Letter to the Editor

A sad loss to Australia, a fine intelligent woman who spoke from the heart of Australian people and was pilloried by her peers for seeking support and friendship from other party members in the senate.

The late Victoria Labor senator Kimberley Kitching had been covid vaxxed naturally no mention of this in the controlled media.

She sought to promote Australia’s security in this troubled world for future generations, and she made sense — her intelligence and wisdom was far superior to those above her, making them look incompetent and petty — for her sincerity and due diligence she was marginalised and victimised with her place on the senate ticket apparently to be revolved

Kimberley Kitching, a fine lady who dared to speak her truth on behalf of all Australians, she was subjected to horrendous workplace bullying (Sunday Mail page 7, 20 March 2022) wrongly accused of disloyalty (Australian page 1, 19 March 2022), been the victim of incredible toxic culture of misogynist bullying, and ostracised (Courier Mail page 6,18 March 2022). Because like Pauline Hanson, she was honest and told the facts the way they were — she was overwhelmed by the ignorance of others and destroyed for her admirable honesty by a hypocritical Kat Klub Kulture dominant within the ALP.

We are a lesser nation from the death of Kimberley Kitching, a sad day for democracy and for all Australians who believe in honesty and a ‘fair go’.

Vale Kimberley Kitching — we have lost a fine decent lady.

We are saddened.


G J May