Dr. Michael McDowell: “The Genetic Bioweapon, The Vaccine, And COVID-19”

This video by Dr Michael McDowell confirms covid is a bioweapon. Make your own informed decision.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Best of luck with that one .. they all are bought and paid for .. try voting them out ..ED2


  2. I am doing my bit to try to hold the government legally accountable.
    Our Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) in itself is a Magna Charta and has rights embedded in it. Now we need lawyers, judges and politicians to understand and comprehend what the true meaning and application of the constitution is, so they stop the unconstitutional jabbing demands!

    This document can be downloaded from:


  3. tobyjwalker17@gmail.com

    On Thu, Oct 28, 2021 at 3:17 PM Cairns News *PLEASE WATCH THIS ALL* – then tell me if you still think I get carried away about htis shit. I love you and want you to know the truth not be affraid of it! Get Dad to watch it with you, so I don’t have to send it to him too. Click on the Dr. Michael heading and it will take you to the link. xxx Ps. May God help us all – especially those who have been vaccinated and the blind, may they awaken soon.

    > Editor, cairnsnews posted: ” https://rumble.com/embed/vjenih/?pub=qnz9d > This video by Dr Michael McDowell confirms covid is a bioweapon. Make your > own informed decision. ” >


  4. Dr McDowell mentions research at the Australian Animal Research Lab, which was renamed in April 2020 as the Australian Centre for Disease Preparedness.
    No coincidence here!

    It is located in Geelong, Victoria, and is a high security laboratory, run by the CSIRO for exotic animal disease diagnosis and research. The lab is one of four Biosafety Level-4 labs in the country.

    Dr McDowell says SARS Covid 2 is an offensive biological warfare agent made in a lab and engineered with gain of function properties. Sars Covid 2 is a tripartite criterium – 1) original SARS already weaponised 2) enhanced by gain of function (G of F) and 3) genetically combined with HIV virus. Genetically engineered for efficient spreading in human population compared to other beta corona virus, and with gain of function meaning genetically engineered to be more lethal, more virulent, more infectious, to mutate or adapt more readily with slight increases in immune selection pressure from the population – Accelerated viral evolution.

    Exactly what we are seeing!


  5. No – it means it does not exist as described. Germ Theory – the means of our fear and enslavement – is just Rockefeller owned fraud. Once you understand this then there is no fear and the spell is broken.

    Of course they can they produce toxins to hurt us – sure – that’s called a vaccine – which as you probably know – is not what these injectables are.

    And to all you heroes who have your jabs and brag about how great it is – understand they can’t maim/kill everyone at once – it would be a bad look! they work in stages – but for sure you will be injecting unknown toxins into you for the rest of your short life.


  6. @pcwwp The fact that the virus has never been isolated for the purpose of court room evidence just means the patent owners do not want it revealed. Biological warfare is real. Be alert but not afraid. Keep fighting with us brother.


  7. As politicians with meticulous regularity dismiss our constitutions, might it not be the idea to remove the politicians at fault first then our constitution will return to govern.. ED2


  8. Victoria contemplate legislation that might make commy Dan the Emperor. Well not if I have my way. Read: In my view “man-kind” infectious diseases are Federal legislative issues and so any Victorian legislation on foot or proposed will be ULTRA VIRUS, where there is no State legislative powers for it. We do NOT need to earn our FREEDOM, as it is embedded as a legal principle in our constitution!
    This document can be downloaded from:


  9. CSIRO establishment produce whatever government need to maintain their funding and power base. We are investigating (again) the CSIRO soon to be published.. ED2


  10. Thank God this man is speaking out , As many are, It seems every time I see and hear another report it gets worse not better, .aI tell you honestly members of my family are suffering. I did warn them .But you know what they say. A prophet is never accepted in his own country.. Yes, I will share this post as far as I can. One of my relatives is saying she will get her two very young children jabbed. She and her husband are having a disagreement over it . I could lose another friend over this.but they are my grand children, so I have to risk that. How evil these people are They have full knowledge of what they are doing. We are the useless eaters., the deplorables.
    What I do know is this. God made us individually..If we change our genetic code we are no longer ourselves..There is a lot of insane knowledge coming out now. The people who designed these things look like humans , but they are diabolical. I once read , there are no athiests in a foxhole, . I”ve got a feeling , I am in a foxhole.

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  11. As Dr McDowell warned that “covid’ had the hallmarks of a GM BSL-4 bioweapon, there were Scientists who were also warning that this bioweapon was going to be found at the end of a needle. A difficult concept for most if they are not learned in the history of what has gone before. Particularly in far away lands of third world Countries.

    When will the populous ever stop generating a crippling fear that “covid” is a type of fairy dust responsive to a 9pm curfew, a calculated social distance or even able to be kept out by filthy masks?

    Blind Freddy will see soon enough that as more people get injected with this mRNA trial (like 90% of the Country), the sicker (if not dead) this Nation is going to become over the next few years.

    A seriously disabled immune system (by the third shot), will leave the door open for every latent hidden virus one didn’t know they had like EBV or CMV, every latent hidden parasite like toxoplasmosis and even cancers in waiting…to have free reign….to reign.
    Stunned natural killer cells and inactive sluggish white blood cells have been seen under the microscope already.

    Symptoms of feeling constantly unwell for those who have had a shot or two have already been named “Long covid”.
    To be fair, it should be renamed “Latent covid”

    The boosters about to be rolled out are of much concern.
    For some it could be third time unlucky.
    This is not a time to be cocky or virtue signalling.
    Lets all remember it is a Clinical trial after all.

    I personally can’t see how you can inject an elderly Nursing home patient with a flu vaccine year after year after year as they have done, then a clinical trial injection not once but twice, then a booster of this same clinical trial….and not have them keel over like sick puppies.

    Is that why some States have decided to let loose the unvaccinated from their confines of not possessing the beginnings of a digital biometric pass at the same time as the booster rollout begins for the faithful in November?
    Are the said rejects to be set up as the ultimate super spreader while people coincidentally suffer further injury or drop dead?
    So far everything else has been their fault.

    I hope the remnant of healthy, unvaccinated people left on this Island will be smart enough to work that one out.


  12. Look – there is no virus – all of this bs is just theater.. This has been comprehensively proven by Dr. Stefan Lanka – Cowan and Kaufman. Emails have been sent to all main paper writers – they reply – they have never isolated the “virus. The pandemic resides in the media.I’m telling you now – if you don’t free yourself from this “spell” you can kiss freedom and your life goodby!

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  13. Great presentation; well spoken.
    Doesn’t mention where in Australia we were involved in this bioweapon-poison.
    I believe it was in the CSIRO in Bendigo, [ in Dan’s Domain ]. Is that correct?


  14. What Have People Done to deserve This!? take care of Your Dear Children please!


  15. Allan Maxwell Pleming


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