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This is a Cairns News exclusive feature on voter fraud in Australia and how it has changed governments by less than 5000 fraudulent votes cast at either a state or federal election and discusses the need for compulsory voting and the bona fides of the AEC

The introduction of voter identification at the next federal election has been hailed as long overdue by electoral systems analyst and engineer Mr Alexander Stewart.

Claims by the socialists of the Greens and the Labor Party that somehow not having ID at a polling booth would prevent Aborigines or Islanders from voting are “fanciful” at the very least Mr Stewart said.

Surprisingly federal member for Kennedy (NQ) Bob Katter has jumped in claiming the ID requirement is “racist” and will disenfranchise Aborigines.    We are unsure how this fits with the bill but if indigenous people just like everybody else have to present ID at the door of the local pub or to enter any business premises under Covid regulations then surely the most responsible civic duty of all, voting, should be protected from fraud.

No doubt these claims have their genesis with the Labor Party which has long relied on wide-spread fraud at polling booths and captured postal votes to keep the party bankrolled and their snouts in the federal and state troughs.

Cairns News has covered numerous state and federal elections and published evidence of fraudulent entries on electoral rolls, bogus postal votes and of late the highly questionable Scytl electronic voting programs now used in Australia, particularly Queensland, which were used covertly to great effect in many American states to oust President Donald Trump.

To claim that the Liberal Party’s proposed ID requirements would disenfranchise anyone is laughable.

Almost every Aborigine or Islander in North Queensland and in most parts of Northern Australia carry a Medicare card and an Eftpos card without fail. Under the new laws either is acceptable ID to get a ballot paper.

Many Aborigines over 18 have a drivers licence either active or suspended and carry other means of ID such as Over 18 cards which would comply with the proposed law.

If an indigenous person does not have an Eftpos card then he or she would starve. They are carried on their person religiously. No Maccas, no grog without it. Their welfare payments are paid every fortnight straight into their bank accounts. Few carry large amounts of cash.

In some communities welfare payments are quarantined in part to prevent gambling, drug abuse and excessive alcohol consumption. The kids are supposed to be the beneficiary. Over 18’s carry their cards as a necessity.

Unfortunately the Bolshies of the Greens and Labor are so far removed from reality, isolated in ivory towers in Canberra and major cities and almost certainly have never seen or spoken to a real blackfella in a remote community.

For too long entrenched voter fraud has dogged any candidate outside of the two-party system said Mr Stewart, a former president of Australians for Honest Elections.

In a submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Electoral matters in 2019 he outlined how the fraud continued since at least 1983 and how fraud has been allowed to continue  :

  • by deficiencies in the Commonwealth Electoral Act that permit Vote Frauds
  • by the inherently-flawed design of the Australian Electoral Commission model that was introduced in 1984.  In my view, the experiment has failed and elections should be run by a subset of the Public Service, as occurred very well from 1901 to 1983.
  • by the mismanagement of the AEC, for example in mismanaging pre-polling
  • by the deficiencies in Electoral Rolls
  • by the debasement of Parliament due to the Party Machines preselecting candidates for their compliance rather than their competence/expertise, and by then using Vote Frauds to instal their wrongly-chosen candidates

Does voter fraud occur?

3.1.1   “That the electoral system is open to manipulation is beyond question  … Fraudulent enrolment is almost impossible to prevent.”  (NSW Electoral Commissioners, Messrs R. Cundy and Ian Dickson, in the NSW Government Inquiry 1989) 

3.1.2   “Electoral fraud, malpractice and errors are a common feature of the Australian electoral system,” Alex Howen, Metropolitan  Vice-Pres of the NSW Liberal Party 11/9/1999

3.1.3   78% of several thousand people voted “Yes” on in year 2001 to the question “Should a Royal Commission be held into Electoral Fraud?”

3.1.3  The Shepherdson Inquiry in Queensland found that ALP members had committed Vote Frauds in 1986, 1993 and 1996.  This was a finding by a Judge, based on evidence

3.1.4   Dr Amy McGrath OAM has written several books about Vote Frauds.   She first discovered Vote Frauds when she was a member of the ALP and was working during World War 2 in the Balmain branch of the Ironworkers’ Union, and was given a list of dead people’s names and told to go and vote in those names.  She made 17 Submissions to the JSCEM from 1993 to 2014, and was largely ignored.  Her books are:- (Page 2:-)