Albanese will import tens of thousands of young black African men to make more crime their mission

In response to the massive far north Queensland land handover article, columnist Lyndesy Symonds comments:

A race and a nation in its tribes that is less than 5% of the population living on the Australian continent is being given land by the Politburo of a UN CoVID Regime posing as an Australian government. This also sounds very much to me like an ethnostate.

Africans wanting to immigrate to Australia

And typical of Marxist Leninists and the lawless entity, legal fiction of a Marxist Leninist gov’t completely alienated from the founding document of the Australian state (the 1901). What is not surprising is they are totally unresponsive to the other 95%.

At least they can recognize this less than 5% of the population as a race and a nation in its tribal demographics. I’ll give them that. However. It can not seem to bring into view the majority of people living here as Australians except in terms of demographic diversity. Their take on this is: the more the better.
The more weird religions and exotic ethnicities with disgusting customs like torturing animals for adrenochrome and family sexual relations with livestock and children – that we all have to respect – the better. Not to mention Diversity entitlement to crime with bizarre categories like ‘sexual emergency’ for rape and ‘heat stressed youth’ for riot and mayhem. But I digress.

I would like to assume that the people who immigrated here to become naturalised Australians did so because they want to adapt to and live the Australian way of life as they found it when they arrive. Good choice.
The world’s best address and Welcome.

But the gov’t will set the quotas and cherry pick the categories. ‘Death to the Infidel’ on the immigration form. Fine. A colonial overlord from a Communist Bloc nation with a blood diamond business in a communist African colony like the Congo. Great. Or the CCP members and Big Kahunas who just bought Zim. So how much family allowance might the comrade wife and consorts be requiring? Then there is the happy prospect of all the young Black South Africans who plan to immigrate. Not to their liking it would seem is their own first world nation with a string of world firsts which their retarded ANC communist government (owned by the Soviet Union and Big Jew Bank) plunged into crime, chaos, corruption of failed Marxist statehood. ESKOM is load sharing. Having completely Detroited the beautiful nation handed to them by the Communist Revolution against Africa, the Blacks need a White society with all the first world amenities. They will be wanting to come over here and sing ‘Kill the Boer’. They will be calling at the embassies of the White nations and swiping their cards on the Soros Payroll.

Against the Boer

A completely different story at the immigration counter of the Australian embassy will be Mr and Mrs racially and ethnically European, Christian with family, all speaking English. Nyet. Nyet. Nyet. There won’t be any Australian quotas for systemically racist, colonial oppressors.

The Albanese Entity is going to import more prospectives to take the jobs of all the people whose livelihood he worked to ruin in the CoVID Operation he helped and is helping to run. For sure he will be running a Labor Party Lord Mandelson immigration operation.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. To Lindsey Symonds: my Swedish contacts have just confirmed, that although the Government still refuses to release IKEA’s security camera footage [say’s it all really], the limited evidence strongly suggests that the incident was a beheading [or partial attempted beheading?].

    Not sure how, or why?, but the beheading of the seventeen year old Swedish girl, Wilma Anderson, did manage to slip through the Government censoring.

    What people fail, or refuse to acknowledge, is that many of these migrant/refugees are ‘fleeing’ to Europe to escape persecution in their own countries. The reason they were persecuted, and ‘fled’ here, is because they are ‘wanted’ by their own countries law enforcement agencies for crimes against humanity. Crimes against their own people.

    Why do we have a beheading problem in Europe? [90% female by the way], which did not exist a mere twenty years ago. It’s because of the white liberals gross and unforgivable naivety, thinking that everyone is ‘nice’ and ‘harmless’ just like them, and their irresponsible behaviour in regards to unrestricted and unvetted migration

    There’s a reason why Germany’s most violent criminals are Syrian. Here’s what some of these Syrian migrant/refugees were doing before they were ‘invited’ to live in Germany by the moronic liberals. They didn’t learn this stuff in Germany or Sweden you know, – it’s part of their culture.

    Hopefully this will lead to a less naive, less liberal, and more adult understanding of what comes with immigration from Africa and the Middle East

    As you originally stated: many people have no concept of what is ‘really’ going on in Europe.

    Now they know.

    [You might want to do an article on this?].


  2. To Linde Symonds: [Regarding your request. Sept 12,10:20 am, and Sept 13, 5:33 pm].

    Sorry for the delay, I’ve been waiting on contacts. I think you sensed correct about the IKEA attack. It does appear to be a double murder with one victim beheaded. As usual, most info scrubbed from the net.

    This is the translated headline from the following article.

    ‘IKEA: Bloody act was a terrorist act — Eritrean beheaded one of his victims.’

    Awaiting further replies, will get back to you.


  3. Yeah the Murris don’t like the Mussies or the Chinese for that matter. But alas they are too dispersed and disorganised to take much
    positive action. Ed


  4. Fully agree, but unfortunately, Germany is just the gateway.

    They used Merkel through which to accept as many invaders as possible, with the full knowledge, that due to the EU’s ‘freedom of movement’ agreement, the invaders could then move all over Western Europe. That’s the plan. It’s also why we despise Merkel and the liberal Germans for repeatedly voting her in: these muppets flooded ‘our countries‘ due to their dumb stupidity. How many people have been raped, stabbed, run over, beheaded, etc, due to those self flagellating morons? If they want to destroy themselves and live like that, fine, but think about others and the wider picture.

    This horror extends throughout Western Europe, with a push towards the east, who thankfully are standing up to the EU technocrats: a corresponding agenda is underway in North America, and similar plans for your lands.

    Returning to the article, I don’t think the aborigines will enjoy this lot dumped in their sacred lands: again, once in, the freedom of movement applies. Maybe you need to have a chat with these brothers and sisters and ask their opinion on the matter?

    The enlightenment of gaslighting.


  5. @ De Ruiter, it might be more wishful thinking then reality. “Journalism” in Germany is non existent anymore and this was perfected constantly since becoming second in the war. No German press will print any information that might upset (the numb reader). Now, if one wants news about the modern German mindset read the German press in regards to one raised arm “ala Hitler” of ONE German soccer fan from Frankfurt (the kosher financial center of Germany and the headquarter of the ultimate kosher Central committee) during a champions league match in France. That is German news – again impacting the world!
    Rape and murder of German civilians by refugees is just the long awaited payback for being born as a “natural nazi” German with an unmolested and intact foreskin.

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  6. Ze Germans do not have these kind of racial problems, because there are no racists in Germany. NO MEDIA whatsoever will ever mention a darker colored skin who has done wrongs to German law or people, especially if it comes to any sort of violence presented to German citizens. RESPECT, they call it.

    Swedens most wanted (and their dark sibling brothers) are also imported to the rainbow colored land of Oz. Skilled head choppers and future professional rapists and a few more AMA brainwashed dark laptop GP’s and nurses, the dream of any woke and honorable migration department and the superwomen in political power. Time to bring in ALL asylum seekers locked up in Aussie wellness camps off shore on permanent visas. Australia soon will need the space for locking up their true blue citizens dreaming of a independent country ruled by Australians – which is utterly racist to uncle Klaus and the Albo’s of the new world.

    How about a Somali warlord exiled in one of those “wellness camps of the world” becoming the next Aussie chief of police instead of these usual toothless “white Aussie paper tigers” that have made a career organizing all sorts of crime under the cloaked seal of Australian justice?

    Australia is well on track, thanks to OUR police force (cough, cough). As a reminder, in other just dimensions without human corruption and a Commonwealth but with a healthy society, the “Police and the law” would be side by side with the public, clearing out any evil individuals who are responsible for draconian doctrines that are being forced upon them. A terrifying idea that of healthy societies – innit?


  7. In the UK, the Pakistani rape / grooming gangs were permitted and enabled by the UK government and social services to operate across the North for decades and traffick English girls. All the civil authorities, clinics, hospitals, social workers, police, justice departments covered for them and enabled them to prey upon these girls. The Big Jew MSM (of course) said nothing. The government did nothing. They are the enemies of the English, Scottish, Irish and Cymric peoples. Male relatives who attempted to protect them were ‘dealt with’ by the system.

    Europe has been undergoing this ordeal for decades – imposed entirely upon the European nations by the Overlords.

    Australians should know that under ‘Lord Mandelson’ immigration policies, the tsunamis of migrant populations are entitled to crime. The population is not permitted to fight back. Right to self defense is criminalised by the Communist state.

    Here is the 60 minutes crew getting attacked in Sweden as soon as the Swedish police leave. March 22 2016


  8. And true to form, the cucked Swedish Government implemented a four year prison sentence for anyone sharing that video. Can’t have people thinking for themselves?.

    Here are a few more of the people they are importing into your lands.

    This has been going on in London [Lee Rigby, etc], Blackpool [Charlene Downs], and other European cities for some time now: mostly covered up by the MSM.

    Unfortunately, liberals are still suffering from the incurable ‘Amy Biehl Syndrome.’


  9. To Linde: I’ve been in contact with some Scandinavian activists regarding the Erikslund stabbing, as requested. Will get back to you if anything turns up.

    Do you remember this incident from a few years back? Have you got this one on file?, they desperately tried to erase this. I am surprised I managed to find a copy [you may want to add this to your records].

    Although extremely graphic, it’s good that people understand, that it’s this kind of people who ‘they’ are sending into our lands. And make no mistake, they are shock troops.

    And these are not isolated incidents, they are now normal occurrences.

    Take note Australia, and especially the women.


  10. And then there is Candace.


  11. The book that completely stands the politically correct anti-White narrative and racial position toward SA on its head is AmaBhulu by Harry Boyens – based on 10 historical facts that are undeniable because they can be demonstrated from many sources. It is part of home school reading list as essential texts.

    During the US summer of 2020 when Burning Looting and Murder went completely off the dial in their entitlement to insurrection in major American cities, many South Africans joined the Americans who were tracking their luxury buses. Who can forget all the luxury black streamliners. These were the buses which deployed the actual Gooks on the Soros and Tidewater payrolls to their assigned cities targeted by the Democrat / Communist Party for BLM. These had been inserted into the US via the open border with Mexico and could fly anywhere in the country as ‘unaccompanied children’ on their arrest warrant from VICE ( also accepted with TSA, DHS and all federales as their ID ). They could just walk onto any airline and fly and yet many chose to go to their deployments by the BLM bus. The SAs who were tracking these buses across the nation with the Americans were the ones who understood many of the languages being spoken at truck stops all over the country and they passed word along. These riots/insurrections – outrage events were highly orchestrated, well funded operations. And against the local police and authorities who refused to take the knee, the Soros funded prosecutors upheld the Black entitlement to crime. It was the American Rivonia.


  12. The Point: U.S. and modern slavery


  13. Australia, the land of the mid night Sun –


  14. Yes. Cornish folk memories remember the Barbary Pirates [slavers]. And the word slave, originates from the word Slav.


  15. I wonder about the records the Swedes have of the Swedish people who were raided by the Barbary pirates of the North African coast and carted off to that great slave hub controlled by the Ottoman Empire – when the Emirates controlled the Straits of Gibraltar, the Iberian Peninsula and North Africa.

    Both Spain and Portugal had to pay tribute in terms of European slaves to the Caliphate and that was just part of the slave traffic out of Europe.

    The Americans fought a war with that traffick allied with Sweden in two Barbary Wars 1801 – 1805. So it reasonable to assume that the Barbary traffick was rading as far north as Sweden.

    Episode 2 – The White Slave Trade


  16. They also miss, that when the Europeans arrived in North America, the Iroquois were closing in on the Huron to secure their empire. The Europeans arrived at the end of a very ancient indigenous war. It’s one of the reasons why many tribes welcomed them as allies.

    Best forget about this.


  17. Another Captain Sweden article. – ‘Sweden as a Colonial Empire’?.

    Rome was an empire, the Guptas an empire, the Palas an empire, the Iroqouis an empire, the Aztecs, Maya, Inca empires, the Khmer an empire, the Kushan empire, the Persian empires, the Chinese empires, the Mongol empire, the British empire, the Ottoman empire, the Zulu empire, and not to mention the pre-Columbian Amazonian empire, etc.

    But the ‘Swedish Empire,’ lol!

    Good ole Capt!


  18. All these screeds conveniently miss the Ivory Coast. Africa was a largely depopulated continent when the Europeans arrived due to the raiding, slaving wars among the tribes with most of the slaves trafficked out of the interior to the East – slaves destined for the Ottoman Empire and the Caliphates – which lasted over a 1,000 years.

    Slavery is the most lucrative business in the world and always has been.

    Slavery in Africa before the Transatlantic Slave Trade


  19. Hi Sunny, Thank you. Not something I’d ever considered either…but actually makes a great deal of sense. Especially when you weigh it up against all that has already been implemented. We wouldn’t have believed that possible either, just a few short years ago. And why women/females are not included in this ‘immigration’. What are the even more nefarious plans in store for them?


  20. Was listening to Mike Adams and heard this, though I’m paraphrasing…
    Many desert areas in Africa have been converted to functioning food forests and farms.
    Those forests may become a food source in the future … for the elites.
    But if the locals are still there, the young men would become a guerrila army and would protect their food forests and farms. So convince those young men to immigrate for a better life somewhere else. Leave the food forests with little protection.
    Sounds like a long term nefarious plan … I wouldn’t put it past the predator class aka elites.
    Not something I’d ever considered but sure sounds possible.

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  21. I think that article was written under a pseudonym by Captain Sweden.


  22. As I thought, a missed history lesson.

    By the look of it, it seemed more like a family business venture, or franchise, as opposed to Sweden’s actual conquest of Africa. They would have been fighting the English (City of London) if they had.

    I also recall, there was an Australian family living in Somalia once, they had a Somalian gardener and housekeeper, so it’s only reasonable, that to rectify this sin, Australia should be flooded with violent Somalians. I’m sure the Aborigines are going to love that.

    Serves em right!


  23. I also don’t recall Sweden’s conquest and colonisation of Africa?, I must have missed a history lesson or something?

    It doesn’t require a university degree to work it out: that food which has not been grown in 2022, will not be on the shelves in 2023. This year’s European crop losses have been huge, and unreported. Next year is when the drama begins, food prices will sky rocket.

    Europe’s ancient ‘hunger-stones’ have also shown their prophetic face this year. The first time in centuries.

    The Africans have never been tested under Europe’s natural conditions. This is why Europeans are naturally forward thinking: you have to be to survive. The Africans are incapable of reading the signs.

    And yes, Australians really do need to take note.

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  24. No I missed that one [too many!].

    I would contact Nordfront, they would have reported it, or have files on it.

    Sweden also implemented laws, making it illegal to report the race of the culprits, which is actually self defeating. An utter nightmare.

    Not to worry, Captain Sweden will save them!


  25. Hi De Ruiter . Do you remember what was reported as a fatal stabbing at the Erikslund IKEA in Sweden by Eritreans in 2015? I was overseas when that happened and so did not get the important immediate releases for my files. But given the actual crime stats, routine stabbings etc in Europe by non-European populations it would have had to have been extreme to even make the news. When I heard about it I thought – I’ll just bet that was a beheading and not a stabbing. By the time I got back to the internet Big Jew Media had tidied up and sanitized all the reports. It was in the ‘nothing to see here move along category’ and a sacred oppression narrative for the poor downtrodden Eritreans was firmly in place.

    The Marxist blogs were all ‘on message’ about the nature of the problem illustrated in this event which managed to escape all the ‘entitlement to crime’ filters and spinners of Big Jew Media. (Predictably) the dreadful Swedes were in the frame for ‘the event’. I think the Aftonbladet take (the nearest I could make out in English version) was: the diabolical racist Swedes are at it again. They spend the long Arctic winter designing do-it-yourself furniture assembly in order to frustrate and infuriate poor Eritreans, the Hijra and the African population in Sweden which has every right to express their many dissatisfactions in crime [ because of systemic, racist, colonialist oppression – rinse and repeat] and are entitled to reasonably priced furnishings for their gov’t provided apartments. Is it no wonder there has been ‘an event’ of this nature at IKEA? Do you remember that? Was it an Allahu Akbar event and beheading? Get back to the messageboard on this if you have time.

    I think the Australians should revisit some of these more extreme events in Sweden, the Netherlands, France and the UK.


  26. Well it is good that all the comrades understand each other. Nothing like the happy, cloud, the high vibe and same page.

    Australia is becoming a colony of the CCP this is not yet in the news, but the CCP ownership of Zimbabwe is – either through the Party or its manufactured billionaires. That would stand to reason as ZANU-PF was trained, equipped by them and they sent many ‘pungwes’ and Gook forces to the armed aggression of both Communist China and the Soviet Union to the Communist Revolution against the European de-colonised populations of in Africa post the de-colonisation of Zambia – at the stroke of a pen when the UK complied with UN dictate to de-colonise (Gen Res XIV).


  27. Thanks tonyryan43, and you’re spot on. When we choose our paths as warriors we march to the beat of our own drum – where approval is not only superfluous and inconsequential – the need for it is absent in our make up.


  28. You are 100% correct regarding Sweden, Germany, London, etc. As someone who lives in Europe, we have long known the situation [how could we not?], and the government/media cover up [especially Sweden’s]. The Kalergi agenda has been in overdrive for two decades.

    Besides the rape epidemic, how come guns and grenades are commonplace in Gothenburg, when twenty years ago they were non-existent?

    We know who orchestrated this, and why: – end of.

    European Socialism will collapse by the end of the decade, just take a look at the pound’s recent devaluation!: with the euro close behind. The welfare state is completely broken, and the impending orchestrated destruction of the food supply will hit the Africans harder than they think, – they have yet to experience a true European Dark Age.

    Unbeknown to most, separation lines have been delineated, and groups have already formed accordingly. When the Europeans are cold and starving, they will soon forget about the Africans. As the Africans are incapable of any long term planning or self-sufficient organisation, and are confined to the cities, the problems they left, will shadow them.

    Here in Europe, as well as America’s growing west-coast and south ideological divide, regional separation is fast gaining traction; just as oil naturally separates from water. This is becoming increasingly apparent, just by switching off the internet and talking to everyday people. People are naturally separating without even realising it.

    Unfortunately for the white liberals, they now find themselves ostracised and sandwiched between the self-identifying intra and extra-racial contingents: despised by both.

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  29. Auntieet and DJ… you stick to your guns. You have talked the talk, and you have walked the walk. Ignore the ideologists. I know you are both ridgididge.

    As for me, I need nobody’s approval. Some Congolese supporters of the CIA-murdered Patrice Lumumba are my sworn allies in this war, others are thugs who I will kill when I get the opportunity.

    I seek nobody’s approval.

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  30. Haha, Thanks auntieet – love ya!x Here’s some light relief I reckon you’ll like…–biden-for-the-queen-still-stands

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  31. … neither are you an idiot

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  32. That’s the best way DJ, keep your head up high, you ain’t no enemy, shame you’ve been misunderstood

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  33. lindesymonds, “CCP colonialism” are you serious?! Yes I think you may just need to “rest” full stop. And I’ll just take the higher road and abstain from engaging with peculiar, condescending discourse.


  34. And yet, D. Johnstone you are just fine with CCP colonialism. Rest my case.


  35. Hi lindesymonds, Actually I do have a “concept of what I am talking about.” Re: “I refer to the common occurrence of racial / ethnic gang violence and race hatred. Think about it.” And I do not need to “think about it” either. All I, and others need to do is to never forget. Colonialism/Imperialism perpetrated the world over is a prime example of “racial/ethnic gang violence and race hatred” of epic proportions – of which nothing comes remotely close. “Those who live in glass houses……..”


  36. You have no concept of what you are talking about D. Johnston. There is a reason why Sweden, closely followed by the Netherlands and Germany are the rape capitals of Europe. And there is a reason why SA is the rape capital of the world.

    These Communist states does not allow people to understand the common factor much less publish or converse about it because of the Regime policy of CF entitlement to crime. Therefore report of it is invariably sanitized and screened. Job loss is only one of the penalties for failure to censor at source.

    During Danger Dan’s rampage on the state of Victoria, however, the MSM had bigger fish to fry so some of what would be routinely censored at source got through. I refer to the common occurrence of racial / ethnic gang violence and race hatred. Think about it.

    Horrific video shows good Samaritan bashed by gang in Melbourne


  37. Hi lindesymonds, No not “hectoring”. Simply a New Yorker cutting through the crap and calling it exactly as it is… New Yorker’s do.

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  38. Not surprised.. has albo reversed morrriscums defence amendment allowing foreign troops into the country with no liability for injuries caused to the Australian people…?


  39. Nothing like that White Identity. Is anybody else hectored like this?

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  40. Better tune into Highveld 94.7 all of Whackhead’s old podcasts are up on YouTube. The Lovemore Sibanda saga very relevant to Australia post CoVID and the Soros Immigration Payroll.

    Zimbabwean Emigrating to South Africa


  41. Hi tonyryan43, Your tale prompted me to do some research on Sir Dove-Myer Robinson. Thanks. Wow what an amazing and “colourful” life. Seems he was also rather a visionary. Most definitely ahead of his time. Glad he came to your rescue!


  42. Hi tonyryan43, That is absolutely hilarious. Thanks for sharing. I can just envisage all of that escapade unfolding! Yeah from what I’ve gathered (mainly from my parents), Robinson was a total character and rebel – with no threshold when it came to fear or politcal correctness. Apparently he denounced Judaism eventually – becoming a confirmed atheist. A real paradox. “NZ is an effing strange country.” Lol you’ve got that right!


  43. D… You will appreciate this. My mother’s National Party friends drew her attention to a 1960s TV news event showing degenerate-looking protestors perched on the statue outside the Auckland Post office, condemning the forecasted All Blacks match against South Africa…”Betty, aren’t they your sons”? The Lord Mayor of Auckland, Sir Dove Meyer Robinson, became our most avid supporter, especially after Zionists threatened to burn me alive. He was, of course, Jewish and a Rabbi. NZ is an effing strange country.

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  44. Yeah tonyryan43, You may well be right. And as far as I’m concerned, the flooding of both NZ and Australia of the White South Africans and their ‘views’ has been just as detrimental. An ex partner used to sometimes wear a great t-shirt at his band gigs “I support the All Blacks….and anyone else playing against South Africa.” Always got much “Hell yeah!” approval.


  45. Our fake Leader will pay dearly for his Treachery.


  46. Let me assure you it is not limited to the big cities. Here in Tassie, they have huge problems also with supposed African refugees. Immigration itself has completely changed this country since I was a child of the 70/80’s. And if the public challenges well then they pull the racist card.

    I think it was John Howard (good guy or bad) who said immigration wasn’t a concern but assimilation was. It has been going on for years. They just move country but live in suburbs, all same nationality or only surround themselves with those from their native country.

    I have been telling my Mum and Dad (now deceased) for at least 20 years, immigrants are taking over our country. Pauline Hanson was absolutely demonised for her comments years ago about Australia becoming a Muslim country. Whilst, she may not have been 100% accurate and perhaps used the wrong terms, it was and should have been the wake up call people needed sadly it wasn’t and now here we are.

    And it’s like this as the old saying goes, ‘you can take the boy from the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy.’

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  47. I cannot prove this, but I am getting the impression that Africans did not come here for a better life. They came here to take us over. Watch the Africans who appear on The Drum. They clearly believe we should accommodate their beliefs and values.

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  48. Great that’s all we need, just like the Somali gangs in Melbourne 🤬

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  49. Hoorah, well said! Many have left Africa’s hell holes to come to a once peaceful civilised democratic nation, but this is changing! The young hooligans from Africa run amuck and continue the “Africa way” of life, but here the population is soft, stupid in some cases, unaware and easy to subject to their terror. Not to forget the sharia shouters, and here the worship and push for multiculturalism is the surest way to ensure that no culture exists, other than that of fear, cruelty and criminality, such as that which they left but with the desire to impose that here on clueless, gullible Aussies, with the Greens, Labour and Liberal acting as cheerleaders!

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  50. Oh sh@@, just what Australia needs to finish it off completely by importing the world’s cream of the crop who lead in science and technology!!!


  51. Importing many young African men has been quite a disaster in Victoria . This will be much worse.I never thought Albo was that smart, now I think he is a fool. or, is he a traitor to Australia ? Actually, I think he is all three.
    They are using a wrecking ball on this country.Where are all the Aussie Diggers ?
    I guess that is a joke !

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  52. Terri Frazer, Do you have any more insightful, intelligent and productive commentary to contribute to this respectful forum?…or is that it? Lol.


  53. You bloody idiot!!

    Sent from my Galaxy


  54. So here is the patently obvious, transparent and unspeakably heinous plan… Eradicate our First Nation peoples’ and replace them with imported young black African men – lured here under the pretext and prospect of having a ‘brighter future’. Any of who are naive, foolish and reckless enough to fall for it, will upon arrival be immediately returned to their previous roots as slaves. With nothing. No young black African women? Of course not – they’re not meant to be able to procreate! Besides, they’ll be far too busy being slaves. Maybe even housed in the purposely built ‘death camps’. This will not only be modern day slavery but sanctioned human trafficking. And will no doubt be condoned by some in the wider community because hey “they don’t belong here anyway, so who cares?”


  55. What happened to recount votes?
    How come one individual has the right to seal the fate of a whole nation by signing every individual and each animal’s life choices to the WHO? How come one female can try and condemn teachers who refused to allow a gene-altering jab to enter their body?

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  56. In Sydney Nigerian teenage boys are robbing houses like crazy. Thanks, because crime will go up under this new Prime Minister.

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  57. The truth is, the globalists play divide and rule games right across Africa. Any leader who is patriotic is assassinated by the CIA, Patrice Lumumba, being the perfect example; Muammar Ghadaffi being another, whose torture was cheered by psychopath Hillary Rodham Clinton.
    Perhaps I am wrong, but reading between the lines, I get the distinct impression that Lyndsey simply does not like blacks. This suspicion notwithstanding, Lyndesy is right about one thing, regardless of skin colour, immigrants are intended to destroy Australia

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  58. Mandela and M’Beki were owned by the NWO from the beginning.
    A year before Mandela was released, a well-placed young South African girl told me she had heard whispers that Mandela was to be given his freedom. She then asked me what I thought would happen. “A bloodbath”, I replied. “Of whites”? she asked.
    “No. Of blacks”.
    She wondered how I understood so much of SA and Rhodesian politics and I told her about my friend from Soweto, who had escaped the white security police and the ANC assassination squads. In a nutshell, we have not heard about the black deaths but a lot about whites, especially of farmers.

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  59. Absolutely, like in the 70’s Malcolm Frazer opened the flood gates to the lebs during their civil war. They took full advantage of the offer, by emptying their jails on our soil.
    Not only did they bring their baggage, they brought their criminal traits and scams with them, ram raids, insurance claims and fraud etc. Its not good enough for people to come to our country and live off our wealth, they want to scam the system . Not 3 or 4 kids as normal, 10 is the average. Then they populate certain areas now with record unemployment. This is the ploy we are now facing with this immigration boost. Its all about breaking our sovereignty. In a few years we will be asking…Who are we,

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