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Letters to the Editor

Woolworths Enforcers

Hullo Folks! I walked out of Woolworths today because I demanded to sign in with paper. The young bully told me “To get with the digital Age” I said I was still in the paper age” Well ,he was not going to budge,so I asked for a refund to get out of there and they told me that they did not offer refunds.So I said again I would sign on paper as the other shops gave choices. He refused rudely and so I berated him for being rude to an older Australian(he being a younger Australian approx of 25)

I put my goods ,paid and all on the counter and I left saying to him I hope that he would feel guilty at how they treated me.

He replied”I never feel guilty!”

I proceeded to shop at another shop and thankfully there was an other choice but I feel very saddened at this rudeness. If this is how the young treat us while we are still capable,heaven help us when we become very old!

I feel that Victor Dominello has gone “over the top” with this Digital stuff!He is the Minister for Digital NSW liberal government.

A RELY: Hey Mate – yep I shopped at Woollies for years but when they put the guard ( lady) on the door checking papers – no more. We should all start supporting our local shops/businesses and using CASH!! I do.. Coles is ok for now but really they are all owned by the same people – they implement their crap incrementally..And yes – we older people are in their sites for removal – The forced injection of these poisons on sick frail people in homes will haunt me to my (imminent as they would have it) death..disgrace..

Diminishing Nurses – No Jab No Job

Yes they are stupid, So many nurses are now vaccinated, this shows why we now get real poor service. I was a Nurse for 24 years and I walked out 6.5 years ago because of bullying.

If qualified nurses don’t know what Gene therapy is then they are lost.

Also any one wearing a mask for protection is a fool but remember there may be mask wearers who wear them to hide from crap scrutiny and to blend in, so not all mask wearers are stupid.

“That’s how it was done by the Nazis in Germany”

It’ll work better than in Nazi Germany. No need for executions or force or violence, You’ll be begging for your right to exist, own nothing and be happy as Larry after every brainwashed Tom, Dick or Harry shuns you in solidarity with the Fearless Leader.

Australian is a nation full of Sheeple

They have had the wool pulled over their eyes by corrupt, traitorous, politicians and the media, been fleeced in the process, of their savings, jobs and businesses, as they meekly allow themselves to be led to slaughter. Sheep are herded and controlled through fear, and that is what is happening here.

Once the sheeple wake up and realize they have been betrayed and are now trapped, they will proceed to bleat and may stampede. Woe betide those friendly family physicians who jabbed them with a poisonous vax – they may need to hide.

Some doctors have predicted that those who have been jabbed will die within 2-5 years.

Besides the threat of blood clots, the ‘vaccines’ so compromise the immune system that the body is open to all pathogens. Can you imagine life in 5 year’s time with 70-80% of the population gone?

Is that the worse case scenario?

Are you still awake, Australia?

Total surveillance and total population control in action. Soon enough you’ll have to have a passport to go to the toilet. A passport for anywhere you go and for everything you do.

When you refuse to toe the line, they’ll simply cancel you. No money, no food, no access to anywhere or anything. Simple, just press the DELETE key.

Can’t wait till I am happy and thrilled to bits by owning nothing and depending on the whim of some fashionably woke moron for survival.

Big Brother ID

What is the world coming to? A digital ID? Why don’t you just throw us all in the gas chambers and be done with it? That’s the control the government wants. I will slit my throat outside of parliament house before I do this or have the ‘vaccine’.

“This is your Australia Today”

New Yorkers march in support of downtrodden Australians

Watch the video as America gets behind Australia’s under the 4th Reich Government

CairnsNews and its millions of readers are proud of the amazing effort our American cousins made when they marched earlier this week in the Streets of New York chanting “Save Australia”.

Many hundreds of New Yorker’s took to the streets to march upon the Australian Consulate in response to the Blitzkrieg being waged in Australia over a bogus virus.

As in the US there have been tens of thousands of business bankruptcies due to medically-ineffective lock downs of millions of people for months allegedly to fend off a virus infection.

Never mind the mental anguish of countless millions who have endured solitary lockdowns inside their residence forced to wear useless and often dangerous masks, all enforced by mindless, government-employed police and private mercenaries posing as police.

Australian Prime Minster Sergent Scott Morrison of the 4th Reich

Rubber bullets, tear gas and pepper spray have been used by stupefied police against lawful protesters.

The union rank-and-file have finally seen through the UN-directed guinea pig exercise which led to massive protests in the streets of Melbourne and many capital and regional cities across the nation.

For once, ordinary Australians, too dumbed down to recognise the government-initiated program of vaccine genocide being waged against the population, should be thankful the unions have done us proud.

The political party duopoly, being the Australian Labor Party and the Liberal National parties have finally engendered their nemesis at the next election.

Deep State over decades has compromised Prime Ministers and Premiers, heads-of-departments, the military and many senior police across the country to do its bidding or be exposed by its very own media.

The tables are finally being turned on Deep State although it is fighting a rear-guard action by deploying the UN and other troops to enforce its vaccine dictatorship.

This week Cairns News received reports and photographs of UN vehicles seen in West Narrabri in NSW.

We hope to publish these photos soon.

Crime Stoppers NSW encourage dobbing in and spying on friends and businesses over covid

Crime Stoppers encouraging people in complete confidence to dob in a covid violator or someone you dislike to have the enforcers battering down your door. This was done when Hitler Youth utilised kids to spy on their families and friends.

This is an all time low set in place and needs to be ground into the dirt.

Time to take action. Start thinking how you can help by surveilling government offices, council gardens and walkways, swimming pools for social distancing violation, police without masks, etc, etc. When you are out and about, keep a look out

They want information? well lets give it to them from their own back yard.

Remember to use your phone camera and call recorder for evidence, hey now your a Crime Stoppers spy.

Melbourne rally shows Andrew’s enforcers again in attack mode Sept 18 2021

by Dee McLachlanGumshoe News

With the biggest police presence in 20 years, the government had announced that it was going to completely lock down the city of Melbourne. So when I cycled to the city this morning I was not sure how the planned protest would unfold. Twenty minutes before 12pm I got a message saying the crowds were meeting at Bridge Road in Richmond.

A smaller than usual crowd had found its way there, and as the police advanced from both sides, the crowd took the side streets. The police seemingly backed off at first, but then attempted to block the crowd in from both sides. A stalemate developed as the protesters were slowly crushed into a smaller and smaller area. Forget social distancing.

People then began jumping a fence and this set the march off across the Yarra River towards Kew. The crowd, blocked again, detoured down Barkers street — a cutting through the hillside. For a good camera view, I took to the cycle path above to see a heavy police presence waiting at the bottom of the cutting. More police quickly blocked escape by coming up behind trapping the protestors.

I’m not quite sure what the police expected — but the whole pincer and trapping strategy could only lead to one conclusion: a charge to evade being trapped. The action was inciting ‘action’ — deliberately. You can see in the video how it unfolded.

Andrew’s enforcer hero pepper spay lady in her 70’s on the ground

Freedom to protest Australian style 2021 watch lady in her 70’s pushed to the ground and pepper spayed in this video

This is how our two party preferred system of government protect the elderly – Do you think it’s time for change? – Had enough yet? – AUSTRALIA 2021

From the ministry

Anna De Buisseret: All The Law Is On Our Side… There Will Be A Second Nuremburg Trial

Anna De Buisseret – a retired army officer and a senior lawyer – warns those in positions of responsibility that if they do not speak out, they will be held accountable in a second Nuremburg Trial. Anna assures people that “more lawyers than the public realise” are working behind the scenes; and stresses the importance of people knowing what their rights are in order than we should continue to uphold them. “No oppressive regime has ever lasted, because we the people stand up.”

Find the full and uncensored version of this interview on Odysee. Look for the ★ to find uncensored versions within the catalogue:… 8th September 2021, London. Veterans’ freedom rally. —- Thanks for watching the video. If you’d like to show your support – please like and share, and feel free to leave your comments.

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YOUTUBE CENSORS: This interview is on illegality of government actions such as lockdown measures; there is no attempt to platform or endorse any opinion on medical matters, and steps have been taken to avoid confusion.

Lawyer interview after 450,000 view court challenge to government covid lockup

(Update: lawyer Matt Hopkins says there were 450,000 watching by the end of the day)

Direct Rumble link:

An Australian record, more than 450,000 viewers logged into NSW Supreme Court to watch a Directions Hearing by AFL Solicitors on Wednesday challenging the entire Covid regime of lockups, forced vaccinations and out of control police and politicians.

Meryl Dory of the Australian Vaccination Network interviews Matthew Hopkins of AFL Solicitors who maintains the NSW police have way overstepped the mark. He confirms the NSW Government is acting unlawfully in step with all state governments and the federal government.

The case will be heard on September 30 and promises to be a blockbuster event watched by the world whose view of Australia has been tarnished forever by the unlawful actions of LNP/ALP duopoly railing against an esoteric virus has never been proven to exist.

Small business and tourism across Australia have been decimated by the unlawful lockdowns.

Covid vaccine manufacturers total immunity against side effects – where do you stand


(Reuters) – AstraZeneca has been granted protection from future product liability claims related to its COVID-19 vaccine hopeful by most of the countries with which it has struck supply agreements, a senior executive told Reuters.

With 25 companies testing their vaccine candidates on humans and getting ready to immunise hundred millions of people once the products are shown to work, the question of who pays for any claims for damages in case of side effects has been a tricky point in supply negotiations.

“This is a unique situation where we as a company simply cannot take the risk if in … four years the vaccine is showing side effects,” Ruud Dobber, a member of Astra’s senior executive team, told Reuters.

ABC Radio National: Unlike about 25 other countries, including the United Kingdom and the United States, Australia does not have a no-fault vaccine injury compensation scheme.

Clare Eves, the head of Shine Lawyers’ medical practice division, says Australians have very few rights of recourse if they have a serious adverse reaction to a vaccine administered correctly.

The University of Sydney: “To encourage people to receive COVID-19 vaccines for the benefit of the entire community, we need compensation schemes to be in place if there is a rare but serious side-effect”, writes Associate Professor Nicholas Wood.

Australian Department of Health: The Scheme will provide Australians with quick access to compensation for COVID-19 claims related to the administration of a Therapeutic Goods Administration approved COVID-19 vaccine delivered through a Commonwealth Government approved program.

Minister for Health and Aged Care, Greg Hunt, said the COVID-19 Vaccine Claims Scheme offers protection to Australians receiving a TGA approved COVID-19 vaccine, irrespective of where that vaccination occurs.

“Side effects, or adverse events, from COVID-19 vaccinations can occur, but most are mild and last no longer than a couple of days. Serious and life-threatening side effects are very rare, but it is important that we provide a safety net to support those affected,” Minister Hunt said.

“It also ensure that health professionals administering vaccines will be able to continue with their crucial role in the vaccine roll out with assurance that the claims scheme will offer them protection.”

The Scheme will be administered by Services Australia and will provide Australians with a single front door to a simple and quick administrative process for compensation. The TGA will provide guidance on recognised adverse reactions as part of their established surveillance program.  

From 6 September Australians who suffer injury and loss of income due to their COVID-19 vaccine will be able to register their intent to claim from the COVID-19 vaccine claims scheme webpage.

The Scheme will cover the costs of injuries above $5,000 due to a proven adverse reaction to a COVID-19 vaccination. Claims will be assessed by independent experts, and compensation paid based on the recommendations.

The cost of compensation payments under this Scheme will be fully funded by the Commonwealth and is designed to help the small number of people who unfortunately experience a moderate to significant adverse reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine.

The COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Scheme will be backdated to February 2021 and provide Australians with an alternative, administrative option to seek compensation, rather than a complex and costly court process.

Australians who receive a COVID-19 vaccination and have an adverse event are encouraged to report it to their doctor who can provide the information to the TGA to ensure such events are included in its reporting.

Vaccine Approvals in Australia:

Originally developed in Germany as a sedative, thalidomide was used in Australia in the 1950s and early 60s to relieve nausea in pregnancy.  Unknown to mothers taking thalidomide for their morning sickness, the medicine could cause birth defects such as shortened or absent limbs, blindness, deafness or malformed internal organs.

Worldwide, more than 10,000 children are estimated to have been born with birth defects because of thalidomide use, with an estimated 40% of these children dying within a year(link is external). Thalidomide survivors continue to live with the impacts of the drug today.

Basic research reveal major flaws in all covid-19 vaccine trial results uncovered by national and international medial experts. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is responsible for assessing all COVID-19 vaccines before they can be used in Australia. They will only register a vaccine if its benefits are much greater than its risks. The vaccines they have approved are far from safe which outweighs all benefits.

With a full blown agenda to vaccinate our nation, governments have amassed a team of tutored medical experts, along with plastic coated unqualified bureaucratic spin doctors, who pedal covid serum to the Australian people with unprecedented vigor. Unlawful mandatory JABs are generated to unvaxinated people under threat their freedom being removed forcing compliance just to survive, to work,to feed their families, even to socialise.

With the Army, Police, mainstream media, radio and TV presenters, propaganda mongering are now government first line of attack, Developing anger amongst the vaccinated becoming the second wave of government control enforcers. Having established engineered discrediting ANYONE or EXPERT who dare running against government agenda it is time to stop this tide of pending disaster.

With prosperity prior to the covid shutdown, it is difficult to believe this first world country of just 25 million people would tolerate a handful of egoistical arrogant greedy politicians blackmailing their nation into surrendering their democratic freedom of choice to be locked in their homes, have their businesses closed down, ALL without any serious voice of dissent.

Further disappointments is those dictators in a parliament once belonging to the people, stand a very good chance of remaining in control by by votes of approval by the very people they are imprisoning and sending into destitution.


Over 100,000 Australians lost their lives through war to save Australia, many more thousands being wounded ……FOR WHAT?

Covid police hit country town shopper $5,600

Letter to the Editor

“My wife was just fined $5,600 for “gathering at a shop during lockdown while shopping for food with her mother, in a small country town”

This reader will not be voting the Australian duopoly back to our parliament allowing continuance of entrenched ALP/LNP dictatorship that unlawfully replaced our rightful democracy.

Mark Latham fights back against tyrannical vax passports!!

Mark Latham has been the state leader of One Nation in New South Wales since November 2018, and was a previous leader of the Labor Party in December 2003. Mark comments on the pending covid passport legality, government bullying of the people and much more.

Unchain Australia by Michael Darby

Interesting publication by Michael Darby and a team of contributing authors on the plight of Australia

Being a large book of some 438 pages, we have presented the whole book in this reader for your perusal and at the top of the reader you can click download to obtain a PDF copy to read at your leisure. Inside is a link to purchase the printed copy of the book. Here is the DOWNLOAD LINK for tje book

Harry Palmer


By Paul Zanetti Cartoonist

*IT KNOWS DISTANCE: At 1.5 meters from someone it drops to the ground but any closer and it will kill you.

*IT CAN COUNT: As long as there are no more than 5 in a room you are safe, any more than that, and it will kill you.

*IT KNOWS WHAT BUILDINGS IT IS IN: If you’re in a Stadium or Bunnings you’re ok, but if you are at a Restaurant or Aged Care it will kill you.

*IT KNOWS IF YOU ARE EATING: If you are eating you can take your mask off in a restaurant, but if you are not eating you better put your mask on because it will kill you.

*IT KNOWS IF YOU ARE STANDING OR SITTING IN A PUB/CLUB: If you are sitting and drinking you will be ok, but if you stand up and drink it will kill you.

*IT KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN TALKING AND SINGING: If you talk you will be ok, but if you sing it will kill you.

*IT KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INSTRUMENTS: If you play drums you will be safe, but if you play a flute it will kill you.

* IT KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SUBURBS AND LGAs: If you’re in the Eastern suburbs you’re fine to walk without a mask and head down to the beach, but if you’re in the Canterbury Bankstown LGA area, Malaka it will kill you.

* IT KNOWS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CHURCH AND PROTESTS: If you protest you will be ok, but if you go to church it will kill you.

*IT KNOWS IF YOU ARE AN ESSENTIAL WORKER OR NOT: If you’re an Essential Worker you can go to work and be safe even though you deal with multiple different people everyday, but if you are not an Essential Worker, say an Office Worker and you work inside with the same people everyday, you’d better work from home or it will kill you.

*IT KNOWS IF YOU’RE 6KMS AWAY FROM YOUR HOUSE: If you’re under 5kms from you’re house you’re fine, carry on and exercise, only for 1 hour, but if you’re 6kms from your house and 1 hour and 1 minute outside it will kill you.


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