Australia’s DESPICABLE Covid response 2022

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Australia’s health bureaucrats, state premiers, federal politicians (and anyone else who mocked and vilified the unvaccinated) should ALL hang their heads in SHAME.

The day of reckoning is drawing close so if you are vaccine free and have been bullied by the vaccinated make a detailed record for a class action is just around the corner

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Come in Spinner. The New Scientist has noted: “there are thousands more UK deaths than usual and we don’t know why.” Jason Arunn Murugesu ( 1 Sept 2022)

    To the NHS in the UK this would seem to be a real stumper. Actually. We know why but it is not CoVID Correct to say so and indeed, saying so could get you sacked from your job – especially in the NHS.

    Even the British Medical Journal (a BigPHarma peer reviewed POS) has had to admit that the UK health officials are trying to nut it out.

    This phenome is not confined to the US and UK. Excess deaths are being noted in many nations and they are mounting. Australia is putting ‘soaring excess death rates’ down to [drum roll please] : ‘Omicron’. Yes children. The dreaded Omicron stalks 1 in 5 ‘covid’ survivors who may develop ‘Omicron’ in the year after covid infection. This is why we must continue to mask and socially distance. By covid infection they are probably talking about the ‘nouvelle SARS-MERS’ Cov-2 virus’ never isolated from any human tissue of which there was much ado in the 2020 Pandemic declared by Ethiopian former Gook Terrorist Tedros. That covid infection. And this has put it on the radar of the ABS that we have excess deaths in Australia 20% in excess than the historical average for Jan and Feb 2022.

    Worryingly (for some), the medical and scientific communities still claim to be unable to pin point that elusive cause. And The New Scientist has probably been threatened not even to entertain the possibility it could be – you know.
    6 Sept 2022

    Genocides are basically in poor taste and tank the box office.

    Regardless of what the politutes are doing in the legislative assemblies and the Parliament – it is the Politburo [National Cabinet] and Operation CoVID Shield which will be shielding these genociders from public scrutiny.


  2. Re: TGA – Product information see here –

    Also on the Dr. William Bay page I have posted a lot of information.

    Greatest thanks to Reignite Democracy Australia, Cairns News, Crazzfiles, Australian National Review, Politicom (Paul Collitis), Tott News and many other wonderful websites giving the truth to the people of what’s REALLY GOING ON.


  3. I just posted another comment about a previous TGA product information I had kept originally – makes very interesting reading – I posted it and logged into wordpress and as usual it promptly disappeared. ( Only one link ie the TGA link). This is so sad that we cannot get these things posted.


  4. Should mention Allan Joyce of Qantas for bullying belittling and discrimination something as a gay man he should be well aware of.


    The CDC’s about-face appears to be politically motivated, to give the Biden administration a “win” before the midterm elections.
    Post-election plans include “the biggest vaccination campaign in history,” so tyrannical overreaches may later resume, even as mounting data show the COVID shots are causing depopulation.


  6. Totalitarian control and obedience, tip toeing into our lives. The Qld Gestapo has clearly gone out of control. And the Qld Reichstag still has not been burned down? Amazing!

    Has Australia TRULY come to this sort of civil service abuse and nobody cares?


  7. Docking wages for 18 weeks. Already lost money as stood down no pay. Read the article maybe more waking up or just realising backside on the line


  8. Just heard on the fwit box that Qld is instituting wage penalties for teachers who are not injected with the experimental bio-engineering injections. And Apparently on making the announcement the “authorities” said that the teachers are lucky they haven’t been sacked!!!!!

    Anybody know anything more? Is this the start of the Australian social DEBIT system? If so, the purveyors of this shit should be extinguished from public life immediately.

    Where are the unions when the workers most need them? The treachery everyday Australians are subject to is astounding!

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  9. We are an island nation of so many good people, we know we are on the edge of total depopulation – destruction, Surely we must be able to take matters in hand, NOW — very little time left.
    The mass slaughter of the HUMAN HERD is now underway… here’s exactly how it works to achieve mass extermination.
    The globalists see humanity as livestock (or sheep) to be exploited for as long as necessary, and then slaughtered like a herd of livestock when they are no longer useful. As globalist advisor Yuval Harari now says (paraphrased), the era of the humans on planet Earth is coming to an end, and the globalists have put in motion a multi-faceted plan to “cleanse the planet of all humans,” writes Mike Adams.
    13 Different languages are available on the above website.
    Mike Adams – “Direct link also available on the website.”


  10. And perhaps this sign could be useful here. If your blood isn’t boiling by now it’s clotting!!!


  11. YES HAN, me to Info from Ron Unz… Hope people who read this last article from you, will read it MORE then once! Then the second time, and more until it sinks in… Thanks again… Pity I cannot do any better. Know why? Because it is the damn truth…


  12. Han, Your on the BALL. Thanks…


  13. Han, THIRD and Last, something went strange again?
    Now my last one…
    Missing text, see this time? –|YOUR WHOLE ARTICLE SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN|– > CAPS…


  14. THIRD and Last — TRY, Han, something went strange. Various bits of text is taken out every time?


  15. The second time Han, something went strange.


  16. Han, THANK YOU — NICE ONE,
    only one, >>> BUT<<>> CAPS…


  17. Your right Han, Last part your Quote: “‘Evil Dark Shadow Master, King Of All The Land’.
    Well “ScoMo*” was told by the WEF he* is ready !
    Like dr. Coleman: Will tell you, worse than your worst nightmare:
    The Great Reset is getting closer every day.
    Below part of the article.
    The elderly in nursing homes will be sitting ducks for the vaccinators with the new Moderna covid-19 shot. No one will stand up for them or protect them. How many will die because of it? And how can doctors and nurses do this? The answer is that they either do it because they are too stupid to ask questions or because they don’t care as long as the checks keep coming. “We just followed orders!” is their defense. That excuse didn’t work very well at the Nuremberg trials, and it won’t work well when doctors and nurses try to explain their slaughter of the elderly. How many elderly do you have to kill before you realize it’s wrong? dr. Shipman is no longer in the top 1,000 serial killers in the UK. Nursing homes in the United Kingdom should Dachau, should be called Auschwitz or Belsen. How many Jews do you have to kill before you decide it’s wrong? This time, however, Christians, Catholics and Muslims are also being slaughtered. I suppose that’s a nod to religious equality.

    War criminal Lord High Executioner Tony Blair, squire of the Royal Bathmat and henchman of Sir Klaus Schwab, has called for a poisonous, deadly booster to be given to every adult in Britain. And he wants to make wearing masks mandatory. And more protection for the failing NHS, which has betrayed millions. Blair, who has no medical qualifications and clearly knows nothing about the covid jab or the dangers of wearing a mask, is an existential threat to the health and well-being of British citizens. My friend Abit Bloted fears he is responsible for more deaths than the Yorkshire Ripper.

    13 Different languages available in above website.
    dr. Coleman: “Direct link also available in web site.”


  18. Reports have emerged that everybody’s favourite backbencher, ScoMo, secretly appointed himself to various ministry roles that were already occupied when he was Prime Minister.

    It has now come to light that he had much greater, and darker plans at play, and that he ultimately had one role in his sights: ‘Evil Dark Shadow Master, King Of All The Land’.

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  19. Hi dianedraytonbuckland,


    So true.

    A Bloomberg report states that both these companies in the year 2028, together will have investments in the amount of 20 trillion dollars. That means that they will own almost everything.

    BlackRock and Vanguard also own the Media and, of course, use their power to control entire nations by way of carefully orchestrated and centralised propaganda disguised as journalism.

    Is this why the media is not saying anything bad about Pfizer?…


  20. dianedraytonbuckland: “The Academic Institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the Pharmaceutical Industry.”

    Mammon’s little helpers!

    Like the wigs in the medical fraternity, in government, in the MSM and in the corporate sector. If not paid up in cash, then most certainly in “social credit” points and career prospects. Pfffft!


  21. Thank you, Joey.


  22. i will never take this Poison!

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  23. @Han, thankyou for your excellent contribution. ☑

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    The Medical Profession is being bought by the Pharmaceutical Industry, not only in terms of the practice of medicine, but also in terms of teaching and research.

    The Academic Institutions of this country are allowing themselves to be the paid agents of the Pharmaceutical Industry.
    I think it’s disgraceful.

    Arnold Seymour Relman (1923-2014) Harvard Professor of Medicine and Former Editor in Chief of the NEJM


  25. When people present any story from history they choose, and when governments prohibit people from investigating and exposing the story for factual detail by calling such investigation “denial” and racism punishable by prison, all decent people must wonder why the governments are protecting the facts from the light of day by force and coercion.

    Most people are unaware how much disinformation and propaganda was in fact distributed by the Soviet communists who were the first to enter the concentration camps in East Germany and behind the Iron Curtain.

    Interestingly it now appears there were no “death camps” in Western Germany and notorious Dachau “death camp” has been declared not to be an extermination camp. It is now not as evil as it was previously claimed to be. Also, the death tolls in Auschwitz have been massively revised by “the authorised authorities” and reduced from 4 million to 1 million.

    THAT in itself tells us that the previous story about the victim numbers was grossly FALSE and that the authorities and governments protected the falsity. The bulk of the anecdotal “witness evidence” at Nuremberg seems to be from the Eastern camps and was supported if not perhaps even manufactured by the Soviet communists who let their victor propaganda stories rip.

    Governments obviously declare themselves the protectors and arbiters of the “truth” they want us to accept and simply jail those who disagree. As they are currently doing with their pandemic declarations.

    EMPIRICAL EVIDENCE and TRUE SCIENCE were no bar to propaganda from the 1940s and they certainly are no bar to propaganda today.

    To be a “good citizen” with a good social credit score you simply need to OBEY the power and DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD. That’s not too hard, is it sheeple?


  26. Hi David,
    The Official International Red Cross records reveal the actual Concentration Camp death toll was 271, 301.

    Questioning the Holocaust is punishable in 16 European countries.
    See: wikipedia legality of holocaust denial
    Wikipedia was started two Jews: James Wales and Larry Sanger.

    From the Unz Review, March 8, 2018:
    How Israel and Its Partisans Work to Censor the Internet
    Israeli students paid to promote Israel on social media

    “Again in 2013, there was evidence of pro-Israel tampering with Wikipedia. Israel’s Ha’aretz reported that a social-media employee of NGO Monitor edited articles about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in an allegedly biased manner.”

    Questioning their Holocaust is not allowed for it will expose their Huge Lie and Money Spinner. The Holocau$t has therefore become a Dogma.

    Norman Finkelstein, the Jewish-American political scientist and author, published his book ‘The Holocaust Industry’ in 2000 and by then the German Government had already paid Israel $60 Billion. And Germany is still paying.

    “Much of the literature of Hitler’s Final Solution is worthless as scholarship, the field of Holocaust Studies is replete with nonsense if not sheer fraud.
    Given the Nonsense that is turned out daily by the Holocaust industry, the wonder is that there are so few skeptics”.

    Finkelstein’s parents were in Madjanek and Auschwitz and his mother made the comment: “With so many survivors who actually did Hitler kill?”

    Zyklon B was used to kill lice causing typhus, NOT to gas Jews.
    I read so much and watched so many documentaries about the “Holocaust” and Auschwitz. I went to Auschwitz in 2013 and stayed in the hotel right opposite the entrance of the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum.

    There was a plaque in 1948 with the inscription:

    That plaque got replaced in 1989 with the inscription:

    4 – 1.5 = 2.5 Why the sudden drop of 2.5 million?
    And the numbers are decreasing all the time.
    The 6 million figure still stands. That figure comes from their Torah prophecy: “You will return with 6 million less.”

    The truth is that thousands of babies were born in Auschwitz and millions of Jews survived the War.
    People in the camps were dying of starvation and typhus. The British and American planes bombed every train and truck that moved so that food could not reach the camps anymore.

    Anne Frank, her parents and sister Margot were taken from Amsterdam to Westerbork in the north-east of Holland. Then transported to Auschwitz where her mother died and her father Otto taken to hospital with typhus. Anne and Margot were then transported to Bergen-Belsen where both died of typhus in February 1945. Her diary is more than likely a total fraud.

    Here a very good article:
    American Pravda: Holocaust Denial – Analyzing the History of a Controversial Movement

    Ron Unz, the owner of the Unz Review, is an American Jew himself. I get at least 80% of my info from Jewish sources and find them very reliable. From Ron Unz, Norman Finkelstein, Gilad Atzmon, Shlomo Sand, etc., to the Rabbis.
    I also get the Times of Israel and the Jewish Telegraphic Agency daily in my inbox.

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  27. Seems the Red Cross is also remiss in telling us anything of the sort too. One has to wonder why questioning the official story is punishable as a crime in most of Europe since the 1990s but not for many years after WW2.

    It seems to be the only historical event whose official story is protected by the force of criminal sanctions. Is the force of evidence or lack thereof so great that its anecdotal infallibility merits special protection from genuine scientific or forensic analysis?

    One would think that genuine scientific or forensic analysis would have the effect of ensuring scientifically indisputable confirmation of the story, so why is it prohibited? Is the truth too scary and dangerous?


  28. Hi Joey,

    In the memoirs of Dwight Eisenhower 559 pages, Winston Churchill 4,448 pages (six volume), Charles de Gaulle 2,054 pages (three volumes), a total of 7,061 pages there is no mention at all of ‘Auschwitz’, ‘gas chambers’, ‘Holocaust’.

    The word “Holocaust” was not used before 1970. The Jews then decided to make the “Holocaust” a trade name or brand name to be marketed to the gullible.

    The 1988 Leuchter report demolished the existence of “gas chambers” in Auschwitz-Birkenau and Madjanek.

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  29. Yes your right, “All HOLLYhoax Tales…” — Steven Spielberg = Play-mountain…You can spot a Jew so easily, just read the name…Hmm Hmm… Einstein = One stone, Ha Ha…Stoned alright.


  30. @aapkoning, they are also using their fake holoHOAX testimonies to keep their SCAM going.

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  31. At the moment the Jew tribe is winning and they know it well, that the reason they are getting bolder… YES IN YOUR FACE…


  32. Han, Yes I just watched this one of the J Mob. And they are in your face if you are not spellbound. The J mob knows, <<< by telling the truth the Goyim does not accept the truth, only lies.
    See history is full of the J mob, Calling the furnace being black. Like most of the prosecutors during the Nuremberg 1 court cases, yes the majority were Jews. How many people do know that Churchill declared the war on Germany financed by Jewish money as always?
    Talking about German doctors doing evil deeds in WWII, look at this what the lovely Israelis do at the moment. "Human Embryos WITHOUT HEADS to be Grown in Mechanical Wombs."
    Soon we will be getting EVEN stranger Jew organs walking around. What next?


  33. SPOT ON — HAN, like it… Because it is the truth… Careful the Jew is getting shitty…


  34. To dianedraytonbuckland, your link from Malcolm Roberts and the legal issues surrounding INFORMED CONSENT lays it all bare.

    It’s heartening to know that there are Legal Firms that have this by the neck.

    Every injured, coerced and bullied Australian needs to read it, understand it, and realise the gravity of what has occurred.

    Unfortunately however, it doesn’t end there.
    There is a worldwide sense that they are really ramping up their Agenda…. whether they are ready or not.

    This they need to know: Next time, whatever they try to do, a vast majority of the world will not be so easily fooled.
    Once bitten, twice shy.
    You can’t unsee it.

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  35. lindesymonds – “should all face the WRATH of the Australian population”

    That wrath has already started and it will no doubt get much worse for the grubs who have caused harm and death to an ever increasing number of Australians..

    I spent most of my working life protecting people from violence, I do not condone violence, I do not look forward to any type of violence.

    So nothing to worry about from me. but I am not able to speak for those who have lost their jobs, lost houses, lost a business, lost family or friends, lost the will to keep going, or have just about had enough of the crap still being handed out by the grubs.

    There is the wrath of god and there is also the wrath of the people.


  36. BARRISTER Releases Bombshell Legal Opinion on Alleged Illegal Control of Doctor’s Conduct by AHPRA and the National Boards


  37. jo – So true,. Royal commissions, special investigations, inquiries, etc, run by the governments and/or courts, are cranked up when they need to whitewash something that may get out of control, that is,the people may take control of matters / the narrative.

    Those who run the whitewash, sorry, I mean Royal Commission, inquiry, etc, choose: who will run it, the members, which witnesses can attend or have any input, terms of references, what outcomes or recommendations are accepted, what is to be kept from the people, etc.

    In other words the people are under the thumb, under total control of those who run the narrative.

    So, a waste of time?
    Fair and just? Only as necessary to appease and bulls..t the people.

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  38. Hi aapkoning,

    Not only predicting: Openly boasting about it!

    When The Messiah Comes, The Goyim are Done (1 minute video)

    Just imagine if you put a video on the net: “When The Goyim Finally Wake Up, The Jews Are Done”.
    Your video would be immediately deleted for “hate speech”, “incitement”, etc.
    The Jews can do whatever they like because they control everything and everyone. That is Jewish Power.

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  39. roland13021954

    All the above comments have stolen my thunder . Bunnings will have to order in more rope.

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  40. And Yes Han, The Jew has been predicting this FOR YEARS…

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  41. jo: ” Scomo works for God and Albo strives for Australian democracy.”

    And we already know the result…. Mammonites: 1 – Aussies: 0

    Must be a better game in town somewhere.

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  42. Finally! Justice has arrived again. Don’t we Aussies love royal commissions? They are a bit like the Spanish inquisition in reverse. All guilty condemnable get rewarded during the 99 year silence the commission will impose and only innocent citizens and their little children (after being abused) get burnt at the governmental stakes – silently. Scomo works for God and Albo strives for Australian democracy. What a showdown for Aussie citizens.

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  43. Hooray, hooray! Albanese is calling a royal commission into the c-vid response? Phfttttttt! Politicians investigating politicians.

    The show will centre on scoring points against Morrison. That should leave everyone else in the clear and us still in the sh*thouse. Gotta luv Oz democracy, we’ve forgotten what it looks like.

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  44. Maybe we should spend less time rabbit-holing, and tail chasing and be more concerned about this…


  45. Xxxx
    The documentary “Uninformed Consent,”1,2,3 takes a deep dive into the COVID-19 narrative — who’s controlling it and how fear was (and continues to be) used to push novel, unproven gene transfer technology onto, and into, people of all ages, and the simultaneous theft of private wealth and the destruction of small businesses, across the globe

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  46. Hi RJW,
    Here more pearls of wisdom from the Chosen Ones.

    ‘Rabbis Explain the Abrahamic Judeo Takeover Conspiracy’:
    14 minute video

    Use Yandex to get the video as Google, Presearch and Brave Search will not show the video. I just tried it.

    The first Rabbi in this video is saying:

    “Maybe you shouldn’t tell anybody that I said this, but you know all those tropes about Jews controlling the world or at least wanting to control the world… they are actually true.
    Our goal as Jewish people for the last 3300 years since the Revelation at Sinai has been to control the world.”

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  47. To Margaret N, I acknowledge your comments.
    My point was to highlight that people were unable to give true informed consent, despite signing that they consented.

    Health Professionals would have needed to tell patients that they could not properly advise them.
    Which they didn’t do.

    The Government of the day told people to talk to their Doctor.
    To trust their Doctor.
    Yet this was after the Government of the day would have known that APHRA had set those Directives in place.

    As for Doctors and Nurses that looked at you as if you came from another planet, it is highly possible they actually believed they were right.
    Some probably still do.
    Those are the ones that didn’t do their homework.

    In which case, it would not have been malicious intent.

    That is likely to be much higher up the food chain.

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  48. Hi Margaret N. Well stated.


  49. Hi Dandy,

    Of course, there were alternatives like Ivermectin and Hydroxchloroquine, but these ones are dirt cheap, so they couldn’t make any money out of them.

    It is all about killing people and making money.

    Watch the ‘Uninformed Consent – Official Full Documentary Release’ I posted earlier.
    It is a very good, 2 hour long, documentary. My only criticism, it should be called: Coerced Consent.

    “Watch the official public release of Matador Films new “Uninformed Consent” documentary, presented by and Vaccine Choice Canada.
    An in-depth look into the Covid 19 narrative, who’s controlling it, and how it’s being used to inject an untested, new technology into almost every person on the planet.”

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  50. Dandy – at 2.19pm
    Doctors, the Medical Profession etc. take an oath to save/preserve life and DO NO HARM. Stop making excuses for them.
    I knew from day 1 of this Covid fiasco that all was not legitimate. How come I knew it was not a vaccine but a medical experiment. It is a Doctors right to know about all medical procedures and the excuse they were not informed holds diddly squat with me. Doctors, nurses and pharmacists had the right to know what they were injecting into people and what injuries could result. If people are not given this information it is NOT INFORMED CONSENT and under the Nuremberg code are held responsible for any death and injury. I asked staff at a medical clinic, nurses at a Bunnings store (remember have a jab get a free sausage between two slabs of bread) and a Respiratory centre giving jabs and PCR tests – all in the Qld Burleigh Heads area – and not one person could give me any written info, nor could they tell me what was in the vaccine. When I told them what they were doing was illegal they looked at me like I was from another planet. Isn’t it interesting Bunnings could give you a lousy snag for free but they got paid something like $90 for every person who was jabbed. I know of medical/dental places who could not get staff because nurses left their $30 an hour jobs and went to work jabbing people with a medical experiment for $70 an hour. The almighty dollar took precedence over peoples health. All of these people who jabbed innocent people, without informing them of their basic medical rights, deserve to be held accountable. I wonder if they have ever ever given a thought to what they have done and their contribution to the mass genocide taking place around our world.

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  51. 100% Deliberately prohibiting Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine PROVED that they were not stupid and uninformed but GROTESQUELY EVIL !

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  52. To Han, you mentioned the clincher: The Governments of the world could use an ‘Emergency declaration’ announcement to push an unapproved trial injectable…..if there were no available alternatives.

    There were alternatives.
    They were available.
    Ivermectin and Hydroxchloroquine.

    That’s why they (WHO and Governments) fought so hard to stop them.
    That’s why Doctor’s were banned from using them.
    In Queensland, from even mentioning them with fines applicable.
    That’s why they didn’t want to know what India was doing.
    That’s why they banned them in India too (despite being a regular drug there)

    That’s why Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine would never be an option.

    Because if there was an even remote possibility that they could prevent severe illness of a coronavirus in vulnerable individuals then they could not have pushed through, at warp speed, an untested, gene altering, ‘novel’ injection on the human race.

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  53. I am awaiting the class action…

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  54. You know what they been censoring stuff for years. A lot of older Australians still believe the ABC is for the people. My father always said TV is rubbish and it is, he just didn’t realise the extent of the propaganda. Always read newspapers believing them authentic. He was intelligent and an absolute model citizen, always paid his taxes. Thanks to this site I asked my mother still alive at 83 about the Welfare levy of 7.5% funding their own retirement, she remembers that on her own pay slip. Even said should have kept. They are too old to fight without some help. And she is still super healthy even succumbing to two A/Z jabs I said don’t have. Probably because she wasn’t exposed to mass vaccinations like our kids today. Here is a link to just what children have had jabbed in to them before age 4. I am eternally guilty, I believed my doctor of 30 years. They themselves really are clueless.


  55. Re: “6 Billion shouldn’t be here!”
    That’s 6 million multiplied 1000 times. Oy vey! What “holy scripture” is that from?

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  56. Han. Just noticed that ‘magic number 6’ again with Rubeye Wink Wink, saying 6 Billion shouldn’t be here!
    WHO the HELL do they think they are!!!

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  57. Their censorship crap is all about shutting up & silencing anyone who is exposing the PSYCHOPATHS.

    In other words, it’s all about protecting the elites very own ends.

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  58. Like

  59. Yes good on YOU… Same here…


  60. “when you tell the truth, often the shit hits the fan, and the story teller is classified as the bogey man”

    Absolutely right. When it is extreme, at least we get to separate the wheat from the chaff. No point relying on a comrade in arms that will sell you out and go their own way when the going gets tough.

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  61. Hi all
    I came across this about a Freedom Summit Thurs 25th August 2022 in Sydney. Seems people are very split on who is truthfully on the side of freedom and maybe who is not as sincere. I clueless about some of these names but you all seem to have more idea.

    Names included as speakers, Craig Kelly, Malcolm Roberts, Tony Nikolic, Dr William Bay, Pst Mesitis, Topher Field, John Stapleton and a few others.

    Anyway have a look or maybe pay your $90 and go You get canapés, beer, wine, coffee, bubbly. ???????


  62. “According to Klaus Schwab’s WEF, disinformation on the internet is an “infodemic” that is “potentially deadly” and requires a “cure” .”

    Quite correct! I suggest he take some hydroxy cyanide or try sucking on a piece of lead. That will do it.

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    Klaus Schwab and his WEF accomplices are recruiting “information warriors*” to stamp out free speech on the internet.
    There is yet another scheme that Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum (WEF) wants to eradicate with even more tyranny, and it is known as free speech on the internet.
    Be warned, who you wrote and talk to*.
    Schwab is so opposed to people reading and sharing anything other than what he considers “truth” that he has recruited hundreds of thousands of “information fighters” to control social media, reports, Etan Huff. Link inside the web page.
    13 Different languages are available on the web pages.


  64. tonyryan43: “indesymonds…Now you’re talking. This is what has to be said by every patriotic Australian, every day, to everybody they talk to. The more these sentiments are expressed, the sooner the more timid Australians will find the courage to take up the cry.”

    Spot on! No more pussyfooting around, our way of life is at stake! Take no prisoners, if they think you’re wishy washy on the subject they’ll walk all over you.

    I’ve taken a tough line ever since they prohibited Ivermectin as a prophylactic and as treatment. (That REALLY gave their game away!) Sure, some friends judged it a hard core attitude and some are happy to stay jellybacks. That’s ok, I can do without the 5th column useless eaters. They just make all of us even more vulnerable.

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  65. @kaiwanshou- Graham Hood retired BECAUSE he didn’t want to take the mandated “vaccine”. Riccardo Bosi retired from the Army in 2004 and started a Consultancy Business. What is your point in trying to smear these two men? Maybe they should wave the Eureka flag?

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  66. Yes Daviddd2 when you tell the truth, often the shit hits the fan, and the story teller is classified as the bogey man… Know all to well of family breakup crap…


  67. Again HAN, Name, and Shame the Real Devils… By the way: “Good article…”


  68. Yes tonyryan, INDEED, Please not my comment above to: TruGen
    Here we have another “Ozzie” Scumbag…!!! — Rupert Murdoch…

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  69. lindesymonds, Part your Quote: “I want to see these names, every damn one of them that has personally fucked with the Australian people.”INDEED Name and Shame thew Devils…

    Liked by 1 person

  70. Biggest problem is, “We ALL have lost >2 Years of basic Freedom of our lives…”
    WE MUST NOT FORGET, When the hanging robes are ready…

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  71. “I just lost my fckg relationship over this evil shit”

    Look on the bright side, at least you didn’t catch monkeypox from it.


  72. Here we have another “Ozzie” Scumbag…!!! — Rupert Murdoch…
    Name and Yes Shame him… Another one of them…
    He was one of the main architects of the lockstep media Covid announcement worldwide back in March 2020…This media empire leads the charge in the US-China propaganda war.
    Rupert Murdoch’s myriad of outlets make concerted efforts to support anti-Beijing narratives.


  73. No I don’t trust doctors either..74 and never needed one! Eat well believe in God and don’t pollute your body with crap. Amen.

    Liked by 1 person

  74. I have mentioned this before: “Name and Shame the Evil Devils.” Yes the one above, is one of the Jew Evil doers. Like his brethren have been for the last 5000 years. The bastards even admit what they want. Wake up…


  75. You have HIT the nail right on the head… Thank You…


  76. He needs to be Vaccinated once every week until death do part…


  77. Trust the Governments, what about medical doctors, do you trust them?


  78. Name and Shame the Devils, they all should HANG and Die — Slowly…


  79. COVID-19 is a hoax, there was/is no Pandemic and no emergency, however, they declared COVID-19 an emergency.
    They get away with the kill shots because of the EMERGENCY USE AUTHORISATION.

    “FDA is globally respected for its scientific standards of vaccine safety, effectiveness and quality. The agency provides scientific and regulatory advice to vaccine developers and undertakes a rigorous evaluation of the scientific information through all phases of clinical trials, which continues after a vaccine has been approved by FDA or authorized for emergency use.

    “FDA recognizes the gravity of the current public health emergency and the importance of facilitating availability, as soon as possible, of vaccines to prevent COVID-19 – vaccines that the public will trust and have confidence in receiving.

    “What is an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)?

    “An Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) is a mechanism to facilitate the availability and use of medical countermeasures, including vaccines, during public health emergencies, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.

    “Under an EUA, FDA may allow the use of unapproved medical products, or unapproved uses of approved medical products in an emergency to diagnose, treat, or prevent serious or life-threatening diseases or conditions when certain statutory criteria have been met, including that there are no adequate, approved, and available alternatives.

    “Taking into consideration input from the FDA, manufacturers decide whether and when to submit an EUA request to FDA.
    Once submitted, FDA will evaluate an EUA request and determine whether the relevant statutory criteria are met, taking into account the totality of the scientific evidence about the vaccine that is available to FDA.”

    Obviously, the FDA is owned by Big Pharma.

    Trump: “I’m the Father of the Vaccine.”
    “Thanks to Operation Warp Speed and the Trump administration, our country is flooded with safe and effective vaccines.”

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  80. Uninformed Consent – Official Full Documentary Release – Watch Now!

    My only criticism, it should be called: Coerced Consent.

    Watch the official public release of Matador Films new “Uninformed Consent” documentary, presented by and Vaccine Choice Canada.
    An in-depth look into the Covid 19 narrative, who’s controlling it, and how it’s being used to inject an untested, new technology into almost every person on the planet.

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  81. To DianeDraytonBuckland, the reality is that anyone who participated in this gene altering technology signed a consent.

    The issue however, is that it was not truly INFORMED consent.

    They were not informed that their Doctor or injecting Health Professional could have a conscientious objection to this ‘novel’ injection but were not allowed to tell them that or they could face discipline by the Registration Board APRHA.
    This directive was sent in an email to Registered Health Professionals.

    They were not informed that their Doctor was instructed not to discourage them from participating in the trial.
    They were not informed that snitching amongst colleagues of Health Professionals who stepped outside of these guidelines was also encouraged with a reporting system set up.

    They were not informed that their Doctor was under strict almost impossible guidelines to stop them from giving out exemptions even if there were health risks or reservations.

    They were not informed that there were no studies to give confidence that it was safe to inject a pregnant woman because it was a ‘novel’, new clinical trial so there were no long term studies. Not even 9 month studies.
    They were not informed that it is not usual to inject pregnant or breastfeeding women with clinical trial drugs.

    They were not informed of the ingredients.
    They were not able to make an informed decision as to whether they wanted to be injected with adjuvants like Polysorbate 80 (Astrazeneca), PEG (Pfizer) or Matrix M (Novavax)

    “According to the Material Safety and Data Sheet (MSDS) on, Polysorbate 80 was tested for inhalation and ingestion and demonstrated to be slightly hazardous in case of skin contact. The MSDS does not address the effects of polysorbate through injection. Nevertheless, in the same toxicology section under special remarks on chronic and toxic effects on human, it states that Polysorbate 80: May cause adverse reproductive effects based on animal test data. No human data found. May cause cancer based on animal test data. No human data found. May affect genetic material (mutagenic). Ingestion of very large doses may cause abdominal spasms and diarrhea. Animal studies have shown it to cause cardiac changes, changes in behavior (altered sleep time) and weight loss (upon repeated or prolonged ingestion).”

    Source: the

    Look up PEG (polyethylene glycol), a polyether compound derived from petroleum and you will find that many people are sensitive to it and most likely should not be injected with it.

    They were not informed that the use of aborted baby cells to grow animal cell lines had occurred in the development of the injectables, a moral affront to some if they would have known.

    They were not informed that they didn’t really know if and when the hydrogel around the spike protein would break down and what would happen when it did.
    They were not informed that they didn’t really know if the injection site would hold the spike protein or whether it would circulate through the body, targeting organs and crossing the blood brain barrier after all.

    They were not informed about what would happen to their body after the injection, after 1 month, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years….

    They were not informed that well known guidelines for drug manufacturers give 50 deaths as the cut off point at which a clinical vaccine trial should be stopped, and this was already established BEFORE the injections arrived in Australia.

    They were not informed of the details of the agreements and contracts between the Government and between Astrazeneca and Pfizer which would result in a well funded pushy advertising campaign to scare, coerce and cause them to sign a consent….because they were NOT INFORMED.

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  82. lindesymonds…

    Now you’re talking. This is what has to be said by every patriotic Australian, every day, to everybody they talk to.

    The more these sentiments are expressed, the sooner the more timid Australians will find the courage to take up the cry.

    Aussies, if you cannot find the courage to say these things out loud, get a can of spray paint, find a nice quiet street at night, and let rip.

    If we all do this, we usurp the power of the media. And the media is the driver behind the entire mRNA campaign; or, to put this more specifically, Rupert Murdoch. Paint out Murdoch. Paint the truth.

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  83. A few days ago a lady I have visit me once a week told me that a friend in her 30s who was always quite healthy now had to have clots removed from both legs. Reason she had 3 COVID vaccines. Saw a video by a Aussie Broadcaster Maria Zee speaking by zoom to Alex Jones. She said we our country of Australia is a test case for the NWO order. Try and find it on her website as it quite informative of what is to come. Sorry I can’t make a link to it. One last thing Dan Andrews is going to build a rail link that may cost up to $125 billion tax payer dollars.


  84. Margaret Newnham

    Qantas pilot, Graham Hood, retired because he would not take the jab. No jab no job. All current pilots are vaccinated. CEOs of all major companies, like Qantas, should be charged for the disgusting role they have played towards their own employees. They have caused such damage, distress, sickness and unimaginable turmoil to the very people that worked to pay these bastards their $20 million packages every year. May such CEOs burn in hell!!!
    Roman, I have enjoyed your journalism for some time.

    Liked by 2 people

  85. Everyone in the National Cabinet, the Peak Health Body under Murphy, the Big Kahunas in : AHPRA, Police, Social Services, LGAs that mandated, Big Corporate that mandated, Operation CoVID Shield, the Judicial Branch of government State and Federal – under an extra Judicial Oath of Masonry – should all face the WRATH of the Australian population and every lever we can pull on them.

    Our response depends on whether or not they get away with implementing a genocide in this country and the loss of family members, home, health, livelihood, job, business, farm – even the basic freedom to take the kids to the park on the week-end for millions of Australians.

    I want to see these names, every damn one of them that has personally fucked with the Australian people. We should now make it our personal responsibility to ensure we fuck with them. If they are allowed to get away with this – the next time the United [Communist] Nations starts with another one of their bullshit Scenarios, they are just going to dictate and enforce it all again.

    Start with those ‘alleged’ paedos whose names are under the suppression orders. The Elite Paedo List under Howard’s 90 Suppression would be an excellent place..

    Zero compliance with their ‘build back better’ crap should start today. Every day there should be personal action in confrontation with the roll-out of 3B – normalization. Yesterday I delivered a bag of my credit card pieces to the desk of the local bank manager and told him that as the bank refused to provide a cash payment option [the local branch] and would not accept a cheque – I am not paying anymore on the card. You want that $$ come and get it.

    Today I visited the local cop shop. I want to know the names of the top police above that magic pay grade who did not have to get vaxxed but mandated for the rank and file of the Australian police. They might all be bristling with weapons but from their looks and body language, they can’t pretend to me they are not as mad as hell about this. I am talking to a young man and he tells me to tone it down because: ‘the walls have ears’. Then he escorts me from the premises and as we walk to my car – he confides in a whisper – I am now suffering chest pains and if I want to keep my job, I have to stay quiet about it. Well I am not going to be quiet about it. I tell him – I think you need the protection and help of our local community organisation that is against the CoVID Regime.

    In the Loony Tunes: Daffy says – “You’re Despicable”

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  86. We still battle on… onwards and upwards. Have a great day and smile, be happy and healthy. Lynda 🤞🙏😁


  87. I tried twice to post a previous Comment but it didn’t work so I’ll try again later.
    In the meantime I say this.

    If any person would inject any substance into another person against their will – under the Criminal Code that’s assault and then I am sure they would also be responsible for any adverse reactions/damage.
    In addition surely if people are killed by Jabs/vaccines as a result of that assault/attack are victims of a crime ? Homicide ? If we did that we would be I am sure! And all those poor people who have been Forced to get the Jabs against their will or lose their jobs are victims of Gunpoint Medicine and Big Pharma Big Medicine Big Media Treasonous Politicians WEF Globalist Cartel WHO are All pulling the trigger.
    This has to stop now!
    Governments must Abolish ALL mandates and all other acts of force and Tyranny now and forever more and irrevocably.

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  88. Jessica, we ,too, are not jabbed, never tested but last week I asked for a sereology antibody test to see whether I have had Covid…We are in our 80s and been taking vitamins etc for 2 years…..had a few sniffles but got stuck into the Quercetin , nose flushing etc and sniffles disappeared.
    Have come through almost 3 years of hell unscathed.Have just got on with our normal lives, only wear a mask when it is mandatory.
    Don’t use a mobile phone so have never used the QR rubbish.

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  89. Hi kaiwanshou, re: “Graham Hood actually retired from QANTAS” etc… Thank you! for stating exactly how it is. Soooo much regarding everything is “hiding in plain sight” – for those with open eyes that is.

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  90. Rowan Dean is a Gentleman and a Scholar, the despicable act (carried by our Police) of knocking down an elderly lady and pepper spraying her must, at every opportunity, be brought to the attention of the retarded masses. I will carry that vision with me as a singular reminder of the total madness of the Covid scam.

    Regarding all the government / MSM talking heads, they are either total plonkers or complicit…….I tend to favour the latter. You only need to review all the evidence pointing to the overwhelming conflicts of interest.

    Thank you to all the regular contributions and commentators here on CN, please keep up all the sterling work, it is very refreshing to read on a daily basis.

    As always, greetings from Gympie, stay focused and committed and commonsense will prevail.

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  91. “For you are a holy people to the Lord your God; the Lord your God has chosen you for His own possession out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth.” (Deut 7:6)

    Klaus Schwab’s chief adviser YUVAL NOAH HARARI – WHAT TO DO WITH ALL OF THESE USELESS PEOPLE?, is in total agreement with Rabbi Mizrachi: 6 billion don’t deserve to live

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  92. German Insurance Claims hint at millions of unreported Vaccine Injuries.
    ** My Comment > Now just imagine the number of people with No Insurance policies, who have also been Vaccine Killed or Injured

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  93. Good to hear Rowan speaking strongly.
    I stopped watching Outsiders some time ago because all the panel were doing soft push on the jabs “…I’ve had the vaccine” was very disappointing.
    Still this clip is good so I hope they keep on it.
    And yes bring on the hangings.

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  94. Very sad to say that these pathetic and evil individuals who run this now debunked country make Adolf Hitler look like a kindergarten teacher to say the least.
    I really believe these evil men and women to say the least the despicable Scott Morisson who is the worst of them all pretending to be a Christian, a true wolf in sheep clothing with certainly not escape judgement.
    Let the people judge for themselves.

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  95. Another interesting character to whom we entrusted our health is the Honorable Mr Greg Hunt, ex member for Flinders who announced his retirement at the last federal election. As Minister for Health and Aged Care, I’m sure he’ll miss being vested with the most significant powers that can be conferred upon an individual in Australia, an unfettered personal power of a kind normally only found in a dictatorship thanks to Covid-19 and the Federal Biosecurity Act. Not bad for someone who justified his transfer to health by saying his mother and his wife were nurses.

    Where the story gets interesting is the Honorable Mr Greg Hunt and the notorious Mr Bill Gates both gave grants to questionable medical researchers who then co-authored the paper attacking Ivermectin that had it banned. Coincidence you say? Perhaps, that is until you dig a little deeper and discover the Honorable Mr Greg Hunt is not only one of Klaus Schwab’s 1400 Young Global Leaders enforcing medical tyranny in 120 nations, he’s also the former Strategy Director of the World Economic Forum.

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  96. We are Furious. What is democracy , but mob rule?
    No Testing, no Masking, no Distancing, no Injections, no Compliance
    No Virus

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  97. I just lost my fckg relationship over this evil shit


  98. Rowan, you are great, you are not scared to speak your mind unlike most politicians. Keep up the good job, keep speaking out, millions are on your side.
    We and our family have not been vaccinated, not worn masks and are perfectly healthy, no Covid, aged 81 and 79 yrs.
    Now the vaccinated are suffering filling our hospitals.

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  99. Graham Hood actually retired from QANTAS before he began activist activities, he even gives this away in one of his videos. Not unlike Ricardo Bosi retiring from his role as Commander of SAS before going activist; what skeletons does Bosi have in his closet from Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq? He called off the Canberra demo just as it was gaining a huge momentum. Both Hood and Bosi bare the government flag at demos; huh? They don’t even know the flag of the people, likely never noticed the flag at the Shrine of Remembrance that flies there 24/7 that the original ANZACs fought under. The truth is always hidden right in plain sight!

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  100. When “No Jab, No Play” became government policy in 2015, I wondered to myself, wait till ” they” come for the adults!


  101. What our governments have said is this: ‘Our vaccine is better than God’s immunity system so trust us’. They have wrecked everything!…


  102. Forget hanging their head in shame… I agree with Pat, they should all be hung. There’s also the people going to die before their time and will for many years to come from these money hungry monsters…. That is too polite for what they are.
    Their day of reckoning can’t come fast enough!

    Liked by 2 people

  103. “Australia’s health bureaucrats, state premiers, federal politicians (and anyone else who mocked and vilified the unvaccinated) should ALL hang their heads in SHAME.”

    Close, but no cigar.

    ALL of the people behind this are complicit in the greatest crime against humanity in human history. They are responsible for tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of deaths in Australia, and millions around the planet. Many millions more have permanent physical injuries that will impair their lives and reduce their lifespans.

    Just following orders doesn’t cut it.

    Australia’s health bureaucrats, state premiers, federal politicians (and anyone else who mocked and vilified the unvaccinated) should ALL HANG – PERIOD.

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