Groundbreaking case to test freehold property ownership


Former police prosecutor David Walter with one of his beloved black cockatoos. ‘There is not a lawful court or government in the nation’

 Property rights battler asks for supporters to attend Brisbane Supreme Court at 9am on March 16, 2016

Walter's court document

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This application, filed in the Brisbane Supreme Court could see the beginning of the end for corporate government in Australia. The applicant is retired Northern Territory police prosecutor, David Walter, now living near Herberton, Far North Queensland.

David has championed the cause of property rights for 10 years after the Queensland Labor Government placed an environmental listing over freehold land at Cardwell, on a 15 acre retirement block owned by ageing Toowoomba widow Mrs Catherine Burns. Her late husband had retired from the police force and they intended to move onto the block to live out their lives. Walter has taken up the cause for Mrs Burns and dozens of other disaffected landowners across the state who fell victim to the Labor Party’s ‘unlawful’ vegetation and environmental laws. Mrs Burns has been unable to sell her block because of the environmental overlay, purportedly placed on her land as a haven for a bloody glider possum. Neighbors say only one has been seen in the vicinity over the past 10 years.

Due to his effectiveness as an advocate for his legal argument over many years, Walter has been (unlawfully) banned by the Queensland Bar Society from putting one foot in a courtroom, with the penalty of two years jail hanging over him.

Walter has campaigned long and hard in and out of all levels of courts across the state, only to have various magistrates and judges agreeing with his argument, but having all cases thrown out because of corporate ‘political party’ legislation, which he says contains no living persons, and cannot be enforced because there is not a lawful court or parliament in the country.

The legal battles have come at great monetary and personal expense for Walter, particularly when he lost his wife Lynnie, suddenly last year.

He prepared a case against the Mackay City Council for one hapless landowner, which, like all the others was thrown out of court. This time around the Judge awarded costs of more than $20,000 against Walter, even though he was not present in the court. He told the Council and its dodgy solicitors to “go to hell,” because Australian currency is worthless.

Now the Mackay Council has obtained orders from the Supreme Court to bankrupt him and take his property.

He has had offers of financial assistance but he doggedly pushes on totally believing in his cause to restore ownership of freehold land to the people. Since Whitlam amended the Royal Styles and Titles Act removing the ‘Crown’ in 1973, without the Queen’s consent, he says all private land is now owned by ‘political party corporations.’

The case on Wednesday March 16, could lead to a collapse of the entire political party system of government in Australia and other Commonwealth nations.

Walter has asked that as many people as possible attend the court to watch injustice in action.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. After all that I have researched during the past 10 years, Mr Walter is correct. There isn’t a single “lawful” court left in Australia. Gough Whitlam saw to that back in ’73 when he changed the Styles and Titles act without permission, an act of treason!


  2. I respect that people like this man are trying to fight this in court, however obedience to authority has been so heavily reinforced into the collective psyche of the Australian people and humanity through the various indoctrination systems and institutions. Unfortunately I do not believe the battle for freedom can be fought in a courtroom; historically, it involves bloodshed. The peoples of nations cannot fight fire with fire; revolution is the ultimate solution.


  3. Enviromental overlays destroy lives with the stroke of a pen on private properties and yet properties under the crown with significant values are left to rot.This is just another land grab and a control mechanism by these phycopaths called government.


  4. sorry to tell you, but some of David Walters legal argument is totally flawed. Despite many attempts by me to clarify some of his assertions, he and many others continue to follow a supposed ‘conspiracy’ by Whitlam in 1973.All Commonwealth countries and former self governing Colonies have the authority to change the Royal Styles and Titles to suit their particular country. This came about via the Statute of Westminster 1931 enacted by the UK Parliament and Adopted by Australia in 1942.

    Another former policeman, Wayne Glew from WA also carries on in much the same vein. Both are serial litigants, who are unfortunately doing themselves and others a disservice. My respect for their efforts but not for their assertions in law.


  5. For Wayne Glew:
    the Statute of Westminster 1931;
    it would be in accord with the established constitutional position Of all
    members of the Commonwealth in relation to one another that any
    alteration in the law touching the Succession to the Throne or tth Royal
    Style and Titles shall hereafter require the assent as of tlw
    Parliaments of all the Dominions as of the Parliament of. the United
    Kingdomm :


  6. the Natural Person or Man,
    the Sheriff,
    the Charter,
    Judicial Corruption

    If you are the Natural person, can you get common law rights in a corporate court?
    Here is how to find out ! Using the Charter to extract a declaration of inconsistent interpretation.
    NB. this will (hopefully) get you a fair hearing, you still need an argument ! for your issues


  7. The only way we are going to experience justice in the courts in OZZ is when the polititions such as Whitlam/ Hawke- Frazer-Keating-and Howard are brought out in the open for insurrection that was committed during their reign as PM.I Really can’t wait as their crimes effected all land holders and many independant businesses


  8. Hmm Mr Glew and Walters seem to have removed their responses. I wonder why?


  9. Hi Nic we haven’t seen any comments by either Wayne Glew or David Walter. Were you looking at another site?Editor


  10. It is remarkable how many of you people blindly support an obvious idiot and vexatious litigant. Stupidity must be contagious.


  11. Gddday Pappa it is accepted fact all Australian governments at every level are corporatized. It is from there the whole show is doomed.
    This writer has been involved in this dilemma for decades. There is much unpublished opinion from senior legal practitioners across the board that agrees with much of Mr Walter’s proposition. Editor


  12. If only repeatedly stating an assertion made it true. There is not a scintilla of merit to Mr Walter (A Bankrupt)’s arguments. It is for this reason that his cases are repeatedly thrown out, and why the courts have previously ordered that Mr Walter must not represent others without a law degree.

    Coincidentally, his case was thrown out today, much like all his other ridiculous cases.


  13. Col all Whitlam did in 1973 was remove any reference to the UKQueen. it was Menzies in 53 who created the Queen of Australia.


  14. As you said his presntation and the case was with out merit. Once again too many people follow illogical arguments such as Davids and also Wayne Glew.


  15. yep statutory corporations = neoliberalism


  16. Cairnsnews will publish Justice Vasta’s judgement in the Federal Circuit Court from 2015 concerning David Walter when it comes to hand. There is a good deal of merit in what J Vasta says about Walter’s proposition.Editor


  17. Thanx Editor for your work in keeping us informed and allowing respectful debate. I look forward to Vasta J Reasons.


  18. “When it comes to hand”? With your senior legal practitioner contacts I would have thought you could have easily found


  19. Thanks Pappa Pop. Things are progressing in this case and we wouldn’t want to pre-empt the outcome, would we?


  20. Wow there are some real dimwits here like Papa poop and his cohorts , Don’t worry people justice is coming lie all you like but it wont save you . David Walter is Legend . Freemasons are total filth .


  21. We the People are taking back our country ,and there is not a dam thing you can do ,to all you sheep that think David is hopeless ,does this mean you consent to Treason on Our Constitution? the same one our Anzacs fought for ,and that you actually foolishly believe that our Police and Local Councils are lawful ,if so give yourself an uppercut , you are the people that will be rounded up like the cattle you are ,and hopefully jailed .Cooee Anzac Blood !

    We the People are the only Lawful Authority in Australia ! Expose Masonic Coward Criminal Police or die a coward .


  22. Nic Faulkner Tell us please what is illogical about standing up for truth and justice ? and our Constitution ? You are seriously deluded or more likely part of the problem . Justice is coming Nic Beware .


  23. Bob, nothing wrong speaking the truth and protecting our Constitution, but no point in talking bullshit and poor interpretation of law and history.
    Too many people leading others astray with all this ‘research’ that makes no sense.


  24. Nic Glad to hear that , but what part of the research don’t you understand ,I mean I left school when I was 13and I fully understand what all the research is about , Please Explain ? His-story has many dark secrets too Nic again How much research have you done on these subjects ?


  25. Bob if you go to and search for.Final doc From self governing colony to independent nation the high court the Australia Acts and the evoltionary theory of nationhood. that’s part of my research.


  26. Nic I am no Christian ,because they are run and corrupted by secret crypto societies , but this country was founded on God the people and the Constitution, So an evolutionary Theory of Nationhood has no interest to me .

    You say this case was without Merit Why is that and why is it illogical ? I Believe and have proof to support the Fact that our WHOLE Government is Unlawful , you see Nic , I was born with unalienable rights that No “Person ” or Corporation can take from me , but with the Private Corporations we have been tricked into giving our Consent by Tacit Agreement ,and Via Contract fraud .

    I am No ones PERSON ,I AM A Living Person all Persons have been turned into a Corporation , the reason is Because dead entities cannot talk to live People , so they turned us into a Corporation ,another Dead entity , I don’t Consent , bottom line with Corporations there are no rights ,and no right to consent , that means the system is based on Slavery and that is Illegal so seriously ,get away from the theory Nic ,if you aren’t part of the solution you are the problem .

    Did We have a Referendum for the Australia , if not we must be slaves ?


  27. Hi Col and Nic

    After Menzies created the Queen of Australia the Publicly run Commonwealth Bank of Australia was made into a Reserve Bank followed by the Reserve Bank Act 1959.

    That is when we lost our currency. The Australian Dollar is not ours.
    We need to get it back.


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