Serene Teffaha is leading the charge against the Covid scamdemic

Dear Clients of Advocate Me and those that have signed up to our other associated groups; thank you so much for your support over the past 19 months. 

You are receiving this email, as we have procured your details when you completed one of our forms or signed up to one of our associated websites. 

Advocate Me, are providing advocacy, administrative services and collaborative support to Maatouks Law Group. Peter Maatouk, of Maatouks Law Group, is driving forward a number of critical legal claims in relation to the inconsistencies in the application of state and territory public health and emergency legislation, which has been applied upon large groups of individuals, with the mandating of medical intervention. You can find information about Peter’s actions here.
If you would like to be part of these actions; irrespective of whether you have already signed up to our existing services; we urge you to complete the form on Maatouks Law Group website, this will assist us in locating appropriate leads and allocating people to the appropriate actions. 

Please visit our recently updated page, to gain a full understanding of the updates and changes to our actions. There, you will also find a helpful video, that will outline all of the actions filed and the ones that are pending. 

We are also very proud to get behind Doctors and specialists that we are supporting, to bring forward a petition, for the early treatment issue with Ivermectin, that will empower The Honourable George Christensen, to expose the overreach in a lower house bill. Over a month has past, since the TGA banned ivermectin use in Australia, by calling a safe drug a poison.

This action has been condemned by all informed and clear-thinking Australians, however, only ONE NIGHT (TONIGHT), remains for us to join our voices as one, by signing the petition

Go to or visit the campaign site, and please share this far and wide!

 Thank you again for your support, and we look forward to forging ahead and putting our efforts in to making real change, in collaboration with the wonderful people we are working alongside. Love to all Serene Teffaha and the Team