Jacinta Price joins the freedom fight as a senate candidate for the NT

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a year and half since I joined ADVANCE to fight for Aussie freedom, security and prosperity, by your side.

Alice Springs councilor Jacinta Price has been outspoken about the criminal NT Labor Government. She is one of Australia’s foremost spokeswomen for indigenous and white issues speaking out against the false BLM and climate change ideology. She has been a champion of freedom and we support her election platform.

But now the election has been called, I’ll be running for the Senate in the Northern Territory.

Although this means I just won’t have the time to devote to ADVANCE, I’ll still be fighting for Australian values.

I just wanted to say what a privilege it’s been to work on your behalf and to thank you for your support.

When ADVANCE asked me to come on board, I was proudly representing my community as the Deputy Mayor of Alice Springs Town Council.

I was privileged to be working as the Indigenous program director at the Centre for Independent Studies, giving me the opportunity to continue nearly 20 years of work to bridge the gap between Indigenous and non-and climate change Indigenous Australians.

ADVANCE was an opportunity to take that mission to a new level.

Your support has meant I could get out there and really put your voice front and centre.

And now the best way I can continue the fight for the mainstream Aussie values that you and I share is by focusing my attention on the Senate campaign.

When I get to Canberra, I’ll continue to advocate for REAL change and use the position to push back against those who only want to tear Australia down.

I’ll fight for stronger national security to keep Australians safe.

I’ll push back against climate alarmism and harmful energy policies that hurt jobs, hurt the economy and make us reliant on China’s renewables.

I’ll take the fight to the woke virtue-signallers who seek to divide us with harmful rhetoric, BLM propaganda and false history – and I’ll make sure the woke left keep their hands off Australia Day.

But none of this would be possible without your help and support over the past 18 months.

Your commitment to the Australian values of freedom, security and prosperity is one that I share, and these are values that I intend to put FRONT AND CENTRE when I get to Canberra.

So thank you for the support, the encouragement, the opportunities and the fantastic ride.

I know that while I’m taking the fight directly to parliament, you and ADVANCE will continue fighting to RECENTRE the nation, and you’ll always have my support.

And I know you’ll be fighting the good fight as the election heats up.

Don’t forget to tell everyone – if you vote Labor, you’ll get Greens.

This is Jacinta Price, signing off.

See you in Canberra!

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi Fed Up! Exactly. But only the tip of the iceberg. When you delve back further, you also see a predictable sequence of events.

    Have people forgotten about the Howard government’s abhorrent and shameful ‘Intervention’ in 2007?
    Bess Price (an elected candidate for the CLP at the time) and other traitorous indigenous supporters (such as Marcia Langton who is now in her spare time an ABC muppet), assisted in it’s perpetration.

    So like the old adage about apples and their gravitational distance from trees…it was unsurprising that Jacinta would take up the baton to continue on with the vilification and betrayal of her own people. And she has done so as a representative of the CLP. Until VERY recently it appears.

    Only in March, the CLP was given 2 months to find 1500 members or face deregistration as a political party by the AEC. This has now been shelved due to the calling of the federal election for some reason, but many people have been jumping ship for ages. Sam McMahon resigned after being defeated by Jacinta as a CLP representative in the Senate. Here is an excerpt from Bess Smith’s bio:

    Price’s daughter, former Alice Springs Deputy Mayor Jacinta Nampijinpa Price, was the Country Liberal candidate for the seat of Lingiari in the 2019 federal election[12] and is preselected for the Senate in the 2022 election.[13]

    Little Johnny (war criminal) Howard has never missed an opportunity to sing the praises of Jacinta, including her work as Director for Indigenous Program with the Think Tank organisation CIS. Hmmm. (Regarding them and the true sources of their funding… well that’s another rabbit hole for another day!).
    In her spare time, Jacinta likes to be a Sky News muppet. Of course she does.

    So my big question is…How can she NOW (practically overnight), suddenly be a representative in the senate for Advance?? Apparently they have no connection or affiliation with the CLP. Unless there’s some sort of phoenixing going on.

    I have now even bored myself! pondering this. And although I would like someone to shed more light and/or answer my question, I’m done giving these deplorables any more air-time. It’s not as if they’re going anywhere right?!


  2. Pushed the jab agenda and supports Ukraine!? I support Ukraine too, I support Russia pissing off NATO, cleaning up the child trafficking and bio labs to make Ukraine safer for the people to live

    I supported Jacinta until she pushed the jab agenda..


  3. Hi Tony she doesn’t mention the CLP (I was once a member for 12 months) but she says she is representing Advance?
    That is not the CLP as far as we are aware. Ed


  4. Hi tonyryan43, You know after viewing your posted Dr Ardis video last night, regarding the nicotine receptors and people not giving up smoking, I had the very same thought. And for those of us who although steadfastly refuse the face nappies and death/venom shots but smoke (because we like to CHOOSE our poison), ironically it appears we may also be protected from the spike proteins that the jabbed so selfishly shed over everyone.
    No wonder that witch Pfizer minion Jeanette Young has a ‘vision’ for Qld becoming a smoke-free state. Good luck with that one!


  5. Very interesting video Tony, – thanks for posting.

    I have an old nineteenth century Indian book somewhere, which describes these Fakirs, who worked with cobras. The Fakirs took sulphur as a means of negating the venom, or something.


  6. Hi tonyryan43, Yes, sage advice. Jacinta who?
    Wow that video is riveting viewing… with quite a number of OMG moments. It certainly stays with you. So many pieces of the puzzle fit, that doubt even the ‘fact’ checkers will touch it.


  7. Oh dear, ‘Jacinta Price joins the freedom fight as a senate candidate….’

    As a representative of the Liberal/National coalition and a pugilist for stronger national security, I see on which side of freedom Jacinta stands.

    It’s sad she is not in my electorate, so giving her the bird will have no effect on eliminating parties choking the senate.


  8. tonyryan43, I could not agree more. As far as I’m concerned Price has always been a purchased puppet of the CLP; Arcadian populism at its most flagrant and foul. (No doubt you are well versed in Dr Robyn Smith’s thesis including her other works and analyses).
    Price is consistent only in the relentless denigration and undermining of her own people.
    Redolent (albeit of a lesser magnitude, since Price is not an Elder), of a number my own Kaumatua, who are also purchased puppets being used to sell out their own Iwi/Hapu.
    The esteemed Nova Peris OAM delivered Price one of the best smackdowns of all time. Now THERE is a great Australian and true ambassador of her people, for whom she still works tirelessly within the AIEF. Price couldn’t hold a candle.


  9. I recommend readers expunge all thoughts of Jacinta Price from their minds and instead read something truly relevant and earth-shattering… This is no exaggeration. This is the most explosive film/video I have seen in my life, or will ever see.


    Ignore the religious hysteria that erupts at the end. These are, after all, Americans. They can’t help themselves.


  10. Hi Jacinta,keep to your beliefs., do not become contaminated like so many have.You are a strong woman.Be true to your people and this country. Many people will be trusting in you .and relying on you, We look forward to seeing your achievements.

    Good Luck and God bless you/


  11. Each to their own, but to me Jacinta Price has the most inconsistent viewpoint in the NT.

    There is no more corrupt political party in Australia, or probably in the southern Hemisphere, than the Country Liberal Party, yet that is who she is standing for.

    The CLP has consistently undermined genuine Aboriginal development efforts: economic development, homelands development, language recognition, the attempts to restore family and parenting (ie gurrutu), and land rights itself.

    Not that the ALP are any better. Actually, the CLP at least does not pretend to be anything else. The ALP causes infinitely more damage to the Aboriginal cause by acting out theatre of support, then doing nothing. The ALP have betrayed them, cynically, and are far more active in promoting genocide. Gunner has no conscience whatsoever. Just look at his mRNA jab mandate.

    If there are any worthwhile political candidates in the NT I have yet to hear of them; and I say this as a member of the Arnhem Land Aboriginal community since 1971.


  12. Jacinta Price rates bloody highly in my book.

    I deal with different walks of life on a daily basis and most things I see are atrocious and caused by government agencies tendering out to church groups for money and profits leaving the people who were ment to receive the money in a state of anxiety and that leads to Alcohol, Drugs, Abuse, Homelessness and Crime. Jacinta Price is the only indigenous person who calls this out time after time.

    What gets my back up is when the government give land back to the Aboriginal communities BUT they Can’t build a home on it, Can’t live there, Can’t run cattle to make a profit. But the Cape York Land Council can lease it to the Chinese but its still called Aboriginal land…..

    We need more people like Jacinta and fast before Cape York is all given back to the Aboriginal people but actually leased to the Chinese.


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