Wong hands over initial $3.5m to overseas gay mob, enough to build 10 houses for struggling families

Speaking at the Sydney WorldPride Human Rights Conference, Wong said the fund was part of Australia offering more practical support for the overseas queer community.

Labor Foreign Minister Penny Wong hands over $3.5m taxpayers money to overseas gay mob. Pic West Australian

“A new Inclusion and Equality Fund will be Australia’s first dedicated fund to support LGBTQIA+ civil society organisations and human rights defenders, international partnerships and networks — helping address social stigma and legal discrimination,” Wong said via a recorded message.

As a first step, Australia will contribute more to the Global Equality Fund, a fund focused on protecting LGBT+ rights globally.

“But this is just the start,” Wong said.

“In the coming months, I have asked our Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to consult across our region and our community to identify the areas in which we are best equipped to make a difference.

“This will inform a dedicated LGBTQIA+ human rights engagement strategy — including bilateral and multilateral diplomacy, development and humanitarian assistance.”

Wong is trave ling to Malaysia and India this week, with her first visit to the latter as foreign minister.

Also speaking at the conference, attorney-general Mark Dreyfus said Australia can play a leading role in progressing LGBT+ equality internationally.

Dreyfus said it was not enough for Australia to promote LGBT+ rights only within the country.

“As a good international citizen, we should encourage our near neighbours to do the same too. I’m proud to be part of a government that recognises that,” Dreyfus said.

“Australia actively works with diplomatic networks and state coalitions to promote the multilateral human rights system.”

The attorney-general also said the issue was cross-portfolio, adding health, foreign affairs, employment and workplace relations, and social services each had their role to play.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Michael Augustus

    Wong man as foreign minister..



    For the LGBTQ+ pride dictators like Penny Wong: For Pride read HUBRIS. God hates hubris and pride because it wrongly exalts itself and brings destruction upon those whom God loves. Proverbs 8:13 states: “The fear of the Lord is hatred of evil. Pride and arrogance and the way of evil and perverted speech I hate”.


  3. Well said Joan Rivers.

    ‘You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.’ Ayin Rand.

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  4. A timely money surge and investment in a Marxist cadre of the permanent, world-wide Communist Revolution. This week CR Suisse stocks plunged and now Silicon Valley Bank in the US has tanked. Better make those important investments now.

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  5. jo: “In need of a “blond & blue eyed” master race yet? No worries!”

    Seems it’s taking most of the world a bit of time to realise it is the victim of unrequited love. But just in case I’m wrong make sure you always sleep on your back. lol

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  6. “We’re a $TRILLION+ in debt” – you got that right Davidd! “WE ARE”! Penny surely is not!

    It will be easier to grasp once Chinese and other international debt collector military personal turn up to evict Aussies from their homes – if they still have one by then. The colonial mine is open for buzyness and sheepskins are also urgently needed for the new middle eastern migrants in their baksheeshed Yuckrainian homes and having floating their returned Rabies Messiah in the clouds with a Schneerson face its mission is accomplished. What a “brave” new world.

    We are in button less shite, the little tax payer debt the Honorable Fairy Wong donated to “her queer family” while Aussies slowly and forcibly move out into the streets is the least of OUR management problems.

    Move over cry babies!

    In need of a “blond & blue eyed” master race yet? No worries!

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  7. We’re a $TRILLION+ in debt and sinking in budget deficits as far as the eye can see!

    Yet we still borrow MONEY to finance the promotion of LGBTIQJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ lifestyles FOR FOREIGNERS overseas? And Penny Wong reckons that’s just the start?

    I reckon it might just prove to be the beginning of Penny Wong’s end. She’s quite off her face. Who does she work for again??

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  8. Brian Johnston

    She shouldn’t be in parliament.
    How did it happen?

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  9. Wong is a Traitor to Australian Women and Children by supporting the LGTBQ Mob, she has shown she supports an Activist Women hating Group ,that promote Child Grooming and Sexualization,and ,Child Mutilation

    Sent from Outlook for Androidhttps://aka.ms/AAb9ysg ________________________________


  10. Yes the boiler makers will need a constant reliable supply of power but green Adelaide has brown outs every few days. What will
    the engineers do when the stoves, microwaves and jugs are simultaneously turned on at 7am and the welders need 400 amps for the next 10 hours? Maybe the hot air climate cultists of the ALP could replace nature when the wind stops blowing. Ed

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  11. What a bloody cheek. We have homeless on the streets , and you are giving taxpayer money to “gay ” people. What a nerve, and who approved it ? If you did , it must be because you get paid too much from the taxpayers purse.

    I am sick of hearing all the garbage about sex, can’t you just get on with living a decent life ? This sex game is just a distraction form more important things in life. Yes sex is important, but should other people have to pay for anyone else”s pleasure ? Just keep it to yourself, would you ?. I have met plenty of same sex people , but they never shoved it in anyone’s face.

    I just like to take people on what they do I find the whole conversation is totally boring and annoying,Just go way and keep to yourselves. You know how you like to play it, just pay for yourselves. Mosr homosexuals I know have plenty of money anyway.


  12. If they were really dedicated to their cause, they would ‘organise and participate’ in a pride parade in ISIS territory: that’s where it’s really needed.

    I’m sure people will donate to this noble venture.

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  13. I am sure that our near neighbours Malaysia and India will be delighted to welcome Inclusion and Equality Fund support from Australia for their Queer Communities, their international partnerships and networks.

    Just like Australians they will see this as reinforcement for a global Faggot Offensive bringing gender chaos to their societies, making family formation more difficult and threatening their children with trans programmes, grooming and social engineering.

    They will detest us for visiting this upon them and who can blame them.

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  14. How many silicon tit implants would that amount to? Think about it while you’re waiting for your hip replacement.

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  15. This so wrong wong…you parasite. Australian tax money squandered on WHAT?

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  16. For a start the federal government has no Constitutional Head of Power for social engineering, which is what this LGBTI+ business is all about.
    But there is a Constitutional mandate (for that read: legally and lawfully binding CONTRACT) for “…peace, order an good government…” which terms need no defining, the Heads of Power being granted subject to the Peace/order mandate.
    And our government has no business spending taxpayer finds on far-flung countries with our foreign aid budget-we should be looking after our own first.
    Our foreign aid, from a few years ago:

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  17. Being 80, all these acronyms utterly confuse me, so did I get this right, in simple terms… Wong gives a gong to a bong with a schlong up another drong’s tong. Sounds a bit wrong.

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  18. A disgusting waste of money.

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  19. meanwhile we have hungry families on the street, virtually no affordable housing, utility and food costs going through the roof, and this stupid useful idiot hands out money hand over fist to these sodomites and lickers. what a disgrace this entity is , we have certainly have been sold down the drain, stephensneddon is right the spirit of delusion is rife in this country.

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  20. And just a few decades ago this type of thing would have been called by all the lefties in the world as Neo Colonial Imperialism whereby the developed world would impose its own cultural standards on the uncivilized and backward countries!!!!


  21. WTF??? The hungry and the starving of the world no longer need food? They’re more desperate for LGBTQIJKLMNOPRSTUVWXYZ rights?

    Whoever convinced them of that is just brilliant at crowd management.

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  22. Interesting to see how wong goes in any Islamic Muslim country with this crap Malaysia has one of highest buildings in asia .Should give it time to consider on the way to the ground floor why not a good idea in some countries .Off topic another bungled submarines GMFU coming up South Australia no reliable power going to build them WELDING needs reliable power so does steel manufacture should go well.


  23. Hope they don’t mandate that you identify as one?


  24. What I have noted with this Gay monster, the marches, Drag Queen stories to children is they certainly need help; psychological in essence.

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  25. OMG. What is wrong with these dickheads that some very very stupid people voted in.
    Bet this was not on the Agenda if Wong was not gay. What about our own gay people who need help?


  26. Not only does this beggar belief but our new government seems to be determined us beggar the rest of us as well. Surely if this is such an issue, our alphabet soup community could make this payment and leave the rest of us out of it. But it seems that the unrepresentative swill are well and truly over representing these whining narcissists that constantly complain about what victims they are. But it does not matter how many windfalls they get their complaining will not stop.

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  27. Unfortunately Australia has gone mad a spirit of delusion has certainly taken over. It is amazing how much of hard working Aussies money these fools can waste, for what purpose and what end, as they do not even know. Deluded fools, and you guys voted them in, good old labor voters .”We always vote labor, that’s the thing we do” Labor and liberal the big joke, a line of idiots who don’t think about the real issues of this country, there have no future plan to make the nation great, just a lot of time and money wasting idiots who spend our money without accountability nor remorse whatsoever for the evil they do.
    Heaven help this stupid shipwrecked country without good people at the helm, it has no hope.

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  28. Another Wong initiative equal to a”job for the boys” move. Nothing like favouring your buddies..!! Totally obnoxious and should be censured..!!

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