The war has been lost by Ukraine and it’s time for hostilities to end, and for these thugs to go

Letter to the Editor

from Henry Makow

-Zelenski is a TV actor and comedian that is now worth an estimated one billion dollars. He has been controlled by a billionaire by the name of Igor Kolomoyskiy.

-Igor Kolomoyskiy is a monster that makes Pinochet look like a boy scout and has extraordinary vanity and hates the Russians. Igor Kolomoyskiy uses thug methods in business just to make money, not only for ideological reasons. He has stolen companies via death threats. He is a billionaire oligarch who has passports for Cyprus, Israel, and Ukraine while it is legal to only have two passports in Ukraine. He is an intelligent engineer who believes that might make right. Lira says he has seen the videos of torture.

–Zelenski was brought to power by the media establishment propaganda when he was an actor playing a role of a savior of the people on the fictional Ukrainian TV, sitcom “Servant Of The People”. This was all set up by Kolomoyskiy, left. This show was set up to get Ukrainian people to want to be in the EU and in NATO as a way of solving problems they were having.

–Two-thirds of the Zelenski cabinet are Jewish……………………

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Here further footage of the 6th Cossacks in Bakhmut.

    All reports validate the Ukie maps, so their good to go, as I’ve confirmed to myself.


  2. Here’s another.


  3. Here’s another simple way to eliminate one’s doubts. For example, just type into a search engine ‘6th Cossack Regiment,’ or Wagner Battalion, etc.

    You will now get a lot of combat footage, from a diversity of sources, all validating each other in regards to the deployment of the unit.

    For example, this September report confirms that the Cossacks were engaged at Soledar. [validating the Ukie sourced maps].

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  4. A front line can only be manipulated forward or backwards. No one would falsify their positions backwards.

    If they drew a ‘propaganda’ front line fifty miles east, I think someone would notice and point out the discrepancy with reality.

    The older maps from last summer conform to the accepted reality from both sides.

    All they can really do, is cherry pick some minor events from the daily interactions and add a little bit of victory spin. This is what people read in the reports.

    I never read their reports, I just study the combat maps and combine these with my Russian sourced combat reports. Both tend to agree.

    It’s like reading stock charts. When the CEO is telling everyone to invest in his amazing rising company, whilst the company charts reveal that the stock is collapsing. There’s only up and down.

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  5. Thanks for your explanation. What I’m having a problem with is…so given that the maps are apparently authentic – why wouldn’t they also manipulate them to be in keeping with their propagandist narrative? Even the dumbass Ukies would surely pick up on that discrepancy. Think I’m maybe missing a step lol


  6. Btw. Just noticed, when I said compare Day 286 [Dec 6] with Day 292 [Dec 12], I meant the Bakhmut Sector battlefield maps – not the news report.


  7. PS. These battles are conducted according to a two steps forward, one step back methodology. in the short term, the Ukie propaganda uses their one step forward move to highlight their victories, when in fact, they are falling back step by step. This is revealed in the maps over the long term.

    If their news reports were correct [in the long term], the Ukies would be doing great in Bakhmut, yet if people look through all that, and study the maps themselves, we can then see, that its Yuri’s boys who are doing the advancing. The Ukies admit this through their charts.

    Compare today’s map situation with the future one on Jan 1, and I would presume that Bakhmutske will be fully encircled, if not capitulated.

    If they told the truth, they would be closed down for ‘defeatism,’ etc.


  8. Yes the site is pro-Ukraine, but ignore that, and follow what the maps say.

    Despite the pro-Ukrainian rhetoric [propaganda], if you examine the maps from last summer, and compare them with today, you can see how much territory the Ukraine has lost. The maps don’t lie.

    This is where to focus one’s attention.

    As with all propaganda, whilst they are propagating their amazing battlefield victories, – they simultaneously withdraw the lines on the maps!

    Ignore the noise and follow the charts.


  9. Ps Dr… Regarding these maps – on closer inspection I have discovered that they are completely Pro-Ukraine! – with the MilitaryLand founder and author being a Ukraine volunteer! On second thoughts…….


  10. P.S. With regards to Colonel Yuri’s ‘6th Cossack Motorised Regiment.’ These are presently conducting a two pronged assault on the defensive positions of the Ukrainian ‘24th Mechanised Brigade’ in the vicinity Bakhmutske and Soledar. A third assault group are working on Yakovlivka to the north.

    Since I last posted on Dec 8, Yuri’s Cossacks have implemented two fresh assaults in the north-east. One in the north-east suburbs of Bakhmutske, and a second, on the nearby town of Pidhorne. These appear to be working towards encircling the defenders.

    To counter this, the Ukrainians ‘24th Mechanised Brigade’ have also brought forward more resources.

    These latest developments can be observed by comparing Day 286 [Dec 6] with Day 292 [Dec 12].

    I’m sure Yuri will fill us in with the details.

    These maps should be indispensable if the winter offensive is put into effect in around Christmas or in the new year.


  11. Hi Dr. Thanks so much for your reply – and providing these maps. They are far more detailed and superior in quality compared with the Sputnik renditions. Good advice regarding the winter offensive – may be near impossible to receive much info then.


  12. Here are the combat maps. These should be used with the deployment maps to determine which units are involved.

    Battle Combat Maps [all sectors].

    These are updated daily, but often show nothing, as the troops are resting or repositioning, etc.

    Good to save these to one’s device, and especially if the intended winter offensive is put into effect.


  13. Many thanks for following this up.

    I did eventually manage to locate an excellent source of regularly updated troop deployment maps and battlefield maps. The best in my opinion. These are now saved to my device for immediate and regular access.

    These are used by major news outlets, so I posted them to Ed [Dec 7, 8:35, Dec 8, 8:25].

    In case you missed them, here they are again.

    Troop Deployment Maps.

    Thanks for keeping us in mind.


  14. Here are updated military maps for Dr. and other interested readers. Can’t remember how I managed to post displaying the maps last time! – since you are unable to view Sputnik. Hope this works.


  15. It turns out that neither Germany nor France nor Ukraine had any intention of sticking to the 2014 Minsk Agreements.

    A sad case of seriously BAD faith on the part of the EU leaders as the EU and NATO provocatively push closer and closer towards war and the Russian borders. Yet ANOTHER repeat of their historical Drang Nach Osten.

    Backed by the Anglo American axis the EU puppets are maneuvering to cover their staged economic collapse and reset with an obviously avoidable war and catastrophe! Their big prize of course will be yet another shot at breaking “Soviet” Russia and putting their paws on its “Soviet” resources.

    Don’t worry about the so called “Communist-Soviet threat of Eurasia”. The GLOBALIST Fascist Money Changer brigade has plenty manipulated such furphies before. All its wars and takeovers are anything but a battle of “Good v Evil”. lol

    No “dirty commies” are burning the Reichstag. But your daily MSM mind benders and bull horns would like you to think so. Fall for it at your own peril. If you get on their gravy train, hang on tightly.

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  16. Sound,s about right .Zelensky is not bright enough to be a tealight. the Deepstate is driving this agenda. the good thing is this is all being put under a light . Putin could see what the go was ,& not having a bar of it. Putin is about the only man that can bring the globalist,s down More power to him . H e may be no angel but nothing like the grubbiness in play now.

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  17. Ukraine continues to bomb Donetsk City

    Ukraine has been shelling Donetsk City for more than 8 years now. This intentional shelling of civilian houses, apartments, and markets is clearly a long series of war crimes. Many thousands of civilians have been killed so far. Your tax dollars at work.


  18. Don’t know what it is? Ed


  19. Australia’s WEF Pied Pipers luvs us all too! Coming soon to a coconut farm near you.

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  20. And to think all those fires in Australia were intentionally lit to herd you all into cities, your own government are mass murderers.

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  21. Last chart image attempt



  22. Nope. It don’t like it. Last try.


  23. Links don’t appear to gone through ok. Will try separately.
    ‪ ‬


  24. The following discussion by four eminent reporters can be summed up as follows.

    ‪ ‬

    According to the front line reporter Patrick Lancaster, the Ukraine war should conclude around next summer [28:30 to 29:08 mark]. 

    Now that the Ukraine operation is winding up, and with billions offshored to Monaco [30:00 onwards], Washington’s NGO’s are now relocating to Taiwan [44:20 onwards]. These are spearheaded by the following NGO’s, the Human Rights Watch (HRW), the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and the National Democratic Institute (NDI). As their name suggests, these NGO’s are essentially assets of the American Democrat Party. 
    With the ‘pro-China’ Kuomintang Party’s recent election win over the ruling ‘anti-China’ opposition party [47:25 mark], Washington is starting to panic. Since 2010, Taiwan has received around $30 Billion in artillery from America  [48:30]. So presumably, this will soon end up under the control of the KMT. We should expect plenty of anti-KMT rhetoric from the MSM in 2023.

    The U.S. is required by law to support Taiwan’s self defence.



  25. Kazarian Mafia.

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