Letter to the Editor

Good afternoon from WA. Firstly commendations upon the great work you report in respect to the Jab madness the entire world is experiencing. I have been blessed to have followed this for 14 plus years by gleaning a tremendous wealth of exceptional reporting by Alex Jones of Infowars.com

He has been spot on as to what is rolling out worldwide. He presented high ranking Govt persons that have blown the whistle upon the evil intent, the patents, the Georgia Guide Stones, that spelt out a 95% extermination rate. Of us “the useless eaters” is the term used by the establishment.

Their view would be equivalent to a house that is overrun by a serious infestation of cockroaches that need to be wiped out. The time of seeing that script is now playing out and experiencing this horror movie that is hell-bent on achieving its objectives. Unless we get off our knees and push back at a rapid pace we are in a war that we are losing. I have been in the Motel industry for some 26 years in the remote goldfields town of Laverton 6440. This Draconian Health officer has imposed a strict Must Comply order whereby it places the majority of citizens having to take this poison. No doubt you are aware of the wide range this covers.

I am willing to close down my business in order to evade this imposition. My question is as a private citizen that has closed down, where do I stand with saying NO way. As I fully understand this is a spiritual fight for our soul I am not going to be giving the most precious part of what makes us Human beings. The poison will likely mean a 2-year extension before we are dead, I would happily take a bullet before ever considering this alternative. The blood clotting assures you must evade flights, yet that is one of the many carrots used to entice/entrap the unaware public.

With your voice is there any legal representation that is definitively challenging our rights as this is now a matter of urgency. I happily donated to the first legal team that you promoted some 3 months ago. Have they had any news or updates of their attempts?

Unless we refuse, a painful death awaits all of us.

Best regards, Laverton Motel

Sam Tomarchio