from our Longreach correspondent

The Labor Party’s generational hatred of the bush has shone through with the sale of the outstanding rural training property ‘Berrigurra’ near Blackwater in Central Queensland for $32.5 million.

The ALP has closed down rural training while the sector has been crying out for trained workers for years.

The iconic cattle and farming property ‘Berrigurra’ near Blackwater was sold last week for $32.5 million. What will the Labor Party do with the proceeds? This property has trained several thousand farmers and cattlemen over the past 35 years. Pic QCL

Real estate agent Elders auctioned the 23,000 acre freehold property last week. The buyer was a family farmer from the Eidsvold district.

Two years ago the Labor Party closed down the renowned Longreach Pastoral College and Emerald Agricultural Colleges citing a lack of students.

Naturally there was a deficit of students due to seven years of harsh drought across the eastern states. Young potential farmers had to stay on their properties to help with labour which their families could not afford.   Nor could they afford college fees.

The permanent McKenzie River bisects ‘Berrigurra’ making the water entitlement a valuable asset now out of government control

The ALP for decades has tried to close down agriculture in any way it can because the Marxists are unable to control generational, self-sufficient and innovative rural people.

To facilitate the college shut-downs Labor replaced experienced farmers and graziers on management boards with union hacks and education department stooges.

It didn’t take long for the infiltrated boards to recommend the colleges be closed.

The only positive outcome is that experienced labour shortages will ensure the cost of food will remain historically high for the urbane Queenslanders stupid enough to vote for the ALP.

Naturally there was no outcry from the ALP’s partner-in-crime, the National Party.