Victorian government instructs Legal Services Board to silence COVID class action

State sanctioned violence and intimidation must stop. The clients of Advocate Me solicitor Serene Teffaha are being targeted for the sole purpose of sabotaging the National Class Action and taking over the Melbourne Detention Tower Class Action.

In an astounding illegal move, the VLSB has demanded the identity of the 5000 litigants involved in the class action.

The Victorian Legal Services Board cancelled her solicitor’s practicing licence trying to stop the class action which would allow witnesses under oath in court, to reveal the genocidal activities of the communist Victorian Government.

Joining this team of ravaging wolves is the Commonwealth Bank which removed Serene’s access to her trust account then allowing a dodgy accountancy firm to access class action funds, crippling her proceeding.

A US reader wrote:

Just wanted to ask, we know what’s happening all around the world with this plandemic, the vaccine, the new world order, etc. There are a lot of Americans making a stand, we listen to Robert David Steele & Dr Charlie Ward he has 11.1 million followers.

What we want to know is, why isn’t anything happening in Australia it needs to stop, they will kill millions.

What can we do? No one even talks about it in Australia they just watch the news & do what they are told.

How do we wake every one up?

Thanking you Cherie

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I think it is time for people power to take over in Victoria. All the people go to the Gov office that has withdrawn the license and stand peacefully until the powers that be produce the paperwork that says there has been wrong doing if it cannot be produce visit the author of the orders. I am not asking for violence just passive disobedience. look what Gandhi achieved in India and the people did to Marcos in the Philippine’s. No Violence.


  2. Richard Noakes

    There is nothing you can do, at least, in Australia, for the moment, people have a choice if they have the experimental test vaccines or not and all you can do is decide what you are going to do and have a practical reason why, for example, you are not going to have an experimental test vaccine, because it is risky, the manufacturers can’t be held accountable, which is a red flag warning to me and as long as the States continue to lock down, whenever someone shows up with Covid, I don’t see Coronavirus or Covid being a problem in Australia.
    However, you need a backup plan, so that if ever you get the makings of a flu virus, you deal with it in your head, while it is in its infancy and totally vulnerable, with say, my salt water cure, or at least “something” where you can medicate your head and not your body, as pills don’t cut it.
    I am more interested in the longer term and how effective Covid-19 shots are with newer variants which have now replaced Covid-19 as a disease and what they do to people who have Covid-19 shots and how many of them die, bearing in mind there are said to be about 7 billion humans on Earth and the long term plan “might be” to reduce numbers to around 500 million, so if things are going on behind the scenes about which we know nothing, all we can do is wait and see.
    This news spot highlights issues, contrary to media channels and if people are convinced in the safety of vaccines, then there is nothing much that can be done to change those opinions – “we” just don’t have to agree!!



  3. Rosalie O'Brien Shaw

    Hi! Cherie from America, We have several Freedom groups and people standing up for our rights. It is like in the US unless you look for it on the internet you won’t hear it on Fake Main Media. I follow most on Telegram and a little on Face Book. Here are a few on Telegram….Fanosthevoice, Reignite Democracy Australia, Melbourne Freedom Rally and Avi Yemini (Who works for Rebel News) We Patriots here are keeping a close eye what is happening and are praying for the USA. The Best is Yet to Come. God Bless.


  4. Can we protest at CBA branches all around the country ?



  5. Hi Cherie we heard Donald might be back in the White House yesterday.Ed


  6. phillip robert taylor

    Thanks editor for continuing to support Serene, I really appreciate it, more than you can imagine.
    I only have one question for you, why did we fight 2 world wars ….. for fun?

    The misery experienced by or soldiers in both wars was unbelievable, so that we could have a reasonable life in freedom.

    Personally I think violence is primitive, however the time for talk is almost at an end, in the not too distant future someone needs to give these scumbag politicians a wake up call, perhaps when one of their comrades falls they may have a rethink ?

    Best wishes to everyone

    Class action member



  7. Cherie,
    I have a big bump on my head where I’ve been banging it on the wall for 15 years, sofar without success.
    Ed, if your info is correct, that’s the first breath of fresh air in months.


  8. Editor from my research is that maybe in a month or 2 that Trump will be starting his own Social Media platform you can expect a mass exodus to Trumps platform. Would be nice to know how many Americans would be signing up if it’s more than what was for the 2020 Election then got solid evidence that indeed the Election was stolen from Trump.

    Richard your right in most of what you said except these Covid 19 Experimental Vaccines are really Experimental Gene Therapy altering the human DNA. Those who have taken the shots their bodies will be forever be creating spike proteins and if you believe in the Germ Theory that when Flu season hits that’s when the severe Adverse Reactions and Deaths going to occur and with 1.7M Australians already accepted the shots by being Brainwashed from Big Pharma run Main news networks its going to be like living from the Series called The LastShip.

    Cherie should invite those groups that you mentioned to be involved with Cairnsnews that Free Speach is allowed and so is debates everyone has the right to their own point of view with no Racism or personal attacks IMHO.


  9. I just was at the lab rat jab center at Numbucca Heads NSW ..there was no one there but to workers standing around with nothing to do ..I went to photo the area show the people not rushing in to get their genome therapy ..rat 1 to rat 2 are you getting the jab? not until it passes human trials


  10. this covert19 thing ….run by the World Government/media (Cains post excluded) is like watching some B grade SiFi/horror movie where the actors are reading their lines from some script …that not even the Actors themselves believe …no one is buying they must use force the carrot/fear tactics..are about to give way to force…the Victorians can not vote these bad pollies out ..they have gamed the system … they can only rule by force the way I love your photo of the two Pollies watering the trees in the rain…they are soooo puppets


  11. Hi Glen send us a photo.Ed


  12. At least Australian residents are seeing that Covid 19 is just smoke and mirrors and the 1.7M already like on Death Row at least no one showed up where you were at and the 2 workers had common-sense as well seeing what will happen in 2023 after the human experiments are completed.


  13. Richard Noakes

    The human experiments won’t ever be completed for anything, now that the barrier has been removed, from testing on animals to testing on humans, just like Joseph Mengele did in WW2 on the Jews who were to be exterminated, anyway.
    Covid-19 is yesterday’s news and now we have new Covid Variants to contend with instead, which Covid-19 test vaccinations, probably won’t have any effect on.
    It is how it is.
    There seems to be only one way to effectively stop Coronavirus and Covid of whichever Variant and that is to do what China did, isolate the virus and the disease and stop it from infecting the multitude through lock downs and keep everyone safe, that way.
    Australia seems to be doing the same thing, as are New Zealand and other smaller island countries and experimental test vaccines, however, for Countries like England and America and Europe they just seem to be using a plaster type approach, to solving a problem, which is never going to go away, otherwise – a lot like updates on Windows 10 or Apple computers, for example


  14. Hi Glen Olsen here photo of the lab rat jab center …1.7 million is not the same as 10 million…so they are losing ..keep fighting ? a doctor was writing out a cause of death report…when his boss says “just put it down as covid” I will said the doctor but what do I say about the 3 bullet wholes in his chest ?Attached is a photo of the people rushing in to get the jab?


  15. Nothing attached Greg can you send anything via thanks for your help and agree the vax show looks like falling apart.


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