The Honourable Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey.

WHY hit the pensioners who have worked most of their life,paying taxes and have supported this country previously thru good and bad times?

Yes some made a saving for themselves and want a confortable life until there end.

WHY NOT start on those bludgers on CentreLink disability pensions that have nothing wrong with them? Never been reviewed since the first letter they received from the doctor saying they have a sore back, or shoulder or headaches etc.

WHY NOT go after those that are too lazy to get of there arse/backside and go looking for work. They haven’t worked a day in there life and will not work either as they are too lazy and unemployable as they would know what getting out of bed at 7.00 am and go to work etc.

WHAT happen to work for the dole etc? It’s gone by the way side?

When are CentreLink staff going to enforce the rules where clients have to prove they have been looking for work or attended interviews etc? That doesn’t happen either.

There are more and more people ripping off the CentreLink system than before. We have a number of members living in the same house and receiving rent assistance.

If people are on DRUGS and alcohol then they should be sent to rehab to be fixed and not on Disability Pension as it’s self inflected.

Toughen up on CentreLink recipients and make them earn their keep and their allowance.

Make them go on the CentreLink Card where they can only buy food, pay bills, ETC and stop them buying Cigarettes, grogs, drugs etc

It is Tax payer’s money.

Also toughen up on Illegal, Invading boat people who are on CentreLink payment and ripping off the systems too. There is many boat people who have returned to there country working while Wife & Kids stay here. YES it is happening

They came here crying there country wasn’t for them and now some have returned home and having it both ways

I look forward to the budget and the tough stance you take on those CentreLink bludgers

Its LABOR Government WHO put us here but hit those that are doing the least for our country now and in the future.

Yours Sincerely

Steven Cruden

Leda WA 6170