At last two emerging statesmen, both senators whom it seems will support Lang Hancock’s and Joh Bjelke Petersen’s Project Iron Boomerang

by Alison Ryan

Motion for Inquiry into Iron Boomerang passes Senate! A Report by the Australian Alert Service.
On 5 September One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts moved a motion for an inquiry by the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee on Project Iron Boomerang—an Australian transcontinental rail infrastructure corridor and steel manufacturing complex which will revolutionise global steel production. The motion passed, notably with resounding support from Labor Senator from Western Australia Glenn Sterle, deputy chairman of the committee charged with the inquiry (with Nationals Senator Matt Canavan as chairman).

Project Iron Boomerang has been on the drawing board for decades and it might just happen unless the Krupps Steel board moguls are able to continue manipulating Australian politicians to prevent any large scale steel manufacturing in Australia.
Pic News Ltd

According to the terms of reference, the committee will examine the employment created by the project; the benefit to Australian GDP and balance of payments from increased productive capacity; the capital, energy and resources required to build and operate the project; feasibility of design; environmental benefits or impacts and impacts on Aboriginal communities; the project’s relevance to national security; and any related matters. The committee will report by the first parliamentary sitting day of 2023.

Senator Roberts outlined the proposal in some depth: “Project Iron Boomerang is an exciting and visionary project that can make our country’s north and can make our whole country.

Project Iron Boomerang’s main elements are a 3,300-kilometre transcontinental railroad with heavy duty axle capacity connecting existing rail networks in the iron ore region of the Pilbara to the existing rail networks in Central Queensland, on the way linking with the existing Darwin-Adelaide rail line to improve freight movement nationally.

“The essence of this project is that iron ore will be transported from west to east, and those carriages will be then backloaded with coal to transport coal to Western Australia—hence the boomerang name. Steel blast furnaces and steel parks at both ends—in the east in the Bowen Basin of Queensland and in the west in the Pilbara in Western Australia—will in turn the iron ore and coal into steel slabs for export from Port Hedland in Western Australia and from Abbot Point and the Port of Gladstone and Queensland. Fibre optic, water, power and potentially gas lines can be laid along the rail alignment for additional commercial benefit.

If Labor senator Glenn Sterle from Western Australia can get the Labor Party and unions on board the project could happen in the next 10 years provided large Australian companies do the construction. Another emerging statesman.
One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts a former mining engineer is one of a few emerging statesmen of Australia

“Project Iron Boomerang will strengthen Australia’s balance of payments. It will lift our gross domestic product, and, with that, lift our whole economy, restoring our national security, restoring opportunity. We have allowed too many industries to be closed and sent overseas. Too many jobs have been exported. It’s time to turn that around. …

“There is a strong case for adding a water pipeline along the alignment to add potable water to the services that Project Iron Boomerang will offer remote communities. Lake Argyle in Western Australia is part of the Ord River Irrigation Scheme. At 5,600 gigalitres, it is mainland Australia’s largest dam. The Ord River irrigation network extends close to the start of Project Iron Boomerang. A connection could be made to bring potable water, which is town, stock and station water, to remote communities. …”

Sen. Sterle added these important words of support: “I hadn’t heard of Project Iron Boomerang, but I sat down and got a briefing from Senator Roberts. It comes back to when I was a kid growing up. I remember in the great state of New South Wales we used to do all of this sort of stuff. We actually used to make our own steel. We used to have proud steel cities, where there were communities, there were bonds and there were families, before all this ‘fly-in, fly-out’ nonsense took over. It was before the farm was sold—if I can use the terminology of a farm. It breaks my heart to think, as I’m watching my grandchildren grow up, how disgusted they should be with the politicians before us who thought it was a good idea to contract out work we used to do and we did well. I hear conversations like those I’ve picked up in Senate inquiries on the Inland Rail, where there are concerns about cheaper steel coming from China, nowhere near the Australian standard. Regardless of who’s in government, I always have a fear: Who are the ones who are supposed to be out there monitoring this stuff? Are they doing their job properly? That’s not a blue-versus-red conversation or blue-versus-red argument.

“So I want to support this. I know the Labor Party and Prime Minister Albanese—the Albanese government—support you, Senator Roberts, for bringing this to us. I think it’s a magnificent thing, and I also think this is what we should be doing. These are the big-ticket items that, when I first came into the Senate, lo and behold, I thought we would be discussing on a daily basis. How tricked I got! But, anyway, at least let’s get back to the big stuff about building a better nation, as I said in my first speech, and leaving it better than how we found it. …

“I want to support this, and we will support this, Senator Roberts. I understand the opposition are, hopefully, getting behind this too, because this is the stuff we need to do. The beauty of speaking after Senator Roberts is you’ve heard the whole guts and crux of the matter. I can’t pick an argument there. There’s not a downside that I’ve seen. … Let’s try and put these two great industries together: iron ore in my state of WA and coal in your state of Queensland. It just makes too much sense. I’m starting to get a headache because it’s sounding too easy.”

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. The Labor government was supporting the clandestine takeover of Australia by granting Chinese communist government owned companies extraordinary powers to build and operate strategic assets in WA.


  2. Hi Brian,

    “Who creates the law? Parliament. It all comes down to those God-damned MP’s who we elect and who ignore us to serve another master.”

    Statism is a religion. It is, in fact, the most dangerous religion and has a superhuman deity: The Government. It issues commands called LAWS and if you disobey, you’re a “Sinner”.
    They can steal your money, order you around and punish you for disobeying their commands

    Still, the faithful, the true believers, have great faith in these bizarre rituals: Elections, legislation and appointments.

    The ones really in control, whose LAWS we have to obey, are never elected.


  3. Hi Jen,

    “If Bill Gates is funding something you can be sure its not for the good of man…
    CO2 is known as the Miracle Molecule for good reason… without it our planet would be dead, all plant and animal life depends on it… and it is not responsible for global warming..”

    So true. Psycho Bill first pushed and is still pushing his Covid Scam on us, making billions of dollars with his kill shots.
    Now he is telling us how to fight Climate Change, another Scam of his, and will be raking in billions of dollars again.

    Here more about his partner in crime, Warren Buffet:


    Warren Buffet’s position may be that he sees business opportunity in CCS growth in the US, because oil and gas companies are not wanting to cut back on oil and gas production.
    Instead, they are addressing climate change in indirect ways: by improving the carbon footprint of their own operations, fixing methane leaks, and CCS.

    Further, the US Department of Energy have recently been tasked with setting up joint initiatives with oil and gas industry to reduce GHG emissions, and this may make companies like Occidental more profitable by lowering their direct expenses or indirectly providing tax breaks.

    All of the above is safe in the short-term. But in the long-term view there is a serious caveat: scale up of carbon capture and storage looks massive, expensive and impractical to manage.


  4. Jen, ‘the’ Bastards know CO2 is safe – my apologies for the strong adjective.
    “They’ know exactly what they are doing.
    The sick part is the Loony Left are enabling ‘Them’.
    As Douglas reed said “The plan is plain to see though very few perceive its meaning”.
    I spoke to an academic in a university, I asked, How do you deal with the climate change scam.
    His reply which could be quite frightening “I must comply with the law”.
    Who creates the law? Parliament.
    It all comes down to those God-damned MP’s who we elect and who ignore us to serve another master.
    The reasons why I despise the Left.


  5. I attached another link for David Coe but it seems it was not allowed… It doesn’t matter as the paper can be easily found as well as articles on the Miracle Molecule..

    It would seem that these DAC plants would decimate the planet.


  6. Han… Nothing is as it seems… If Bill Gates is funding something you can be sure its not for the good of man…


    David Coe published his paper in the International Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences – it can be easily found in full on online and it could not be faulted.

    CO2 is known as the Miracle Molecule for good reason… without it our planet would be dead, all plant and animal life depends on it… and it is not responsible for global warming..


  7. “In this context it might be worth looking at a clip Max Igan included in his Crowhouse video of this week with Steve Oldham, CEO Carson Engineering filmed at Squamish British Columbia.

    “So Mr. Oldham. He proposes a new carbon neutral fuel made of carbon and extracted from the atmosphere. It burns CO2 and they are running cars and trucks on it now at Squamish.”

    Carbon Engineering’s primary investors are BILL GATES and WARREN BUFFET.


    Direct Air Capture, also known as DAC, is one of a number of carbon capture technologies seen as a way to mitigate the worst impacts of global warming. The technology harvests carbon dioxide (CO2) from ambient air. It is not an add-on to a coal-fired or natural-gas thermal power plant, but rather a standalone solution to removing CO2 from the atmosphere for the purpose of permanently sequestering it underground.

    A leader in this form of carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) is Carbon Engineering, a Canadian-based company whose demonstration plant sits in Squamish, British Columbia.

    BILL GATES is an investor. And now Occidental Petroleum through its subsidiary 1PointFive has entered into a partnership to build and deploy a minimum of 70 or as many as 135 DAC plants like the one seen in the picture above by 2035.

    If DAC technology is our solution for removing CO2 from the atmosphere, we will need many more DAC plants than what this new partnership is promising to build. That’s because the forecasted number for the amount of CO2 we will need to remove annually by 2050 is expected to be 10 to 20 Gigatons. That means, if we were just to use DAC technology, we would need 10 to 20,000 plants in operation to neutralize our carbon emissions.

    Carbon Engineering has been building partnerships across the globe. There are plans to build facilities in the United Kingdom, Norway, and more in Canada. But the current cost of DAC is not cheap with the company claiming it is capturing CO2 at a $127 US per ton cost. The Occidental partnership DAC plants, however, indicate a per ton cost of between $382 and $542 US. At $127 let alone the higher figures from Occidental, DAC, therefore, appears to be cost-prohibitive as a carbon removal global solution.

    IT BEGINS TO MAKE SENSE WHEN GOVERNMENTS PUT A PRICE ON CARBON. Without every ton of CO2 produced having a unit value there is little incentive to begin building a DAC infrastructure. THAT’S IS WHY IT MAKES SENSE TO ADOPT GLOBAL CARBON POLLUTION PRICING.


  8. Thankyou and that is the ALP/LNP duopoly of course Adam Smith disciples to their bootlaces. Ed



    “There is no way the European populations could be stripped of energy unless all choke points are applied to prevent these populations from solving the kinds of problems we are accustomed to solve as people and nations.” – lyndesymonds

    The people of European sovereign countries are being strangled by their elected representatives under the urgings of U.S., U.K. and EU build back bitter puppets.

    Signs at a huge protest of angry voters in Prague a couple of weekends back, told the Czech President to “Foff to Ukraine”.

    Fuel is delivered to Czech by an aged pipeline through Ukraine, of which U receives a transit fee; as with the maze of other ageing lines from Russia through U to European countries; check a map of pipelines through U.

    Annalena Baerbock, Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chairwoman of the Alliance 90/ The Greens Party of Germany, after slapping 84 000 000 Germans in the face with a cold pork sausage, visited Ukraine a few days back, organised for the day after US Secretary of State, Blinken’s visit, promising the despotic regime, Germany’s undying support.

    My translation of Baerbock speaking at the recent Forum 2000 Conference, ‘frankly my dear German toys, I don’t give a toss, I represent a bigger picture, and mark my words, I will make you suffer.’

    Speach starts at 1:23:00


  10. Do it!! Will greatly help Australia


  11. Ross Graham, “While this is a start, when are we going to stop the Chinese from owning and operating the largest Iron Ore mine IN THE WORLD, at Cape Preston in WA?”

    As long as “Chinese investors” are invited with open arms and wallets by Aussie Honorables in politics there is NO START of anything new for the lowest class subjects turning into to be extinct guinea pigs Aussies of the Come on Wealth.

    A start for Australia is when TRUE BLUE AUSTRALIANS taking matters into their own hands and regulating Australia’s economy and national affairs – not the usual slaves of the coin that successfully have built Australia into a lost cause since its “independence” from its own citizens.

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  12. This proposal is a wind up, surely. Who’s going to finance this Cho Cho, and slag heaps.
    For the voters who have yet to take notice Australia is not owned or controlled by its people.
    If this exercise in ‘free trade’ goes ahead the model will be the same as toll roads et al: mum and dad investors putting up the seed capital. When the returns can’t fund the bond issues the global fund managers, as the secured bond holders, will mop up the valueless equity for tokens. The new owners will then sell long term operating rights, which will now be supported by government guarantees as per the Public Private Partnership handbook, to a network partner.
    That’s the ‘free trade’ Australian politicians’ are beholden to.


  13. The problem is if we allow them to portray C02 as evil then we are lost. Our world is in a c02 deficit! Only the masters of deceit could take the life blood of our world and make us think it is a problem.. Absolute mind control..


  14. In this context it might be worth looking at a clip Max Igan included in his Crowhouse video of this week with Steve Oldham, CEO Carson Engineering filmed at Squamish British Columbia.

    It is an important anchor for the political, economic and cultural takedown of all Western nations being imposed by the United [communist] Nations CoVID Regimes which manifestly have taken control of all Western nations – an assignment handed by the UN to their ‘multi-lateral’ partner the WEF.

    There is no way the European populations could be stripped of energy unless all choke points are applied to prevent these populations from solving the kinds of problems we are accustomed to solve as people and nations.

    So Mr. Oldham. He proposes a new carbon neutral fuel made of carbon and extracted from the atmosphere. It burns CO2 and they are running cars and trucks on it now at Squamish.


  15. Ross Graham Cairns

    While this is a start, when are we going to stop the Chinese from owning and operating the largest Iron Ore mine IN THE WORLD, at Cape Preston in WA, which the Government in 2003 allowed to proceed.When will the Federal Government grow the necessary gonads and put an end to this horrendous situation. Bring back jobs to Australians. We would never be allowed to do this in China so why did our Federal Government allow this to happen here !!!!! makes one think that bribery and corruption must have happened.


  16. Hi jo, re: “A great dream and distraction for a troubled, inefficient and torn apart Australia……” Another spot-on assessment.


  17. Good luck Iron Boomerang.

    The banks aren’t gambling on coal, oil and nuclear anymore, but boy are they loving virtual trades in futures LNG contracts with financial investors hiding behind green shrubbery.


  18. A great dream and distraction for a troubled, inefficient and torn apart Australia but just a wee bit off from global slavery and international Oligarchism. An Australian transcontinental rail corridor? Will that be built “TRADITIONAL” with three different track sizes as it will cross 3 Australian states?

    A Steel manufacturing complex which will revolutionize global steel production – Really?

    To revolutionize ANYTHING global talk to the moneychangers first. Without their cut of 99% from profits (after loaning the “Start up capital” as Oz is broke like never before) there will be no deal at all but the Aussie magicians in parliament are always good for wishful thinking holograms that the tired subjects can absorb and chew on.

    There are too many “foreign agents” in Australian politics and money changing. Until they become sorted it is all show business as usual. Nice dreams though!

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  19. What a great idea….it would really open up the northern half of Oz.
    They talk of running water from the Argyll Dam….why not run electricity and have electric trains?
    That would keep the greenies happy….or would it?
    I think they are only happy when they can oppose everything that is of a common sense nature!


  20. This is a great idea but is it against WEF plans who want to shut down industry, curb employment etc.. The decision will show whether our government works for Australia or not.

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  21. And this which is completely despicable. Definitely worth watching and needs to be shared widely.

    “The truth about how courts, police, ‘child protection and many other systems are conspiring to protect abusers. Who is protecting our children❓

    This is a powerful new project created by incredible advocate for our children, Dee McLachlan

    Australia has the highest reports for child rape of girls. How many go unreported?

    Australia has the highest numbers for child removals.

    Thousands of children are deliberately placed with abusers and remain hostage there.

    While good parents fighting to save and protect their own are persecuted, receiving the full wrath of the state to silence these stories from ever being publicly heard. Mums & Dads supporting their childrens disclosures of horrific abuse are tortured by the state systems that bury, discard and destroy the evidence. These families are suffering the unbearable pain of having their precious babes taken from them, while knowing that their child is suffering and yet the state keeps them apart. The state leaves these children to be abused.

    #itstime to Wake Up the ‘Lucky Country’.

    A cult-ure that is unable to prioritise protecting its most vulnerable must be publicly exposed and dismantled entirely

    Please SHARE far and wide and together let’s break their state sanctioned child trafficking networks by opening one mind at a time. This ends with us 💖🔥


  22. Hi Editor
    On a slightly different note. I came across this article, not sure if others have seen or are aware but climate debate censorship. And actually specifying certain people, Rita Panahi in their submission.

    From the article.

    ‘In a move unprecedented in the democratic world, the Australian Academy of Science is lobbying the tech giants Meta (Facebook), Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Adobe and TikTok to censor and harass any Australians who circulate what the Academy insultingly labels “climate denialism misinformation”.[1]

    The Orwellian agenda is in the Academy’s public submission to the tech giants’ 2022 review of the Australian Code of Practice on Misinformation and Disinformation. The Academy made its submission on August 3 in conjunction with the junior group, the Australian Academy of Technology & Engineering.

    The Academies wants the tech giants’ power brought to bear against news organisations – it specifically names Rupert Murdoch’s “Sky News Australia and its media personalities”.

    ” The Academies’ submission says,

    The Code currently excludes professional news content that is published under a publicly available editorial code, except where a platform determines that specific instances fall within the scope of disinformation. However, some Australian news outlets are havens for climate science misinformation (Lowe, 2018) – so this exclusion undermines the ability of the Code to guard against such denialism.

    This exclusion allows climate science denialism and other misinformation to flourish, either through lack of enforcement of the disinformation provision of the Code or failure of news outlets’ misinformation to meet the higher bar of being considered disinformation. For example, a UK report recently found that Sky News Australia and its media personalities are a key source of climate science misinformation globally, including during the late 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) (King, Janulewicz & Arcostanzo, 2022). Clearly, the Code was not sufficient to address the traction of climate misinformation from Sky News Australia during this time.”

    A King et al paper Deny, Deceive, Delay which the Academies’ submission cites approvingly, refers to “political right-wing … top influencers” as part of an alleged “intellectual dark web”. The authors name Sky Australia’s Rita Panahi and prominent UK, European and North American sceptics. They condemn Ms Panahi as follows:

    Pahani [sic] is an American-born Iranian refugee who became a prominent right-wing media personality in Australia. Starting her media career at the major News Corp newspaper the Herald Sun, Panani [sic] also hosts a show at Sky News Australia. She belongs to a set of presenters at the station that are promoting the most controversial content and platform conspiracy theorists. During COP26, Panahi attacked Prince Charles as the “biggest hypocrite and idiot” and claimed he bullied a hitherto reluctant Australian PM Scott Morrison to attend the summit. Previously, she called climate change “scaremongering” that was not “rooted in hard science.”

    It’s curious that Rita Panahi is the only ornery Australian individual actually named in the Academies’ submission and citations. The major damage to the Academies’ catastrophism is being done by Andrew Bolt on Sky, Chris Kenny in The Australian, the Spectator (Australia), Joanne Nova’s world-ranked sceptic blog, the Institute of Public Affairs’ bulletins and speakers, Tim Blair’s blog for the Daily Telegraph (sadly, paywalled), Senators Malcolm Roberts and Pauline Hanson, the Nationals’ ex-Minister Matt Canavan and ex-PM Tony Abbott, famed for calling climate science “absolute crap” and likening climate scientists – presciently – as “thought police”.

    The Science Academy’s chief executive is Anna-Maria Arabia, whose early career included a total of five years as an adviser with Anthony Albanese and Kim Beazley. In a subsequent job as chief executive of Science & Technology Australia, she led a march of 200 members to Parliament in 2011 calling for legislation or similar means to silence global warming sceptics. (at 2.20). She jumped to the Academy leadership in 2016 after three years part-time as policy director for the Opposition Leader Bill Shorten.”


  23. “Environmental benefits or impacts and impacts on Aboriginal communities.” There’s always a get out out of doing anything loophole for leftists with bogus excuses.


  24. They’ll need quite a few lithium batteries to manufacture steel, given that coal is now verboten as an energy source and the Money Merchant banks won’t finance coal projects.


  25. Great news! There is no earthly reason why Australia should not manufacture steel for both domestic and export.


  26. Mate! This would be tremendous if it went ahead! Look what it would do for Australia as a whole!!
    And…We have TWO TRUE BLUE AUSSIES PUSHING FOR IT in Parliament!!
    Lang and I come from the same Hancocks that came to Australia as FREE SETTLERS! With the WITHNELL’s added on my side! Pioneers as well!
    It would make me ‘a very proud old man’, as the ad from years ago used to say.

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  27. It looks like they are exporting steel slabs. Is that slabs as in ingots like the aluminium industry.
    It means they are not exporting added value product though better than nothing like the present.


  28. About time this happened!

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  29. Won,t happen . makes too much sense . apart from that the loony lefties won,t allow it.

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