Lawyer Serene Teffaha who has been leading the charge against government crimes committed under the cover of COVID-19.

VICTORIA Police appear to have done the right thing after Cairns News published the story of ex-crim “Lucky Lance” Simon using police vehicle props in stalking videos used in attempts to intimidate Melbourne lawyer and advocate Serene Teffaha.

Lucky Lance seems to think Ms Teffaha is ripping off the people who signed up for her class actions to prosecute unlawful government actions carried out under so-called public health orders. “Lucky Lance” himself posted videos last year about the suspect origins of the COVID pandemic, but now has come out on side with the Victorian Legal Services Board that is trying to shut Ms Teffaha down.

Lance’s swings are very curious. Perhaps it’s something to do with after-effects of the steroids and meth he was once addicted to. “Luckily” some sense has prevailed and Ms Teffaha reports that Victoria Police are not playing games with Lucky Lance.

The cops have confirmed he lied and staged the scenes using random police vehicles and random police officers who are not associated with him in any way. “He has also directly lied about all previous interactions he has had about me with Victoria Police,” Ms Teffaha said on her Telegram page Advocate Me Updates.

Although we have not been able to confirm it, it appears Lucky Lance was somehow able to tap into the pool of police vehicles not being used for regular patrols or operations and spun some story or hired them to get them out to certain locations. Police assured Ms Teffaha they had not given Lance Simon her location or whereabouts and were in no way investigating her.

Lucky Lance Simon meanwhile, will be served with personal safety orders to ensure that he will not come near Ms Teffaha, post or stage any false associations with any Victorian police officers or cause her to have concern about her personal safety and well-being. Further investigations will take place in relation to stalking.

“It has been extremely turbulent for me, given the fact that Lance Simon has been given a platform by Sydney Morning Herald and VLSB. However, I am reassured that Victoria Police are now going to help and fulfil their responsibilities,” Ms Teffaha said.