No excuses for health professionals

Letter to the Editor

I do not feel one bit sorry for ‘respected’ doctor who got dismissed because he refused the vaxx for HIMSELF in NOVEMBER 2021 and then got dismissed. OH Boo-hoo..

When is this man going to discover that he has a pair? Did he ever swear to the Hippocratic Oath? To hell with his research. There is no substitute for simply doing your f….. job – however humble – with integrity. The evidence about the Corona Hoax 2020 and the Plague Shot 2021 was on the table from the start. It was available and mounting from the start. No one would have understood this better than a health professional – even a health professional a lot further down the pecking order than a specialist.

The word ‘M’ for moderation and genocide do not occur in the same sentence.

From the beginning of this standard issue Communist genocide, the official website of the UK posted that “As of 19 March 2020, CoVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious deisease (HCID) in the UK.” [ And this information would have been available to every Health Dept in the world ] ” There are many diseases which can cause serious illness which are not classified as HCID” – like influenza for example which kills millions of immuno-compromised people every year.

This information would have been available to the Communist States of Australia, Canada, the US and all the other United [Communist] Nations which mandated and enforced a plague shot on their populations – a plague shot that is certainly tanking the immune systems of both vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.

You want to hear a courageous testimony listen to a senior NHS board member and senior nurse who was saying just after the mandates upon the UK population went into force universally through the NHS and the public, private sectors – medical ethics and protocols went into the dumpster. Listen to how her colleagues were treating her (and had been doing for months) when she gave this heartbreaking interview to UK Column. You can’t tell me this exact same scenario was not being played out at the Mater and every other hospital in this country.

People from within the system were attempting speak out as this person was from as early as Feb. 2021. But they were threatened, muzzled, terminated and stood down.

from Lyndesy Symonds

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi aapkoning, Yes what you say is very true. “The pen is mightier than the sword” etc. So much is open to interpretation – hence how words can often be misconstrued and even weaponised.


  2. D Johnston, Yes Indeed you have Inferred, “Well Done” As expected…Your reply is pretty good, thanks. Your context – you get my meaning, can also be my direction towards whatever. I sort of was reading between your words. Often what’s not being written can be very important.

    I have to be careful, with words because many readers might object — written/spoken words can be sharpers than knives… “These days have slowed my fingers down on the key board, and often read again/think about my comments and sleep on it.”

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  3. Hi aapkoning, Hahaha thanks for the translation and word tour…I love all the intricacies of language. I had used ‘drift’ in the context of “you get my ‘meaning’…” Funnily, if I had instead just said what I was inferring! then that probably would have been ‘sprite’.


  4. To Dandy, Prestige, Money, Power, Respect.
    Re your: “It took courage for well paid Health Professionals to walk away (while gagged).”
    Easy, you follow the truth, or Lies, or see the above…
    OR feeling important, being part of the Trial Research group!?
    What a lot of people do not realise: In France they Say:
    “Tout Casse — Tout Passe.”
    Meaning, “Everything breaks — and goes away…”

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  5. Yes, davidd2 – History repeating itself. Pity every day!


  6. D Johnston, Hello D: Sorry not X / R rated at all, so hopefully the screen stays intact…
    “Well in a nutshell” The word means:
    Full of Sprite, Being Stubborn, Headstrong, Gutsy, also pending the sentence, “An short or long drift, being a lane, way, track. “But being called a Driftkop” Might be short-fused. Could well be negative, pending how the DRIFT – Power is being controlled! (Kop) means of course (Head). A person entity – without a temper – sprite, is not human. We all should be proud of our temper, guts, and being full of SPRITE.
    If one is drifting along that negative, like doling along… Then the Sprite is being killed off. Last any mistakes are completely FREE… LOL Hm Hm…

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  7. Hi ron, re your reply to lyndesymonds: “Your above comment indicates that you are not happy with the harm and death being caused to innocent people – I would say that makes you caring and compassionate.” Yes I completely agree. The unwarranted nasty attack on lyndesymonds (another valued contributor), didn’t even make sense – they clearly had the wrong end of the stick and so should invest more time in working on their level of comprehension. And maybe do a cleanse.

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  8. lindesymonds – “I continue to be angry with the United [Communist] Nations CoVID Regime in all Western nations / Australia. And for what they have done to the people”

    Your above comment indicates that you are not happy with the harm and death being caused to innocent people – I would say that makes you caring and compassionate.

    You may not have any kind words about those who are causing the harm and death, I am also angry about what they have done and they are still getting away with.

    I do not see many comments in Cairns News praising the tyrants and their lackeys who are responsible for all the damage that has been done, by the said grubs.

    I very much dislike hypocrites, you are not one. The person who recently had a go at you is likely a hypocrite. To run someone down and at the same time do the same thing themselves (be uncompassionate) is likely being a hypocrite.

    In concern of the mess we are all in (Plandemic, NWO, etc) pass the mung beans, lets all meditate – will not get us out of the mess. Don’t get me wrong I do like mung beans and meditation..

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  9. Last Wednesday the AHPRA case returned into VCAT, the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal, with Maria the Applicant, against AHPRA and the Pharmacy board of Australia.

    EFP’s (Educate for Protection) made the opening statement that the TERRITORY OF QUEENSLAND is equal to the NT and ACT – no upper house!
    This means Palaszczuk is NOT A PREMIER but a CHIEF-MINISTER and CANNOT MAKE a national law. (No Premiers or Governors can be appointed from a Territory).

    Andrews latest contract to build a Mega-MODERNA Factory, August 2022, was mentioned, and called into question; it was signed while a Copyright and Trademark issue exists with the State of Victoria & First Nation People – The Majagi Nation, NT. – for unlawful use of the Kangaroo on the State of Victoria – Coat of Arms. (NSW and WA – same issue!).

    This is a Wake-Up Call for all Australians.
    More to come next week!

    Source rumble video:
    Zoom Meeting Monday, 29 August 2022

    PS readers: Having a lot of misses to post this news!


  10. I just came across this. Have a look at this link where people are reporting stories about vaccines mostly health professionals. Looks like just began the 25th August. Horrific already. I will try and post link to stories separately.

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  11. Hi Ron, I continue to be angry with the United [Communist] Nations CoVID Regime in all Western nations / Australia. And for what they have done to the people I am going to be against them until the day I finally go. We are now in the ‘buy back’ stage of an abusive relationship, but I maintain a high degree of anger towards the Regime. And I channel it into many creative, oppositional activities on a daily basis. People who have collaborated with a Communist Regime, then switched sides when implementation of these mandatory injections affects them personally and adversely do not automatically get my tick of approval because they now want to tell their ‘poor me’ story.

    I am quite OK with being an uncompassionate bigoted moron. I am sure that is how I come across to a lot of people. That’s how they see it. And there is nothing wrong with their truth.

    Shopping recently with family members (and shopping with Gran is a huge trial for them and an embarrassment) we were kindly assisted by a staffer. He assisted me personally with the very fine print on a number of cans as I refuse to purchase any Halal or Kosher product. And I sincerely thanked him for this. Then, one of my older grandchildren decided to patiently explain in the tone reserved for my behaviour (which he also considers bigoted and moronic): “that is because she won’t pay a food tax to the Ummah or the Synagogue”. The eyeshadowed brow of our helpful staffer furrowed and his eyeliner crinkled. And my Grandson (never missing a beat) told me : “She’s probably never met anyone with your type of diet before”. And when he looked to our helpful staffer for approval, he was rewarded with a big A-Team smile. I said to my Grandson: “Well now he has, dear.” That did it. This comment was not gender-polite and constituted an oppressive, bigoted micro-aggression with reference to a person who has suffered. My Grandson was clearly pained at the thought of our helpful staffer’s gender trauma. Now he was the Offendee and he reminded me that his pronoun is ‘she’, that it is the store policy for customers and staff to use ‘she’ with reference to ‘her’ person. And I told him that neither he nor the store is going to tell me what to say. I do so enjoy being a moronic bigot I may have to get an avatar.

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  12. To D.J. That’s why I posted that video I came across. I always thought was extremely suspect. Cairns News was all over Port Arthur (yes I was slow on it). So let’s see what they do with that link


  13. Yes aapkoning would love to know…I think…. unless it comes with an X rating and blows up the screen hahaha. Tried finding the translation but just ended up confused and none the wiser.

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  14. aapkoning: “What’s an EXPERIMENT? ? Trial ? Then many will feel important”

    True enough, aapkoning, a moron elevated to the status of a guinea pig would experience an elevated level of self importance. In which case I wholeheartedly support injections for them. My only fear is that the injections might not prove sufficiently fast acting and effective.

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  15. Yes D, You have got your – the – drift… Precisely D. Thanks for writing what you think…
    I’m not going to tell you yet, what the word “drift” means in Dutch.
    “Unless you want/like to know…”

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  16. Hi aapkoning, re: “ron. some people might say: What’s an EXPERIMENT? ? Trial ?
    Then many will feel important,,,Hm Hm… Just forget about the consequences.”
    OMG you may be on to something there! I hadn’t even remotely considered that subset of ‘mentality’. Although much like the face nappy wearers, it would be another form of virtue signalling eh? In which case….well I’m not going to say it…but you will get my drift Hm Hm…

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  17. ron. some people might say: What’s an EXPERIMENT? ? Trial ?
    Then many will feel important,,,Hm Hm… Just forget about the consequences.

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  18. Hi Blisskit, Re: “documentary on the Christchurch shootings. Interesting to say the least.” Yes, well I can assure you this has long been the held opinion of most New Zealanders – and most telling of all, also the Muslim community who were so evily ‘sacrificed’.
    Brenton Tarrant = just another Patsy as was Martin Bryant. Engineered not only to disarm the population (which was an epic fail) but also to garner mass government support during the already well planned scamdemic rollout – which occurred not that long after. That hasn’t worked out well either.

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  19. lindesymonds – “Health Professionals being intimidated by the Communist State with CoVID Correctness should have been the first to close ranks and step up with their unions in defense of their own professional ethics. and medical protocols. They did not”.

    100% agree with your comments.


  20. Many Doctors, of course trust the system – simply because most do not question any thing.


  21. Yes, I have heard it all before, “I was just following orders.”


  22. Joy – “Lyndesy, your non compassionate, unforgiving comments (only in my opinion) put you in the class of bigoted moron.”

    You would no doubt also put me in the non compassionate basket as well.

    Before you accuse someone of not being like yourself, you need to find out if individuals have suffered and been to hell and back due to the plandemic.
    There have been many suicides by such people.

    Could you understand that someone who has lost a job, lost their health, lost a family member or friend, lost a business, etc, etc, could be less than enthusiastic about supporting and feeling sorry for those who pushed the plungers that injected toxins, poisons and who knows what else into adults, children, and (in the near future)) babies.

    Before I run somebody down (very rare for me) I like to look at / find out about the individuals circumstances.

    Sometimes throwing mud at someone can end up being thoughtless and uncompassionate..

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  23. Lyndesy, your non compassionate, unforgiving comments (only in my opinion) put you in the class of bigoted moron. I’m highly against the jabs and would not ever have an experimental ANYTHING.
    Everyone has a right to grow through their mistakes and evolve into better human beings. Everyone “awakens” in their own time or not and it is not for anyone to judge.
    1. Most who took the jab have possibly speeded up their own death anyway.
    2. I bet you have not awakened to many parts of your own character as we all need further personal insights, including myself.
    3 Dr Luke has added more to his profession NOW by bringing forward his own clinical trials which the majority of Doctors still have not done in Oz.
    4 There are those in any community who are late to various awarenesses & Dr Luke is one of those but he NOW has the courage to come forward & others might now follow him. He has more courage than the medical Profession who resigned when the hoax arrived and have said nothing so everyone assumes there are a very small minority who have not been jabbed, which is a blatant lie.
    5. I also think the Oz people are compliant, or hypopcondriacs, & life has been too good so there is heaps of “suffering in silence” from the Jabs rather than a nation wide uproar which should be happening.
    6. I celebrate every person who has changed sides to bat on the Unjabbed team with us. Lindesy, i invite you to develop compassion for others who want to bat on our non-Vaxed team & love yourself to a deeper level to have more tolerance for those who have different paced life journeys than yourself., then I can rescind my personal opinion of you being a “bigoted un-compassionate moron”.
    in peace and good will to all


  24. The CoVID criminals that must be sought for are the CoVID Regime of the National Cabinet, the CHOs, the AHPRA commissars and the top brass in Operation CoVID Shield and the police above the ‘vaccine is not mandatory for you’ pay grade. Especially of interest will be those who gave orders to militarized police to enforce the mandates that violate human and civil rights as well statute laws like the Biosecurity Act. These are the people who must be investigated with a view to criminal charges being laid across the board.

    I consider Australia to be a nation and I believe the Persons of Interest acted against the population of Australia in terms of loss of life, family, health, business, job, occupation, home, necessities. The effects of the social and economic take-down are now rolling across the community and being felt in every sector – thus compounding the harm they have done.

    Health Professionals being intimidated by the Communist State with CoVID Correctness should have been the first to close ranks and step up with their unions in defense of their own professional ethics. and medical protocols. They did not. Rather, they chose to be herd animals and implement a medical experiment on the population, police their own ranks for non-compliance and deny the adversities of these biotech injections. Their professional bodies to this day deny that prion disease is now endemic in the population, etc. As a profession, they deserve all the loss of respect, trust and co-operation they are going to get. As hospitals become overwhelmed with vaxx/transmission casualties they continue to argue: ‘it was ever thus’ – staff shortages, resources etc have been stretched for years. They continue to slap a ‘long covid’ diagnosis on people who are presenting with the adversities of the vaccines. Meanwhile the valiant QAS soldiers on. Those who occupy the middle ranks of Australian Health System worked right through 2020 and what was supposed to be a global pandemic, yet when it came to the vaxx mandates of 2021 – if they refused to get vaxxed or advocated for the vaxx injured, they were drummed out of professions they had spent years of education and training to join.

    The loss of these people to the community can not be calculated.

    At a taxi rank last week-end I saw a fifty something woman setting on the public bench waiting for her taxi. The colour of her complexion, slump and obvious chest pain would have stopped anyone who knew anything about health. A man was seated beside her and explaining why he had called the ambulance. But she was less concerned about the heart attack she appeared to be having than she was about going to hospital.

    Speaking with a young police woman at a community event (a few weeks ago) she told me that to assist the QAS and the hospitals BOTH the police and the fire departments are now driving patients to casualty. When asked : “Since when?” She said : ‘Since 2021’. When I said: “Since the year of the gov’t mandated injections?” She replied: “It isn’t that. Resources have been stretched for too many years.”

    And it is still early days….


  25. On a completely different note here is a documentary on the Christchurch shootings. Interesting to say the least.


  26. DandyI – “It will remain difficult for people to sift out those Health professionals (whether Doctor, Nurse or Pharmacist) who may have knowingly done harm”

    Most of my working life involved direct contact with upset, aggressive, violent, and gone ballistic individuals. They were on recreation drugs, alcohol, had mental health problems, or were just peeved off with the world or somebody in it, or all of the above at the same time.

    If they were peeved of with members of certain groups such as police, security, government departments, nurses, doctors, etc, they would often vent their aggression and/or violence toward any member of that certain group.

    It could be that a person (especially an intoxicated one) would not necessarily seek out a known individual for blame – they could simply lay the blame on any member of a group that caused them or a family member or friend harm or death.

    If that happens, everybody involved suffers, including the person doing the damage. No winners, all a sad mess.

    We will be dealing with human nature and likely intoxicated individuals who are not going to be all that happy about being lied to for well over two years, and the lock-downs, useless mask wearing, loss of jobs, etc, etc.


  27. daviddd2 – Re informed consent. Someone attached this link… video..

    He says that those doctors who did not give informed consent will be liable and can be sued by those who suffered side effects or by those who lost loved ones. Maybe they will be made the scapegoats down the track?


  28. Being the pedant I am I feel compelled to observe that the word “Genocide”is being misused in this instance and through this misuse the enormity of the criminality is diluted. Genocide derives from the Greek “genea” meaning a race or generation. In this instance Democide would be the proper term. Some of the players in this obscenity are bent on reducing the world’s population, regardless of race or ethnicity. This is the destruction/elimination of “the people”(demos).


  29. Lyndesy, here’s an idea for that doctor. S/he makes an appointment to see a doctor and asks about getting the convid jab and what is involved in informed consent. The consulting doctor should be able to produce a standard list of side-effects (head ache, sore arm and 4 or 5 other effects). Produce a printout of Pfizer’s Cumulative Analysis of Post-authorization Adverse Event Reports (the one the FDA tried to hide from the public for 75 years) Appendix 1 – List of Adverse Events of Special Interest which runs to 9 pages. Ask the consulting doctor why s/he is still recommending giving the jab. Send response to AHPRA and TGA by certified mail. Entangle every single doctor still involved in this shit.


  30. Jen: “no informed consent? Ok maybe they didn’t know the ingredients then, but they did know it was an experimental trial (and still is) and that side effects were not known in the short or long term. This much was definitely known.”

    Amen! Bullying and threatening people into SUBMISSION and effectively forcing them to be injected EXPERIMENTALLY is Dr Mengele stuff! No two ways about it!

    In fact, forcing people into physical submission and into being pricked is otherwise known as RAPE. And I don’t much care for whose benefit and joy it is supposed to be.


  31. And another thing, how could they give the jab but no informed consent? Ok maybe they didn’t know the ingredients then, but they did know it was an experimental trial (and still is) and that side effects were not known in the short or long term. This much was definitely known. I do understand that they were all sent letters telling them they were to go along with the narrative and were not allowed to say anything against the vax – but even this should have raised a red flag and caused them to do some research of their own.

    In my view, they are all complicit. The doctor that resigned in November for not taking the jab, surely he saw all the harm being caused well before then to his patients.. why not speak out before that?


  32. Too many foot soldiers marching in perfect sync… governments, bureaucrats, media, doctors and the sheeple. That means it’s no accidental coincidence of views but a well drilled exercise subject to threat of punishment and isolation, from the top down.

    Too many buckled too quickly and that only empowered the Andrews, Palashchook and Hazzard type psychopaths and their jackboot enforcers..

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  33. To Ron,

    It will remain difficult for people to sift out those Health professionals (whether Doctor, Nurse or Pharmacist) who may have knowingly done harm by having their own reservations, and those who were just plain ignorant.

    It is shameful however, that the Doctor-Patient relationship has been interfered with.
    Trust had to be it’s foundation.

    If people want justice then maybe they should direct their attention to the Media and the Registration bodies who set out to silence debate about this very risky clinical trial which had no long term data, yet to be recorded adverse effects, and no full list of ingredients to examine….

    Or look further up the chain to who endorsed and used MSM and the Registration Board for their own purpose$.

    Going after a Doctor is like cutting off a branch without digging out the rotten tree.

    Why was debate stifled for such an important topic?
    In a so called ‘free democracy’?
    Why did radios and MSM call for the blood of the ‘vaccine hesitant’ and call them vile name$?
    What was in it for them?

    Meanwhile the same system rolls on.
    Completely ignorant?
    Or willingly complicit?

    I would say probably both.


  34. Dandy

    I believe that many will not bother to seek justice from corporation courts – they may well seek their own type of justice. There is already a video doing the rounds showing such justice attempted to be inflicted on a doctor in Australia.

    Not something that I would suggest should happen, I dislike any violence, had way too much of it in the health system job. .


  35. To Ron, I note your comment “It was brainwashing with a high level of planned panic and ramped up pressure to comply – to follow the dictates without question”

    I agree that there was an air of ‘anticipation’ and ‘challenge’ in the air which captivated some in the Profession.
    It was a Public health emergency that they would be part of, a historical moment.
    They would accept and diligently prepare for the coming highly infectious and deadly disease.
    From that point of view, the public would have had an assurance of their commitment towards them.
    They were ready.

    Now we see one of their ‘Chiefs’ recently back down somewhat in his messaging as though the ‘covid’ hype was just a minor error of judgement….

    It has been said that getting the Health Professionals first on board was a strategic move.
    The public would accept it if they accepted it.

    But in strategic places there was a notable change of guard.
    Staff were being moved on, and new ones were Acting in their place.
    All the pieces were being lined up (for something).

    A very difficult almost impossible web to untangle.

    and this: “For those of us who survive this mess, especially those who will have lost family and friends – we will want answers”.

    Even if we have answers, I don’t think we will have justice Ron.
    The Judiciary seem to have been ‘hijacked’ long ago.
    At least it looks that way so far for those who have been trying.


  36. To aapkoning, your link serves as a reminder that Doctors were conned as well. I’m pretty sure they would not have participated if they had been given the truth.
    They don’t generally have a death wish.

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  37. Dandy

    I agree with most of your comments.

    I was in the health system but had to get out when staff were getting the second jab.

    There was only one side to the story from any nurse, doctor, allied health, management. There was no room for fully informed consent, it was comply or suffer the consequences.

    It was brainwashing with a high level of planned panic and ramped up pressure to comply – to follow the dictates without question.

    Doctors and nurses that I had known for many years quickly fell into line, they were not game to challenge the narrative or ask questions about the safety and actual contents of the jab. Or why they were injecting an experiment.

    They did not know the ingredients of the jab, hell they never knew any / all of the ingredients in any jab. Why would they have to know, they were just doing their job. Really, that old worn out excuse again.

    Many appeared to relish the new powers they now had over other people.
    There was a new (exciting) game in town and they owned it all. The mask Nazi nurses were loving every minute of it.

    For those of us who survive this mess, especially those who will have lost family and friends – we will want answers.

    Just doing my job or I was under pressure from management, will not be an acceptable reply..


  38. Unless you were in the system then you cannot make such judgements.

    Health Professionals had their Infectious Disease teams doing webinars about the novel injections for staff to watch. It was being played down. The spike protein was not believed to cause any issue. Questions raised were given assurance.

    In an environment where new drugs come on the market all the time, this in itself was not cause for alarm.

    It is an Allopathic system which is divided into many parts and many Specialities.

    The Infectious Disease Departments with Public Health Departments were the ones relaying the messaging to staff.

    In this hierarchal system trust is built that those in their own Specialities are experts in their field.

    Any Health Professional who stepped down when there were calls to roll up their sleeves or leave, did so mostly because they were thinking outside the square, or on a hunch or a feeling of uneasy, not because of the messaging they themselves were given.

    If you want to be angry, go further up the food chain.
    Much further up.
    Or go sideways.

    Ask yourself why Epidemiologists were the ‘experts’ of the day and why they were not able to find the real data.
    Ask yourself why a ‘conspiracy theorists’ could find it, but they couldn’t.

    Ask yourself why the Australian Medical Association (AMA) which is non compulsory for all Doctors had so much say.
    Why did their comments matter?

    Ask yourself why Infectious Disease Departments were prepared to throw out what they understood herd immunity to mean.
    Why is it that they accepted that herd immunity once meant natural immunity in the Community (by the herd) to now meaning it was only achieved by herd vaccination.

    Ask yourself why Infectious Disease Departments thought it made sense to have people walking around in dirty, filthy used masks as if that would make any difference at all.
    Why did they never raise this issue?

    There are many discrepancies to previously held beliefs in a system which has been hijacked.

    It took courage for well paid Health Professionals to walk away (while gagged).

    Grief has many stages, anger is one of them.
    I get that.
    Eventually, as part of the grief cycle we will all have to resolve that what just went down, went down.

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  39. Lyndesy Symonds: “I do not feel one bit sorry for ‘respected’ doctor who got dismissed because he refused the vaxx for HIMSELF in NOVEMBER 2021 and then got dismissed. OH Boo-hoo.. When is this man going to discover that he has a pair? ”

    I presume the discovery took place if not before but at least when he refused to be injected and paid the price. What is your point? I’m struggling to identify it.


  40. Your comment is totally ambiguous. You say you do not feel one bit sorry for respected doctor who got dismissed because he refused a medical experiment to be injected into his body. What happened to the good old saying “my body my choice” as blatantly blasted out by the pro abortionists when it comes to aborting full term babies. Why should anyone have a vaccine they don’t want.
    Many doctors screamed NO to this experiment from day 1. I know of several doctors who were de-registered because they refused to support the deadly Covid vaccine. This vaccine has been proven to be more deadly than all vaccines combined in the last 70 years. You forgot to mention the oath Doctors take to do no harm. You say the corona hoax was evident from day 1 – well try telling that to the idiot Doctors I have met on the Gold Coast in the last two years whom are totally knee deep and supportive of the Covid BS !!! I have lost all faith in the medical profession. My research shows most Doctors/Medical Professionals rely on information from their own Medical Boards and Pharmaceutical Companies. Lots of information is only coming to light now , not from day 1 as you suggest. It was a blatant fear campaign from day 1 – I can say that because I have been reading and researching for the past 20 years.

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  41. Mar 22, 2021
    Greg Hunt “…the largest global vaccination trial ever”
    “The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever” according to Health Minister Greg Hunt.

    Some doctors stood up and laid their careers on the line in warning people. Hats off to them, truly magnificent human beings who can hold their heads high!

    But just what did any of the gutless majority of pos doctors NOT understand about the injection binge? None of them knew it was TOTALLY experimental medical treatment?

    Are they now seriously prepared to plead ignorance, and therefore stupidity? Pfffftt! Fk them. Shame on them for being cowards. Shame on them for quietly going along with the Dr Mengele playbook and looking the other way.

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  42. Lyndesy Symonds – Good article well explained in a few paragraphs.

    Fully agree.

    They bloody well knew early on in the plandemic. – the word EXPERIMENT should have been the first warning sign.

    They are so called highly intelligent experts in their fields of practice.
    I am not considered to be highly intelligent or an expert, I figured it out in the first month of the supposed pandemic.

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  43. It will ONLY stop when people stop complying. “World-wide.”
    Hundreds of Canadian doctors dead: Genocide confirmed after 4th booster made mandatory for medical field.
    More than 30 deaths of young, healthy Canadian doctors can only be explained as being killed by the vaccine. Stew Peters did an episode investigating the deaths of Canadian doctors after vaccine mandates rolled out. But here’s new info that’s even more shocking, writes Steve Kirsch. his web-link available in the main website. Including 13 different languages…


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