Undercover assassin for the Liberals, Clive Palmer defuses any chance of removing the corrupt Liberal Party from power

by Robert J Lee

Instead he will deliver them another term!

Palmer has contested most seats in the Queensland election, breaking a promise he made with Katters Australia Party not to run in agreed seats

Clive Palmer
Clive Palmer

Clive Palmer, the rotund, former (or existing) fossil of the infamous ‘white shoe brigade’ era, the confidante of Bob Sparkes, high-ranking Freemason and President of the old National Party in Brisbane, associate of ‘Top Level Ted’ (Lyons)’the founder and owner of fashion retailer Katies Vogue, the property developer bagman for the notorious Racing and Local Government Minister Russ Hinze and head kicker for Minister Don (Shady) Lane, has never relinquished his secret desire to be the Premier of Queensland.

Unfortunately Clive’s lust for total power took a mortal blow when he discovered he could no longer manipulate his LNP defectors, Carl Judge and Alex Douglas forcing them to jump ship.

Clive is supposed to have a lot of money, well that’s what he tells anyone who will listen, but he had to ‘borrow’ some $12 million from Chinese interests in Western Australia to pay for his federal election campaign, so others have posed the question: who paid for the state campaign?

Katters Australian Party parliamentary leader, Ray Hopper said on ABC television Clive is most untrustworthy, just as his Chinese partners in Western Australia discovered, and he has no problems stabbing anyone in the back, a crown he has stolen from Juliar Gillard, the knife thrower of the decade.

Clive has no policy about saving Queensland from trading while insolvent caused by decades of decadent corporate governance. His party members, (mostly family and employees) and candidates just do as he commands, and worry about the consequences later.

When the media ask questions of Palmer candidates about anything remotely connected to policies, they are programmed to reply: “Just ask Clive”.

Clive has four major law firms on permanent retainers, just in case minions like this scribe ruffle any more feathers on turkey Clive.

It is not hard to understand how his former compatriots and partners in crime, Seeney and Newman now have Clive in their sights. Fortunately for the LNP, he won’t be hard to miss.

Former National Party financial backer, Clive Palmer