Riccardo Bosi with John Wilson, Former President Trades Hall Canberra

A great video where John Wilson exposes the betrayal of the union movement that will see them finished. The unions have the capability to switch off corporations and government, turn off their power, communications, etc, immediately.

No Jab No Job is being supported by Australian union leaders, not the rank and file, now members are set to revolt.

Riccado sets a message for Australians to take passive action that will bring this covid scam to a screaming halt.

The establishment is in damage control and we the people need to move on that situation to crush the oppressor’s juggernaut

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Great article. Thankyou


  2. Mikhael Cherev Pippyot

    Bosi is of the Roman Church, a papist, and the pope is one of the main players behind this.

    EDITOR: What utter garbage not to mention liability infringement in every second word. Grow up and pedal your bias elsewhere …


  3. Absolutely right. Passive non-compliance!


  4. In my opinion, this war will be won the day Bosi successfully calls the army to our side.

    In 1994, army regulars decided that when they get the order to point their rifles at Aussies, they will shoot their officers. I hope the newer generation are also patriots.

    I am wondering now if they realise Scomo plans to replace them with foreign troops. Kopassus is training for the takeover as we speak. IDF are around somewhere too, in WA is my guess.

    Bosi, better get moving, time is not on our side.


  5. Australia on sale! Lock, stock and barrell, the entire country including the sheep!

    See your local LNP-Labour jellyback, rotten union leader or a presstitute journalist for a spring brochure and catalogue.

    Own nothing, baaaa… happy!


  6. I cannot think of a greater speech I’ve heard in the war thus far, with the pièce de résistance coming when he said he will piss on their graves.


  7. I,m an old retired tradie . in my younger day,s the militant union,s would make me see red. i worked for my self and had no use for a union. I did quite fine on my own , I must say . this John guy is saying and calling this for what it is. i implore all of the present union members to form your own local union at your work place you can amalgamate at a later date. every one on site .no notice no warning call in sick get a dr cert if need be a week in the case of the super markets. manufacture a month launch a work place bullying action. the money they bleed will spin things around the dumping of millions of$ in stock ,lost production .make them pay. tradies working on these properties don,t fix things. as john said .SHUT THEM DOWN


  8. Tonyryan43: Yes, indeed the key people are bought and sold. Have been for decades, which is why what is now going on is going on. The union bosses are beholden to a handful of powerbrokers in the Labour Party who work to the interests of the same people that the Labour Party and the LNP power brokers work. And it’s not the Australian people..

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  9. I agree with John Wilson and Ricardo about shutting down all broadcasting networks in the country as a blackout for as long as it needs to be so we can go in and pull out the criminals


  10. You gotta love this bloke. Where have all the real Aussies like him gone?


  11. John Wilson and Riccardo Bossi … thankyou!
    Finally i think we’re seeing the rumblings getting bigger and bigger all around the world. Keep sharing the info! Lies die in the light of truth.
    God is on our side, so remember to pray.


  12. Not to any way disparage John Wilson but an interesting bit of history on the birthplace of organisations like the Victorian Labour Party and Australian Council of Trade Unions, the grand Victorian Trades Hall building on the cnr.of Victoria St. & Lygon St.Carlton contained
    a secret Masonic Lodge that once existed in one of the towers, and could only be accessed by a doorway hidden behind a velvet curtain.

    View at Medium.com


  13. Chilling summary of the state of play. God’s speed to both John and Riccardo. To the working men and women of Australia: “Your country is in your hands, together the burden is light”.


  14. Bob Hawkes grovelling before his (((Chosen))) Masters was always both unseemly and revealing.


  15. Truly inspirational exchange between Bosi and Wilson. All the more so when you consider that, in a past life, they may well have represented opposite sides of the politcal divide, Wilson being a communist atheist and Bosi a, presumably, Catholic nationalist and military man. How times have changed. Bosi is insistent upon calling Wilson a ‘man of God’ which might come as some surprise to him. But if being a man of God is being a man of conscience and integrity, he’s right.

    I’m glad Bosi is talking about reintroducing the death penality for treason and sedition. If patriotic Australians do manage to claw back the country from the ‘internationalists’ and their Godless CCP allies, the place really needs to be purged of traitors, collaborators, and quislings. And in no uncertain terms.

    I suspect they’re right that the ever more draconian measures being foisted upon the hapless citizens of Australia by clearly mentally disturbed state ‘leaders’ are actually a reflection of their desperation and the huge pressure they are under to deliver for their ‘internationalist’ masters. Not just their own petty tyranical hubris. Or the 30 pieces of silver they are receiving. It’s about what happens if they fail to deliver. The Devil has absolutely NO friends. And no loyalties.

    One thing is for sure … the first reform needed is to dismantle the 🌐Reserve Bank of Australia, with their creepy Nazi-like logo, and return to an honest soverign money system. And a good source of advice can be provided by yet another minority party, the Australian Citizens Party … formerly the ‘Citizens Electoral Council’, this party “is an independent political party leading the fight for Australia to return to the banking and economic development policies that will grow our productive economy and secure the future well-being for all Australians.

    I hope Bosi interviews their national leader, Craig Isherwood


    I have never been a member of a Union during my career. BUT!
    John Wilson is tremendously charismatic bloke, and character to boot!
    And a genuine Aussie that I certainly would trust behind me in a trench!
    I look forward to your next update Riccardo; I believe your shared solutions will wake up a lot of the idiots involved in this criminal take-over try-on!


  17. On the ball there Kathleen, he says it all and hammers the nails into the coffin of the union bosses and he is right, the union workers have the ability to shutdown government media and their corporate master with a few tools and introduce a BLACK LIST. Can that be today please fellas

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  18. To'oa Kathleen Phillips-Papalii

    i love this guy John Wilson – what a great whistle-blower of TRUTH! Spread this far and wide and get it to the “small” politicians and “small” parties that actually matter and are trying to doing something……publisize publisize publisize. I support what he says 100%.

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  19. Union history is worse than great Aussie patriot and hero, John Wilson has exposed.

    The ACTU has been under globalist control since the day Bob Hawke became President.

    The reason Gough Whitlam’s government was sacked at the time that he was, was to prevent Gough from reading to Parliament, a list of CIA operatives in Australia, which included Bob Hawke, Doug Anthony (National Party leader), Peter Ables (TNT), Sir Arthur Tange (Permanent Head of Canberra’s Administrative Services), and Richard Lasting (Head of Pine Gap).

    Every President of the ACTU ever since, has worked for the globalists, exposed by their support for free trade, which destroyed 90% of our manufacturing sector, which generated 80% of our full-time jobs.

    In fact, the keyword here is ‘leadership’, which has been targeted by the globalists in their recruitment programme since 1973. Ignoring the cultivated positivity of the word “leadership”, what it really means is transferring your right to determine your own future to one person, who is then easily controlled by the global elite.

    We need to identify every traitor, eliminate them, and replace all organisations with People Power. Just a reminder, “People Power”, is the real meaning of Democracy, which has been hijacked by the elite.

    Close down News Corp. Close down the ABC. Close down the major political parties. Close down the Reserve Bank of Australia (which is 100% owned and controlled by the Rothschild Bank for International Settlements, in Basle Switzerland).

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  20. To All Thank you


  21. Daniel Andrews and John Setka appear to have had a pretend fight, to try and re-establish Setka’s “up the workers” credentials after the protests of a month back exposed the seemless merging of his Union with the Government agenda against his very own members.

    The Nursing Unions in this country are beyond saving.


  22. it is out! Truth prevails now and shall never be forgotten as we were played for so long. Chessboards are only for Chess and Not to manipulate and control People and its members to their core….I give thanks for this urgent message and hope that more are now wake up to a sinister agenda which takes away freedom of our Children and Grandchildren!

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  23. Happy Days.. The light at the end of the tunnel….

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  24. The Unions and their bastard bosses had better not wait much longer, or it will be too late for them and the rest of us. They can bring this Scamdemic to a screaming halt if they just do what they normally do and DISRUPT the well laid plans of the Elites. Nobody else is stepping forward.

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  25. Amen all these lying Political Muderers need to be exposed and injected with their Poison 100 times each. Scum


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