I often write about the dangers of authorities of any kind. Authorities play a control game, and you are being controlled. We have submitted to authorities from the beginning of our lives, and we’ve been caught in this wheel for millennia. Our parents teach it to us, just as they had learned it. Then they send us to school and church, where the teachers and priests claim themselves as authorities. Our parents also put us in front of televisions for hours. We would believe what we saw on television. The man on the news was an authority. So throughout our childhood, in the hopes of good guidance and protection, we submitted ourselves to many authorities. We are taught to trust and believe our authorities, as if they are being truthful to us. But how can they teach truth, when they themselves have been programmed with lies? Authorities have no credibility.

The majority of people have bought into this control game, hoping for rewards, and the ability to control other people. We were all programmed to participate in this game. It’s the only game in town. You see it everywhere. How many people do you know that have claimed authority over others. The work force runs on these principles, as well as religion, government, society, schools and even within the family. We have allowed ourselves to be controlled by others, because we are not strong enough to stand on our own. We have been programmed to submit to authority, and few people have the courage to say no. Most people submit themselves unquestionably to authorities.

By submitting to an authority, we forfeit our innate sovereignty and freedom. We give our power away to them, as well as our critical thinking. We allow an outside authority to formulate our thoughts. We allow them to order us around, use us and control us. When we were children, we didn’t have much choice. You could only rebel so much without being punished. Yes, think about that. We were programmed to conform with the program, or there would be consequences. We were programmed with fear, intimidation and violence, even from a very young age.

By the time we get out of school, the plan was for everyone to be sufficiently programmed to submit to authorities without question. Everything from the work place, to government and religion; all of them expect unquestioning submission to authorities. Those who question are marginalized or much worse. Those who refuse to conform become outcasts, an outsider.

Notice how many people around you have strong faith and trust in their authorities, believing that they are their well wishers. They unquestionably believe whatever they are told. They don’t have any inclination to question what they hear. They simply accept. And because of that, governments, religions and most other authorities take advantage of that.

When you speak to someone about the evils of the government, they object by saying that our government would never do anything like that. They have faith in government, that they are doing what they can to help us. They believe the problem lies in bipartisanship, or some other reasons. But they cannot bring themselves to believe that their government, their authority, would intentionally harm them. Many people have unquestioning faith that their government is trying to look after and protect them.

And yet we see every day how the government is not our protector, and it certainly doesn’t care much for the people (especially if you are poor). Look up in the sky and see all of the chemtrails. The government has finally admitted that they are spraying. This is poisoning us, the land, the animals and the water. Why? Because they care about us? I am shocked, that when I mention chemtrails, so many people have never heard of them. I point up into the sky and point to all of the chemtrails. Some see them for the first time, and some people refuse to believe it, claiming they are contrails from jets. Funny how the contrails never looked like that when I was a kid. And where exactly are all of these planes going, criss-crossing the sky in checkerboard patterns? Most people have been so completely programmed, that they cannot see what is right in front of them. How can someone not notice that we are being sprayed?

Fluoride has been proven beyond a doubt to be extremely toxic, and yet they put it in the water, toothpaste and all of the drinks and foods made with that water. Besides being extremely toxic, it also makes people docile. They tell us that it is good for your teeth, but that has been proven false, and actually is detrimental to teeth and bones. Yet people actually want it in the water.

The food additive industry is huge, and it consists of putting dangerous chemicals into the food. Then you have the artificial sweeteners that are also extremely toxic. And worst of all is the genetically modified foods that are now found in most everything. The adverse reactions of GMOs is probably the worst thing that our government has practically forced us to ingest. We can thank our leaders of state and of corporations for pushing all of this upon the populace. So much for having faith and trust in our authorities. And where’s the FDA? In bed with the food producers.

The medical industry is doing its part to slowly kill us. Forced vaccinations are destroying the bodies and minds of our children. Why are our authorities doing this? This is a short assessment of what a friend of mine has noticed concerning vaccines:

“After I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, a severe and debilitating auto-immune disease, one of the first things I found when searching for answers was a study that indicates that those who receive the MMR vaccine are statistically 3 times more likely to develop an auto-immune disease in their lifetime.

That is just scratching the surface, however. If I ever had any doubt of the immune system damage as well as neurological damage that these vaccines cause, that doubt has completely vanished. After having run a daycare for the last year I have seen first hand the effect these vaccines have. I watch young toddlers turn from bright shining stars of light and love, and keen innate intelligence, into completely disconnected (emotionally and socially) zombie babies. The difference after a child receives these shots is frightening. It completely changes their personality, significantly reduces cognitive functioning, and in most cases damages their innate sense of empathy (making them more aggressive to other children).

This is no personal bias I promise you. On an almost daily basis I can observe the vast difference in the vaccinated children vs. the un-vaccinated children (who display far higher intelligence, focus, empathy, as well as an undefinable quality of brightness and light).”
– Ceth

The entire medical and pharmaceutical companies, the authorities people put their faith and trust in to heal them, are corrupt, and they don’t mind killing or injuring people for money. It’s an industry.

The banks are robbing us, the police are beating and killing us, our government is stripping us of all of our rights and freedoms, robbing us along the way. The priests are all lying to us, as they also rob us along the way. Everywhere you look, the very authorities we have placed our faith and trust in are all thieves and rogues. Of course they are. It is a control game, and they have control. They falsely claimed themselves as authorities, and we have submitted ourselves to them. We all bought the lies.

Who gave some group of men absolute authority over our lives? They took it, either by force, violence, manipulation or thievery. And we, the people, accepted them as such. Mind you, in the past, it was usually at gunpoint. Now they have tremendous tools for programming people to believe anything, so the guns are not nearly as necessary. Although the police are always there to remind you that there are severe penalties for stepping out of line.

Which all brings us to the title of this article. We are in the midst of a slow kill. Who is being killed? All of us. What we are experiencing is a slow genocide of humanity. Who would do such a thing? Predators. How else can you explain the chemtrails, the poisoned food, water and air, the medical industry that regularly kills and maims those who pay them exorbitantly to heal them? We are at constant aggressive war, lied to at every step, robbed, mislead and violated. What we are experiencing at present is slow genocide. The effects of the consumption of poisonous foods, water and vaccine is already visible. America is suffering from rises of many diseases, such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular, autism, allergies, digestive disorders and impaired cognitive abilities, just to mention a few. Imagine what the future will manifest.

We are a herd; the flock. We are food for the gods. They feed off of our emotions, especially fear, violence, suffering and worship. Different flavors. They infiltrate our minds. They have us hypnotized under their spell, and we have become so illusional, that we actually worship them, as if they are almighty god. We are hooked up to the milking machine, where our power is syphoned off, leaving us weak, disoriented and confused. Now it seems that the predators are thinning out their herds. That and preparing humanity to become cyborgs for the collective. They have their many minions who carry out their orders, Traitors to their own people. The very people that we put our faith and trust in to protect and guide us, are our worst enemies. Somehow, we have bought into the lie, and we are living in it.

This is the stark reality. All we can do is to inform those who are interested. We can be careful about what we ingest and the water we drink. It’s not always easy, but it is important for your own well being. I have orgonite and other devices to clean the very polluted electrical and microwave energies. And I have disconnected from the game.

We have somehow been placed into this game, this game of control, and we are all being played. The game is rigged. We have all become slaves. Even those who seem like powerful controllers, are slaves to their controllers. There are no real winners in this diabolical game, except for the top predators.

This game seems to be ending badly for humanity. The cards seem stacked against us, as we quietly submit to being slowly poisoned. This is not a game I wish to participate in. That is a choice each of us makes on a daily basis; to participate, or not.

Greg Calise