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Sack them all rally around Australia

Australian main stream bulldust media quote:

“Just a few hundred conspiracy theorists in Sydney”

How many conspiracy theorists can you see in Sydney here?

Expanding on the thousand + crowd in Sydney are the state by state pictures published by the DailyMail below.

We now await polling booth reports after May 21 to see how the duopoly terms of reference to the Australian Electoral Commission turn out PLUS their vote manipulation programme to secure government at any cost.

Honest government election 2022

The Australian Government has made a final ad before the 2022 federal election and it’s surprisingly honest and informative. Occasional explicit language

Hope this helps those seeking justice


Letter sent last March, they were warned! They can’t say they were just doing their job this time and it’s time they were held accountable.

States must protect people from potential harms arising from and during scientific research. States have the obligation to protect people from being used or exploited in harmful scientific experiments, as well as the obligation to set safeguards to prevent harm caused by research or experimentation.

The length of this letter is due to the extensive use of direct extracts from various official documents. All the legal information regarding informed consent is here and it is in you and your centre’s/departments best interest to heed this warning. A media release outlining the contents of this letter, as well as the intent behind sending it, will be sent to all major and community media outlets for the sake of transparency.

As we have seen in the past, medical professionals can be held criminally responsible for their role in medical experiments gone wrong. It is for this reason we are sending this letter to inform you today and our only intention is to save lives by ensuring medical professionals are doing their best to adhere to the applicable laws and do no harm during this mass clinical trial. Medical professionals don’t always get it right, but we hope that, armed with this information, unnecessary mistakes will be avoided.

From the outset, we need to be clear on an important aspect of the vaccine rollout: the federal minister for health, Greg Hunt has described the vaccine rollout as the “largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever”.

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Riccardo Bosi thanks all Australians for Canberra successful rally outcome

Riccardo Bossi gives thanks to some 2.5 million Australians who attended the February 12 protest rally in Canberra to deliver the message “We have had enough of duopoly dictatorial government” – their days of control now are numbered.

Link to pass around”

Wellington NZ protestors LIVE outside parliament


Rebel News Canberra rally update

Justin Trudeau Flees to Secret Location

Justin Trudeau and his family fled Ottawa after the massive trucker convoy began arriving in the Canadian capital on Friday night. According to Israeli sources, the Trudeau family have been moved to a safe place in the US.

Tens of thousands of truckers are parked in front of Canadian Parliament, saying they will not leave unless Trudeau resigns or drops all mandates. No negotiation.

Rally…Rally where is BIG BROTHER, where are the enforcers hiding? Joined Trudeau and his family cringing in the USA.

Ricardo Bosi Emergency Warning To Australia

Wake up Australia time is running out and we need to unite against the establishment control of this once free nation

People Power stand stops cops at cafe in Ormeau, Queensland, published by Infowars

Link to video to pass around:

THE stand taken in defence of the NoEgo coffee shop at Ormeau between Brisbane an the Gold Coast in Queensland has gone global. host Owen Shroyer has put up the video of the event, taking special pride in the fact that one of the freedom fighters standing there was wearing a Tyranny Response Team t-shirt sold at the Infowars merchandise outlet.

“There it is! The Tyranny Response Team t-shirt – an Infowars store original,” the Texan crowed. “It’s all sold out. Right there at the front of the pack! Yes! Yes! We are the tyranny response team! You are the tyranny response team. Let me explain it because this image is iconic.” Shroyer then invited the unknown person wearing the t-shirt to come on Infowars as his special guest.

The video was made following two visits to the coffee shop by uniformed police who claimed the owner Dan Salter was breaking the law by not following the chief health officer’s order that such premises only be used by the vaccinated. “It’s not a law,” Salter told the senior officer on the second visit. A chorus of customers watching and recording the conversation joined in saying “it’s not a law”.

The officer said he would not be issuing a fine, but would report the matter to Queensland Health. The response seemed to be a handball reaction to put the matter back where it truly belongs – with health authorities.

According to the standard state health legislation, so-called health orders should be given in writing by an identified officer to a particular person or entity.

Regardless, Brisbane and Gold Coast people led by The Peoples Revolution group, decided to take the matter into their own hands and blockade any further visit by police and/or health authorities. Hundreds rolled up the next day and police merely did a drive-by. It’s not known whether any health officers tried to visit.

Editor: Between Cairnsnews and Infowars this story has well and truly gone global. Yesterday Cairnsnews was being viewed in 112 countries.

Brisbane Rally December 18th 2021 – 140,000 strong protesting

Just what does it take to get through to the government they are dead in the water, finished, Kaput?

NSW Opens up to unvaccinated – but for how long?

COVID UPDATE 15-12-2021

Dominic Perrottet NSW Premier

The NSW government have not reneged on removing unvaccinated restrictions handing that over to the commercial world for self-administration. They have managed running campaign hysteria driven OMICROM infecting the nation from carriers entering entertainment venues, clubs and pubs. It is difficult to blame unvaccinated transmission when those venues require verification of full vaccination to ENTER?

As the rules stand subject to political agenda intervention at any time

Unvaccinated residents in the NSW now have all the same freedoms as those who are fully vaccinated and density limits in all settings will be removed.

Previously, unvaccinated residents have been limited to essential retail and have been unable to re-enter pubs, cafes and gyms, they may attend all the same places as those who are fully vaccinated.

For many, it marks a return to a pre-COVID way of life with only some rules – such as masks in some settings and occasional COVID-19 check-ins – remaining.

All retail shops will be open to all people – there will be no government requirement to check in and unvaccinated people will be allowed to enter.

There is no requirement to wear a mask in shopping centres.

NSW residents can travel wherever they like in the state, caravan parks and camping grounds will open for people who are not fully vaccinated. Travelling outside of NSW is largely dependent on the rules and restrictions of your destination.

Restricted admission to NSW premises, businesses, pubs or clubs is now the decision of owners or management, it is no longer a government requirement.

Melbourne Rally – 500,000 send a message to Dictator Dan about Covid mandates

A staggering half million people hit the streets of Melbourne on Saturday voicing mass opposition to COVID-19 vaccines, mandates and the state’s proposed dictatorial pandemic laws, crippled in the Victorian upper house this week.

If this crowd indicates the people could vote against the duopoly government, it is at last GAME OVER for the corrupt ALP/LNP and GREENS.

That silent majority supporting duopoly governments are emerging as no longer party faithful exercising their dormant ability to take onboard factual information instead of political spin doctoring.

Vastly outnumbered police remained static, made no arrests, and what started as a peaceful demonstration remained.

As people power protest numbers increase, the Australian duopoly governments agenda-driven siege of Australia continues, this nation will say “enough is enough”.

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