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Big Clive can’t afford to pay for any more elections

Big Clive is on the ropes. His Sino iron ore project in Western Australia has all but collapsed leaving Chinese partner Citec holding the bag for more than $1 billion. Iron ore has slumped to about $50 a tonne and going down, down, down.

The same company has Clive in court for borrowing $12 million from the joint account to pay for the federal election. He has only one senator left.

Keep your nose out Clive, you are just a spoiler. You got rid of ‘Campbell can’t do’ so leave the poor deluded electors alone and do something constructive for your country.

Greens party not interested in stopping coal seam gas, the morons are only after vote money

Labor benefits from Green and PUP preferences

by Robert J Lee

Coal seam gas and open cut coal mining on the way to Cape York

Clive Palmer and the Greens share first place for screwing up the chances of Independents and the Katter party winning seats at Saturday’s election. The hopeless nitwits of the Greens, usually off in weed-induced fairyland actually believe their fruit-loop Senators or other parliamentary members will do something about halting the coal seam gas scourge that is ruining water supplies and some of the best farm land and in Australia.

Christine Milne, Tasmania – Janet Rice, Victoria – Rachel Siewert, WA

Scott Ludlum WA – Penny Wright, SA – Lee Rhiannon, NSW

Richard di Natale, Victoria – Larissa Waters, Queensland

Pictures: Some of the Malthusian Green Party Senators clambering for Queensland taxpayer’s funds

But the Queensland Greens Party is primarily after the lucrative $2.90 per vote handed out by the Queensland Electoral Commission, compliments of the taxpayer. The Greens how to vote card gave closet CSG supporters, the Labor Party number two. Conversely the ALP card did the same. Most of the arm draggers of the Greens are too stupid to know their megalomaniacal idol and one-time Premier, now American citizen Peter Beattie actually started CSG in Queensland when he handed out hundreds of exploration permits to foreign CSG companies ten years ago. Beattie, of course was handsomely rewarded for his efforts and has a share portfolio that would be the envy of Macquarie Bank.

At an anti-CSG meeting Bob Katter told Cairns News 12 months ago he had presented a Bill in Federal Parliament to place a moratorium on CSG exploration and drilling until its environmental effects could be properly assessed by competent authorities. This Bill has been widely publicised. Where are the Greens? What has Queensland Green senator Larissa Waters ever done to stop CSG. Nothing!

It is now overwhelmingly apparent the pagan Greens have no interest in halting the CSG industry. The party’s claims of helping the environment fly in the face of reality.


The ETU, CYLC, Balkanu and Bill Gordon


Billy Gordon

The Electrical Trades Union claims it dispatched 6000 of its drones from Melbourne, Tasmania and New South Wales to converge on polling booths and towns across the state. In the electorate of Cook that stretches from the PNG border to Mareeba(60klm west of Cairns), ETU minions adorned with their red Billy Gordon(ALP) T shirts clutching ‘no sale of assets’ green signs assisted indigenous candidate and now Member for Cook Bill Gordon with his election campaign. The ETU assailed the inhabitants of Thursday Island, Bamaga and Aurukun with their presence and dominance at pre-polling centres in communities across the top of Cape York Peninsula and Torres Strait. What policy deals have been done between the ETU, Bill Gordon, the Greens and the dodgy Cape York Land Council and its business arm, Balkanu, are not yet evident.

What is evident however, in true ALP style, is that a bus load of indigenous rent-a-vote people was seen arriving at the Mareeba pre-polling centre to vote, evidently for Bill Gordon. How this crowd was able to bypass the new identification requirement of the Electoral Commission is not yet known.

The sad part of the Cape York Peninsula result is that rank-and-file Aborigines, duped by the CYLC and Balkanu believe that their plight might change with the election of CLYC puppet, Bill Gordon. Nothing could be further from the truth. When in government the ALP shut down the Peninsula with Wild Rivers and other Green ideology. The ALP and then the LNP allowed the CYLC and Balkanu to manipulate communities and their leaders, depriving them of funds intended to lift the living standards of its languishing people.

The federal government handed self-appointed indigenous leader Noel Pearson $22 million for his pet school curriculum, that none of the communities seem to want. If that was not enough the Liberals dished out a further $8 million to another of Pearson’s private companies for a training program.

The Greens have demonised coal mining, the backbone of the Queensland economy, claiming runoff from coal mining, hundreds of kilometres inland, somehow finds its way to the Great Barrier Reef, more than 50 kilometres off the coastline. The Environmental Protection Act disallows run off from any mine site and according to independent geologists, seldom occurs.

The brain-dead Greens know little about the importance of thousands of years of soil run-off during the wet season. This important natural occurrence provides the sediment for upper estuaries, nurturing mangroves and fish breeding grounds. The Greens omit to mention that Gladstone Harbour, like other coastal ecosystems has a permanent oil slick. Shale-oil runoff from Kerosene Creek and shale-oil beds along the upper reaches of the Calliope River seep into the waterways that feed Gladstone harbour. This has been occurring for several thousand years, ever since the shale oil beds formed.

What will these knuckleheads do about this natural phenomena?

Sarah Hanson Young, SA – Adam Bandt, Vic MHR – Peter Whish Wilson, Tasmania

Pictures: Some of the arm-dragging Green Neanderthals



Palmer gets wrecker of the year award


Clive Palmer

Clive Palmer should get the wrecker of the year award for standing candidates in 50 seats, neutering the KAP and independent candidates. PUP’s best result was eight percent, predicted by most observers who said PUP would not gain one seat. Palmer has turned out to be the secret weapon of the Labor Party. He did not care if he trashed KAP or independents, he just wanted the LNP and Campbell Newman’s scalps. But he took votes from those independents with similar policies to PUP,  caring less about the economic fate of business or households.

Should Palmer’s antagonism towards the Liberals not dissipate over the next three years, and if he has the financial resources, can we expect a similar fiasco next time around?

Like Tony Abbott and the Liberals, Clive has been conspicuous by his absence from the campaign

Undercover assassin for the Liberals, Clive Palmer defuses any chance of removing the corrupt Liberal Party from power

by Robert J Lee

Instead he will deliver them another term!

Palmer has contested most seats in the Queensland election, breaking a promise he made with Katters Australia Party not to run in agreed seats

Clive Palmer

Clive Palmer

Clive Palmer, the rotund, former (or existing) fossil of the infamous ‘white shoe brigade’ era, the confidante of Bob Sparkes, high-ranking Freemason and President of the old National Party in Brisbane, associate of ‘Top Level Ted’ (Lyons)’the founder and owner of fashion retailer Katies Vogue, the property developer bagman for the notorious Racing and Local Government Minister Russ Hinze and head kicker for Minister Don (Shady) Lane, has never relinquished his secret desire to be the Premier of Queensland.

Unfortunately Clive’s lust for total power took a mortal blow when he discovered he could no longer manipulate his LNP defectors, Carl Judge and Alex Douglas forcing them to jump ship.

Clive is supposed to have a lot of money, well that’s what he tells anyone who will listen, but he had to ‘borrow’ some $12 million from Chinese interests in Western Australia to pay for his federal election campaign, so others have posed the question: who paid for the state campaign?

Katters Australian Party parliamentary leader, Ray Hopper said on ABC television Clive is most untrustworthy, just as his Chinese partners in Western Australia discovered, and he has no problems stabbing anyone in the back, a crown he has stolen from Juliar Gillard, the knife thrower of the decade.

Clive has no policy about saving Queensland from trading while insolvent caused by decades of decadent corporate governance. His party members, (mostly family and employees) and candidates just do as he commands, and worry about the consequences later.

When the media ask questions of Palmer candidates about anything remotely connected to policies, they are programmed to reply: “Just ask Clive”.

Clive has four major law firms on permanent retainers, just in case minions like this scribe ruffle any more feathers on turkey Clive.

It is not hard to understand how his former compatriots and partners in crime, Seeney and Newman now have Clive in their sights. Fortunately for the LNP, he won’t be hard to miss.

Former National Party financial backer, Clive Palmer




Toowoomba CSG mining activist burgled, intimidated, no action from Qld Police

Senate inquiry into Beattie, Bligh and Newman Governments to follow the CSG money trail

01 October 2014: KAP Leader and Federal Member for Kennedy Bob Katter today used Question Time to warn Parliament of criminal activity requiring investigation following the announcement of a Senate Inquiry into the Queensland Government, CSG mining and Galilee Basin coal mining approvals.

Mr Katter asked both a Question Without Notice, supplemented by a more detailed Question With Notice, to the Minister representing the Attorney-General, in relation to burglaries at the home of Heather Brown-Pascoe – a former newspaper columnist with The Australian and leading campaigner for the protection of prime farm land.

“Computers, laptops and filing cabinets of both Ms Heather Brown-Pascoe and her husband, containing material relating to government business and political figures, were potentially accessed and that property has been stolen and information purloined,” said Mr Katter.

“Are Ministers aware of any communications on the Heather Pascoe-Brown case and of any correspondence between Queensland Police and either State or Federal ministers on this matter.”

The Foreign Minister, representing the Attorney-General, told the House of Representatives that she would personally investigate this issue together with the Minister for Justice and Attorney-General.

Mr Katter’s more detailed Question with Notice, to the Attorney-General and Federal Minister for Justice, was also today listed on the House of Representatives Notice Paper.

Mr Katter said he hoped that the unanswered questions as well as the decision-making processes regarding the Galilee Basin would be addressed in the Senate Inquiry into the Queensland Government – enabling the Senate to examine all workings of the Queensland Government.

“It is our contention that the Queensland Government has stalled decisions on who is awarded the tender to construct the railway line into the Galilee Basin, because of ‘hands in back pockets’ and political ‘argy bargy’. It is now our intention to put this in front of the Senate Inquiry.

“The Galilee Basin rail project is the greatest gift to anyone; whoever has the railway line has control of half of the coal coming out of the Queensland. This is the greatest gift ever rewarded by any Government in history; and circumstances under which the decision has been made need to come under the closest of scrutiny.

“Coal is our greatest asset outside of water; the Galilee Basin holds half of the nation’s entire coal reserves, which up to date have not been tapped. This is at the heart of the Inquiry,” Mr Katter said.

## ENDS ##

Question Without Notice To the Attorney-General:

Is the Minister aware that since September 2013, the home of stud breeder Heather Brown-Pascoe national campaigner for the protection of prime farm land has been broken into 3 times?

A past lead columnist for The Australian and from 4 generations of farming Heather had her computers, and files rifled and information on government and political figures purloined.

Since no one is aware of any police action to investigate the case

Can the Minister advise if there’s been any, and if so what was the communication between Police and State or Federal Ministers?

Question With Notice – as appears on the Notice Paper, Page 48, 1 October 2014

Mr Katter: To ask the Ministers listed below (question Nos. *# to *#)—

(1) Is the Minister aware: (a) that between September 2013 and May 2014, the Toowoomba home of Ms Heather Brown-Pascoe, a nationally renowned campaigner to save prime farm land, has been burgled on three occasions; (b) that Ms Brown-Pascoe was the leading columnist in The Australian, is from a four generation farming family and currently runs Queensland’s major horse stud; (c) that during these break-ins, computers, laptops and filing cabinets of both Ms Brown-Pascoe and her husband, containing material relating to government business and political figures, were potentially accessed and that property has been stolen and information purloined; (d) of the fact that an insurance company has paid out for the losses from this break in provide proof that the break in and thefts occurred; (e) that Ms Brown-Pascoe and her husband were advised by their security team that the threat to their safety was real and escalating and arson was possible and under such advice they vacated their home; and (f) that despite considerable evidence, Ms Brown-Pascoe and her husband have hardly heard from the police and in fact no one is aware of any evidence that the police are even carrying out an investigation.

(2) Has the Minister had any contact with Queensland Police or relevant state Ministers regarding this matter.

(3) Is the Minister aware of any communications on this issue between Queensland Police and either State or Federal Ministers; if so, what was the nature of such contact and any discussions which may have occurred.

*# Mr Katter: To ask the Minister representing the Attorney-General.

*# Mr Katter: To ask the Minister for Justice.

For information on Bob Katter’s role in the 43rd Parliament click here:

Liberal, Nationals,PUP and Labor vote to strengthen the police state

Palmer United Party senator Lazurus says internet “greatest threat to our existence”

Terror laws clear Senate, enabling entire Australian web to be monitored and whistleblowers to be jailed

Date September 26, 2014


Ben Grubb

Deputy technology editor

Terror laws enabling internet monitoring clear Senate

Australia’s spy agency could soon have the power to monitor the entire Australian internet after new anti-terrorism laws passed the Senate on Thursday night.

Australian spies will soon have the power to monitor the entire Australian internet with just one warrant, and journalists and whistleblowers will face up to 10 years’ jail for disclosing classified information.

The government’s first tranche of tougher anti-terrorism bills, which will beef up the powers of the domestic spy agency ASIO, passed the Senate by 44 votes to 12 on Thursday night with bipartisan support from Labor.

Attorney-General George Brandis praised the laws being passed. Photo: Andrew Meares

The bill, the National Security Legislation Amendment Bill (No. 1) 2014, will now be sent to the House of Representatives, where passage is all but guaranteed on Tuesday at the earliest.

Anyone – including journalists, whistleblowers and bloggers – who “recklessly” discloses “information … [that] relates to a special intelligence operation” faces up to 10 years’ jail.

Any operation can be declared “special” by an authorised ASIO officer

The senate voted on the bill on Thursday night.

This also gives ASIO immunity for criminal and civil liability in certain circumstances.

Many, including lawyers and academics, have said they fear the agency will abuse this power.

Those who identify ASIO agents could also face a decade in prison under the new bill, a tenfold increase on the existing maximum penalty.

The new bill also allows ASIO to seek just one warrant to access a limitless number of computers on a computer network when attempting to monitor a target, which lawyers, rights groups, academics and Australian media organisations have condemned.

They said this would effectively allow the entire internet to be monitored, as it is a “network of networks” and the bill does not specifically define what a computer network is.

ASIO will also be able to copy, delete, or modify the data held on any of the computers it has a warrant to monitor.

The bill also allows ASIO to disrupt target computers, and use innocent third-party computers not targeted in order to access a target computer.

Professor George Williams of the University of NSW has warned previously the bill was too broad.

And, unlike the government’s controversial plans to get internet providers to store metadata for up to two years, the bill passed on Thursday allows for the content of communications to be stored.

Most groups that had complained about the new bill also said they feared its disclosure offences went too far, with the Australian Lawyers Alliance saying they would have “not just a chilling effect but a freezing effect” on national security reporting.

Attorney-General George Brandis did not seek to allay their concerns on Thursday but said that, in a “newly dangerous age”, it was vital that those protecting Australia were equipped with the powers and capabilities they needed.

When the bill passed on Thursday night, he said it was the most important reform for Australia’s intelligence agencies since the late 1970s.

On Wednesday afternoon, Senator Brandis confirmed that, under the legislation, ASIO would be able to use just one warrant to access numerous devices on a network.

The warrant would be issued by the director-general of ASIO or his deputy.

“There is no arbitrary or artificial limit on the number of devices,” Senator Brandis told the Senate.

However, Senator Brandis did say on Thursday that the new bills did not target journalists specifically, despite concerns from media organisations that they would be targets.

The new legislation instead targeted those who leaked classified information, such as the former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, Senator Brandis said.

“These provisions have nothing to do with the press.”

Despite this, Senator Brandis refused to say whether reporting on cases similar to Australia’s foreign spy agency ASIS allegedly bugging East Timor’s cabinet and the Australian Signals Directorate tapping the Indonesian president and his wife’s mobile phone would result in journalists or whistleblowers being jailed.

The Australian Greens, through Senator Scott Ludlam, put forward an amendment that would limit the number of computers ASIO could access with one warrant to 20 but it failed to gain support from Labor or the government.

Speaking after the bill passed, Senator Ludlam told Fairfax Media he was disappointed.

“What we’ve seen [tonight] is, I think, a scary, disproportionate and unnecessary expansion of coercive surveillance powers that will not make anybody any safer but that affect freedoms that have been quite hard fought for and hard won over a period of decades,” Senator Ludlam said.

“I have very grave concerns about the direction that the Australian government seems to be suddenly taking the country.”

Independent Senator Nick Xenophon and Liberal Democratic Senator David Leyonhjelm also put forward amendments that would protect whistleblowers but these did not gain enough support either.

The legislation, which also covers a number of other issues, addresses many of the recommendations of a joint parliamentary inquiry into Australia’s national security laws.

After concerns were raised by Labor and Senator Leyonhjelm, the government agreed to amend the legislation to specifically rule out ASIO using torture.

“ASIO cannot, does not and has never engaged in torture,” Senator Brandis said.

The Palmer United Party was also successful in amending the law so anyone who exposes an undercover ASIO operative could face up to 10 years behind bars instead of one.

“The internet poses one of the greatest threats to our existence,” Palmer United Party Senator Glen Lazarus said, speaking out against Senator Ludlam’s amendment.

The Australian Greens voted against the bill, slamming the new measures as extreme and a “relentless expansion of powers” of the surveillance state.

Senator Leyonhjelm and Senator Xenophon also opposed the legislation, as did independent Senator John Madigan.

One of the amendments put forward by Senator Xenophon would have required ASIO’s watchdog, the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, to report publicly each year on how many devices ASIO accessed.

But Labor and the government voted against it, with Senator Brandis saying it “would not be appropriate” to report figures as it would reveal information about ASIO’s capabilities.

The legal changes come amid growing concern over Islamic State extremists in the Middle East and terrorism threats at home.

Islamic State (also known as ISIL) has ordered followers to target civilian Australians.

In less than a week, police in two states launched the biggest counter-terrorism raids in Australia’s history, and shot dead a known terrorist suspect after he stabbed two officers in Melbourne.

A second anti-terrorism bill targeting foreign fighters was introduced in the Senate on Wednesday and will be debated next month.

These changes have opposition support and would make it a criminal office to travel to a terrorist hot-spot without a reasonable excuse.

A third bill enabling the collection of internet and phone metadata for a period of up to two years for warrantless access by law-enforcement and spy agencies will be introduced later this year.


Polls, lying polls and dodgy data

A Galaxy poll commissioned by News Ltd, published in the Cairns Post newspaper has the ALP State leader Annastacia Palaszczuk one point behind Campbell Newman as preferred Premier. Whilst we know Campbell is on the nose it is hard to believe he is this far behind!

It has Palmers United party at 12 per cent and Katters Australian Party at zero. But don’t dismay this happened before Clive’s public outpouring of antipathy towards the Chinese Government. Polls, lying polls and dodgy data are the usual products of opinion polls, especially from those polling companies that are owned by Rupert Murdoch of News Ltd.

Annastacia Palaszczuk

Their methodology is simple – just ask a loaded question and you get the required result. For example which leader is your preferred choice of Premier, Newman or Palaszczuk?

There are no other options on offer so the interviewee has to pick one or the other, neither of whom he likes at all. If the pollster was to ask, “If you don’t like either on offer, who is your choice of Premier?” Then the polling result would be much different.

This polling subterfuge is what happens when the ALP and the LNP allow Rupert Murdoch to control the vast majority of Australian media.

Thank God for the internet!

Clive’s ego is getting bigger by the day!

Palmer for treasurer

Katter and Palmer parties agree to exchange preferences


16 August 2013

Katter and Palmer parties reach preference deal.

Katters Australian Party (KAP) and the Palmer United Party have negotiated a preference agreement for the Federal Election.

Both parties have agreed to exchange preferences above the major parties for the House of Representatives in the Federal Election.

The two parties are independently standing together against the might of the major party duocracy that serves its own interests over the best interests of all Australians, who for too long have been taken for granted by the major parties.

The agreement has been reached in the spirit that all parties must work together on preference outcomes to deliver the best outcomes for Australian voters.

The two parties are pitted in a ‘David and Goliath’ battle against the major parties who believe they are born to rule.

Both parties continue to negotiate independently regarding Senate preferences.


For further comment from Palmer United Party, please contact Andrew Crook on 0419 788 431

For more information from Katters Australian Party, please contact Rob Katter on (07) 3267 7799.