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I spy something Wong


Foreign Minister Penny Wong is in Beijing to mark the 50th anniversary of Australia-China diplomatic relations.

Senator Wong has been invited by the Chinese government to meet with her counterpart Wang Yi and hold the sixth Australia-China Foreign and Strategic Dialogue, which was last held in 2018.

She left for China on Tuesday, and return home by the end of the week.

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Penny Wong is an extraordinary national security risk

As much of the world’s attention is consumed by the implications of Xi Jinping’s more assertive China, there is a valuable lesson offered by an anniversary we commemorate this month.

…Whitlam held that it defied reason to ignore the political leaders of a quarter of the world’s population.

There will always be differences to manage in our leading Asian relationships, requiring calm, confident and consistent engagement.

He had begun a decisive shift in Australia’s world view, putting our region at the centre, alongside the multilateralism championed a generation earlier by Doc Evatt.

…FitzGerald recalls Whitlam did not approach “China in isolation but as part of a broad foreign policy idea, that Australia needed a relationship with Asia based on acceptance of it as our enduring international neighbourhood”.

…Many countries are seeking a demonstration from Beijing that nearly half a century after international recognition at the UN, it wants to be seen as a responsible international power.

But, ultimately, we should heed Allan Gyngell’s reminder that in all Whitlam’s “thinking about foreign policy he emphasised the need to face up to the realities of the world”.

It’s about honest assessments of our interests, and bold pursuit of them. It’s about facing the reality that while much of our history is in Europe, our home and our future are in the Indo-Pacific.

And it’s about recognising – as one of Whitlam’s successors, Paul Keating, said – that we need to find our security in Asia, not from Asia.

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Analyst warns China ready to invade PNG, Australia then the US. What is Penny Wong’s role?

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China is on the verge of completing preparations to eventually invade America. Hundreds of sleeper agents have been importing arms into the US for some time according to military analyst Jeff Nyquist.

Under what flag is Penny Wong’s Loyalty?

He says a leaked tape of a meeting held by the Chinese military outlines their deadly plans and how they have been rolling out military equipment under cover of Covid for two years.

A vast amount of military equipment is being mobilised not to invade Taiwan but Papua New Guinea as a stepping stone to the Pacific and Australia, then the US.

CCP-controlled Darwin Harbour will play a significant role in any PNG invasion and will impact immediately on our security.

A compelling interview which should worry every Australian and American.

Election woes show nearly 70 per cent of voters did not support Liberal or Labor

by Tom Marland*

“The Bradbury PM”

Anthony Albanese is Australia’s new Prime Minister.

I honestly never I thought I would have to say that but hey it’s been a weird few years and it’s about to get weirder.

Not since Steven Bradbury’s miraculous Gold medal at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games have I seen someone fluke such a victory.

Even Bradbury was some what embarrassed by his incredible fortune when every other competitor fell over before the finish line and thought about not accepting his medal but now still talks about the moment in humorous and humble terms.

Not so much Anthony Norman Albanese.

Labor Leader Albanese with Foreign Minister for China Penny Wong, was sworn in as Prime Minister before the counting of postal votes and pre-poll votes in his own electorate had properly started. The AEC gets the gong for having more ESP than the ABC.

Albo and his Labor comrades are claiming this as the greatest electoral victory in Australia’s history.

Labor’s primary vote is a paltry 32.9%- lower than the 33.34 % in 2019 under Bill Shorten – who at least was honest about the chaos he wanted to inflict on the Australian population and economy.

Albo – lying lower than a wobbegong for the past three years – has hardly brought his head up for air let alone announce a cogent or costed policy.

Labor is now on track to be the Party to form government with the lowest primary vote since 1934.

The Coalition looks like they will end up with around 35.5% of the primary vote but will lose as many as 20 seats – only half of them to Labor with Green preferences and the other half to Independents.

The Greens (the party that hold hoses) received 12.1% – mainly in areas where the only remaining remnants of the environment are in zoos and they feel guilty about that so they want to turn the rest of Australia into a National Park.

The “Teal” Independents racked up 10.5% in areas that are so affluent the only thing they can find to worry about is climate change and the price of Brie cheese.

It’s not with some irony that the Teals and the Greens had been hoping for a hung parliament but all they have delivered is a majority Labor Government with the lowest approval ratings in the last 100 years.

They will all now sit on the cross benches in their corporate suits and designer high heels patting themselves on the back but achieving precisely nothing.

They and their constituents will learn the lesson the hard way that you can’t do anything from Opposition or the Cross bench against a Majority Government and instead of actually representing their voters in Parliament – they have just become very expensive seat warmers.

There is no doubt that this was a strange election with the results being both confusing and confounding.

After a tumultuous 3 years including all the bad bits from the Old Testament from fire, pandemic, flood and famine plus having half of the population locked up for nearly two years like flowers in the attic – it was never going to be business as usual.

No doubt Scott Morrison became as unpopular as an adult at a 16th birthday party.

People clearly don’t like kill joys that led Australia through the pandemic with one of the highest vaccination rates, some of the lowest per capita death rates, has the lowest unemployment rates in 50 years, who promote prudent measures on lowering carbon emissions while not strangling our economy and society, believe in the sanctity of our Federal Constitution, believes in the rule of law and the presumption of innocence.

The “Stockholm syndrome” was in full display in Western Australia with a 10.2% swing away from the LNP – the same state that Labor Premier Mark McGowan locked away from the rest of the nation for two years.

It’s very sad when someone like the highly respected Indigenous Affairs Minister Ken Wyatt loses their seat.

The loss of Ryan, Brisbane and Griffith to the Greens also did come as a bit of surprise. No doubt the Greens are now looking to take over the Nation as long as it’s not further than 5km from a vegan deli and someone else has to pay for it.

But it is the inner city Teals of Sydney and Melbourne that really changed this election and through their nativity will change the country for ever and for the worse.

I listened to an interview of a few Teal voters on the ABC and they were all “super exciiiiiited” about now being able to “sort the climate out and oh the enviiiiiiiironment” and also “send a protest vote to the Liberal parrrrrtay”.

What a way to show those right wing conservatives of the Liberal party by kicking out every Liberal moderate that brought some balance to the “broad church”.

You know those moderates who helped bring in Marriage Equality, Net Zero targets, established the largest renewable project in half a century in the Snowy Hydro 2.0, and brought in increased funding for child care, health care and education?

Now we have seen the likes of Frydenberg, Wilson, Zimmerman, Evans, Falinski and Sharma being turfed out and being replaced with a bunch of self-interested Independents who are funded by a multi-millionaire in the form of Simon Holmes a Court who wants to cash in on a few of his own renewable energy projects.

Here is a bit of quick reality check for all those inner city greens and Teal voters who have clearly lost all perspective being surrounded by cement, high carbon emission lifestyles and their own bullshit:

Even if Australia stopped all of our 400 million tonnes of carbon emissions tomorrow – it would make only 4 days of global carbon savings.

And it would also do bugger all to stop the next bushfire, flood or drought.

Australia has also reduced its carbon emissions by 20% since 2005 – in the same period China has increased theirs by 50% from around 5000 million tonnes to 10,000 million tonnes today and will be around 15,000 million tonnes by 2030 – roughly 40 times greater than Australia’s.

Trying to change the climate from inner city Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne is like trying to change the tides with a silver spoon you just took out of your mouth.

Scomo was also brutally criticised for his treatment of women and his lack of action over the Brittany Higgins rape allegations.

Dr Monique Ryan a Teal in Kooyong claimed she wouldn’t want her 21 year old daughter to work in Parliament House for fear of being raped.

You would have a better chance of being eaten by a shark in Parliament House than being raped but that doesn’t stop the likes of Ryan and others playing politics on the issue.

Let’s now see how Albo handles his best mate Grace Tame’s demands to replace the presumption of innocence and burden of proof with the Higgins / Tame law of “I said it, so it must be true”.

To add another clown show to the circus – it looks like Pauline Hanson might lose her senate spot to the Legalise Cannabis Party.

This might not be a bad thing because the Country is clearly all off their heads anyway.

The only good news is that Kristina Keneally looks like her parachute has failed trying to get into Fowler and Jack “the Hammer” Dempsey picked up less votes in Hinkler than the number of hollow promises he made during his campaign.

Now Albanese is in the lodge he will have no where to hide other than to deflect his incompetence with a round table of reviews, consultants and Union aligned “experts”.

Let’s also see how he goes with the Prime Minister of the Solomon Islands and their Chinese Security pact.

And I am also sure they are shaking in their boots…with laughter in Beijing of the thought of going toe to toe with Albo and his sell out mate Richard Marles.

The French have already popped the bubbly and are still keen to supply those $100 billion submarines by 2040 which only go backwards.

One thing is for certain – Albo won’t be the PM by the next election. A few bad poll results and the Union heavy weights will have the knives out again. He is already starting from a low base and will slump to the cellar once everyone realises he was actually always been a dud.

In the mean time, Australia has one of the strongest economies in the world, has survived a global pandemic, has record exports and plenty of opportunities despite those who want us to think that Australia is the worst place in the world.

Let’s see how long it will take Labor to hit the wall.

You’ll know when – it will about the same time they start blaming Scomo and everyone other than themselves for their own failures.

  • Tom Marland is a Brisbane solicitor who hails from Childers, SW of Bundaberg.

The incredible toxic culture within the Australian Labor Party overseen by leader Anthony Albanese claims a senator

Letter to the Editor

A sad loss to Australia, a fine intelligent woman who spoke from the heart of Australian people and was pilloried by her peers for seeking support and friendship from other party members in the senate.

The late Victoria Labor senator Kimberley Kitching had been covid vaxxed naturally no mention of this in the controlled media.

She sought to promote Australia’s security in this troubled world for future generations, and she made sense — her intelligence and wisdom was far superior to those above her, making them look incompetent and petty — for her sincerity and due diligence she was marginalised and victimised with her place on the senate ticket apparently to be revolved

Kimberley Kitching, a fine lady who dared to speak her truth on behalf of all Australians, she was subjected to horrendous workplace bullying (Sunday Mail page 7, 20 March 2022) wrongly accused of disloyalty (Australian page 1, 19 March 2022), been the victim of incredible toxic culture of misogynist bullying, and ostracised (Courier Mail page 6,18 March 2022). Because like Pauline Hanson, she was honest and told the facts the way they were — she was overwhelmed by the ignorance of others and destroyed for her admirable honesty by a hypocritical Kat Klub Kulture dominant within the ALP.

We are a lesser nation from the death of Kimberley Kitching, a sad day for democracy and for all Australians who believe in honesty and a ‘fair go’.

Vale Kimberley Kitching — we have lost a fine decent lady.

We are saddened.


G J May


Is obnoxious Senator Penny Wong a double agent for China?

Shadow Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong has accused the federal government of endangering Australia’s relationship with China by using alarmist rhetoric for domestic political gain. 

In an address to a Canberra book launch, Senator Wong said Prime Minister Scott Morrison had been indulging in political opportunism in foreign affairs.

Labor senator, Penny Wong, and her wife, Sophie Allouache, welcomed their first child on December 11. Their daughter is named Alexandra, which is Sophie’s middle name.

“My concern is that not only does he not fully comprehend Australia’s interests in relation to China, he doesn’t even seek to,” she said.

“It’s always about the domestic political advantage — either in the internal fights within the Liberal Party in pandering to the far right, or in seeking to pursue some partisan advantage over the Labor Party.”

Senator Wong also took aim at Home Affairs secretary Mike Pezzullo over his comments that free nations are once again hearing “the beating drums” of war.

“Today, as free nations again hear the beating drums and watch worryingly the militarisation of issues that we had, until recent years, thought unlikely to be catalysts for war, let us continue to search unceasingly for the chance for peace while bracing again, yet again, for the curse of war,” Mr Pezzullo told staff in an Anzac Day message last month. 

He also said Australia should strive to reduce the likelihood of war “but not at the cost of our precious liberty”.

Mr Pezzullo’s comments came days after Defence Minister Peter Dutton said conflict over Taiwan should not be discounted as tensions between the US and China rise in the Pacific.

Senator Wong called that rhetoric unhelpful, and said inflating the threat of war would serve China’s purposes. 

“Two of the people most responsible for keeping Australians safe are instead talking tough for political purposes, and in doing so they are playing directly into the CPC’s narrative and providing Beijing with the leverage that comes with a sense of inevitability about crisis, conflict and war,” she said.

“The first job of national leaders is the safety of their citizens. Our leaders do not make us safe by beating the drums of war with China.

“Foreign policy should not be the prosecution of domestic politics by other means because, as I’ve said, in diplomacy words matter.”

Australia’s relationship with China has deteriorated sharply over the past year, as the country hit local exports with a wide range of trade barriers after Australia called for an independent investigation into the origins of COVID-19.

The federal government also tore up Victoria’s controversial Belt and Road Initiative agreement with China last month, prompting China to freeze activities under its Strategic Economic Dialogue with Australia. 

Fiery independent MHR, Bob Katter accuses Wong of stoking the China fire

“A Chinese Communist Party diplomat had a picture of an Australian solider slitting the throat of a child posted on twitter,” Mr Katter said

“They had on Chinese state media, which is government controlled, Australia should be bombed.

“Penny, is it really us stoking the fires?

“What has Morrison said?

“What has Dutton said?

“You might accuse me of stoking the fires. Well that’s because in the last major war they were prepared to give North Queensland to the enemy, Japan.

“Was it China or Australia who imposed trade bans on the other country?

“Drew Pavlou and his mates were having a peaceful protest at the University of Qld for Hong Kongers and Uighurs. Did they stoke the fire?

“Or was it the Chinese thugs who attacked them on campus during their peaceful demonstration.

“Penny Wong’s statements are outrageous.

“If things unfold as people are predicting they will unfold, then her comments will be remembered, just as those people who were selling iron ore to Japan before the 2nd World War.”

A majority of Christians will smash Shorten and Greens tomorrow

by Peter Gargan in WA

The “Stinkin Thinkin” that underpins the left of Australian Politics is that Almighty God is elected to the Parliament of the Commonwealth, and that he also is elected to every State and Territory Parliament with unlimited power, to use and abuse the electorate as it deems fit. The “Stinkin Thinkin” introduced by Whitlam, followed by Fraser, and continued by every Liberal-Australian Labor Party –Greens Coalition Government since, is that once a Parliament is elected it has a divine right to govern as it sees fit.

Greens leader and intellectual pygmy Richard di Natali will be going full speed in reverse like the Italian army after the Christians are finished with him and Shorten

However like Mighty Mouse, confronted with a Tiger, it has and looks pathetic when push comes to shove. This “Stinkin Thinkin” has permeated the United Kingdom, the European Union, and is of course in force in China, which on every occasion when united has sought to expand. Donald Trump has ended the “Stinkin Thinkin” in the United States of America, and Scott Morrison ought to be given a chance to end it here. Unless the Parliament of the Commonwealth asserts it superiority by getting its identity correct, and the Paramount Parliament, chaos will continue for another three years unless a minor party, the Great Australian Party gets enough Senators to ensure sanity returns.

While it is a lovely dream to think that we elect Almighty God when we elect a Prime Minister: it aint necessarily so. Bill Shorten inane question to Scott Morrison about whether homosexuals go to hell, exposes his absolute lack even though he is a lawyer, of the first question any lawyer asks, when confronted with a court. Has this Court jurisdiction? The wonderful great big court of public opinion, in which we have a contest for Prime Minister, and lots of little contests for individual seats, is being led astray by a silver tongued lawyer, who presumes that the Australian Electorate is equivalent to Almighty God.

Shorten is supposed to say the Lord’s Prayer, every day he sits in the Parliament of the Commonwealth. No one has asked him if he does. I am sure his vision of heaven is a carbon free Australia, but without a World Referendum, Mr Shorten and his fellow dream merchants are urinating into the wind. The pandemonium that followed Whitlam’s election in 1992, and permanently damaged the Commonwealth, should not be repeated, in 2019. Only Almighty God can change the climate, and with over a billion Indians and more than a billion Chinese, all breathing out 2.5 pounds of carbon every day, only a nuclear war between those two superpowers can save the planet from Carbon Dioxide. That is if Carbon Dioxide is the villain Bill Shorten thinks it is.

My comment is that Bill Shorten made the same mistake as Mark Latham when he attacked Scott Morrison for his Christianity. Australia is still a Christian country albeit under attack. On Saturday the majority of Christians will smash Shorten and the Greens and endorse a return to the Constitution and its Christian roots. Take the five dollars the bookies are offering, because Almighty God always wins.

What sort of a question is it when the Leader of the Opposition wants the Prime Minister to talk for God Almighty, and decide who goes which way in the afterlife.  Good on Israel Folau for sticking to his Christian beliefs, He may have just gifted Morrison an election!!

One question Bill Shorten and his lawyer mates need to answer: Since when did Almighty God appear on the ballot paper? Only Almighty God decides who goes to heaven or hell, not the Prime Minister. Does Bill Shorten believe he will become Almighty God and with his mighty wand end Climate Change, decide who goes to heaven or hell, and create all the gold he will need to keep his promises. There are 17% still undecided. How will they vote!!!!!!

Europe is burning wood to generate electricity, and the carbon released as Carbon Dioxide is not counted!!!!! Of course it is not counted as it is from the earth and when the ash is returned to the earth, the trees grow again and repeat the cycle. A biomass base load Power Station situated in the vast eucalyptus forests of the Savannah woodlands of Northern Australia would provide a renewable power source of unlimited potential.

Richard Marles, Mark Dreyfus, Penny Wong and Bill Shorten are all lawyers, and are assuming that if elected on Saturday Bill Shorten will become Almighty God and decide who will or will not go to hell, and who will not or will suffer from the actions on Climate Change. It is an insufferable imposition on Christians and Muslims alike, and the very worst kind of bullying, to attack the faith of a fellow Australian.

By having Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second the Queen of the Constitution of the Commonwealth as Sovereign, only a referendum can impose atheism upon the people of Australia. The Great Australian Party which is making the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 and Commonwealth its central policy, is a complete answer to this type of bullying, and Senator Rod Culleton and his team ought to be elected to the Senate to finish the job of returning law and order, as a civil and political right under the Constitution.

The legal profession which numbered among its number 23 Liberal Party members, and 23 Labor Party Members, and one Green in the House of Representatives and sixteen lawyers in the Senate carried bullying to an extreme, when Senator Rod Culleton as he then was called for a debate on the Judiciary, which are exclusively lawyers, in the Senate on the 1st December 2016.

The Turnbull Government carried out that bullying, by instructing the Australian Government Solicitor and its counsel in the High Court to mislead and deceive the High Court, by excluding admissible evidence, and mislead and deceive a Federal Court of Australia Judge in Perth, about the obligations of the Attorney General who was at the time Senator George Henry Brandis to obtain an adjournment on the 19th December 2016.

Banks and other criminal corporations have been using Bankruptcy for around 53 years to bully victims out of their day in a fair court with judges, as guaranteed by S 79 Constitution, and Bill Shorten’s arrack on Scott Morrison for his Christian views, is a full frontal attack by lawyers on the Christianity of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth the Second, the Queen of the Constitution of the Commonweal and is part of this widespread and systematic bullying policy.


Anning calls for urgent referendum on immigration

United Nations sycophants of ALP, Greens and LNP decry Senator Anning’s remarkable maiden speech which is reproduced in full at the bottom of the page

The dominant left wing of national broadcaster, the ABC is frothing at both ends over Senator Fraser Anning’s maiden speech.

Cairns News has perused the speech and discovered it is not nearly as volatile as Pauline Hanson’s in the maiden speech stakes.

Brainless shock jock Senator Derryn Hinch, naturally a Victorian and ALP atheist Penny Wong  have joined the choirmaster ABC along with the Jew, Josh Frydenberg, unremarkably spluttering the views of the Liberal Left.

KAP Senator Fraser Anning takes on the UN sycophants of the ALP and LNP

It is a terrible blight on the jaundiced, national Marxist education system, that a supposed government Minister is unable to rely on normal comprehension to understand the meaning of Senator Anning’s quite acceptable speech.

Readers can decide for themselves but the new senator leaves us in no doubt a national referendum on immigration should happen quite soon.

Below is a statement from Senator Anning:

Senator Anning has dismissed criticism of his use of the words “final solution” in regards to immigration as an effort by the left to shut down debate.

“Claims that the words meant anything other than the “ultimate solution” to any political question is always a popular vote are simply ridiculous.”

“Anyone who actually reads them in context will realise this.”

“Some in the media and left wing politicians are simply afraid of the Australian people having a say on who comes here.”

“As I called for a plebiscite on the immigration mix, this baseless and ridiculous criticism is simply an effort to play the man and not the ball.”

“It is ironic that those on the left such as the Greens and some Labor who seek to criticise me are the same people who refused to support my efforts to stop Australia funding the Palestinian Authority which finance terrorist attacks against innocent Israeli women and children.”

enator Anning maiden speech To read the full speech click link – Maiden Speech – Senator Anning


Shorten’s breath-taking hypocrisy accusing Joyce of misconduct

Larry Pickering at his best

Cairns News cannot believe the breath-taking hypocrisy of Bill Shorten when he asked Turnbull in Parliament if he would sack Barnaby Joyce over his pregnant girlfriend. We read about Shorten’s widely-reported extra-marital dalliances and rape allegations which leave him with no feathers to fly with. He really is a grub, according to readers, whose expertise would be better applied to being a brothel manager.

Government places MA15+ to censor Christian TV ad about curriculum taught to 12 year olds


Why did the censors put a MA15+ rating on our new ad?

Because it displays quotes from the radical gay sex education that’s being taught to 12-year-olds in our schools through the so-called ‘Safe Schools’ program.

Radical gay sex education like this is being pushed on our kids in school – but it can’t be shown on TV till after 8:30 at night.

Watch the new ad now and see why we need to stand up now for marriage and parents’ rights to say “NO” to radical gay sex education in our schools.

Same-sex marriage will quickly be followed by compulsory radical gay sex and de-gendering programs in all schools.

And parents won’t be able to object.

Bill, we only have days left to get this important message out to the millions who haven’t yet voted.

So I’m urging you to please give today to get this message out on TV and social media, and to equip your Coalition for Marriage Freedom Team volunteers.

Thank you for raising your voice to defend marriage, freedom and your children!

Lyle Shelton
Managing Director




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