Atherton warm up Freedom Rally for Cairns big event tomorrow

KENNEDY MP, Bob Katter, together with KAP State Member for Hill, Shane Knuth, joined more than 800 angry residents and business owners at a freedom rally in Atherton today, promising to take up the fight against mandatory vaccinations in their respective Parliaments.

Member for Kennedy Bob Katter, MHR (left) brandishing a copy of George Orwell’s 1984 and KAP Member for Hill Shane Knuth warn Labor Premier Palaszczuk the gloves are off over Covid mandates

A fired-up Bob Katter said, “The Government has looked at the size of the dog in the fight and they think they are going well. Well, we’ve seen so many politicians who have made this mistake before. They look at the size of the dog in the fight, but they are not looking at the size of the fight in the dog – that is a very bad mistake.

“I think there were about 800-odd people there today standing out there in the sun with no publicity whatsoever, just word of mouth. There are 45,000 signatories on the petition in just two weeks so that just shows that there are a lot of angry people up here,” he said. 

“The famous jurist, Oliver Wendell Holmes, said ‘the right to swing my fist ends where the other man’s nose begins.’

“Well, Ms Palaszczuk, your right to dragoon us and push us around stops where my nose starts.

“I have had my Covid vaccination, but I am against coercion. I was prepared to give them two years to cut down this disease.

“Pregnant women should not be forced to choose between their job and making a choice that they believe is in their best interest and the interest of their unborn child. My office alone has received six or seven cases where people have had an adverse reaction to immunisation.

“So, it must be added, Ms Palaszczuk, that you’ve had your chance to eradicate Covid and you’ve failed miserably. You’ve managed to inoculate 90 percent of Australia. Has it had a great effect? No, we have more cases now, than a year ago. So, congratulations. You’re a bunch of dropkicks.

“You have dragooned the nation, removed our freedoms and destroyed our right to carry out our life as we know it.”

Mr Katter said, “This is not the black death; this is not the Spanish flu, this is not polio. It doesn’t remotely come into that category, rather, it is almost akin to the influenza.

“Freedom should be honored and fought for, not spat upon as the Premiers of Queensland and Victoria have done.

“You’ll be hearing from me on this in Canberra next week. I warn the Government to be prepared.”

Gina Crameri, who owns and operates Blue Summit Hideaway in Yungaburra, addressed the media at the press conference today, warning the community’s concerns that the vaccine mandate would turn into further encroachments on freedoms.

“I have lived on the Tablelands all my life and have run my accommodation for the last 25 years.

“I’m proud to be an Australian and a North Queenslander, but what the State Government is doing by introducing a mandate is wrong.  They are not to take our freedom away from us.

“I’m very, very happy that Bob Katter and Shane Knuth are our strong voices to go and make sure that this never, ever, ever happens,” Ms Crameri said.

“By putting this mandate in, we question where does it stop down the track? Will it mean that soon you can’t put a fishing line in the water or that you can’t go on your motorbike?

“This is getting out of hand and totally out of control. It’s not my job to ask people about their medical history.  There are a lot of people out there very scared and unsure if they can even make bookings.

“We don’t want our freedoms taken away and I truly hope that the voice of the people will be heard by the State Government currently in place. That’s our concern and that is why we were there today.”

Member for Hill, Shane Knuth, said that this was a real low point in Queensland’s history and that the rally presented an overwhelming force as both the unvaccinated and vaccinated united to protect their freedoms.

“The State Government has crossed the line here and now has introduced a segregation policy where they have banned the unvaccinated from almost every facet of life,” he said.

“And today’s rally was the fully vaccinated coming out and opposing forced vaccination upon their fellow colleagues, families and friends.

“The State Government have forced businesses to initiate the burden by enforcing their staff to vaccinate and to police the patrons that have been supportive of their business for years.

“This rally was about how we can all work together to see these draconian measures thrown out.”#

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Katter… talk is cheap. Only a fight will end this.


  2. Melbourne protest 20/11/21 Amazing turnout !! Even Cairns News made an appearance!


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  3. On the 17th Feb 2021 Annnastasia Palaszczuk tweeted “coercive control is a form of non-physical domestic and family violence.It includes behaviors such as controlling what someone wears, limiting access to money, tracking someone’s location, controlling who they see and persistent texting and it can lead to persistent violence”

    In March, the Queensland Government announced it was committing more than half a billion dollars, towards tackling the “insidious crime” of “coercive control”. Taking the moral high road, Palaszczuk tweeted out her outrage at those perpetrators of “coercive control”, calling it a form of “non-physical violence” that “includes behaviours such as controlling what someone wears, limiting access to money, tracking someone’s location, controlling who they see and persistent texting, and it can lead to physical violence.”
    Don’t they also call this “elder abuse.
    You can read the rest of this article on Pauline Hanson’s One Nation website with her current satirical youtube posts, her meeting with Atherton business owners which was outstanding. I didn’t know that politicians didn’t need to be jabbed, “it was their choice”. One rule for them, one for us, she states.


  4. “The intention is to stop people going fishing and riding motor bikes”

    Nothing like being awoke, is there! Fishing and bike riding are now right at the very top of my agenda as hazardous activities which must be criminalised for the betterment of humankind.


  5. Hopefully Katter got one of the Politicians saline injections.
    Or one of the ‘retractable’ needles made up especially for them. (fact)

    We don’t want Katter’s brain going to mush on this.

    The Corporate Government Octopus is on notice.
    The sharks are circling.

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  6. I am inclined to think that after being worked over and brain washed for over a year by the gov’t no one is able to give informed consent. Furthermore, should people be allowed to choose to be injected with a prion disease?


  7. “You’ve managed to inoculate 90 percent of Australia. Has it had a great effect? No, we have more cases now, than a year ago. So, congratulations. You’re a bunch of dropkicks.”

    Says it all! A bunch of dropkicks kicking us and our Australian way of life down the gurgler. It won’t be long before we need a pass and permission to go to the toilet if we let this keep up.

    We’re being sold a few pup which will turn around to bite us hard. Time to teach the sellers some basic behaviour before they turn completely feral.


  8. Hi Editor KENNEDY MP, Bob Katter, together with KAP State Member for Hill, Shane Knuth, are both Traitors to the people as established under the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1901. Both should be hung.

    Bob was a member of Queensland Governments Legislative Assembly in 1992 when all Governments

    including the Queensland Government and Australian Local Government Association (Councils) signed

    on the 1st May 1992.


    *SCHEDULE 2*

    Resource Assessment, Land Use Decisions and Approval Processes

    *5. *Within the policy, legislative and administrative framework applying

    in each State, the use of natural resources and land, remain a matter for the

    owners of the land or resources, whether they are Government bodies or

    private persons.

    13 days later the Queensland Government stole by FRAUD and THEFT all land in Queensland.

    The Criminally Personating Governors (*NOT* representing the Crown) of Queensland are appointed

    under the Australia Act 1986 as well as under the Queensland Government’s CRIMINALLY CORRUPT

    “PUBLIC SEAL OF (the *“STATE”)* Seal *=TREASON*

    Now MPs in the Queensland Government representing Political Party which is part of Council of Australian Governments (C.O.A.G.), the Company Commonwealth of Australia registered in Washington DC.

    All this time where was Bob Katter for his constituents. The Queensland Government is *NOT* the

    Government of Queensland as established under Queensland’s Constitution Act 1867. We the People

    (his constituents) of *Far North Queensland have nothing to thank Bob Katter for.*

    Rob Katter MP *NOT A Members of Legislative Assembly, MLAs* These MPs don’t represent the people of Queensland; they only represent their Political Parties. In 1999 We the people “of the Commonwealth” voted to stay under the *Constitutional Monarchy* and *NOT* form a *“Republican Dictatorship”*. Send this to the Katter’s as well and ask him, when was the Referendum for the Commonwealth of Australia to become a sovereign, independent and federal nation ??? The Katter’s are no different to the rest of the Treasonous Politicians. Hang the lot. Dick Yardley

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  9. Gina Cameri,Thanks.,From everything I have read. The intention is to stop people going fishing and riding motor bikes.We must protect the environment.We will not be able to use that fossil fuel.I was born in Herberton a looooong time ago. And I will be at the rally tomorrow .I have lots of decendents .I do not want transhumanists. I want normal freedom loving kids.And ComeinspinnerI want the politicians to keep out of my family.Live how you want ,But leave us alone.


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