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Serene Teffaha – Advocate Me Update

Serene Teffaha is leading the charge against the Covid scamdemic

Dear Clients of Advocate Me and those that have signed up to our other associated groups; thank you so much for your support over the past 19 months. 

You are receiving this email, as we have procured your details when you completed one of our forms or signed up to one of our associated websites. 

Advocate Me, are providing advocacy, administrative services and collaborative support to Maatouks Law Group. Peter Maatouk, of Maatouks Law Group, is driving forward a number of critical legal claims in relation to the inconsistencies in the application of state and territory public health and emergency legislation, which has been applied upon large groups of individuals, with the mandating of medical intervention. You can find information about Peter’s actions here.
If you would like to be part of these actions; irrespective of whether you have already signed up to our existing services; we urge you to complete the form on Maatouks Law Group website, this will assist us in locating appropriate leads and allocating people to the appropriate actions. 

Please visit our recently updated page, to gain a full understanding of the updates and changes to our actions. There, you will also find a helpful video, that will outline all of the actions filed and the ones that are pending. 

We are also very proud to get behind Doctors and specialists that we are supporting, to bring forward a petition, for the early treatment issue with Ivermectin, that will empower The Honourable George Christensen, to expose the overreach in a lower house bill. Over a month has past, since the TGA banned ivermectin use in Australia, by calling a safe drug a poison.

This action has been condemned by all informed and clear-thinking Australians, however, only ONE NIGHT (TONIGHT), remains for us to join our voices as one, by signing the petition

Go to or visit the campaign site, and please share this far and wide!

 Thank you again for your support, and we look forward to forging ahead and putting our efforts in to making real change, in collaboration with the wonderful people we are working alongside. Love to all Serene Teffaha and the Team 

Serene’s back and fighting fit with class action relaunched and cases running

Lawyer Serena Teffaha taking on Australia’s ‘Deep State’

THE national class action against the COVID-19 tyranny has been relaunched, Melbourne lawyer and human rights advocate Serene Teffaha has announced. Two related court cases are already underway.

“We are now relaunching the National Class Action such that we target the negligent misrepresentations of our governments both national and state in relation to the lack of safety and efficacy in relation to influenza vaccines, COVID-19 vaccinations, masks, asymptomatic testing, hotel detention and lockdowns,” Ms Teffaha announced on her Telegram channel on Tuesday, August 10th.

“Thank you everyone for your patience. We realise that our governments are colluding with employers and businesses to force the uptake of these bioweapons masquerading as vaccines by forcing lockdowns and making vaccination a condition of return to work.

“Governments are unlawfully pushing these agendas through employers and businesses without legitimate directions and in the absence of employers and businesses having the power to mandate medical interventions on groups of people. They are also agitating their position against children in schools. This is a spiritual war for your consciousness. And it is now the time for us to stand in solidarity.”

Ms Teffaha and her supporters at AdvocateMe have spent a month strategising and while they believe laws are on their side, many bureaucrats, scientists, doctors, judges and teachers are “devoid of any humanity and have succumbed to the elites’ agendas”.

“The first thing we all need to do is SAY NO irrespective of the loss of jobs and livelihoods. We have to make tough decisions and take our children out of schools and our elderly members out of aged care homes.

“I understand that for many of you, you are in shock as it is the first time you are confronted by this irrational brutal adversity. But the zombie apocalypse is visible now and there are many within our own families who have become zombies. With all that said, this is the time to stand in our truth, in our faith, in our logic, in our rationalism and in transparent science.”

Ms Teffaha says irrespective of the corruption in the judiciary AdvocateMe will use legal processes as merely one tool in a toolbox. “But we are now thinking outside of the box and we are looking at establishing and connecting as communities through cooperatives to pool our resources, skills and abilities together to create better systems. Please stay tuned for that.” She noted that her group’s strategy was “different to other lawyers who we don’t agree with”.

“We are asking for pledges meaning that you will not transfer any money to us until we incur costs appropriately and proper invoicing has occurred. We don’t agree with ad hoc raising of money and ad hoc legal strategies destined to fail.

“Other parties asking you to pay in go fund me accounts and trust accounts that can be pilfered by governments is not a strategy we recommend or share. We are proud of our honesty and transparency and I will not apologise to anyone for speaking my mind and calling out bullshit when I see it.

“I am happy to unite on terms of transparency and purpose. So please join our Class Action and be weary of those that ask you for money without delivering any service.”

Her group has also established People for Safe Vaccines as a research, campaign and educational platform. “We realise that we need to spearhead actions against employers and businesses who are taking the law in their own hands and as unqualified individuals are now mandating medical interventions on their staff.

“We will be spearheading and supporting Fair Work actions that we intend to escalate to the Federal Court on the lawfulness and reasonableness of their directions. We have now two cases we are leading.”

AdvocateMe is targeting individuals impacted by the COVID-19 vaccination mandates and/or directives, including mandates in Queensland for hospital related employees, workers and contractors, mandates in NSW on transport workers in airports, and imminent impacts on aged care workers and nurses as a result of the announcement of the mandating of vaccines in aged care setting by the Commonwealth.

Also targeted are:
(i) Individuals impacted by mandatory influenza vaccination mandates and/or directions that disallow employees from accessing their jobs and/or visitors from accessing their loved ones;

(ii) Individuals impacted by mandatory hotel detention;

(iii) Individuals impacted by mandatory masking and/or PPE directives;

(iv) Individuals impacted by compulsory RT-PCR testing;

(v) Individuals impacted by forcible and complete business, services and/or place of worship lockdowns;

(vi) Individuals impacted by forcible separation from loved ones in residential aged care facilities and/or any other facilities.

Serene’s supporters can link to VCAT court hearing in Melbourne

Supporters of Melbourne advocate and lawyer Serene Teffaha in Melbourne on Saturday. Picture and video (see link) thanks to Marty Fokker.

VICTORIAN advocate and lawyer Serene Teffaha has offered an online Zoom link to a hearing in the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) seeking an immediate stay on the decision of the Victorian Legal Services Board to cancel her licence to practice.

The hearing is due from 10am Melbourne today (Tuesday, May 25th) and some of her clients will be requesting permission to speak. “Otherwise, please join as an observer,” she said.

Serene has drawn strength from the lively and well supported rally held for her in Melbourne on Saturday outside the Family Court in Melbourne where she spoke of her personal trauma in dealings at the court and the trauma experienced by “thousands of men, women and children who were being brutalized by this institution behind me”.

But Serene urged those gathered to continue to “give the olive branch all the time” because “eliminations, opposition and vengeance is not a solution”. “The real solution is opening up a dialogue with (for instance) the many beautiful police officers, actually, in this country,” she said, looking across to officers standing near the gathering. “We must open a dialogue with the Victoria Police. We must open a dialogue with the judiciary.”

She said later she was humbled and thankful for the amazing support she received at the rally and the platform of sharing stories, traumas, truths and wisdom. The Zoom meeting ID is 657 7918 0730 and the passcode 373 153. Further information is also available on Serene’s Telegram page Advocate Me Updates.

Victoria Police move against Serene’s unhinged stalker ‘Lucky Lance’

Lawyer Serene Teffaha who has been leading the charge against government crimes committed under the cover of COVID-19.

VICTORIA Police appear to have done the right thing after Cairns News published the story of ex-crim “Lucky Lance” Simon using police vehicle props in stalking videos used in attempts to intimidate Melbourne lawyer and advocate Serene Teffaha.

Lucky Lance seems to think Ms Teffaha is ripping off the people who signed up for her class actions to prosecute unlawful government actions carried out under so-called public health orders. “Lucky Lance” himself posted videos last year about the suspect origins of the COVID pandemic, but now has come out on side with the Victorian Legal Services Board that is trying to shut Ms Teffaha down.

Lance’s swings are very curious. Perhaps it’s something to do with after-effects of the steroids and meth he was once addicted to. “Luckily” some sense has prevailed and Ms Teffaha reports that Victoria Police are not playing games with Lucky Lance.

The cops have confirmed he lied and staged the scenes using random police vehicles and random police officers who are not associated with him in any way. “He has also directly lied about all previous interactions he has had about me with Victoria Police,” Ms Teffaha said on her Telegram page Advocate Me Updates.

Although we have not been able to confirm it, it appears Lucky Lance was somehow able to tap into the pool of police vehicles not being used for regular patrols or operations and spun some story or hired them to get them out to certain locations. Police assured Ms Teffaha they had not given Lance Simon her location or whereabouts and were in no way investigating her.

Lucky Lance Simon meanwhile, will be served with personal safety orders to ensure that he will not come near Ms Teffaha, post or stage any false associations with any Victorian police officers or cause her to have concern about her personal safety and well-being. Further investigations will take place in relation to stalking.

“It has been extremely turbulent for me, given the fact that Lance Simon has been given a platform by Sydney Morning Herald and VLSB. However, I am reassured that Victoria Police are now going to help and fulfil their responsibilities,” Ms Teffaha said.

Ex-crim uses VicPol props in bizarre attempt to shut down Serene Teffaha


“Lucky Lance” Simon, from one of his ridiculous YouTube videos faking a police stake-out of lawyer Serene Teffaha.


VICTORIAN lawyer and advocate Serene Teffaha would like Victoria Police to demonstrate some integrity and pull the plug on the antics of “Lucky Lance” Simon, the former meth head and convicted drug dealer married to Melbourne gangland lawyer Zarah Garde-Wilson. Lucky Lance has been stalking and defaming Ms Teffaha – all recorded on his own YouTube channel, with Victoria Police vehicles used as props.

This character’s sleazy behaviour is running in parallel with outrageous actions by the Victorian Legal Services Board against Ms Teffaha, and has promped her supporters to rally in her support this Saturday, May 22nd.

Ms Garde-Wilson should be having some serious chats with her hubby about his silly, law-flouting conduct, because it could get him into more trouble with the law down the track. Senior Victorian police should also be having some serious chats with the members of the force about how police vehicles appear in some of Lance’s videos. We wouldn’t want to think police were complicit in a campaign of stalking and defamation involving a former meth head and drug dealer.

“Lucky Lance” Simon should not be throwing stones from his glass house. He was on a meth binge on the day he allegedly stabbed hospitality worker Paul Thornell, 38, to death on December 5, 2011. In 2013 he was found not guilty of murder and lesser related charges. The victim’s father told the court he saw Simon holding a large knife before he demanded money, ransacked the kitchen, stole a wallet and a phone and ran away.

Four years earlier in 2007 Simon was convicted of trafficking meth and possession of steroids. He avoided jail after a judge heard he was a full-time dad to his new baby and ordered him to do 175 hours of community service. While on bail for those charges he spray-painted nine Versace handbags worth almost $30,000 at a Crown Casino store in Melbourne in a dispute over his Versace suit.

Curiously, in July last year, Lucky Lance gained media notoriety by going online and “spreading conspiracy theories” about the COVID-19 pandemic. But now that he’s chasing a lawyer fighting the establishment over COVID-based state crimes, his criminal past apparently doesn’t matter. In January the Sydney Morning Herald painted him as a “anti-scamming activist” hunting down those who profit from the anti-pandemic narratives.

That this man is now harassing a lawyer, apparently with police co-operation, is testament the crisis of government in the corrupted state of Victoria, until recently run by “Dictator Dan” Andrews, who has disappeared from public view in strange circumstances after “slipping and falling and seriously injuring himself”.

The Victorian Legal Services Board has suspended Ms Teffaha’s legal licence over her public allegations of corruption and pedophilia in the judiciary. She is not the only person to raise those issues and if the legal profession had some integrity, they would investigate the matters and deal with them – like churches did. She also accuses several leading figures in the VLSB of criminally defaming her by implying she is fraudulent and involved in misappropriation of trust money for personal gain.

The VLSB has somehow given itself the power to seize Ms Teffaha’s AdvocateMe trust account and personal donations accounts and the Commonwealth Bank is going along with this outrage. Ms Teffaha is not accused of any crimes nor has been subject to client complaints.

“They’ve gone into another stage,” she told Cairns News. “This guy out there (“Lucky Lance”) has been escalating the whole thing. He staged a police stand-off saying ‘the cops want to talk with you’,” she said.

She made a complaint to Victoria Police about Simon, whose YouTube channel has 308 followers, where he has recently posted the videos with police vehicles in close proximity and making false and defamatory accusations against the lawyer. Police have not yet brought him in.

In one episode Lucky Lance appears “first on the scene” in front of a police SUV he claimed was blocking off a street while police attempted to get Ms Teffaha to come out of her house. The lunatic states: “Serene, I know you watch my content. Please Serene it’s gone too far, enough’s enough. Just come out, you won’t be hurt. They just want to ask you about the misappropriated funds. They want to know where the money is. They want to get the money back.”  (false and defamatory statement)

In another episode he stands out the front of Ms Teffaha’s house, calling it the site of a criminal enterprise. In another episode he offers $30,000 cash for information on Ms Teffaha. Just to show how he “means business” he holds up several big wads of cash in his hand. It’s asinine, embarrassing behaviour and his lawyer wife should be reining him in.

Ms Teffaha has upset the Victorian establishment by running two class actions against the clearly unlawful government actions to imprison people in their homes, shut down businesses, force mask wearing and other outrages around the so-called pandemic – in reality a flu epidemic involving a genetically modified virus that can be stopped with common drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine and supplements like zinc and vitamin D.

“Lance Simon has been given a platform to escalate his violence towards me due to the platform provided to him by the Sydney Morning Herald, by the Victorian Legal Services Board, by the conduct of Jacob Uljans of Hall and Wilcox and the representation by Nicole Papaleo and Landers for VLSB at the hearing,” Ms Teffaha stated on her Telegram channel Advocate Me Updates.

Ex-crim stalks Serene Teffaha using VicPol cars as video props

Covid Solicitor Serene Teffaha’s VLSB tormentors refuse to respond to this letter

Fiona Bennett


Victoria Legal Services Board

April 20, 2021

Dear Mrs Bennett

We have been following the legal challenges mounted by Advocate Me in Victoria courts. In particular the court challenge to the entire Covid 19 strategy of the Victoria Labor Government. We would also direct these questions to Premier Dan Andrews but we understand he is convalescing after a serious assault at Portsea.

1. Has your Board cancelled the solicitor’s practicing licence of Serene Teffaha?

2. On what grounds was it cancelled? At what precise time was Serene Teffaha notified of this cancellation?

3. Is your Board or its representative taking over Advocate Me client files?

4. Are these files in your possession?

5. Has your representative or the Board taken monies from the Advocate Me Trust Account or any other account?

6. For what purpose?

7. Has your Board or its representative requested all the client details of those participating in the class action against the government for its Covid responses?   

8. Has the Board requested any other details of any other of Advocate Me clients?

 9. What does the Board intend doing with the client details? 

10. Has your Board or any of its representatives made any threats, verbal or otherwise against Serene Teffaha?

11. By what authority has the Board acted against Serene Teffaha?

12. Was there any request or pressure placed on yourself, other board members or representatives of your Board by the Attorney General, the Bar Association, the Law Society or politicians to take action against Serene Teffaha?

13. Has your Board ever received any complaints from an Advocate Me client in relation to a class action or any other matter involving Serene Teffaha?

14. Has your Board charged Serene Teffaha with any offence?

15. Is your Board now investigating any replacement lawyer who may have taken over Serene Teffaha’s files?

Your early advice would be appreciated. Cairns News is one of the largest independent news sites in Australia.

Yours faithfully,

Robert J Lee


Media House

Cairns 4870

Victorian government instructs Legal Services Board to silence COVID class action

State sanctioned violence and intimidation must stop. The clients of Advocate Me solicitor Serene Teffaha are being targeted for the sole purpose of sabotaging the National Class Action and taking over the Melbourne Detention Tower Class Action.

In an astounding illegal move, the VLSB has demanded the identity of the 5000 litigants involved in the class action.

The Victorian Legal Services Board cancelled her solicitor’s practicing licence trying to stop the class action which would allow witnesses under oath in court, to reveal the genocidal activities of the communist Victorian Government.

Joining this team of ravaging wolves is the Commonwealth Bank which removed Serene’s access to her trust account then allowing a dodgy accountancy firm to access class action funds, crippling her proceeding.

A US reader wrote:

Just wanted to ask, we know what’s happening all around the world with this plandemic, the vaccine, the new world order, etc. There are a lot of Americans making a stand, we listen to Robert David Steele & Dr Charlie Ward he has 11.1 million followers.

What we want to know is, why isn’t anything happening in Australia it needs to stop, they will kill millions.

What can we do? No one even talks about it in Australia they just watch the news & do what they are told.

How do we wake every one up?

Thanking you Cherie

Let the Covid 19 vaccination games begin

from Serene Teffaha, Solicitor and Covid 19 plandemic adversary

Advocate Me has been working hard at providing a platform to bring together other lawyers, activists, medical experts, police and professionals, to promulgate various legal campaigns exploring the devastating impacts that forced lockdowns, forced detention, forced testing, forced masking, forced business and service closures, forced denial of access to loved ones and forced vaccinations have brought to our nation.

Our website details all the legal campaigns we have been working tirelessly on. Many of these campaigns are reaching the pointy end of being lodged in Court. We will be filing the Detention Towers class action on the 2nd of Feb, when the court resumes, in which we are representing some of the most disenfranchised and vulnerable members of our community. This will soon be followed by the National Class Action, in which we are challenging most of the issues listed above.

Lawyer Serene Teffaha is leading the charge against the Covid scamdemic

We are also representing whistle-blowers who have come forward to expose corruption and maladministration in our courts, policing and medical establishments. Specifically, we are now helping two police officers who have blown the whistle and formed the Cops for Covid Truth campaign. Many whistle-blowers are confronted by the sheer vengeance of the system and are often pressed financially, so we are representing them on a pro bono basis.

Furthermore, the fast-tracked approvals of the covid-19 vaccines without adequate long-term safety studies is an issue that has quickly presented itself over the past two months, and we have brain-stormed the best methods to challenge the roll out of these vaccines, and the threats these will either be mandated or coerced on the public.

Through our networks, we have established a strong connection with qualified individuals who are happy to take the lead as directors of People for Safe Vaccines Ltd, a company limited by guarantee, one of its purposes being to challenge the data and representations made by our government and the vaccine companies themselves, in relation to their safety and efficacy claims.

If this issue is as important to you as it is to so many of our clients, please express your interest in becoming a member, to support this vital campaign. The company is a great vehicle for ensuring that your voices can be heard without exposing you to any liability, which is only limited to your contribution as a member.

We are very pleased with the website we have launched, and we ask that you become a member and circulate to your friends, family, and colleagues to do the same. Once you become a member, you will be regularly informed of everything we do when launching any legal challenge against the government, in their attempts to potentially force unsafe and ineffective vaccines on the public.

As you can imagine, we are trying to respond as quickly as possible to these issues, realising that many people are reluctant to be at the forefront of any challenge. We do not want to wait until the damage is done. This is our opportunity to get organised quickly, and be strategic in the way we respond.

We have already started taking the legal steps necessary to question the processes used to fast-track these experimental vaccines. All this information is available on the website for you to consider and read.

Serene Teffaha, as the principal for Advocate Me, is the CEO for People for Safe Vaccines; and our legal associate and colleague, Ben Clemens from Clemens Haskin Legal, is the solicitor.

Your membership will also allow you access to a specific People for Safe Vaccines forum to discuss the experimental covid-19 vaccines and all associated issues.We have also launched a separate forum for the Advocate Me website that will give you free access, where you can communicate with other community members on a myriad of issues relating to the lockdowns and mandatory flu vaccinations.

Advocate Me is representing our whistle-blower clients on a pro bono basis, and the Detention Towers clients, on a no-win, no-fee basis. Clemens Haskin Legal is handling People for Safe Vaccines on a no-win, no-fee basis. We have created a series of letter templates to empower you to deal with several key issues around masking and vaccination, where businesses and employers are acting unlawfully. These can be downloaded free from our forum.

Our preference is that you join and become a member of People for Safe Vaccines or our National Class Action, however we appreciate that some of you would prefer to make a donation to support us to manage all these vital campaigns.

If you would like to donate, please go to and nominate how much you would like to contribute, and what campaigns you are supporting. Complete the form so we can provide you with updates and details as the money is spent, to ensure transparency.

Funds raised support us to manage all these vital campaigns, and vulnerable people, and continue to provide free templates and a free community forum, as we transition away from traditional social media platforms that are rife with censorship and trolls.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Warm regards

Serene Teffaha and the team
Advocate ME

A juggernaut of support for NSW police officer who challenged official Covid 19 narrative

Cops for Covid Truth

More Australian police and the military join up to expose the real agenda of the medical mafia’s cosy alignment with governments

Lawyer Serena Teffaha taking on Australia’s ‘Deep State’

On October 26, Senior Constable Alex Cooney sent an open letter to NSW Police Commissioner raising concerns about how the police force were being used during the State of Emergency powers and questioning the proportionality of the response to the threat of COVID-19. In it he challenged the current mainstream narrative, using well-researched references and called for an investigation.
Alex called out to other members of the police to show their solidarity, and join him in his quest and in under a month, more than 52,000 downloaded and circulated his letter, over 6500 signed his form to show their support, which included hundreds of police and military officers.
After giving the commissioner a month to respond, Snr Constable Kevin Dawson has accepted the challenge and issued his own open letter, declaring his support of Alex’ request for a thorough investigation.
This “Cops for Covid Truth” movement’, and two very powerful open letters, provide an insight into the growing concern with the government’s measures for handling the pandemic, and the use of police to enforce them. At Advocate Me, we have thrown all our resources into supporting these brave officers, and are openly inviting more, across the entire country to join this movement.
If Australia is a truly democratic society, why use the police force to silence any dissenting voices? The real question is: Will the NSW Police remain silent and complicit on this matter, or will they remember the oath of office and statement of values, and open a meaningful probe into a critical matter of public interest and a return to good judgement in policing?
In the words of Kevin Dawson, “if there is truly no conspiracy here, why aren’t we having the conversation?”
Serene Teffaha and the team
Advocate Me

Lawyer warns illegal testing con will lead to unlawful vaccination

By EDITOR, Cairns News

MELBOURNE-based human rights lawyer Serene Teffaha of AdvocateMe has warned Australians in a video message to wake up to their right to say no to rampant, insane and illegal COVID-19 testing being demanded by employers and others.

Serene Teffaha has put out an impassioned message to Australians to say no to coerced and illegal COVID testing.

The outspoken lawyer, who is not averse to a few dramatics to get her point across, has blasted “OCD hypochondriac bosses”, police, doctors, hospital staff and others as out of line and acting unlawfully by demanding that people get tested in order to work, attend some place or receive a service.

Lawfully, any medical procedure requires your informed consent and in the case of epidemics under Commonwealth legislation, can only be ordered by authorised government officers. Teffaha warns that government health bureaucracy is out of control and will use public ignorance of their right to say no to tests to push illegal mandatory vaccination.

“What we’re seeing is employers, police, doctors, nurses have all gone mad testing. Everybody wants to test everyone else, and now, everything apparently becomes a criteria for testing,” she says. The

matter is being made worse by a belief that asymptomatic people should be tested, which produces many false positive test results, more panic and more money for those doing the testing.

She added that the flawed PCR testing process, apart from false positives, “does not give any information on the infectious nature of an individual. It is just an outrage.” Also driving the testing frenzy is health departments and the CSIRO finding “COVID-19” in sewerage systems – which in fact is unable to infect people.

“You have the right to say no,” says Teffaha, offering verbal responses. “I do not want to be tested. I’m not symptomatic. I have no COVID symptoms. You are not an authorized officer to dictate to me that I need to get tested, and I have the right to refuse, and I should not be impacted by that decision. And I should not lose my job and I should not be threatened with less pay. And you do not have the right to ask me to self-isolate and you don’t have the right to refuse surgery for me.”

She says some doctors “think they are cops” and are unlawfully seeking orders from police to force COVID testing. She says a client in Western Australia, a former nurse and now disability pensioner, was unlawfully served criminal prosecution by WA police for refusing a test.
Teffaha says so-called “surveillance testing” only applies during an outbreak and even when directed to test, the right to refuse still applies, especially when coercion or bullying is involved.

“A test today is a vaccine tomorrow … that’s right,” she warned. “It’s a mask. It’s a test, then a vaccine. Then ‘here’s my property’, ‘here’s my rights’… Whether it is through a government direction that is forcing you to be tested with no symptoms or whether it’s some OCD hypochondriac boss or some cop that thinks he knows something about asymptomatics …. the answer is back off and no!”

Teffaha says her law firm is urging anyone facing undue pressure to get COVID tests to contact them, because the matter is becoming “a hot topic”. Advocate Me is taking action in relation to the continuing Declaration of a State of Emergency across Australia and specifically in the states. The lawyers are also taking action in relation to the dangers associated with the fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccine approvals and are also spearheading a number of actions to protect whistle-blowers including police officers and health professionals.

NSW police whistleblowers on board with national COVID class action

By EDITOR, Cairns News

Serene Teffaha of AdvocateMe Lawyers on a recent Zoom call.

MELBOURNE layer Serene Teffaha has taken NSW police COVID whistleblowers on board with her national class action over human rights abuses under the COVID-19 government responses, particularly Victoria’s Dan Andrews Labor government.
Serene’s Advocate Me Lawyers firm in Melbourne is representing Senior Constable Alexander Cooney and Senior Constable Kevin Dawson, who recently blew the whistle on police being forced to violate human rights as part of COVID regulations enforcement. The police also published a lengthy article debunking the many myths around the COVID-19 narrative being used by governments.
“The aim is to get traction with the NSW Police Commissioner and soon other commissioners across the states and territories as more brave whistleblowers come forward,” Teffaha told Cairns News.
“As a Victorian, I thought that the first officers that will come forward are from Victoria but the reality is that I have NSW officers to be more outspoken and fearless. I can’t even tell you how nervous I am for them and what is to come.
“But I believe this to be a chain reaction. We have many more officers who have come forward and I am working on helping them find their voice. We need to work with our boys and girls in the army and police.
“They are the hands of those that wish to destroy our freedoms. They need to understand how they are being used. Please get behind #copsforcovidtruth and sign up to learn about all the other actions we are taking and the other whistleblowers from the medical industry we are representing.
“It is a lot of work and I am a bit overwhelmed but your support and sign up will create a big difference and keep you in the loop. To all the people who are supporting – thank you. And to all those who want to create doubt and target others, I wish you healing and awakening.”
Serene Teffaha’s website is where all of the AdvocateMe projects are. “We will not stop!” said Serene.

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