‘Humanity Has Woken Up’

    Global elites who have been running the world in recent decades, working in concert to usher in a New World Order, have been defeated according to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who used his speech at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) recently to warn that a “change of elites” in the West is just around the corner.

    The global elite have been exposed and are set to face the wrath of the people in the kind of reckoning not seen since the days of the guillotine in the streets of 17th century Paris. Putin says that elite blue blood is set to run in the streets all over again.

    According to Putin, another revolution is just around the corner. Humanity has woken up to the elites and revenge, when it comes, will be swift and appropriate.

    When the West, led by the New World Order, declared victory in the Cold War, Americans designated themselves the “messengers of God on earth,” with interests that should be considered sacred and no obligations, Putin told the audience at SPIEF.

    New centers of power have since emerged, and have the right to protect their own systems, economic models and sovereignty. These:

    “Truly revolutionary, tectonic changes in geopolitics, the global economy, in the technological sphere, in the entire system of international relations,” are “fundamental, pivotal and inexorable,” Putin said at the SPIEF.

    “And It is a mistake to suggest that one can wait out the times of turbulent change and that things will return to normal; that everything will be as it was. It will not.”

    The New World Order is gone with the wind, in other words. New centers of power have emerged, the unipolar world order isn’t coming back, and the “colonial” way of thinking has failed.

    The people of the world have spoken and they have rejected the New World Order’s plans to turn them into cattle or “useless eaters”.

    How did this great change happen? It’s quite simple, according to Putin. In all their hubris and arrogance, the West, led by the New World Order, miscalculated its response to the conflict in Ukraine.


  3. Christianity is rising rapidly in the East but is sinking in the West –

    Why the Standard of living has risen sharply in China especially and sunk in the West.

    Deuteronomy 28:13 “And the Lord will make you the head and not the tail; you shall be above only, and not be beneath, if you [a]heed the commandments of the Lord your God, which I command you today, and are careful to observe them”.

    This gets really interesting from about the 48 minute mark.

    Jesus in Beijing: How Christianity is Transforming China and Changing the Global Balance of Power



  4. Bad link, crisscross. 🙂


  5. This was written in 2014 –

    The Rothschild’s Template for War

    …………………The situation I just described fits exactly into the standard model of regime change that we have seen implemented many times since 1945 by the CIA-M16-Mossad (in reality, they largely operate as a single agency). Let me lay it out in it’s basics:

    Send foreign mercenaries into the victim state to foment ‘revolt’.

    Provoke the victim state into using its armed forces to oppose the foreign invaders.

    Have the media present this lawful defensive action by the victim state as the cruel oppression of a dictatorship.

    Send your armed forces to complete the job of regime change.

    Establish a new puppet regime with a banking system consisting of a privately held central bank that issues currency on a debt basis, thus enslaving the population.

    It really is that simple, and it has been carried out so many times, currently it is being done in Syria, a couple of years ago we saw an absolutely blatant and textbook case in Libya, before that Iraq and Afghanistan. In the case of the Boer War, the motivating factor was two-fold, firstly, the Boer states were sat on top of one of the largest gold deposits on the globe, with the extra benefit of their being lots of diamonds and other precious minerals. Secondly, the Boers were a group of Europeans (Dutch Calvanists, French Heugenots, German Protestants) who had turned their back on the established order and had established for themselves an independent homeland outside of the global financial system, they had a government owned and controlled central bank that issued debt-free currency backed by gold, which meant they had zero inflation and zero interest on credit. …………………


  6. Iranian IRGC Foil an Oil Tanker Piracy by US Navy Pirates

    The IRGC humiliated the Biden regime forces when they attempted to pirate another Iranian oil tanker, this time in the Gulf of Oman.

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  7. With Putin, his mother may have been a Jew but he does not act like a jew nor does he call himself a Jew. A Jew would not kick the Jew Bankers out of Russia which in my opinion is the main reason for the war on Russia (and China) today. The Jews want the whole world for themselves to control.


  8. Especially listen to the extraordinary info from 19:50 minutes on.

    ACH (1826) Dr. Peter Hammond – The Real Story Of How Conspirators Coerce Countries Into Catastrophic Conflicts


  9. The Jews are of Esau from Idumea, and therefore not of Israel or Judah; Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925, vol. 5, page 41.

    Roman general Hyrcanus captured Edom/Idumea and its population was integrated into the Judean community around 126BC

    Esdras 6:9 …”For Esau is the end of this age, and Jacob is the beginning of the age that follows

    The Jews/Edomites and Arabs are related – “Esau thereupon takes a daughter of Ishmael to wife” (Gen. xxviii. 9).

    Ishmael who took an Egyptian for a wife is the patriarch of the Arab nations.

    Genesis 40-41 And by thy sword shalt thou live (Esau), and shalt serve thy brother *Jacob); and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion, that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck. 41 And Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing wherewith his father …

    “We are Abraham’s descendants, and have never been in bondage to anyone”. Therefore they are not the participants of the Exodus.

    John 8:31–36 , 31 Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. 32 And you shall know the otruth, and the truth shall make you free.” 33 They answered Him, “We are Abraham’s descendants, and have never been in bondage to anyone”.

    Judah married a Canaanite. Genesis 38:1-2.

    According to the Mishnah, the first written source for halakha, the status of the offspring of mixed marriages was determined matrilineally.


  10. Hi tonyryan43, Haha now you’re talkin’… sounds more prolonged as well. Besides, I actually like and respect alligators.

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  11. D Johnston…. Stupid me. I can be such a fool at times. My old woodwork master must be spinning in his grave. But your solution has one flaw. The gators would spit him out. You may need to try starved piranha… one at a time. He would be gone in mere days.

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  12. Hi tonyryan43, That’s a bloody criminal waste of wood! He needs to be taken out (alive) to an alligator infested bayou. End.Of.Story.


  13. And the Kinzaahl flies at 15 Mach. The Rusian Tzircon does 25 Mach, which the Pentagon had previously stated was technologically impossible. Somebody start making Biden’s coffin, please.

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  14. @aapkoning…. Great site! Thank you, again. Impressive explosion, must have hit something quite out of the ordinary.


  15. Thanks aapkoning. A further demonstration of awe-inspiring ‘surgical’ precision.
    Moral of the story is: Amateurs should never foolishly take on consummate professionals.
    Hope that journalist had a change of clothing with him!


  16. As I have explained before: “Putin” is no Psychopath like Biden, and know how to play Chess. Just check out his latest part of the game. A Russian Kinzhal missile traveling at 14,668 km per hour, 10 times faster than sound, was used today to destroy a Ukrainian weapons depot 136 meters underground. Look at the surprise of the American reporter when he suddenly saw this. (Thanks to comment veteran Adriaan. W.) “Yes Transcript available in English.”

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  17. Inside Azovstal – I take you into Hell on Earth!
    16,636 views Jun 18, 2022 Welcome to #Azovstal, where the fiercest battle of the 21st c…

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  18. Thanks Tony.. I am not digging online but have read excerpts of books in alternative printed magazines that I buy. regularly.. and I know what you say is true. Some things should not be spoken of online.. something we should all remember.

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  19. UK’s new Army Chief asks soldiers to prepare for potential World War III
    Edited By: C Krishnasai
    London Updated: Jun 19, 2022, 03:32 PM(IST)

    UK’s new top Army general General Sir Patrick Sanders has asked every soldier to prepare to fight against the Russian army in a potential World War III.

    General Sanders, who took over from General Sir Mark Carleton Smith on Monday, told the British soldiers that they must prepare “to fight in Europe once again” as the conflict in Ukraine continues.

    Read on –

    General Angus Campbell on War in 2025
    22,151 views Jun 18, 2019 General Angus Campbell, AO, DSC, Chief of Defence Force, delivered the keynote address at the ASPI War in 2025 conference dinner.


  20. How the new AUKUS is preparing for World War 3 with China? – YouTube

    On September 15, US President Joe Biden, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced a decision they are esta…


  21. UKUS: Australia-UK-US War Alliance Against China – YouTube

    In this video Brian Berletic and Daniel Dumbrill discuss the AUKUS (Australia-UK-US) alliance against China.Brian’s YouTube Channel:


  22. Jen… just one opinion, nothing more, and I do not know the truth, but I do know this… everything we have been taught about Hitler and Germany 1934 to 1944, is a lie. You will have to dig very deep for the truth and, if you then visit Germany or France, you will be imprisoned for a minimum of seven years. Absolute fact.

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  23. crisscross767

    Hitler and the Banksters: The Abolition of Interest-Servitude

    By Dr. Ingrid R. Zundel on September 13, 2011

    This article was written for mature and thoughtful people who want to understand today in light of yesterday. It was not written for baboons who start to howl the moment they hear “Hitler” – the way the monkeys of my youth used to howl in front of my window in South America when they heard a thunderclap.

    Its author is a relatively young South African banker by the name of Stephen Goodson. I have his permission to post it.

    Here goes:

    “……………………………..Shortly thereafter Hitler joined this party and received a provisional certificate of membership numbered seven. His first act on assuming control of the party was to rename it the Nationalsozialistiche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers Party).

    Feder, who was the principal drafter of the party’s 25 points, became the architect and theoretician of the program (5) until his unfortunate dismissal as Secretary of State for Economic Affairs in August 1934.

    Approximately 40 percent of Feder’s ”The Program of the NSDAP” is devoted to economic and financial policies. Below are some of the highlights.

    Adolf Hitler prints its two main points in leaded type:

    “THE COMMON INTEREST BEFORE SELF-THE SPIRIT OF THE PROGRAM ABOLITION OF THE THRALLDOM OF INTEREST – THE CORE OF NATIONAL SOCIALISM.” “Once these two points are achieved, it means a victory of their approaching universalist ordering of society in the true state over the present-day separation of state, nation and economics under the corrupting influence of the individualist theory of society as now constructed. The sham state of today, oppressing the working classes and protecting the pirated gains of bankers and stock exchange speculators, is the area for reckless private enrichment and for the lowest political profiteering; it gives no thought to its people, and provides no high moral bond of union. The power of money, most ruthless of all powers, holds absolute control, and exercises corrupting, destroying influence on state, nation, society, morals, drama, literature and on all matters of morality, less easy to estimate.(6)

    “Break down the thralldom of interest” is our war cry.(7) What do we mean by thralldom of interest? The landowner is under this thralldom, who has to raise loans to finance his farming operations, loans at such high interest as almost to eat up the results of his labor, or who is forced to make debts and to drag the mortgages after him like so much weight of lead.

    So is the worker, producing in shops and factories for a pittance, whilst the shareholder draws dividends and bonuses which he has not worked for. So is the earning middle class, whose work goes almost entirely to pay the interest on bank overdrafts.(8)

    Thralldom of interest is the real expression for the antagonisms, capital versus labor, blood versus money, creative work versus exploitation. The necessity of breaking this thralldom is of such vast importance for our nation and our race, that on it alone depends our nation’s hope of rising up from its shame and slavery; in fact, the hope of recovering happiness, prosperity and civilization throughout the world. It is the pivot on which everything turns; it is far more than a mere necessity of financial policy. Whilst its principles and consequences bite deep into political and economic life, it is a leading question for economic study, and thus affects every single individual and demands a decision from each one: Service to the nation or unlimited private enrichment. It means a solution of the Social Question.(9)

    Our financial principle: Finance shall exist for the benefit of the state; the financial magnates shall not form a state within the state. Hence our aim to break the thralldom of interest.

    Relief of the state, and hence of the nation, from its indebtedness to the great financial houses, which lend on interest.

    Nationalization of the Reichsbank and the issuing houses, which lend on interest.

    Provision of money for all great public objects (waterpower, railroads etc), not by means of loans, but by granting non-interest bearing state bonds or without using ready money.

    Introduction of a fixed standard of currency on a secured basis.

    Creation of a national bank of business development (currency reform) for granting non-interest bearing loans.

    Fundamental remodeling of the system of taxation on social-economic principles. Relief of the consumer from the burden of indirect taxation, and of the producer from crippling taxation (fiscal reform and relief from taxation).(10)

    Wanton printing of bank notes, without creating new values, means inflation. We all lived through it. But the correct conclusion is that an issue of non-interest bearing bonds by the state cannot produce inflation if new values are at the same time created.

    The fact that today great economic enterprises cannot be set on foot without recourse to loans is sheer lunacy. Here is where reasonable use of the state’s right to produce money which might produce most beneficial results.”(11)……………..”


  24. crisscross767

    Very Dumb Government.

    “…….The facts show that the government operates as a private corporation called Australia and the codes are merely company policy. It is not a government like we all learned in school. All of the government agencies and departments are all private companies. They operate under the force of arms: conquest and confiscation………..”

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  25. crisscross767

    The Protocols of Zion: Introduction and Synopsis


    The Protocols of Zion are required reading for anyone who wishes to understand the world in which we live. They exhibit a pathological hatred for non-Jews, and a desire to undermine and exploit them. The Protocols were part of an “initiation” for 33 degrees Masonic Jews. Most Jews are unaware of this agenda and therefore are easily manipulated. “Anti-Semitism is indispensable to us in the management of our lesser brethren.” (9)

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  26. Pereguinfalcon… Not everyone is stupid.. You are right, WWI and II were not what people think. One has to dig deep to find the same perpetrators for both… Germany was had… Hitler was duped by the West… and then the West did what they always do –

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  27. crisscross767

    We sell Australia to foreigners. We allow foreign owned banks to create interest bearing loans and forget that the Jewish Banks system contradicts Christian law.


    PROTOCOL No. 20

    30. What also indeed is, in substance, a loan, especially a foreign loan? A loan is – an issue of government bills of exchange containing a percentage obligation commensurate to the sum of the loan capital. If the loan bears a charge of 5 per cent, then in twenty years the State vainly pays away in interest a sum equal to the loan borrowed, in forty years it is paying a double sum, in sixty – treble, and all the while the debt remains an unpaid debt.

    31. From this calculation it is obvious that with any form of taxation per head the State is baling out the last coppers of the poor taxpayers in order to settle accounts with wealth foreigners, from whom it has borrowed money instead of collecting these coppers for its own needs without the additional interest.

    32. So long as loans were internal the GOYIM only shuffled their money from the pockets of the poor to those of the rich, but when we bought up the necessary person in order to transfer loans into the external sphere, all the wealth of States flowed into our cash- boxes and all the GOYIM began to pay us the tribute of subjects.

    33. If the superficiality of GOY kings on their thrones in regard to State affairs and the venality of ministers or the want of understanding of financial matters on the part of other ruling persons have made their countries debtors to our treasuries to amounts quite impossible to pay it has not been accomplished without, on our part, heavy expenditure of trouble and money……………………”

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  28. Who cares what some ancient screwball purportedly said, in a document written by the Romans anyway, in one of four different bibles… ethnicity cannot change, religions can and do.

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  29. crisscross767

    How the West uses its propaganda skills to defame its enemy countries


  30. lol Have a nice trip. Send us a postcard when you get to Haifa. lol

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  31. Hi periguinfalconPlutonium, AHA! I knew you were one and the same. Gotta admire you for coming clean.


  32. The proof that Australia is truly screwed when you have Australians in complete denial that the jews are destroying your country, I used to respect Australians but most are living in cloud cuckoo land. I’ve given up educating a dumbed down nation walking into oblivion, dim liberals being hood winked by the same people who’ve been kicked out of 109 countries throughout history. The real holocaust was the German holocaust not the jews. Hitler was right, Good lucky you dumb fuckwits, not surprised Australia is going down the shit hole. Good bye because you’re gona need it. I’m signing out. Wasting my time with idiots.

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  33. crisscross767

    The Jews of today are not descendants of the tribe of Judah.

    They are a result of the diaspora.

    The Jews are of Esau from Idumea, and therefore not of Israel or Judah; Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925, vol. 5, page 41.

    In 126 B.C. Judah conquered Edom under John Hyrcanus and gave them the option of exile or conversion to Judaism. They chose to convert, and so Josephus, the first-century Jewish historian, writes: “they were hereafter no other than Jews” (Antiquities of the Jews, XIII, ix, 1).

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  34. How could the bible talk about Ashkenazim? considering they did not exist as “Jews” until the 8th century when their Emperor declared them “religious Jews”.That is “religious”, not “ethnic”, regardless of what Sharon or Peres claimed.

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  35. crisscross767

    The Ghosts of Jeju: America’s forgotten massacre (Video & Commentary)
    June 19, 2022

    Obviously, as usual, the truth about the Korean war could not be presented to the US public (and the rest of the world) in all its shocking ghastliness and moral…

    Read more…


  36. crisscross767

    Sharon to Peres: “We Control America”

    Congressional Pandering to Israel proves him Right
    The Babylonian Talmud adherents control America!
    On October 3, 2001, I.A.P. News reported that according to Israel Radio (in Hebrew) Kol Yisrael an acrimonious argument erupted during the Israeli cabinet weekly session last week between Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his foreign Minister Shimon Peres. Peres warned Sharon that refusing to heed incessant American requests for a cease-fire with the Palestinians would endanger Israeli interests and “turn the US against us. “Sharon reportedly yelled at Peres, saying “don’t worry about American pressure, we the Jewish people control America.”
    “The Israelis control the policy in the congress and the senate.”
    Senator Fullbright, Chair of Senate Foreign Relations Committee: 10/07/1973 on CBS’ “Face the Nation”.
    “I am aware how almost impossible it is in this country to carry out a foreign policy [in the Middle East] not approved by the Jews….. terrific control the Jews have over the news media and the barrage the Jews have built up on congressmen …. I am very much concerned over the fact that the Jewish influence here is completely dominating the scene and making it almost impossible to get congress to do anything they don’t approve of. The Israeli embassy is practically dictating to the congress through influential Jewish people in the country”
    Read on –

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  37. Well good Jews, bad Jews, we have good and bad people everywhere.
    I have never seen a person walking around with a name tag from, I’m a good Jew or a bad Jew. This applies to everyone. Yellow badges (or yellow patches), also referred to as Jewish badges (German: Judenstern, lit. ’Jew’s star’), are badges that Jews were ordered to wear at various times during the Middle Ages by some caliphates, at various times during the Medieval and early modern period by some European powers, and from 1939 to 1945 by the Axis powers. The badges served to mark the wearer as a religious or ethnic outsider, and often served as a badge of shame.
    Please educate yourselves.
    Have a read and don’t complain to me. By the way, “Wikipedia” is Jew owned and controlled…Try to edit in Wikipedia that is NOT synchronized with the Jewish mindset good or bad! After 3X you will get banned…Tried many times…
    Again I DO NOT know which type, and really I do not care.
    What various readers should realise — In the Sixties, I was often told: ” All Germans are Bad.” “All Japanese are bad.” Yes in Australia… This is because of British indoctrination, they see themselves as the most intelligent ones having the highest IQ… Let’s not retrieve my memory and open my mouth. I know most people in this Cairns News blog I have great respect for but let’s not argue, which/what type of JEW.
    When push comes to shove they will glue/stick together to Kill the Goyim, and in the way the depopulation is going on, they are winning. Last we ALL should appreciate Cairns News that we are able the use their service. “Thanks, Cairns News.”
    Now let’s get back to the job of helping one another to achieve a much better future than we are told by W E F… In human form, not Trans-human…

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  38. crisscross767


    The way they are is the way the potter made them

    Romans 9:21-23 “Does not the potter have power over the clay, from the same lump to make one vessel for honor and another for dishonor? What if God, wanting to show His wrath and to make His power known, endured with much longsuffering the vessels of wrath prepared for destruction, and that He might make known the riches of His glory on the vessels


  39. crisscross767

    The Bible makes no distinction between Jews.

    Revelation 2:9 “I know your works, tribulation, and poverty (but you are rich); and I know the blasphemy of those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of Satan.

    Revelation 3:9 “Indeed I will make those of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews and are not, but lie—indeed I will make them come and worship before your feet, and to know that I have loved you”.

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    Fed reserve is a private entity and jew run, basically the world is run by jewish corporations, notice Yellen- a jewish woman but hey I’m just a messenger


  41. Hi tonyryan43, Thank you, you’re very correct. There are a myriad of smaller groups or breakaway sub groups such as for instance Messianic Judaism… which incorporates some Judaism with the basic beliefs and practices of Christianity. Needless to say this doesn’t win them many friends on either side of the fence. However it is hugely popular and widely followed throughout the world and oddly enough, mostly by those who have absolutely no ‘Jewish’ heritage or ties.
    So adopting a “one size fits all” view can become extremely tunnel-visioned and misleading.

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  42. periguinfalcon

    Obviously you don’t like the truth Tony, I merely state facts! Jews always use the its not us its them! I suspect you are jewish as you deny everything.

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  43. periguinfalcon… It is quite well known that we have two eyes, two nostrils, and two ears, but only one mouth

    This configuration suggests we should use our mouth at least half as much as we use our other senses.

    Do that and you will, at last, hear people talking about Zionists, which are the people you keep referring to as Jews. The original Zionists were Ashkenazim, which are not Jews, but Khazaris from up where Khazakstan is today. Today, they are either Ashkenazim or Christians, usually from the US or the UK.

    Today’s Jews are Misrahim, and Sephardi, plus some smaller groups I can no longer recall.

    You and a few other hate merchants need to do your homework and target the correct people before this blows up in your face. But, yes, the Ashkenazim are the cause of all this and, no, you are wrong, a great many Jews have been speaking out against this but you ain’t listening. Try Israel Shamir, Gilad Atsmon, Matt Tabbai, and hundreds of others.

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  44. Your words are well-chosen! — “Yes indeed Churchill was one of British larger warmonger”, > Davis Irvin Knows…Read Churchill’s war and Hitler’s war…
    By the way, did you know that: Henri Kissinger is/was 1 of the 6 millionth Holocaust survivors… Looks like we got them all The 6 million that is… How much Bullshit will the world accept?

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  45. criscross67: “Very soon the USA will really have something to worry about if Gonzalie Lira is to be believed”

    I would hazard a guess that there must be a darn good reason why BIG multinationals are not just suspending but COMPLETELY ABANDONING all their operations and market shares in Russia.

    And, somehow, I’m not convinced it is because of their principled dedication and commitment to democracy for Ukraine. That means it’s not just the USA which will have something to worry about.


  46. crisscross767

    Putin reflected in 2015: “50 years ago, the street of Leningrad taught me a rule: If a fight is inevitable, you have to throw the first punch.”.

    Gonzalo Lira — The Ukraine Thing is Jewish

    Who Is Zelensky? A Puppet—and Here’s Why

    “……….Democracy is the vehicle for the Jewish World Republic and their “messiah” to come.

    It is about rebuilding the Tower of Babel so one of them sits on top. …………”

    Golanzo Lira is a Chilean Roman Catholic living in Ukraine. He says Jewish billionaires PURPOSELY started this war to destroy Russia and unseat Putin. “This is what its all about–and still STEAL Crimea for Kolomoyskyi. Soros, Bloomberg, Kolomoyskyi, Tom Steyer, Zuckerberg–THEY ALL WORK TOGETHER–It is the Jewish mafia but on the World Stage”

    Revelation 18:8

    The Fall of Babylon the Great

    18 After these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great authority, and the earth was illuminated with his glory. 2 And he cried mightily with a loud voice, saying, “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and has become a dwelling place of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hated bird! 3 For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury.”

    ………..8 Therefore her plagues will come in one day—death and mourning and famine. And she will be utterly burned with fire, for strong is the Lord God who judges her.


  47. I’m told Kolomoyski and his Consortium are actually finalising a deal for the release of “Khazaria – The Promised Land”. Allegedly, it’s set to be much much bigger than “Ben Hur” and “Barbarossa” put together.


  48. periguinfalcon

    Boris Johnson, Churchill, abramovich (Chelsea), Southgate,(England football manager), Glazers( Manchester United owners to name but a few!!! Need i go on and educate the outback backwards bush brigade?????? Who declared war on Germany in WW 2??????? Churchill!!!!! Ffs
    Google, Facebook, Twitter, GAB, Mewe all jew owned, Klaus Schwab jewish, Bill Gates jewish
    ,Hillary Clinton jewish! Oh no but hey it’s not the jews!!!!! Murdock is jewish!!!!!!!! Wake up before its too late. Here comes the holohoax and antisemitism cards! I bet you didn’t know the jews created the racist card!!!

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  49. periguinfalcon

    It’s all jews, when do you ever see jews demonstrating???? Never! All roads lead to the jews! Palachook is jewish, NSW was a jew before she was replaced by an American bankers son! Gutwein was a jew before he was whisked off to hide before the shit hits the fan! McGowan and the rest are Epstein’s bribed pedophiles! Seriously its never the jews???? All vaccination companies are jew owned! It’s actually not that difficult once you have a brain cell.

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  50. If you replace “Jewish” with Ashkenazim, that would make sense. Just because Ashkenazim claim to be Jews, does not make it so. As I understand it, most genuine Jews do not like Zionists/Ashnenazim either.

    Constant reference to Jews is one day going to cause the massacre of thousands of innocents.

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  51. periguinfalcon

    5 Characteristics of a Police State |
    Australia is definitely a police state.

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  52. Hi tonyryan43, Yes I think you are absolutely correct. I too forsee this somewhat inevitable eventuality.

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  53. Hi crisscross 767, Thank you for posting. Everything he says is absolutely correct and has been abundantly clear to those of us who have always independently researched and already know all of this. Somewhat preaching to the choir.
    He is obviously addressing those who remain oblivious and/or who still suckle from the cathode nipple.
    However, they are unlikely to view and hear his exemplary and precise summary and forecast. Any who still remain either oblivious or brainwashed at this very late stage are a total lost cause. To quote Mark Twain: “It’s far easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they’ve been fooled.”


  54. Putin reflected in 2015: “50 years ago, the street of Leningrad taught me a rule: If a fight is inevitable, you have to throw the first punch.”.

    Revelation 18:8

    The Fall of Babylon the Great

    18 After these things I saw another angel coming down from heaven, having great authority, and the earth was illuminated with his glory. 2 And he cried mightily with a loud voice, saying, “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and has become a dwelling place of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hated bird! 3 For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury.”

    ………..8 Therefore her plagues will come in one day—death and mourning and famine. And she will be utterly burned with fire, for strong is the Lord God who judges her.


  55. x+767… I suggest that at the first hint of US battlefield defeat, Russia will call upon China to conjoin in an all-out attack on the US in order to inhibit nuclear attack at all. This is pure commonsense. And we can be sure they know the whereabouts of every silo.

    Because of the US installations in Australia, these, too, will be struck by missiles; along with each capital’s parliament to obviate chain of command. Actually, the explosives have probably been in position for years. They will merely require ignition.

    So, the obvious advice is to have an immediate holiday out bush on that day.

    For me, it will have to be the day before apocalypse because my road to the bush runs alongside the US missile base at Gulkula.

    If any of you get word of such escalation, please let me know. My vehicle is packed and ready to go LOL.

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  56. @ Jen

    Gonzalo Lira – Urgent 2022 06 18 IMPORTANT—A Message for Americans
    105 views Premiered 7 hours ago Please share.

    That is latest I can find.

    Golanzo Lira is a Chilean Roman Catholic living in Ukraine. He says Jewish billionaires PURPOSELY started this war to destroy Russia and unseat Putin. “This is what its all about–and still STEAL Crimea for Kolomoyskyi. Soros, Bloomberg, Kolomoyskyi, Tom Steyer, Zuckerberg–THEY ALL WORK TOGETHER–It is the Jewish mafia but on the World Stage”


  57. CC 767 – Do you have Gonzalo Lira’s latest link please.


  58. crisscross767

    Very soon the USA will really have something to worry about if Gonzalie Lira is to be believed

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  59. crisscross767

    Many Dead As Ukraine Artillery Hits Donetsk Harder Then ever before


  60. Thanks Tony…. the rot certainly set in a long time ago here but didn’t realise it was so extensive.

    I have also wondered by Japan was so palsy with the US after what they did to them.. thanks for that bit of info as well. Something else to research.


  61. crisscross767

    @ aapkoning

    The beginning of my education began with my fascination with crystal sets and my love of listening to parliament on radio 2CN. I would listen to one side of the story and think it could not be countered. The otherside made taught me not to make judgement too quickly. My favourite political debater was Eddie Ward.


  62. crisscross767

    The General Epistle of Barnabus CHAPTER 9

    That the commands of Moses concerning clean and unclean beasts, etc., were all designed for a spiritual significance.

    – This to me brings to mind the Banking industry – the borrower is servant to the lender and the Bible forbidden charging of interest –

    4. Neither, says he, will you eat the eagle, nor the hawk, nor the kite, nor the crow; that is, you must not keep company with the kind of men who do not know how to get themselves food by their labor and sweat, but injuriously steal the things of others and watch how to lay snares for them, when at the same time they appear to live in perfect innocence.

    5. So these birds alone seek not food for themselves, but sitting idle seek how they may eat the flesh others have provided, being destructive through their wickedness”.

    This sounds like a snake to me –

    Isaiah 9:15 The elder and honorable, he is the head;
    The prophet who teaches lies, he is the tail.

    In Satanism green is used to symbolise witches and snakes. Black symbolises Nimrod the founder of Babylon. Take note of the Wizard of Oz and the Protocols of Zion

    Notes II – The Symbolic Snake of Judaism.
    Protocol III opens with a reference to the Symbolic Snake of Judaism. In his Epilogue to the 1905 Edition of the Protocols, Nilus gives the following interesting account of this symbol:


    PROTOCOL No. 3

    1.Symbolic Snake, by which we symbolize our people. When this ring closes, all the States of Europe will be locked in its coil as in a powerful vice. To-day I may tell you that our goal is now only a few steps off. There remains a small space to cross and the whole long path we have trodden is ready now to close its cycle of the

    Dr. Bryan Ardis: “COVID-19 is not a virus – people die by being given a snake venom.”

    What does “virus” really mean? A pandemic etymology

    Posted on April 12, 2020 by David Porush

    The etymology of virus has gone viral

    According to the Internet god of all things virtually true, the word virus comes from the Latin root meaning “snake’s venom.”

    “Virus: [L(atin) ‘slimy liquid, poison…] 1. venom such as emitted by a poisonous animal.”

    Poisoned fangs –

    The “Mark of the Beast”

    Who or what is the beast?
    Strongs Concordance 2342 describes it as a venomous dangerous animal.
    “Mark “Strongs concordance 5482 to sharpen to a point
    Why does the pharmaceutical industry symbolise itself with serpents slithering up a pole?


  63. The Protocols are proving to be very much on the mark when we look at the events of the last 100 years. Certainly stand the test of time no matter who wrote them or why. The pieces come together rather impressively.

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  64. x+767… Just a morsel of context for one of your comments, your reference to the US conjoining Japan to its war against North Korea… After the war-criminal trials of Japan’s officers who tortured and starved POWs, including many Australian civilians and POWs, they were bundled off to be executed.

    Once out of sight, they were returned to Japan to form the Government of Japan, faithfully installing a regime reflecting US dictates; hence the easy compliance.

    One of the critical products of Cairns News is that we get to educate each other on history, hopefully, enabling us to navigate more effectively towards a free future.

    Great stuff happening here.

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  65. periguinfalcon

    Jew run Australia, keep watching your Collesium sports sheeple.


  66. crisscross767

    @ aapkoning

    As per the video they are/were following the plan –

    UNIVERSAL WAR Protocol No 7

    3. We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbours of that country which dares to oppose us: but if these neighbours should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war.

    4. The principal factor of success in the political is the secrecy of its undertakings: the word should not agree with the deeds of the diplomat.

    5. We must compel the governments of the GOYIM to take action in the direction favored by our widely conceived plan, already approaching the desired consummation, by what we shall represent as public opinion, secretly promoted by us through the means of that so-called “Great Power” – THE PRESS, WHICH, WITH A FEW EXCEPTIONS THAT MAY BE DISREGARDED, IS ALREADY ENTIRELY IN OUR HANDS.

    That brings us to 1950, when the Korean War began. By 1950 South Korea was controlled by the USA/Rhee regime. Most of the leaders of South Korea were former collaborators with Japan. In fact, by 1950 the USA had enlisted Japan as an ally in its war against North Korea. By 1950 the USA/Rhee regime had ruthlessly eliminated the People’s Committee movement throughout South Korea. Now it was time to eliminate the “communists” in North Korea, who were led by Kim Il Sung. Who actually “fired the first shot” is a matter of controversy. Early in 1950 North Korea appeared to be prevailing over the South Korean Army. This alarmed the USA and prompted the sending of American troops to Korea—to heroically save the Korean people (and the rest of Asia) from communism.

    “……Once the USA entered the Korean War in 1950 it set out to totally destroy North Korea. The USA carpet-bombed North Korea with virtually no concern for civilian casualties. 32,000 tons of napalm were dropped on the North Korean people. Whole cities were demolished. 75% of Pyongyang was levelled. The USA threatened several times to drop nuclear bombs on North Korea, and terrorized North Korea by deliberately sending lone B-29 bombers on simulated atomic bomb runs, during which they dropped “dummy” atomic bombs (heavy TNT bombs). Each time, the North Koreans would be unsure whether these planes were going to drop a real atomic bomb (as the USA had needlessly dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki) or just a dummy……………’

    The USA would have prevailed over North Korea were it not for China’s intervention (under Mao Tse Tung). A stalemate eventually occurred, and an Armistice Agreement was signed in 1953 to cease hostilities and create the demilitarized zone (DMZ). This Armistice represented only a cease-fire agreement, not a peace treaty or an official end to the war. The Korean War was never officially ended. It has continued in a suspended state ever since. The USA has preferred it that way, because it justifies American bases in South Korea and allows the USA to continually pose as an existential threat to North Korea.

    It is extremely relevant, today, that the USA/South Korea has continued (since 1953) to intermittently send lone B29 bombers on simulated bomb runs near North Korea (without dropping “dummy” bombs), just to remind North Korea that the USA could annihilate North Korea with a nuclear bomb whenever it chooses. North Korea has never been able to relax in this regard. It has needed to stay vigilant. It has felt an appropriate need to develop protection from an American first strike.

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  67. Hello – crisscross767 Your Quote: This video improved my understanding.
    Enemy on the doorstep: China’s involvement in the Korean War.
    Well, thanks for supplying this video. I realise now, even more, watching and listening to this video, that when I was a youngster growing up on the other side of the world I had big ears. (My parents/Grandparents would often talk about world news and other current affairs, and that always has interested me.) Many radio news items from that time stirred up my memory! In a way, I was lucky because the town that I lived in, had the first Cable radio supply (1951/53) in the world thanks to the local worldwide broadcast network serving Indonesia. I managed to extend the 800 Ohm impedance output supply to my speakers/headphones in my bedroom. This so I could listen to the local radio as well as other transmitters in Europe. My father did not know for many years. He would have blown his top because that was not allowed, and he was non-technical.
    Because I always have been a strong reader of different languages, again together with my other interest “Geography” I managed to add up many strong subjects from the past together with the contents of this video and can tell other Cairns News readers, they are right spot on, many as I can remember. It jolted/refreshed my memory… “My memory is very good”, I’m NOT a Guinea Pig for Pfizer!

    Adding up various experiences from the past and ending up in today’s world. Pending the penetration of the Kissinger*- influenced Jew lackeys and the same for Murdoch*, into China, “If China has not learned anything from the past they will lower themselves in the same bloody disaster as the past events.” Yes, both* have been very strong in Chinese society.
    Some personalities (One example – Edgar Cayce) have given a probable prediction that peace/could come from the East, this sounds of course very assuring but people have that themselves in their hands. People** win or lose a war, armour is important but NOT always the deciding factor. What has happened in the past to China will never occur again! At the moment the West is very cocky and is digging a big hole for themselves, if the world needs to go back in balance then most likely they (The Western World) will/could receive all the destruction they have caused over the years since 1945, (I call that just Collateral damage to balance the world) the main culprit being the JUWSA followed by JUWK/JUWROPE. It was the People** of Vietnam who won!
    Last but not least thanks very much.. for placing this video.
    Any mistakes included here are just an accident…

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  69. Jen

    The first to expose this was John Pilger, and I wrote several articles on the same theme a decade back and more recently citing Christopher Boyce as the premium witness.

    There was more than one CIA agent, but the most significant were Doug Anthony (National Party and Dep PM), Peter Able TNT, Richard Lasting (creator of Pine Gap), Bob Hawke Pres ACTU, and the Head of Administrative Services in Canberra, now deceased.

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  70. You might find the answer if you research the real reason they got rid of Gough Whitlam. I read a very interesting article about that a while back. Apparently he did not want to renew the lease on a certain place out in the desert and was going to announce that in parliament the day before he got sacked, and he was also going to expose a certain very highly placed CIA operative.

    I know there are many different stories about that, but this is just one that I read about.


  71. Jo

    You are the only one who asked the question… the significance of the Cancellation of Indonesia’s planned invasion, even if obliquely.

    The most important issue in our defense is that it is too expensive to invade, a fact acknowledged long before 1942., known as the Brisbane line. So then why do we need the Yanks here?

    I can’t imagine are more relevant point to contemplate.

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  72. crisscross767

    This video improved my understanding

    Enemy on the doorstep: China’s involvement in the Korean War
    309,727 views Oct 25, 2020

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  73. The so-called: Australian military defense operations, must be directed at our own Government which is still killing babies and jabbing the population. Is the Australian military / Police on the side of The citizens of Australia? Ask? Yourselves? For me what I have noticed on yes Murdoch MSM, they are against the Population of Australia.
    Are we waiting for: EUREKA STOCKADE II = ‘Coup d’état II’ By Whom? As is at this moment we are well and truly “Stuffed.”

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  74. The Lowy Institute is well like –The Murdoch empire = All countries 194 are Jew-run!!!! And is the world in a good shape? I know it is NOT. Being under the Jew rule, is like having a Dagger at your throat 24/7 Don’t accept my word for it, Ask the Palestinians.

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  75. Daviddd2 – I agree with your assessment. Well said.


  76. I’m obliged to conclude that this Nyquist fellow is a shill buffoon.

    Compare the military reach, activities and histories of the US and China respectively. The odds of a transcontinental assault are historically not in China’s favour. China simply doesn’t have any history of straying militarily beyond its backyard.

    Ergo, Nyquist is knowingly or unknowingly spreading fear and loathing against the Chinese. If the Chinese were among the more protected species he would be crucified within 24 hours.

    But given that the US wants missiles on China’s front door, as it does in the case of Russia and its front door, China is clearly to blame for objecting and posing a threat to the world at large. As is obviously Russia.

    Meanwhile, we’re supposed to clap and cheer and be grateful to those who will protect us from such Chinese and Russian evil and aggression. No, sirreee… we won’t have missiles on our front door. 🙂

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  77. My apologies, Tigger. Evidently, I misconstrued and over-reacted. But you are right, we should refuse to bite when things get personal. Focus on the issue. I’ll try to do better.


  78. Exactly, good ol media Woking perfectly! Divide and conquer


  79. Agree Jen we are all supposed to be on the same side. Ed


  80. Tonyryan43,

    My comment was not directed at you specifically; I’m unsure why you think it would be. It certainly doesn’t warrant such a hostile response from you. Truth be told, I enjoy reading many of your posts; they are usually eloquent and insightful. As stated, my comment was not directed at you, I wanted (perhaps naively) for us all to bring the discussion back to the topic. Everything else is just ego and posturing.

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  81. Hi Jen,

    “People are getting a bit testy on here… can it please stop..”

    I know what you mean and I am not going to waste my time with tonyryan43 anymore. He is never to come up with the evidence to support his statements.

    As he himself said:
    “I have no interest in who believes what I say, or chooses not to. Their prerogative.”

    As Mark Twain said:
    “Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

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  82. periguinfalcon

    Media lies every time, you should be more concerned about your own government, the enemy is within. Everything else is fear porn.

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  83. All the “foreign owned Australian military defense operations” on Australia’s home soil and “classified” top secret spy & defense bases around the country are all constructed in the name of foreign fear mongering and Australia’s compliance to what ever is served by their global masters. So, what is more important? Indonesia’s invasion of Australia that never happened, superiority of ego’s clashing about this that and the other or finally getting an honest answer for as to why foreign involvement is dictating and controlling Australia’s defense “network” that is also highly classified – even for Australian citizens.
    The Australian involvement in Nam, the threat of invasion from Indonesia both played a role for the establishment of foreign military control centers (from both opposing sides) on Aussie soil. And Aussies are still happily complying even when much of the global card house scam has been blown over or lost cover – there are still no serious questions asked. Seriously???

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  84. People are getting a bit testy on here… can it please stop..

    I enjoy reading the articles and posts and making comment sometimes but there are some posts on here that I have learned to read it and leave it as its not worth the hassle. Do you know what I mean Han..


  85. Han Barkmayer: “While you’re at it also show us the evidence that “Chiang Kai-shek’s wife’s family started the Golden Triangle”.

    BTW Rather than being offensive, DEMANDING sources and scoffing at the idea you have been provided with, you can inspect the following for a start and work your way from there. It’s not hard to research an idea and avoid the joke being on yourself. :


  86. Han…

    The only evidence of a planned invasion can come from the planner or collaborator and, as even you should be able to figure out, that kind of admission is never made publicly.

    As it happens, as the Darwin Commonwealth welfare officer who greeted and processed the first boat people from East Timor, I had access to northern political developments. Years later, I assisted the Indonesians to reorientate a catastrophically ill-prepared Australian Trade Delegation and the Indonesian host then introduced me to the general who planned the invasion.

    He explained how Indonesians were in north Australia long before westerners and, in fact, “regarded north Australia as an integral part of Indonesia”. As I am well aware of many words of Macassan origin in Dhuwal and Dhangu languages (spoken in my household) of NE Arnhem Land, I was certainly not going to dispute his claims. The Macassan presence was later estimated to be up to 15,000 people in a good year. Privately, I consider that, as Indonesia did not then exist, the claim was exaggerated from a political nationalist point of view. Nevertheless, the Macassan presence was way more beneficial for Aborigines than have been the westerners who are still inflicting genocide and land hegemony.

    Anyway, I got on really well with that general and I imagine we will reignite the acquaintance in the near future as Indonesian troops were serving in Nhulunbuy only two weeks ago and will return. As these may become Kopassus, who were trained in Darwin in the 90s, I have active survival diplomacy in mind.

    Apart from that, in 1984, Australian Military Intelligence told me they too were aware of the plans and regarded this as a betrayal by the US. Finally, as I said, and you have obviously not bothered to read, Fraser referred to this event as well.

    Incidentally, you most certainly do not admit errors, as you claim. Your diatribe against Jews was never rescinded. You should have admitted the culprits are Ashkenazim, who are not Jews in any shape or form.


  87. He gave you the sources. Go and look them up and get back to us. And note that any “sources”, whether yours or his or anybody else’s are not quite facts but also mostly interpretations and opinions. Take them or leave them.

    Many of your comments have much to recommend them but your undertone of projected self importance and indignation is unnecessary and on the nose. Get off your hi horse and don’t waste space here.

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  88. Hi tonyryan43,

    “Boy, do you know how to suck up big-time.”

    How typical of those who lost the argument to resort to ad hominem attacks.

    “… and here is rough-as-guts old me just standing on record.”

    WHAT RECORD? Coming up with opinions and not facts?… Confusing the two, not knowing the difference between opinions and facts? Can’t back up his statements with evidence?
    An abysmal record.

    “… rough-as-guts…”? Some (not me!) would say: “As stupid as they come.”

    “Ergo, the planned Indonesian invasion of North Australia of 1975. There must surely be at least one Queenslander who knows his geopolitics.”

    Well, why don’t come up yourself with the evidence of the “planned Indonesian invasion of North Australia of 1975” as you seem to know all about it?

    While you’re at it also show us the evidence that “Chiang Kai-shek’s wife’s family started the Golden Triangle”.

    “And here’s a juicy morsel for you… Shaiang Kai Shek’s wife’s family started the Golden Triangle.”

    What a joke! Actually, you are a joke. And that is nicely put.


  89. Gosh, I am so admonished because you are so pious and saintly. I feel so diminished by your shining qualities… and here is rough-as-guts old me just standing on record.

    Boy, do you know how to suck up big-time.

    But (sigh) back to topic… perhaps another reader might toss this almost-international incident up for grabs. Ergo, the planned Indonesian invasion of North Australia of 1975. There must surely be at least one Queenslander who knows his geopolitics.


  90. Hi Han, Beautifully stated.
    As my grandmother so wisely used to say: “It’s OK to make mistakes, as long as you don’t repeat them.”
    Although I have to admit as much as I’ve always tried to heed that advice, I’ve often failed and in doing so sometimes even exceeded my previous mistake! Haha. You’ve got to laugh and just carry on.
    And yes, when John Lennon wrote “Imagine” he had no idea. Or then again did he?!


  91. Han Barkmeyer

    Hi tonyryan43,

    “As I said, go research properly.”

    Is that all you can say? Pathetic. Come up with your sources so we can check up on the veracity of your statements. Obviously, you cannot and therefore have no integrity at all.

    All your posts are just worthless as you expect us to take your word for it, which “kinda colours your posts somewhat darker.”

    Yes, I am proud of my Indonesian Dutch German (my name is German) background.
    Having lived in 4 different countries, having travelled to so many countries give me indeed a better perspective on what is happening in the world unlike your parochial worldview.


  92. Han Barkmeyer

    Hi D Johnston,

    I agree with you, there is never a reason to be defensive. People who lost the argument quite often become defensive. I admit straightaway if I am wrong as there is no point to defend the indefensible.
    Nothing wrong about being wrong as we can learn from our mistakes.
    I have been wrong so many times during my life and I was always grateful to the people who could show me that I was wrong. You can always learn by just listening to others. I am now in my 70s, but still learning every day.

    I have lived in 2 Western and 2 Asian countries and travelled to many countries and therefore see myself as a world citizen. As Christian Huygens, a 17th century Dutch scientist, said:
    “The world is my country and science is my religion.”

    I have always lived by those words and I see the people of the world as my brothers and sisters.
    If only we all could live in peace and harmony, the world would be such a beautiful place. The only one we have got.

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  93. Han…

    I suggest you read Fraser’s book, not the review by a left-wing rag. And I also suggest you locate the seven speeches he made on this topic which, clearly, he intended as his legacy to Australians.

    Ironically, the renowned author, and for 15 years a CIA agent, John Kiriakau, described ‘The Lost Track’ as “fascinating” which, I presume, did not apply to fevered imaginings.

    That you are of Indonesian Dutch origin kinda colours your posts somewhat darker.

    As I said, go research properly.


  94. Tigger…

    Let’s get this straight, I have no respect for anybody’s beliefs, but massive respect for evidence and logic. As for respecting the opinions of others, how does that begin to make sense? Respect idiots? Respect pomposity? Respect manifest ignorance?

    I think you like a warm and fuzzy discussion environment. if so, kindly do not read my comments. They are bound to offend.


  95. Can we get back to the topic please? I can see there are a lot of strong opinions being expressed here, and I feel that we need to look at each of them as objectively as possible. It’s fair to say that nobody has the full picture, but the moment we lose respect for each other’s views, then the timeless tactic of “divide and rule” has infiltrated the discussion.

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  96. Hi Han, Sheesh! Well I hope your anticipated reply to a straightforward question was worth the verbal ‘mauling’!
    Surprising and disappointing.
    “There is never a reason to be defensive. If you are wrong you have no defense, if you are right you need no defense.” Very true.
    It only succeeds in shutting down communication and constructive discussion.


  97. Lowy Institute thinks “While Australia’s defence interests and territorial integrity are largely unthreatened for now, a future Indo-Pacific dominated by China would present a grave possibility of military coercion by the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. The prospect of Chinese military action against Australia remains remote. But China has the military and industrial potential to field a long-range power projection capacity that would dwarf anything Japan threatened Australia with during the Second World War.”

    Just who are the Board of Directors which sets the strategic direction for the Institute?

    Fomenting wars and projecting its hypothesis should fall back on the propergators themselves.


  98. Han Barkmeyer

    Hi tonyryan43,

    Thank you for your reply. There is no need for you to be so defensive, I was just curious where you got the info from about your post:
    “Indonesia cancelled its invasion of north Australia, the reason was advice from Russia and China that such an invasion was not cost-effective.”

    Looks like you made it all up as you are telling me to look for it myself:
    “Or you can attempt actual research, just as a delightful novelty.”

    I always took a great interest in Indonesia as I was born there. So, I do know a bit about Indonesia. And Australia. The idea that “Indonesia cancelled its invasion of north Australia” is just preposterous as it never had plans to invade Australia. Let alone the resources.

    Indonesia aimed to seize and annex Dutch New Guinea in 1961 and 1962, Operation Trikora, only to get badly beaten by the Dutch Marine Corps

    “… the reason was advice from Russia and China that such an invasion was not cost-effective.”
    That must be a total figment of your fertile imagination. If not, sources please.

    As if the staunchly anti-Communist Indonesian government of the 1970’s would have listened to Communist Russia and China.

    “Or you can read former PM Malcolm Fraser’s book “Dangerous Allies”.

    The following paragraph is from Review: Dangerous Allies by Malcolm Fraser

    “One of Fraser’s main frustrations is that bipartisan support for the alliance remains virtually unchecked. He lambasts Howard for strengthening ties with Britain and America at the expense of damaging ties with South East Asia and especially Indonesia.”

    Surely, Fraser would have written about Indonesia in his book if it ever was a threat to Australia.

    “I have no interest in who believes what I say, or chooses not to. Their prerogative.”

    What a pathetic cop out. Don’t you care about your integrity, assuming that you know the meaning of the word?

    Whatever I say or write down I can and always will provide my sources. That is what integrity is all about.

    “And here’s a juicy morsel for you… Shaiang Kai Shek’s wife’s family started the Golden Triangle.”

    Really? Did Chiang Kai-shek’s wife’s family (the Soong family) start the Golden Triangle?
    Sources, please, tonyryan43. If you can’t or won’t provide them then I take it as another product of your fertile imagination.

    Yes, the CIA and the Kuomintang Army (KMT) started the Golden Triangle, but no mention of the Soong family. How come I am not surprised?

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  99. Han…

    “I am still waiting for tonyryan43 to show me his sources about:
    “Indonesia cancelled its invasion of north Australia, the reason was advice from Russia and China that such an invasion was not cost-effective.””

    Get off your high horse, Han. If you were a little better tuned in you would be aware that much of Australia was cut off the internet for the past twenty-something hours.

    And, NO. Are you my uni lecturer? I don’t think so. I am not here to persuade anybody to any line of thought or evidence… just to help fellow patriots join the dots. I have no interest in who believes what I say, or chooses not to. Their prerogative.

    If you want to view the sources buy the book like everyone else. “The Lost Track” by Kato Rivera. Alternatively, contact Australian Military Intelligence and I am sure they will provide convincing evidence. Or you can read former PM Malcolm Fraser’s book “Dangerous Allies”. Or you can attempt actual research, just as a delightful novelty.


  100. crisscross767

    Understanding the Political Scenario of INDIA,CANADA,JAPAN,CHINA,USA, FRANCE etc


  101. Thank you, Jo.

    I like your comment: “The good ole “fear” of Aussies being invaded by Indonesia comes within the not so flexible state of Australian mind…”

    I am still waiting for tonyryan43 to show me his sources about:
    “Indonesia cancelled its invasion of north Australia, the reason was advice from Russia and China that such an invasion was not cost-effective.”


  102. periguinfalcon

    Mass Depopulation According to Pfizer! – Document Leak Proves Vaccine Is Causing Die Off! (Video) | Alternative
    All countries are jew run!!!!

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  103. This is a very strange and potentially serious situation that we need to keep an eye on. Nyquist’s very anti-Russia, but he’s also no fool.

    Do consider that the ‘leaked’ information may indeed be intentional to keep people in fear and more willing to accept global surveillance measures. It’s unlikely that a full scale war would be in the best interests of a trans humanist society agenda pushed by the WEF / WHO, although anything could be possible.

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  104. crisscross… PNG was one of the first Pacific nations to sign up for the Belt and Road project… very smart of them! Oh and so did NZ… Australia said no…. much to its detriment.

    Nations that trade together are at peace because they each rely on each other for economic prosperity… this was proven in ancient times in the Mediterranean region when the ancient Silk road was in operation.

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  105. crisscross767


  106. crisscross767

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  107. crisscross767

    The 7 Deadly Sins of Western Mainstream Media
    13,711 views Jun 12, 2022 For more:

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  108. crisscross767

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  109. Kaiwanshou, outstanding comment Thank YOU!

    The good ole “fear” of Aussies being invaded by Indonesia comes within the not so flexible state of Australian mind attached to the “mother country” and until today distracts “Australian patriots”. Good to see you back Han!

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  110. Hi Han, Thank you. Your qualitative, erudite input has been missed.


  111. Thank you, D Johnston. Always good to see your and Jen’s comments on Cairns News.


  112. Hi Han, Great to see you back!


  113. Han Barkmeyer

    Hi tonyryan43,

    “Second point… When, in 1975, Indonesia cancelled its invasion of north Australia, the reason was advice from Russia and China that such an invasion was not cost-effective. In fact, the logistics would cost the Indonesian economy. Be aware that the US supported the proposed invasion of Australia with munitions, weapons, and finance.”

    Can you please show me your sources about “Indonesia cancelled its invasion of north Australia, the reason was advice from Russia and China that such an invasion was not cost-effective.”

    Thank you, looking forward to your reply.

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  114. Great interview here by two great Australian patriots…

    Worth a listen

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  115. crisscross767

    China’s MFA vs. Western Media Lies: Lessons for the Rest of Asia

    British researcher exposes Western propaganda against China


  116. When the Brown paper bag is big enough, ALL doors open to all government departments. Including many solicitors that are buddy buddies with local councils.

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  117. Hello kaiwanshou, like what you have explained. You have written information is Very close to what I know! Appreciated very much!

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  118. Good to read more people are aware of what really happened in the past.
    Again your last comment did it for me… Thanks Mister…

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  119. crisscross767

    Why Chinese jets are intercepting US, Canadian, Australian planes | Indo-Pacific Geopolitics

    The 7 Deadly Sins of Western Mainstream Media
    13,711 views Jun 12, 2022 For more:

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  120. Not a lot of time to read “The Perestroika Deception” by Anatoliy Golitsyn.

    JR Nyquist understands this very well. “Marxism – Leninism is entering an era of direct confrontation between communism and capitalism” – these are the two economic models of Monopoly Capital and its central banking system…”(even as the capitalists see no Marxist-Leninist threat whatsoever). All pretenses notwithstanding, Moscow and Beijing [joined at the hip from the beginning] view Western sanctions as a green light. The path is open for the breakdown of international commerce, for the breakdown of ‘supply chains’ and supplies of nonferrous metals. Such a breakdown facilitates the cause of world revolution. The collapse of currencies, of economies, of social order is beneficial from a revolutionary point of view.”
    June 12, 2022

    Come to think of it, isn’t UN Earth Charter, UN Agendas 21 and 30 all about tanking the economies of the West from this ‘revolutionary point of view’. Did anyone say ‘UN CoVID Regime’ as the most expeditious way to blight the lives of the Western populations and tank the Western economies?

    Liked by 1 person

  121. Kaiwanshou…thank you for your post telling us what life is really like in China.Not enough of the true facts are ever revealed to us, certainly not from MSM.I would love to hear more from you and others .


  122. Kaiwanshou… A very insightful post, perused with gratitude, especially your notes on military behaviour and classism.

    Not wanting to teach my grandmother to suck eggs, but, nobody ever points out that the main reason the KMT were defeated was remuneration… ie there was none. Person A screwed the person down beneath him, until the person at the bottom was a virtual slave. Mau introduced modern pay rates.

    And here’s a juicy morsel for you… Shaiang Kai Shek’s wife’s family started the Golden Triangle.

    Liked by 2 people

  123. “1. Divide and rule
    2. Eliminate national identity in the NWO
    3. Deflect from vital economic and political developments”… Daviddd

    Wow, mate, every now and then you effing slam dunk!


  124. I’ve got this…I think… thanks… lol


  125. Hi Jen, don’t let the echo chamber put you off. All commentators are equal, but some commentators are more equal than others.


  126. I did not call you racist at all… get over yourself will you. To be honest, I am more afraid of what the West wants to do.. and what they are in fact doing.

    I do not want to keep arguing about this… and I was not off point re the subject of this post.


  127. Having lived in China continuously for over a decade until 4 years ago I can perceive commenters have very little reality of what goes on there. China has very high dependency on Taiwan on an every day basis for the country to operate at all. The CCP over a long time, and currently, educate their people to only perform one task at a time because of the very real threat that the people will revolt and for good reason.
    In China there is a mass civil disobedience event almost every minute of at least 20,000 people. I’ve witnessed one such event and they, the Chinese people, do not waste time or effort.
    The majority of Chinese military, the troops, are volunteers who serve for 3 years but their families must pay for everything they need for their 3 years, must pay for everything! Whereas the officer class all is paid for them by the government whose families are government connected.
    In instances of mass civil disobedience and the military are called in not a lot gets done to control the revolting locals as the military have sympathy with them. They will gather and look on, helicopters, armored personnel carriers, trucks full of soldiers will mill around the periphery. The officers will bark orders but until the troops see some settling by the demonstrators they will not move on them and then with care and respect.
    For Chinese to invade anywhere effectively then there will need to be a major false flag to get the military to act as the countries in question, Australia and America, the common Chinese have great regard for.
    Go there today and announce that you are Australian and you will treated as like a royal. Likewise Americans, English, certain Europeans.
    Yes Chinese buy Australian property but they are allowed to but even the Chinese in China cannot buy property so a group of extended families pool together in to buy Aussie property. They can only buy leasehold property China. Only farmer peasants can own free hold title of property in China so long as they can prove they’ve lived in a specific location for 10 generations, which many can and have. But it has only been very recently for them to own property there, for the very first time in their whole history which was granted them by President Hu Jintao, the first non-military president since the PRC was established in 1949.
    Jintao groomed and is grooming Xi Jinping, he is a member of the ruling elite, the CC Party Elders.
    The ruling party in Taiwan have been in continuous power there since 1949 when they invaded. Yes, invaded, but escaping Mao at the end of the Great Patriotic War.
    Why is there never any mention of the invasion of Taiwan by mainland Chinese in 1949??? Then they wouldn’t get any sympathy, would they? Upon invasion they continued the subjugation of the actual native Taiwanese taking over from the Japanese. Go here:
    Get your facts straight, please!

    Liked by 2 people

  128. In China since at least the 8th century. 🙂 Long before Schwab was even a glint in its mother’s eye.


  129. Hi periguinfalcon, Lol Ok whatever. Re: “I’m on your side remember Skippy”…”Skippy” really? I find that very passive-aggressive, condescending and disrespectful. Especially being a proud Tohunga woman. Please exercise some restraint.


  130. To – tonyryan43, Penny Wong is a supporter of Chinese global domination, Well in to the current Chinese Communist party, we have the Jews/lackeys who Penetrated every government, (Spoken by Klaus Schwab. W E F ).

    Liked by 1 person

  131. periguinfalcon

    Sexuality, yes sorry! Damn Android phone changes your typing! All politicians are either gay, pedophiles or some weird crap because they are selected for that very reason! It’s all part of the agenda. I’m on your side remember Skippy

    Liked by 2 people

  132. Reference my previous comment today. I forgot my apologies, I expect most people know U N stands for United Nations. The W H O, I think most people know to W H O Means – (Sick) – Bill Hell Gates… = An is promoting depopulation and, is killing people. So now from the horse’s mouth,
    what about the, W E F, World Economic Forum. Now do we know all the Globalists, Global companies, and the ones who rule those conglomerates? Please check out this link you will get an alphabetical list. –|– So do not use their service and or purchase anything from those killers. You have been warned… From this website, you can educate yourselves.

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  133. Hi periguinfalcon, re: “not quite sure why you are arguing over her sensuality??? What’s her preference to gender got to do with politics???
    Well I sure as hell wasn’t!… NEVER mentioned her “sensuality” – which by the way I think you mean “sexuality”. No relevance or interest to me whatsoever. Couldn’t care less if she gets it on with cross-dressing goats. Or even Jewish cross-dressing goats lol.


  134. “But tonyryan43, what you are writing if that’s the way it is”

    It is. I haven’t found it not to be. lol

    Liked by 2 people

  135. “Xi has every intention of becoming the first Chinese Emperor.”

    Communism and Capitalism have the same masters. The Money Changers created and CONTROL both. From the conflict between them they will achieve a hybrid of the two.

    That means that neither Xi nor Biden have any “intentions”. They have INSTRUCTIONS and DIRECTIONS!

    No point blaming the actors for the creation of the movie when the DIRECTORS and PRODUCERS control its production.

    Unless the latter are prevailed upon, we’ll continue getting the same movie with a myriad of different actors replacing each other. Always at the whim of the DIRECTORS and PRODUCERS who love the “greed is good” mantras and their war movies.

    Liked by 3 people

  136. Utter rubbish!
    Why would the Chinese be smuggling weapons in the U.S. a country with more weapons available than people?
    Total shite!!


  137. tonyryan43, You Inferring in your last paragraph: Quote: “Confirming your irrationality, you say you like Penny Wong, despite the fact she has demonstrated an implacable hatred of democracy and she has no respect for Australian cultural values. She promotes the mRNA jab mandate with intensity. For you, it all comes down to how you feel personally, which demonstrates your absence of respect for Australian values and how we judge people in our country.”Unquote. Well so far I do not know everything, however, I do know a lot of things, so I realise that every day I know very little. “But tonyryan43, what you are writing if that’s the way it is, Penny Wong is one of the enemies on my list 100%.”

    Liked by 1 person

  138. “You really don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it all out!!!!! ”

    Absolutely! It only takes an IQ in the double digit range. But unfortunately the incessant brainwashing has managed to replace “emotional stupidity” for natural intelligence.


  139. Jen… you cannot have your cake and eat it too. It is a matter of priorities, and in this column, they must accord with the subject under discussion.

    I do not have access to the public media. But I have had Chinese in my family and I have had access to the Sino-agenda, which is world domination… the Chinese World Empire.

    Xi has every intention of becoming the first Chinese Emperor.

    I have reviewed a long list of Chinese characteristics which I won’t go into now, but they point to a ruthless imposition of money as the primary value (Ever heard of red envelopes?). We have just endured the globalist equivalent and I want no more of this.

    Penny Wong is a supporter of: Chinese global domination, banning the production of carbon dioxide, heterosexual families, father’s rights, and the right to decide what medical interventions we will submit to.

    On my personal values, and as an Australian patriot, she is as low as they can go.

    But you state that makes me racist.

    I am, therein, speechless. No more can be said.

    Liked by 2 people

  140. “In my personal and professional experience, the vast majority of Australians are not racist”

    Completely agree. Too many people confuse simple xenophobia with racism. But despite that, there are millions of “wogs” who prosper in Australia.

    Australians, like most countries across the world today, are being fed a diet of DIVISIVE, woke ideologies designed to fracture social cohesion and a common identity for the purpose of:

    1. Divide and rule
    2. Eliminate national identity in the NWO
    3. Deflect from vital economic and political developments

    According to the prevailing nonsense, Australians are racists, sexists, homophobes, religious bigots… You name it, they have a label to attach to you so they can stick you into a minority that can be manipulated by their virtuous and fictitious “majority”.

    Buy into the shit at your own peril.

    Liked by 4 people

  141. periguinfalcon

    CIA, NATO and the Great Heroin Coup: How Miami Became the Center of International Fascism and the Murder of President Kennedy
    You really need educating- you have absolutely no idea how bad it really is.


  142. tonyryan – Yes I do respect Australian values… you are wrong. But I also respect the traditions and cultures of other people.

    There is some serious China bashing on here and some people quite frankly have been taken in by the propaganda peddled by MSM. Australia is interfering in the Taiwan issue which is none of its business. The US is trying to alienate Taiwan from China because they want to build their military bases on China’s doorstep… and I believe China when they say this will not be tolerated and they will take whatever action necessary. Australia needs to butt out.

    And I still like Penny Wong.. more than I like other politicians I suppose I should have said… happy now ?


  143. Jen… “foreign investors need permission…”

    No they don’t.

    Liked by 2 people

  144. “… our 90-day fuel reserve is down to one week, and that any hint of war with China will result in Singapore cancelling further fuel shipments. We would be up shit creek in hours.”

    And we of course are all ready to go to war with China over Taiwan? lmao How is it that our illustrious and treacherous politicians have not yet figured that we’d be struggling to survive let alone fight a war with China?

    Liked by 2 people

  145. periguinfalcon

    Australians aren’t racist, have you ever been to any another country? You do know our governments promote immigrants to use the racist cards to get everything free and everything given to them on a plate! It’s the jews white genocide! You really don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it all out!!!!! Shout racist if you don’t get the job!! Employers are shitting themselves!!! In Tasmania they are flying Indians and Chinese by the thousands, so called pandemic my fucking arse!! If it were a pandemic they’d have kept the borders shut!!!


  146. China is about 6th or 9th down the list of highest investors in Australia… And why blame China, our government allows it – foreign investors need permission…


  147. “Well said. Its been my experience that many Australians are racist… unfortunately that is a fact – because many have never been outside this country and don’t know about other cultures. ” … Jen.

    In my personal and professional experience, the vast majority of Australians are not racist, but a great many immigrants and Aborigines make remarkably racist statements.

    You mention the word ‘culture’, so I imagine you would understand that the word culture has no meaning on its own. It is purely relative to the culture you are comparing. And cultures come about in response to nurturing environments; sometimes in response to historical events, but also to ancient history, such as ice-ages, tropics, the availability of carbohydrates and water, and so on.

    This means that all cultures present differences, such as values, mode of decision-making, or the existence of hierarchies or otherwise. As such these can and do cause conflict. This conflict is not the outcome of racism, which is the unreasonable application of negative pre-judgement. For example, it is not racism to outlaw female circumcision in Australia as child abuse. The practice is in diametric opposition to the host culture, and ‘host’ trumps ‘guest’ every time.

    If one wants to see racism at work, one need look no further than the ABC TV programme ‘The Drum’, in which immigrants, notably Asian and African, accuse Australians of racism because they refuse to submit to their imported values.

    This is typical of immigrants whose homeland is intensely insular. More worldly cultures accept that guests defer to hosts, as in immigrants accommodating the values of their host culture.

    Confirming your irrationality, you say you like Penny Wong, despite the fact she has demonstrated an implacable hatred of democracy and she has no respect for Australian cultural values. She promotes the mRNA jab mandate with intensity. For you, it all comes down to how you feel personally, which demonstrates your absence of respect for Australian values and how we judge people in our country.

    Liked by 2 people

  148. Hi tonyryan43, re: “There is no intention to invade Australia militarily, this already having been achieved by destroying our industry (with free trade) and buying our land at cheap rates.”
    EXACTLY. Thank you. And is what I was implying in my own comment.
    You only have to look at footage of any real estate auctions around Australia…(that’s if you still turn on the toxic cathode nipple!)…talk about ‘spot the Aussie’ lol. Been going on for absolute ages. People been soundly sleeping AGAIN. Reckon we as a nation, have a very serious narcolepsy problem.

    Liked by 2 people

  149. As a matter of personal assessment, the problem with Penny Wong is not that she’s a lesbian but that she is Penny Wong. An apparently wholly unpleasant politician who does not inspire trust in anything she says.

    Liked by 3 people

  150. periguinfalcon

    Wong’s climate paper clouded with mistakes
    We all know Wong is a Globalist puppet! Fairly obvious as anyone with a bit of common sense knows climate change is bullshit, not quite sure why you are arguing over her sensuality??? What’s her preference to gender got to do with politics???

    Liked by 1 person

  151. Hi Jen, re: “Sorry, I don’t buy this at all!” Totally agree. Consider his credentials as an ‘analyst’ apply only to the first four letters of the word…and the orifice from which he espouses.
    As you so rightly say – including his false Donbas genocide claims. There’s the kicker right there!

    And anyway, we’ve been taken over by the Chinese ever since Keating flung open the back door and put out the welcome mat. We’ve been paying dearly for that ever since.

    Still undecided about the ‘mean girl’. Think her veracious ambition and newly acquired power will be the litmus test.
    Like Keating, she is a sharp minded and eloquent orator…but as we’ve also seen that’s not always a good thing if honourable intentions are absent.


  152. aapkoning – Well said. Its been my experience that many Australians are racist… unfortunately that is a fact – because many have never been outside this country and don’t know about other cultures.

    My parents were European and because they spoke with an accent were shunned by Australians. My mother called herself a New Australian til the day she died after having lived here for 50 years – because that is how she felt, she never fitted in. Growing up, my sisters and I endured being called wogs and other names all throughout our primary school years.

    I have travelled around most of the world and the thing I loved most was the cultural difference in all the countries I went to, including many in Asia. I lived in Asia as well for a time not so long ago.

    I also like Penny Wong and I don’t care if she is gay – some of my dearest friends were gay and were amazing people.


  153. “aircraft looked like Chinese Airliners.”

    lmao Yes, Chinese Airliners are especially recognisable at night.

    Of course, once Australia declares war on China over Taiwan we can look forward to even more Chinese airliners. But we might have to wait for the US to start the ball rolling for us.

    That will really accelerate the WEF Reset. And the planned global population reduction we “have to have”. lol

    Liked by 1 person

  154. Sounds like a case of either too many drugs too early in life or a programmed spook shill. Take your pick. lol

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  155. Hi Sunny,
    I heard the same.
    There were more planes than usual flying into Victoria during the lockdown in the dark of night. Night after night.
    People who lived in the flight paths were reporting that on social media over a number of months, and then there were the usual comments raised that the ‘children must be getting rescued’….
    Obviously not.
    Some did claim the large aircraft looked like Chinese Airliners.
    Others said China must have been delivering PCR tests, and Ventilators.

    The headline asks what is Senator Penny Wong’s role.
    That is fair question given she is the Foreign Affairs minister.
    Of all the roles she could have been given.

    Maybe Albo needs a minder.
    That’s what came to my mind.
    Why would he choose someone who would roll him if they could?
    Maybe he didn’t.

    Why should we trust anyone anymore?


  156. Penny Wong was born in Malaysia, her father is Chinese Malaysian and her mother is a European Australian and, yes, she is gay. So Bloody what! So our Foreign Minister is half-Chinese. Because she does not look like an aboriginal, she is NOT Australian.
    I look Yes Northern European, right push come to shove, — When I was robbed (passport and many other items gone) in Spain, I had to go and see the Australian Consulate, Result, Hm Hm, well you have no passport, copies for identification don’t matter), you claim to have been born outside Australia, fine you are not part of the Commonwealth, ) you are a continental) explained for employment reasons I Acquired my Australian nationality – 56 Years ago! I asked when are you Australian? When do you look like an aboriginal? The reaction I received, I can’t talk to you, come back with more proof sometime in the future. Then being back in OZ, I had to go through the same shit and worse. A lot of people in this world don’t like Asians in general. You travel in Asia and you quickly find out about the conversation western people have. Often very and severely condescending. The same happens here in Australia and Europe. Still today Western people see Eastern people as second grade.

    Liked by 1 person

  157. Yes, tonyryan43, I Like your explanation – your choice of words and points raised, (cannot argue with you). The last line however is the best! “It is the political leaders who I would prefer to eliminate.”

    Liked by 1 person

  158. Nyquist mixes American belief systems with evidence, which is fatal.

    His narrative is simply a mix of propaganda, ideology, revisionist history, and about 10% actual evidence.

    H, above gets it.

    A few inconvenient facts…

    Japan had no intention of invading the south until the US and allies put sanctions on Japan’s access to rubber and oil. Sound familiar?

    Japan had to abandon its invasion of old enemy China and locate rubber in Malaya and oil in Indonesia. In reprisal, it bombed the US first supply fleet in Pearl Harbour and 3 months later, the second supply fleet in Darwin Harbour. Australia was not, at that stage, a target.

    Nyquist applies an entirely wrong analogy.

    Second point… When, in 1975, Indonesia cancelled its invasion of north Australia, the reason was advice from Russia and China that such an invasion was not cost-effective. In fact, the logistics would cost the Indonesian economy. Be aware that the US supported the proposed invasion of Australia with munitions, weapons, and finance.

    China learned from that shared analysis. Thus it was that the Tiananmen Square fraud was perpetrated and CIA agent Bob Hawke enabled Chinese students to become Australian citizens, a number that eventually became 1.2 million. As H. alluded, the CCP then sent funds to the 1,2 million Chinese invaders to buy up arable and residential land.

    There is no intention to invade Australia militarily, this already having been achieved by destroying our industry (with free trade) and buying our land at cheap rates.

    The only military interest in Australia is the belligerent US presence by way of spy and missile installations. As former PM Malcom Fraser warned us, “America cannot be trusted and has betrayed us twice before. The US alliance will get us sucked into WWIII, for no defence advantage whatsoever” (‘Dangerous Allies’ -Fraser).

    There is a new missile base on the Gove Peninsula that the Chinese, only 700 Ks away in Darwin Harbour, would be well aware of. In fact, it is well known in Nhulunbuy that a Chinese lady is present entirely for the purpose of relaying progress to the CCP; or so rumour has it.

    Australia has one single military fear: that the US presence is a gigantic bullseye for China as reprisal or, more likely, preemptive clean nuclear strike on nine NT US targets, plus the major cities.

    To the fools who believe the Murdoch Media or ga-ga gurus like Nyquist, our military vulnerability is the American presence, plus the fact that our 90-day fuel reserve is down to one week, and that any hint of war with China will result in Singapore cancelling further fuel shipments. We would be up shit creek in hours.

    Australia actually has a better missile and beyond-horizon targeting capacity than the US, so why the hell do we tolerate the Yanks? And my apologies to the USMC for slagging them off. They are actually a great bunch of blokes who I would hate to be forced to shoot. It is the political leaders who I would prefer to eliminate.

    Liked by 2 people

  159. I see this as yet more distraction and fear porn. Don’t give it your valuable energy.

    Liked by 1 person

  160. Chinese are like LGBT, coming in through the back door.

    Liked by 1 person

  161. Communism is Jewish

    Liked by 2 people

  162. China does not need to invade PNG/USA/AUS! People will ask “Why not?” They* are already controlled by China. Since “Kissinger”, The Jews* are well infiltrated the Chinese system…
    And the West is too blind to see this one! Remember, who controls the moment in the western world? “Ask Klaus Schwab. Then “Look towards the Investment houses like Blackrock/Vanguard.” The Federal Reserve, in 194 countries, the Banks are controlled by the Rothschilds. The readers by now do know, the — W E F & W H O, The U N — all in the hands of the Jews. Big Pharma, the Same, all Jews.
    So what is PNG/USA/AUS going to do about it? We are losing to see the end result. Israel/The Jews* are all behind this and they have not forgotten their scriptures. The Jews* will make the East – Goyim fight, the West – Goyim and we the Jews* will inherit the world. This has happened for thousands of years, and at the same time, we are told you have to feel sorry for the Jews*.
    The Jews* have the world by the Balls, because most people still are “SPELLBOUND…”
    What needs to happen one asks? — For the world to wake Up?
    “If you allow the Jew* to hold key positions in your nation, you will live as if you have a dagger at your throat.” At the moment we are still traveling towards becoming SLAVES… “Unless we revolt NOW.”

    Liked by 2 people

  163. No defence here in Australia, plus we gave the port of Darwin to the CCP to help the invasion. What’s WONG with that .

    Liked by 2 people

  164. You are right… PNG was one of the first Pacific nations, if not the first, to sign up for the Belt and Road project with China… Australia, of course, did not – which will be much to their regret down the track !

    Liked by 2 people

  165. Hmmm.. IMO I believe that China has modified the old 60’s mantra ? “Make Love & Not War” to “Make Business & Not War”??

    Liked by 1 person

  166. Sorry, I don’t buy this at all! This is a guy who believes that Russia made up the genocide in Donbas.. you know, the one that was going on 8 whole years..!!! I don’t think he is much of an analyst of anything at all !! What he says is total horse manure..

    And I like Penny Wong !

    Liked by 2 people

  167. Why would China want to invade and absorb American degenerates into its society, when they are doing everything possible to keep them out?

    Any invasion of Australia will be economic – and their beachhead is already established

    Liked by 2 people

  168. I recall hearing rumours during one of VIC lockdowns that the airport had planes coming in from China and the motorway cameras were mysteriously offline.
    Sounds similar to recent Shanghai lockdown … a way to move weapons around?? Certainly Dan is a ccp stooge.
    China has its claws in our ports. And the Solomon Islands were heavily defended during ww2 because it’s a gateway to the Pacific, and China is in there as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  169. periguinfalcon

    Penny Wong serves China, she’s a trojan horse.

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