Gangs of black African savages rape and pillage Melbourne suburbia

Coming soon to a suburb near you, compliments of the UN, Labor/Greens and Liberals

from The Age

A 59-year-old woman attacked and held hostage in a home by up to a dozen African youths has lost the main connection to her husband who is in intensive care after a Christmas Eve heart attack.

A relative of the woman said she was grabbed, beaten, and forced to give up the code to her iPad after the youths smashed into the home in Hillside, in Melbourne’s west.

As the woman’s husband is in intensive care, she can only visit him for short periods and uses the iPad to keep in contact with him.

Just before 11.30pm Thursday, the woman went to let a pet dog out into the backyard, through a large double-glass door. When she pulled up the blinds, she was confronted with between eight and 12 youths of African appearance leaping over the pool fence toward her.

“So she ran. This window is double-glazed, and they’ve just smashed right through it,” said relative Paul.

“So she nearly made it to the front door, she tripped over our dog. But one got through this part of the window and grabbed her, smacked her in the mouth. Apparently he then opened the front door and there was another one.”

She was house-sitting for relatives Samantha and her husband Paul while they were away on holiday, they told The Age on Friday.

The woman was held hostage in her front room as the gang rampaged through the house, stealing an Xbox, shoes, and Christmas money one of the couple’s young children had collected before stealing their car. They smashed several walls and a television.

“Her husband had a heart attack Christmas Eve, and he’s in intensive care,” Paul said.

“She begged them not to take her iPad because that’s her connection to her husband.”

After the youths left, the woman staggered out of the house and contacted neighbours, who eventually called Paul and Samantha. The couple spent Friday mopping up a trail of blood and blocking over the smashed glass door.

“These cops I spoke to this morning, they are frustrated,” Samantha said.

“I said ‘I feel sorry for you guys, you do all the hard work, and it gets to the next level, and there is no consequences’.”

She said the police officers agreed with her.

“I just don’t know how they can bluntly come into people’s homes and grab onto things that aren’t even theirs. They don’t realise the impact they have on your spirit and the way you feel. I feel unsafe, I feel scared for my kids.”

The Age understands police have taken CCTV footage from a nearby house, as well as fingerprints from the crime scene.

The attack was part of a violent crime spree in Melbourne’s west, including home invasions and assaults, that police described as “thuggish and abhorrent”.

The number of young men involved is yet to be determined.  Victoria Police Commander for the north west metro region Russell Barrett said at a media conference on Friday, but all the victims had told police the offenders were of “African appearance”.

Commander Barrett said it was too early to determine whether the violence was linked to the same group of young offenders, however, it is likely they were given the crimes were committed within a few kilometres of each other.

A Melbourne father belted black African home invaders with a baseball bat to keep them out of his home(above) on Coleridge Drive, Delahey after they made death threats.  Son, 18, gives chase in car but the thugs ran too many red lights for a pursuit to keep up. See comment at end of story. Photo: Paul Jeffers

A second home invasion took place just about 12.45am on Friday in Coleridge Drive, Delahey.

An 18-year-old victim of the home invasion said he was returning home from work about 12.45am when he found three young men attempting to smash their way through his front door as he pulled into the driveway.

He said the men were able to break the glass panel next to the door before his dad heard them and armed himself with a baseball bat inside.

“He just started hitting their hands with the baseball bat so they couldn’t undo the lock,” he said. “But as soon as I got there, they saw the headlights of the car, and they just started running I think they thought I was the cops or something.”

The father, also who did not want to be indentified, said one of the men managed to get into the house through the garage door and stole a mobile phone that was on the floor in the living room before fleeing.

He said another two men who were trying to smash their way through the front door were screaming “come out here, we’re going to kill you”.

“My wife was already in bed and she didn’t know what was happening,” he said. “I thought they were going to kill me, I just kept hitting them with the bat then my son got home. We feel really scared to be here now.”

The teenager said his 25-year-old brother and mother were also inside during the attack and the family would be installing security cameras this weekend.

“We’re all pretty shaken up and tired,” he said. “It’s made us feel like we aren’t even safe in our own home.”

The teenager said the three young men fled into a getaway car.

He pulled out of the driveway and chased after them.

“I wanted to get a car registration number or something I could tell police,” he said. “But they were driving so fast and running red lights, I couldn’t catch them.”

Other residents in Coleridge Drive say they’re living in fear, with cars and houses regularly broken into.

One resident, Samuel Momo, said his family no longer parked their cars on the street after his dad’s car was broken into a number of times last year.

Mr Momo said he wasn’t shocked by the latest home invasion in his neighbourhood.

“There was a gun shooting across the road from our house a few years back,” Mr Momo said.

“It’s almost like the norm here. I don’t think it’s a recent thing either, there’s always been a fair bit of crime. We keep the house locked up at night. Even if it’s a hot night, we might open a window to let a bit of air in but we turn off all the lights so nobody can see in.”

Another resident said he stepped out the front of his house last week to see his mum’s car has been “kicked in”.

“The windscreen was smashed, there was glass everywhere,” he said. “It’s a pretty common occurrence. At one stage it was happening (to cars in the street) about twice a week. Other times cars speeding down the street have ploughed straight into houses.”

The man who has lived in the neighbourhood  for seven years said while he felt there had always been an element of crime in the area, he had noticed an increased presence of teenagers on the streets at night in recent months.

“I see mobs of youth walking down the street at night a lot,” he said. “Sometimes they’re not doing anything too suss from what I can see, but they’re always loud and they walk together in big groups which would be intimidating for anyone walking down the street.”

Another resident who also did not want to be named said she never opened her windows or doors and kept her car inside her garage at all times.

“To be honest I don’t feel safe to do that anymore,” she said.

“It used to be such a lovely area but you hear things and you see things on the news and the paranoia and fear grows. When the police knocked on my door this morning to tell me about what happened down the street I thought “here we go again.”

Comment: This is a political problem initiated by the political party duopoly. Until you start demanding these worthless thugs be deported or executed you will have to put up with the problem.

The political party corporations will not allow you, as the first respondent to protect yourself by any means. Cairns News suggests you join a rifle or pistol club, buy a shotgun and arm yourselves in readiness. There will be no worthwhile help from police or the judicial system under present arrangements.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Sad, yet very true.

    The fact that most have no clue, nor idea of real world events that took place there + now of course, is because its the winners who dictate & control history, of what info should be made available to the public and what shouldn’t be.

    They took over the mass media years ago, they have been & continue to be in complete control. Their stranglehold is not just limited to mass media alone.

    Most people are not aware of their power & stranglehold.

    They also control & manipulate the following:

    Vatican, Educational System, Wall Street, Federal Reserve, Banking, News Media, Hollywood, Amazon, PayPal, Chrome, Google, YouTube, Facebook,
    Twitter, Twitch, Reddit, Disney, Netflix, Walmart, Wikipedia, other

    (NAtional ZIonist Jew – Corporate Ownership)

    The only written plans for genocide during the 20th-century was not a German plan to exterminate the Jews but rather Jewish plans to exterminate the Germans.

    The well-known term ‘Melting Pot’, means the mixing of different races and cultures into one monolithic group forming the ‘New World and the New Man’. This is a serious long range goal of the ethnocentric elite – who themselves would preserve their own bloodline, race, heritage and culture pure as they seek to dominate a de-Europeanized, confused, rootless, non-white new world. A world where all people are stripped of their identities and cultures. A world where you are without an identity, where the state installs an identity in you instead.

    From his book Praktischer Idealismus (Practical Idealism) came the concept now commonly called the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. Two main points can summarize the plan: • Europeans must race mix with Arabs, Africans, and Asians – into a mess which Kalergi describes as a “EURASIAN-NEGROID RACE.”
    • The only exception for the planetary race biological experiment are Jews – as Kalergi considers to be “Europe’s intellectual upper class”
    Taken from his book “Practical Idealism”, Kalergi stated; “Man will in future be of mixed race. Today’s races and classes will gradually disappear as a result of the elimination of space, time and prejudices. The future of Eurasian-Negroid race will remind you of ancient Egyptians and replace the diversity of races and the diversity of individuals. Instead of destroying European Jewry in Europe, against her will, refined and educated this people, and through this artificial process pushed them into their future role as the leading nation…. Bolshevism constitutes a decisive step towards this purpose where a small group of Communist spiritual aristocrats govern the country. The General staff of both are recruited from Europe’s spiritual leader race, the Jews.



  2. Australia never had a problem with immigrants until we started IMPORTING INCOMPATABLE PEOPLE INTO AUSTRALIA. I have stopped voting for the major parties and especially greens. VOTE FOR ONE NATION FOR THE PEOPLE OF AUSTRALIA AND QUEENSLAND


  3. Get rid of those black savages send them back to Africa ASAP or they will destroy your neighbourhood, culture and country very soon.


  4. Welcome to our South African lifestyle!


  5. It’s why the Arabic countries don’t take any of them.. They know what happens so put it on the do good christian west..


  6. Trevor R Patten



  7. Everyone has been saying the courts through to the politicians have and should do something about all the crime.
    Both with juveniles gangs and everyone can’t see any results.
    If immigrant juveniles are committing crimes the whole family should be deported.
    If they arnt a harder approach should be seen to be done.




  9. It wasn’t just Germany that lost the war in 1945. The whole white race lost. It’s so obvious now that we fought on the wrong side in world war 2. Hitler was so correct. We should have listened to him.


  10. Not even a warning. Prison for their crime, then deported when they’re released


  11. PB, Jerusalem Post for 30.6.2011 was the report in which the proponent, Danby’s opposite number, opined that it would be good for harmony in Israel for these Africans to be accepted by Australia which proposal rat Danby enthusiastically accepted. I’ve no doubt that these were shipped to Australia as they were to Europe. In the case of Europe each was given US$3,500 which just happened to be the boat fare which was handed to the smuggler on entering the boat. Danby did not seek re election in May, but is no doubt happy with the destruction he has wrought on the fabric of Australian life.


  12. The political scum who brought them into our country deserve exactly the same treatment.

    Like in the UK under Blair, Labor in Australia wanted to purchase a secure future voting base. It also interesting to look back a few years when the Israelis wanted to move a few thousand “refugees” from Africa out of Israel (because they are not Chosen enough) and Australia was being seriously proposed as a destination. I think Michael Danby knows a bit about this, but no-one asks him (possibly out of politeness).


  13. It will never happen because the Gov’t have the Australian people running scared with all their Crazy Rules they keep dreaming up.


  14. Self defence is a human right of every decent person on the planet it’s about time we the people forced this issue and amended our constitution to reflect that .


  15. I have seen a filthy black savage in Africa being burnt alive in the street by the good citizens. The video is on Documenting Reality website. That is the only thing such maggots understand. The political scum who brought them into our country deserve exactly the same treatment. If anyone invades your home, kill them as brutally as possible. It is your Divine and Natural law right and duty. Don’t bother telling the cops about it. Just dispose of the zombie vomit as efficiently as possible.


  16. Hi Zippity by your comments you obviously do not originate from the wonderful world of Oz. Australian governments, (we have a multitude of them) all trying to outdo each other with nanny state/police state laws and regulations, of which approximately 55,000 annually are passed through the triple layers of government enmeshing once free people. Strangely there are no laws for self-protection. Writers from this media group would not at all be surprised if the poor gentleman being attacked by worthless black thugs who are yelling they want to kill him, is criminally charged for defending himself and his family with a baseball bat. The Marxist Victoria government won’t even acknowledge there are gangs of black Africans terrorising the populace. This is the International Socialist Organisation in action, adhering to a bagful of UN treaties that the ALP and Liberals have committed us to without our knowledge or consent.Editor


  17. You have no way to protect yourselves?


  18. That’s what happens when you allow people in to our country who have been raised in a culture of violence, but that apparently takes too much deep thought to figure out by the left, who continue on with their agenda, unable to admit that they are wrong. These criminals should be given a warning and if they re-offend, sent back to their own culture, if they cannot behave themselves. .


  19. Absolutely…I agree with the “comments” authour….The only way to show these maggots who is who for the neighbours to arm themselves with baseball bats..the metal type…If the Parents of these maggots cannot control the maggots ..then DEPORT them back to AFRICA..


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