Doug says they looked at what happened the next day. “In Biden’s recent Executive Order, he reinstates in March of 2021 what was done in March of 2020,” which was the National Emergency declared by Trump.

Doug says, “There was already a nationwide health emergency [declared by Alex Azar], why did Trump call a special National Emergency? Because, when that happens, he then has power…

“Why would he do that? And why would he stop flights from China, accusing China as being the source of this, when we now know there were multiple cases in America at the end of October, November, December and January, none of which ever reached the CDC’s counting of coronavirus [cases], by the way.

“And we pointed out that this was, of course a British Pirbright Institute experiment done in Wuhan…and probably delivered by their intelligence agency, Qinetiq. They’ve done this with the Asian Flu, the Swine Flu – you name it – China has been the petrie dish for the Brits.

“Why would Trump immediately accuse the Chinese Communist Party of doing this to their own people?”

Tyla says, “I know! I know! Because he’s protecting the British Pilgrims and their operation and by shutting off all the travel to China, that would cut off this narrative, that we were hot in the trail with, with Lieber.

“Michael, is Lieber connected to the British Pilgrims?”

Michael replies, “His funding is all Pilgrims Society funding for all of his research. So by then, our whole research R&D operation, during his time was controlled by SERCO, by MI6 and various banks and he was in their pocket. It’s totally obvious.”

Doug adds, “And then Brexit – this attempt for Brexit – was not being received well by the European Union and Britain was going down. So what did they do? They had to destroy Chinese supremacy in world economics. And so they basically made them the scapegoat and Trump bit the whole thing off. He went hook, line and sinker into this…

“Fauci said,’No, there’s no need to cut off the flights from China.’ Well, there had to be a reason for that…

“Then March 11th, the World Health Organization declares a global pandemic. Excuse me? 24 people do not constitute, in America a pandemic. That is insane…and then, on March 13th, Congress confirms Trump’s [declaration]…which boils down to the Assistant Secretary for Health and Human Services for Preparedness, is the one who then declares the pandemic in America, not based upon their own opinion, or the CDC or the NIH. They are basically bound by law to follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization.

“That should be illegal and every single politician who voted for these laws, that I’ve mentioned before; the Public Health Service Act (PHS), the Pandemic and All-Hazards Preparedness Act of 2004 (PAHPA). , they’re all criminals, because they gave away our Constitutional rights. But Trump trumped that by declaring a National Emergency over this, when there was no emergency – and even [2 days] before, when the corrupt World Health Organization called the pandemic.

“And then, on March 13th, think about this: the combined Congress supported Trump? Combined Congress didn’t support Trump on anything, ever! They fought him tooth and fang on everything! And for this? They supported it?

“Yeah,” says Tyla. “‘Cause the Uniparty’s all coming together. All the British Pilgrims operatives in America, coming together for this…Here’s the bottom line: The WHO would not have been able to call the pandemic the way they did, worldwide, had Trump not done this Presidential National Emergency. Is that correct?”

“Yes, I believe so. It gave them fuel for the fire,” says Doug.

Tyla continues, “So, Trump is responsible for this. He’s responsible for our businesses closing, for your family and your friends taking the vaxxine, and then eventually, what does he do? After the election, he comes out and he’s pro-vaxxine. That was astonishing to people but if you know that he’s the one that set this in motion, way back when, then you understand what he’s doing.

“He’s a part of the genocide operation of the world and he is a traitor to the United States, because he sold us out, because of 5, up to 24 people having the flu?…and then, Trump used his power and the influence of his position to create a scenario where billions of people will be injured or harmed.”

Doug continues, “The next three items on the timeline, if you haven’t been convinced yet, should convince you. On same day Congress supports Trump, which is literally an oxymoron during his entire administration…whatever he was for, they were against…And now, not only do they insist you take the shot but you lose your job if you don’t or that you’re locked-up in a FEMA camp or whatever else is coming next, which is only a few minutes from now.

“So, on March 13th, all of a sudden, the Health and Human Services Assistant for Preparedness put forth and got passed Emergency Use Authorization for the worst genetically-modified organism ever created, that is basically changing the entire genetic make-up of every cell in your body, called Messenger RNA. Never been tested [on humans]. It was tested in one case in Germany and every single animal was dead within 3 to 6 months.

“So where did they get the idea to allow Emergency Use Only for a drug that had never been effective in anything, ever?”

Tyla jumps in, “And to add to that, put a little rocket fuel in it and make it ‘Operation Warp Speed’!”

“That’s the next thing but it’s strange that on March 13th, Emergency Use Authorization was given to the most questionable drug ever created in human history and then on April 10th, there was an order by the FDA to outlaw the use of Ivermectin, which we now know has stopped all coronavirus in Japan. They aren’t using any vaxxines, they’re only using Ivermectin. Many countries are doing that. As you know, Astra Zeneca has been kicked out of 20 countries…

“The FDA came out and took a drug schedule of the World Health Organization as one of the most effective and most harmless drugs, with the least amount of side effects of any drug in history. They outlawed it, because that was the number one treatment that wold have stopped all of this in its tracks. 

“And of course, Trump had to sign all of these agreements, right? Every speck of it. These are agencies under the control of the Executive. So, Trump had to be involved in all of this and we heard him say that he was involved in much of this. He never mentioned Ivermectin, now, did he? He mentioned hydroxychloroquine, which now, has practically been outlawed, also and he mentioned Remdesevir…

“Then, April 10th, Ivermectin is outlawed by the FDA and then, the thing that nails the coffin shut: On April 29th, Trump, who said he invented the concept of Operation Warp Speed…what did Operation Warp Speed do? It provided National Emergency and a nationwide Public Health Emergency and a pandemic declared – all three of them – it gave infinite money to the pharmaceutical companies. Infinite money. Literally, look at the acts that created this…Infinite money. There’s no limitation…

“Operation Warp Speed was the worst violation of vaccine experimentation ever done in human history and basically took what was known as a bioweapon no fly under the false flag of a vaccine, which it is not. So, you put these things in a timeline and you have to ask the question: Was Trump part of this conspiracy?

“Then, you have to ask the question, ‘Oh my gosh, let’s look back on some of the people he deployed and some of the things he did…

“Was he turned to the Dark Side in January of 2020?…Or was he already a part of the conspiracy from the time he come down the escalator with Melania? I don’t know – “

Michael jumps in and says, “The fact that they backdated the Effective Date is one telling sign that people who started this knew what was going on…there was no statistical reason to declare a pandemic, which by the way, on its face is fraud, because they’re misrepresenting the health information to the American People and then, secondly, it’s reasonable to assume they knew that this WHO pandemic declaration was going to happen and it did, on March 11th, 6 weeks later…

“So the question is, why did Trump and Azar jump the gun? And the only thing we could cone up with, from the facts that we know is that they were protecting their super Pilgrims Society agent, Dr Charles M Lieber.”


The description above covers the first half of this riveting podcast and it’s getting long. It is definitely worth listening to, albeit challenging to the core beliefs of Trump supporters, like me.