Queensland farmers should stick to their guns fighting the ALP’s Weapons Branch

by Gil Hanrahan, editor-at-large

Queensland farmers want to stick to their guns but the Labor infested public service has refused several hundred handgun licence renewals over the past 18 months causing many cases of animal cruelty.

Farmers need handguns, which have been a part of their tools-of-trade since the first sheep and cattle were offloaded at Botany Bay in 1788.

Comrade Palaszczuk intends to give farmers a torrid time in the next parliament starting with handgun confiscation

But the socialist Queensland Labor Party is denying them a licence to carry one even if a farmer has been licenced for 20 or more years without incident or a change in circumstances.

Should a farmer find a cow with a dead calf stuck in its uterus while giving birth and the cow is on its last gasp after the crows have pecked out its eyes and those of the calf, he has no option but to kill the cow. How? He is 20 klms from the house and the nearest rifle because he is on a horse or motorbike.

He could cut the cow’s throat with a pocket knife, that is if he is still allowed to carry one.

The LNP Opposition in 2011 helped outlaw pocket knives by voting with the ALP to ban them. Agforce was dead quiet about this one.


Once  a farmer would take his revolver out of its holster and shoot the cow, being the most humane thing to do while appeasing the brain-dead Animals Australia and the RSPCA both of which refuse to provide midwives for Brahman cows.

There are a number of alternatives for hard-pressed farmers such as buying one of many anecdotal ‘hot’ handguns available on the black market or to inadvertently misplace the licenced pistol, which happens on occasion.

Katters Australia Party State leader Robbie Katter says he will step up the pressure on the Labor Party when Parliament resumes to force the ALP Marxists to instruct the Weapons Branch to renew all licences for farmers.Police Minister Comrade Ryan like his predecessor Captain Bill Byrne has a generational hatred of farmers as this new parliament will reveal.

The Qld Weapons Licencing Branch is refusing handgun licence renewals for farmers falsely claiming they have no need. The ALP infested-Administrative Tribunals Commission is backing the misleading interpretations of regulations by police. Soon only police will carry handguns.

There is palpable union and Labor animosity towards those on the land producing clean and green food for Queenslanders, which unfortunately includes the Labor Party. Agriculture will be in for a torrid time unless the KAP cross-bench can hold them at bay.

The ALP is skating on climate-changing, thin ice even though it has a two seat majority, thanks to an abundance of vote fraud and the ethnic welfare vote. Before the new parliament sits, the Member for Mulgrave and former Treasurer Curtis Pitt is about to be hauled before the powerful Ethics Committee after the LNP alleged he misled the last parliament by pushing through a sweetheart deal for the Tram and Bus Union. Pitt’s fate is up in the air.

Another alternative is for farmers to launch a Federal Court class action to lay bare the unlawful Australia Act 1986 and the alterations to the Queensland Constitution in 2001 by the political miscreant, Peter Beattie without a referendum.

Has anyone noticed since 2001 how Beattie, Bligh, Newman and Palaszczuk refer to “my government’. Does anyone remember giving the ‘government’ to an individual?

Beattie removed the Queen and installed the Premier as the new head of State for the corporate, Socialist Republic of Queensland.The legal mechanism used by the malcontent Beattie can be found in the record of proceedings in the Cairns Magistrates Court: Queensland Police  –v- Walter, 2016, QP1700886562 QPS.

If farmers could actually band together for the common good just for once, the Federal Court would have little alternative but to find there is no criminal law in Queensland applying to those citizens outside of the political parties, just the common law which exists across the nation.


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Then look at the Imperial Acts Application Act [in force] and in that you will see that the “Bill of Rights” are still in existence.

    Unfortunately in this country there are many good people and the Fabians have taken advantage of this.

    The only way now is to overturn the Australia Act by way of grand jury.

    Farmers unite and others will follow. Form your own Courts when the ones we have are not doing the will of “We the People”

    When tyrants rule our country as they do at present the only remedy is a grand jury.

    High Court is useless, it is part of their system. Rod Culleton tried a private action and we know what happened there. Rather than prosecute they frustrate the outcome and move the offenders on, Brandis to the UK and Perry? Treason is rampant! Turnbull still is in the Parliament as are most likely others.


  2. People need to remember Magna cater and the right of every person to self defence and the right to defend their gift of life it makes no difference what some politician says or what the wording of a policy says when push comes to shove in your home at 2am you do what you ref to do to protect your self and your family.


  3. Your previous information described how the Queensland State was being used to herald in the NWO as the citizens of the USA were causing “trouble” and opposing the NWO..Ha Ha and what are we doing here in Australia? We are the guinea pigs!!The “sheeples” need a fire cracker up the KYBER..
    This is one of the agendas ..TO BAN ALL GUNS….They cannot do this in America as the groups is too strong..but here in Australia there will have to be BIGGER VOICES and DEMAND our RIGHTS!
    Finally PM Turnbull admitted to Tracy Grimshaw on A CURRENT AFFAIR..that Australia is part of the NWO!!….WHO ASKED WE THE AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE ?
    This has been planned since before 1920..the HITLER PROJECT continues today…prepare and research the DIABOLICAL SATANISTIC PLAN FOR MANKIND…..


  4. According to the 1689 Bill of Rights “quote” All freemen and protestants may bear arms suitable to their circumstance and according to the law. “end quote” The Law as it was in 1689. The protestants had their arms removed so King James ii could rule unjustly. see preamble.


  5. If you want to know why the ALP is against guns , every single member is also a member of the Fabian secret society which most people don’t know about , but do some research and not Wikipedia or government explanation , look up their agenda regarding one world government ,depopulation and socialist state enslaving the masses


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