Qld Labor Party hands out more meaningless land titles to Aborigines

Filed by Jim O’Toole, Townsville Bureau traveling Cape York since Tuesday

The Queensland Labor Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, was in the Northern Peninsula Area on Wednesday to give away 362,000 hectares of Cape York to Aboriginal and Islander groups in a bid to create a separate Aboriginal state.

The vast areas of granted land will be jointly managed by Queensland Parks and Wildlife and traditional owner groups but the disingenuous Labor Party is the worst of Indian Givers, knowing well the carefully crafted title deeds do not allow for any meaningful economic activities such as cattle production, commercial fishing or farming.

Qld Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk at the Injinoo handover ceremony dons an Akubra much to the horror of regional Qld residents who live outside of the Brisbane golden triangle

Australia’s political party duopoly is intent on forcing indigenous communities to rely on welfare, or ‘sit down money’ as it is colloquially known, this being the best method of control.

The apparent generosity of the Queensland Labor Party has not gone down well with rival Aboriginal groups, who say the land has been returned to the wrong people.

Self-proclaimed traditional owners have taken centre stage through stand over tactics against other corporation members and inserting themselves into clans without presenting any accurate genealogy.

Several claimants of the Tip of Cape York, known as Pajinka who had title deeds handed to them nearly three years ago were not legitimate owners and did not belong to the mainland.

“One claimant who has assumed ownership has no family ties to the Australian mainland; his family came from the Solomon Islands,” a source said.

Similarly in Wednesday’s handover at Injinoo, the main protagonist, being driven by Cape York Land Council, claimed to be a traditional owner but comes from the Torres Strait and had no early family ties to the mainland.

The source said this self-proclaimed traditional owner was quoted by the Cairns Post newspaper but should not have been allowed to speak for local people.

“This fella is a bully and stands over weaker community members and is under investigation by Thursday Island CIB for fraud and assault, so how come the Cairns Post always gets it wrong?” the source asked in the wake of numerous other erroneous publications.

The ALP intends to re-write history by dropping any references to original white settlers the Jardine Brothers also by renaming the Denham Group (islands) National Park.

Meanwhile Northern Peninsula Area communities and Torres Strait residents who are almost totally reliant on getting the majority of their food supplies on regular Sea Swift barges from Cairns are feeling the brunt of high fuel and grocery prices.

Although freight costs for some goods are subsidised by government, nearly every item in the three mainland supermarkets is on average 30 per cent higher than Cairns.

Particularly after Sea Swift, a company wholly owned by Queensland Investment Corporation, a subsidiary of the State Labor Government, announced a 14.5 per cent hike in freight charges last week.

The State Government subsidiary Sea Swift recently lifted its freight rate by 14.5 per cent for its Torres Strait clients

Usually fruit and vegetables are inedible after 14 days travel from Atherton Tablelands growers to Rocklea Markets in Brisbane and back to Cairns then three days at sea on a barge to Peninsula supermarkets.

Bread suffers a similar fate. Fuel delivered by Sea Swift is $2.85 a litre and rising.

“So much for the Labor Party claiming to care about Aborigines and Islanders,” said a local builder whose freight costs have gone from $500 per pallet of material to more than $750.

A number of community members have left the Northern Peninsula Area in search of work and a more affordable existence since the Covid plandemic ran its course.

The Queensland Labor Party is intent on removing all white pastoralists and all cattle from Cape York under a ten year plan agreed to by the federally-funded Natural Resource Management group which does not have any of the remaining Peninsula cattle producers on its far northern board.

Peninsula cattle producers have accused NRM of a sell-out because Cairns News has discovered that all cattle are to be removed from the Peninsula within ten years, hence the continuous cattle eradication by Mareeba helicopter pilot Des Butler and at least one shooter, Graham Woods supplied by Australian Wildlife Conservancy at Piccaninny Plains south of Weipa.

Cape York Land Council, a supposedly representative native title body has its grubby fingers all over Peninsula land claims ensuring heavily mineralised areas such as the Shelburne Bay silica deposit were included in Aboriginal freehold land grants.

It seems the only people it represents are the elite blackfellas of the $33 billion Aboriginal industry.

The CYLC and its business arm, Balkanu, have had their hands in the pockets of multinational mining companies for decades ensuring they will collect their dues after the depopulation of the Peninsula and the mining starts.

Geological surveys have found silica, ilmenite, rutile, zircon, diamonds, rare earth, gold, coal, bauxite, tin and natural gas in abundance which is why these vast areas are locked up at the behest of the state’s principal mortgagee, Rothschild Bank to which it owes some $90 billion.

The ALP is developing a land bank of immense value from which it will receive massive royalties from multinational quarrying operations. Indigenous corporations will receive a pittance and eventually be left with a big hole in the ground and little to eat.

The City of London bankers have ensured their puppet regimes will never allow downstream mineral refining or smelting, let alone any manufacturing.

A company search of indigenous spokesman Noel Pearson’s Cape York Partnerships reveals several retired or active bank CEO’s and other industry notables on the board.

These CYP board members have bank connections including Westpac, National Bank of Australia, various merchant banks, a Secretary of the Department of Treasury, Macquarie Bank, a former private Secretary to the infamous PM Bob Hawke, P&O Cruiseships, Bank of Melbourne (owned by the Jewish fraternity), ANZ, an advisor to the nearby ALP sanctuary of Wattle Hills holding, mining contractors, a Wik representative, Aboriginal company Bama Services and not forgetting the lawyers.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. It seems you are referring to the average Liberal, Labor and Greens voter. They should not be allowed to vote unless they have a
    job and pay tax. Npt that voting has counted for much in recent years. The illicit ‘two party preferred’ system surely will soon be
    copied by the CCP and they will soon have observers in the computer tally room learning how to enter dodgy counts. Ed


  2. Where are the known cobalt and lithium deposits in the North?

    The CCP has bought Zim and the water rights to the Upper Barotse floodplain of the Zambezi – so a CCP COLONY that will be producing lithium, cobalt and the blood diamonds for the Israeli billionaires (funding Vlad’s invasion of Ukraine BTW).

    In Australia the politute class which forms an illegal corporate gov’t has sold the water rights of the Murray Darling Basin to the CCP and is now managed by the world’s first ‘multi-jurisdictional water management framework’ between the Mekong River Commission of the CCP and the Murray Darling Basin Authority of Australia. Let me put this more precisely: the MRC is responsible for the management and the MDBA is responsible for the incompetence, stuff ups and media gaffes (namely the schmo-screen for the MRC management). https://justice4poland.com/2020/01/04/bushfire-crisis-the-de-kulakization-of-australia-1/

    Admittedly, the premier of the Big Q has a lot of responsibilities to the national Politburo [aka National Cabinet] for the CoVID depop with a bioweapon. And the George St Cabal is fully occupied with exploitation of the socially engineered CoVID Crisis and their list of ‘things to do’ . Briefly: the economic takedown of the Big Q and demolition of all food and production supply chains – stage two of UN Operation CoVID. Big responsibilities to the Big Bagel overseeing the takedown of all Western nations under the WEFies. Naturally, they would be looking for a way for the MRC to take over management of water rights to the monsoonal waters which sweep like clockwork across the Far North annually and are lost to us as the waters are not permitted to be harvested by the Australians for our water infrastructure. The MRC will be eyeing that off.

    Then there are the cobalt and lithium deposits that will be needed for all those highly combustible batteries and EVs that the Communist labour collectives intend to produce in their gulags. These are also in the North.

    As a good CCP regional partner, I think the George St Cabal has hit on the idea of an Aboriginal ethnostate in the North as the best and easiest way to transfer all of that Australian wealth to the People’s Republic of China. The Australians who object to this, will (of course) all be horrible systemicwhitesettlerracistsandcolonialoppressors on all channels with more Big Jew MSM exposure than ‘CoVID’ . And as we should all know by now, on the Australian political spectrum, anyone to the right of Chairman Mao is an extremist. And there is high percent of people in this country who rather be injected with an experimental bioweapon, see their children castrated in the Safe Skools Programme, the entire continent and its population become a COLONY of the CCP and themselves the No 1 banana of Zimbabwe 2.0 than oppose all this and be called ‘racist’ by their politutes.


  3. Hi auntieet, Haha – reckon we each would if provoked/threatened enough. Then twist for good measure. Scaring myself now lol.

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  4. & doubt the trooper would waste his energy on a bluff DJ, wouldn’t want a man any other way hey

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  5. DJ: Freddy would stab on purpose, just saying…

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  6. Auntieet…Now on the other hand, Mr vanity personified Obama ‘likes’ himself ALL the time…

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  7. Yeah there’s some interesting articles. Hey don’t worry bout that like button -lost count of the amount of times I’ve done that. If you tap on it again it cancels out and your ‘liked by me’ is goneski. Actually it probably doesn’t even register except on your own screen? “sometimes I accidentally stab things, oops.” Hahaha…And we all thought Freddy was the one to be scared of here.

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  8. DJ: thank you for that link, I’ll be having a read
    Ed: don’t mean to hit a like button for ‘me’, sometimes this old girls finger scrolls up & down the comments & tries to stop them when they scroll too fast, sometimes I accidentally stab things, oops

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  9. Hi auntieet & tonyryan43, Yes auntieet “the cogs are in motion.” And Yes, all the various ploys to create division and hatred has had the totally opposite effect. People of all races/cultures are standing shoulder to shoulder against their common enemy as never seen before. And you can tell that we are definitely winning, when the ‘disciples’ of the hatred and division agenda become so frantic and aggressive, that they not only stupidly show their hand – but start clutching at all kinds of straws to engender more fear amongst the populus. Hah! Not workin out as well as expected. Boo hoo.
    Here is an illuminating link/read from the creativespirit.info website. It’s creator and author Jens Korff, was Melbourne born, grew up in Germany and then returned to Australia – where he has worked tirelessly and passionately for many years – championing the cause for First Nation peoples worldwide.

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  10. Yes Freddie, I’ve heard whispers of that nature, I’ve hoped it were true as I reckon b/fella could rip the rug out from under them, the only race that can, legal loopholes… They didn’t expect b/fella to take a stand, underestimated spirit might be their undoing, I particularly noticed how the covdscam targeted them right in the sights, along with our oldies, underestimated savvy could bite them in the bum, there’s still warriors amongst them & their wounds run deep, this latest full slaughter on humans has united all colour… Seen some evidence of the migration too mate, they’ve passed through my country here, yeah I feel cogs are in motion

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  11. auntieet… You are one smart cookie.

    You might like to be aware that in the north, and I won’t be too specific about where, some tribes are planning to declare national sovereignty and are first developing a “credible national economy” so that government does not try to call the bluff, expecting “blackfellas to fall flat on their faces”.

    I will leave it to your able imagination to extrapolate where this will lead to, but many southern white observers have already asked if they can immigrate.

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  12. tonyryan43 is right, the communities didn’t want “sit-down” money, the Elders had better ideas&plans, they knew what’d be better for ‘their people’, but then along comes the NP’s of this land & surreptitious agenda (Money, Politics, SelfFeatherings, POWER!), they didn’t care about ‘the spirit of blackfella’, that didn’t come into their thinking as they’d lost touch with that spirit, or just didn’t have it to start with, either or?, don’t know, my father was white, english decent, though he had more ‘feeling’ & ‘respect’ for ‘blackfella spirit’, than that mob of soul selling power seekers. It’s not the difference between one b/fella to another, it’s the difference between one ‘human being to another’. Yep, be suspicious tonyr, trust your gut, you’re right to have that hunch about Pearson, I’d bet on “your” intuition any day.
    & when you say, “Govt forces them down… then bigots kick them in the head for being down”. Along with rayspinks , correct. The power players have tried it the world over, every race with ‘spirit & connection’ is a target, they did their best to rip it out of their souls then p#ss on it, America, Canada, NewZealand, Australia etc etc. Indians, Aborigines, Maoris, etc etc etc, they’ve tried to kill that spirit within, though I think they’ve had a bit of a challenge breaking Maori spirit, you’d have to ask DJ, I’m just going off the ones I grew up around, hard seeds.
    DJ: “Small world though eh”?, Yep. We’re not all dead from those times & not all forget. Some of us never forgot ‘where we came from’ either.

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  13. Hi Blisskit, re: “I find that comment really interesting D.J can you expand on Jacinta Price? Educate me.” Well, although I certainly wouldn’t be so presumptuous as to attempt to “educate” anyone haha, it is definitely my opinion judging from all her past and present demonstrated behaviour and antics, that Price is not only a narcissistic attention seeker and conflict artist, but is also duplicitous, manipulative and treacherous. I don’t believe she has any regard whatsoever for her own peoples’ welfare or future. Rather, she is simply on her own determined trajectory of power. Sorry Blisskit – my little diatribe probably isn’t that informative or helpful. Would be interested in what the truly knowledgeable tonyryan43 has to say. He would have a better idea.


  14. I find that comment really interesting D.J can you expand on Jacinta Price? Educate me. Being here in Tassie, yes while people make jokes, there is little about some of these people other than MSM. They censor state to state. And of course Tasmanian Aboriginals dominate. Even though there isn’t any, bar descendants.


  15. Hi auntieet, Very informative. Personally, I have despised Pearson ever since he was instrumental in the 2007 Howard gov’t Intervention. Along with Bessie Price (mother of Jacinta: – living proof about apples and their distance from trees!), and that other academia fraud Marcia Langton. All culpable for this dark stain on Australian history. And as Territory Indigenous leader Galamwuy Yunupingu later stated:
    “It is now three years old but it hasn’t made Aboriginal people any richer or healthier or happier. It is really and truly dragging people down to create more misery… Let’s start again.” But Pearson didn’t give a rats about the untold “misery” caused. He was far too busy grovelling to Little Johnnie, speaking out both sides of his mouth and of course lining his own pockets. So yeah auntieet! With ya yet again. Small world though eh?

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  16. auntieet… you would get a laugh out of Darwin. In the 1970s, anyone with brown skin was simply “the coloured mob”, and they referred to Aborigines as “them native fellas”. Today they are all tribal, and rich.

    But don’t get me wrong, I grew up in the middle of the cultural divide. I really do understand why they disassociated themselves from their bush relatives and this must have caused a lot of pain and anguish. Subtle pressure from old-school Territorian families created this situation and those coloured mob who were close to my family knew they did not have to keep up the pretense in our home. English was not the only language spoken in our family so everybody was relaxed. But an insane government decision put Army personnel mixed in to our neighbourhoods and we then had neighbours who wanted to know why we let niggers visit.

    That, plus, TV, and the Darwin Reconstruction Commission destroyed a town in which racial tension was so slight most could not even feel it.

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  17. Ed… I had no idea. That is hilarious. I have always been suspicious of Pearson, especially his happy cuddles with John Howard back in the day.

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  18. Ed: You mentioned Noel Pearson’s board. Yep, I know his mob, I know his tribe, I know his Yindi mate/s. I grew up amongst them, in the heart of the outback to the top & outwards, though they were much younger than me. Noel (aggressive man) & Yindi mate, one minute they’re not Aboriginal, they’re Middle Eastern, money comes into play, then they’re Aboriginal, then bluff blackfella, we’re here for you, for your rights, be buggered, what a load of crock, him/they don’t give a rat’s about blackfella, they care about money reward, they come from the “something for nothing tribe”. I’m as black as the ace of spades, I know what it’s like to go to town & be racially discriminated against…I worked on a checkout in MtIsa once, had customers that wouldn’t let a nigger touch their food to pack their groceries, that’s what they’d say to me though I’m not Aboriginal. Noel & his like, target black fella that can be bought, Noel & his like are all about “the cash reward”, where were the likes of that aggressive scum when my Dad & me were standing for the blackfella? Nowhere in sight, they denounced being Aboriginal then, until money & politics bought them. Ha! If you’re reading this Noel & Yindi mate, hello from AuntieEt, the little piccany you underestimated.

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  19. Hi tonyryan43, You’re more than welcome. I’m just heartened and grateful that you continue to shine your light of truth and profound knowledge upon what is REALLY happening here. Australians are being totally played. They are falling into a well planned and well laid trap :- to become a nation utterly divided and conquered, from even more fear mongering that feeds upon deep-seated insecurity, ignorance and bigotry of the minority. And I do truly believe, or at least hope, it is only the minority. Australians are far better than that. The Aboriginal peoples’ are yet again being used as a pawn. To those amongst us who are not cognisant of this ploy – and are allowing themselves to be whipped up into a frenzy of misdirected indignation, outrage and hatred towards the Aboriginal peoples’….. please disengage from the false narrative and apply rational thought processes. The Aboriginal peoples’ are not being “handed” or are “receiving” this or that or the other. In reality they are receiving diddly squat. What they ARE receiving is systematic genocide leading up to premeditated complete annihilation. And if this is permitted to happen… make no mistake or illusion…ALL of us are next.

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  20. The state and federal governments won’t fund regional gardens. And most of the murris are too tired to wield a hoe. Ed


  21. Thanks Tony there are interesting parallels here. Nugget Coombs was Governor of the Reserve Bank and a closet communist as
    historians are aware and you will notice on Noel Pearson’s board is a representative of the Reserve Bank of Australia. Ed


  22. Thanks, D.

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  23. Ray Spinks… You are so right. Government forces them down and then the bigots kick them in the head for being down

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  24. This is not what the social workers wanted to hear and so CDEP was installed in Yuendumu and Galiwin’ku in 1978. That same day, Buthimang’s market garden closed down because there were no workers available. CDEP destroyed every Aboriginal business. Today, he wants to start a garden on his homeland of Muthamul but since forced evacuation after Cyclone Lam, 7 years ago, government refuses to clear the cyclone-destroyed track or replace the plastic water tank that burned in wildfire, thanks to government removal of residents.
    Does that answer your question, Mavis? Government destroys every attempt by Aborigines to rise up and develop their own economy. Your government.

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  25. Mavis: Buthimang Dhurrkay spontaneously started a market garden in 1964, and exported fruit and vegetables to surrounding communities, raising nutritional levels spectacularly.

    Social security did a survey of communities regarding Unemployment Benefits and every community said a big loud NO. “If we get sit-down money the young people won’t work” they said.

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  26. This is racial discrimination, and abuse.
    They are back to treating Aboriginals as second class citizens again.
    Treating them as nothing more then animals is a discrimination of the worst type, Against a beautiful race of peaceful that have been targeted since Cook arrived uninvited.

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  27. Buying votes but they may not understand the terms and conditions of the deal.

    Provides TAE40116 Training and Assessment + Upgrade Courses


  28. A race and a nation in its tribes that is less than 5% of the population living on the Australian continent is being given land by the Politburo of a UN CoVID Regime posing as an Australian government. This also sounds very much to me like an ethnostate.

    And typical of Marxist Leninists and the lawless entity, legal fiction of a Marxist Leninist gov’t completely alienated from the founding document of the Australian state (the 1901). What is not surprising is they are totally unresponsive to the other 95%.

    At least they can recognize this less than 5% of the population as a race and a nation in its tribal demographics. I’ll give them that. However. It can not seem to bring into view the majority of people living here as Australians except in terms of demographic diversity. Their take on this is: the more the better.
    The more weird religions and exotic ethnicities with disgusting customs like torturing animals for adrenochrome and family sexual relations with livestock and children – that we all have to respect – the better. Not to mention Diversity entitlement to crime with bizarre categories like ‘sexual emergency’ for rape and ‘heat stressed youth’ for riot and mayhem. But I digress.

    I would like to assume that the people who immigrated here to become naturalised Australians did so because they want to adapt to and live the Australian way of life as they found it when they arrive. Good choice.
    The world’s best address and Welcome.

    But the gov’t will set the quotas and cherry pick the categories. ‘Death to the Infidel’ on the immigration form. Fine. A colonial overlord from a Communist Bloc nation with a blood diamond business in a communist African colony like the Congo. Great. Or the CCP members and Big Kahunas who just bought Zim. So how much family allowance might the comrade wife and consorts be requiring? Then there is the happy prospect of all the young Black South Africans who plan to immigrate. Not to their liking it would seem is their own first world nation with a string of world firsts which their retarded ANC communist government (owned by the Soviet Union and Big Jew Bank) plunged into crime, chaos, corruption of failed Marxist statehood. ESKOM is load sharing. Having completely Detroited the beautiful nation handed to them by the Communist Revolution against Africa, the Blacks need a White society with all the first world amenities. They will be wanting to come over here and sing ‘Kill the Boer’. They will be calling at the embassies of the White nations and swiping their cards on the Soros Payroll. https://rmx.news/article/europes-migration-problems-set-to-worsen-as-survey-show-more-than-half-of-young-africans-plan-to-emigrate/.

    Against the Boer

    A completely different story at the immigration counter of the Australian embassy will be Mr and Mrs racially and ethnically European, Christian with family, all speaking English. Nyet. Nyet. Nyet. There won’t be any Australian quotas for systemically racist, colonial oppressors.

    The Albanese Entity is going to import more prospectives to take the jobs of all the people whose livelihood he worked to ruin in the CoVID Operation he helped and is helping to run. For sure he will be running a Labor Party Lord Mandelson immigration operation.


  29. In 1987, such rocket bases were banned by the Commonwealth because the rocket and missile exhausts are too toxic and were deemed a threat to the human population. Now, apparently, they are not. (To be continued)

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  30. Parallel with the entry of DEAL, is ELA… Equatorial Launch Australia, which has established a double launching pad on Aboriginal land 40 Ks from Nhulunbuy. Although it is firmly claimed this is purely a civilian operation, in 2018, a discussion was intercepted online, between Australian Defence and the US corporations, Raytheon and Lockheed Martin. 2018 NT Govt budget estimates clearly state the installation is to enable expansion of the US Military.

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  31. Stage two of the colonial conquest was the establishment of Develop East Arnhem Land (DEAL), run by a board dominated by three controllers from the Media, US Military, and US Mining… the 3Ms. Although 90% Aboriginal population in that region is indigenous, no Aborigines are on the Board. The entire purpose is to install white businesses on Aboriginal land to replace indigenous as they die out, precipitated by Government genocidal practices, expedited by mRNA jabs.

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  32. Mavis, various types of farming have been tried up CYP over decades. Unfortunately you need to turn up to work every day and the native population just don’t. Same for everything else. Lots of books on the subject in local libraries, section 900 upwards. Interesting reads. There was a time when Aboriginal stockmen were invaluable. Authors leave you in no doubt as to why they eventually failed.


  33. Instead of a Northern Land Council coordinating tribal consensus and assisting with expertise and documentation, a giant power pyramid was created, with lawyers and complicit anthropologists at the top of the hierarchy, and the tribes relegated to monthly visits by “representatives” to HQ to be fed bullshit. The chairman, Gallarrwuy Yunupingu, was nurtured long ago to become a leader, a role alien to Aboriginal culture. The NLC personnel are either white professionals or urban Aborigines who have no language or cultural knowledge; which creates the appearance of Aboriginalisation.

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  34. What is happening to North Queensland is an investment banker colonial conquest pioneered in the Northern Territory’s Top End. We all need to learn this history in order to protect our future.

    In the early 1970s, what was envisaged was the establishment of a land council to coordinate each Aboriginal language group’s family consensus on land use issues. In 1973, when David Rockefeller invited Rupert Murdoch to become an American and take over the Zionist tax minimisation schemes and media empire, Rockefeller then learned that Aboriginal tribal consensus protocols would predictably obstruct mining and other mineral and gas projects, so the Rothschild’s man in Australia, former RBA founding Governor, Nugget Coombs, was sent north on a secret mission to overturn the proposal.

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  35. When the Chinese take over this country as punishment from God for white Australians permitting such abominable practices as child murder (abortion) and sodomite “marriage”, the Aborigines will suddenly find themselves without a political voice and with precious little if any land, and the whole Aboriginal rights industry will be consigned to history. Good riddance, I say.


  36. Why don’t they grow their own fruit and vegetables?


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