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Malcolm Turnbull supports Islam 5th Column in Australia

This video takes a look at the Turnbull support of Islam back in February 2011 and he continued today
after the terrorist attacks in Australia he as Prime Minister cares not to discuss. There are video clips supporting statements Turnbull makes here that will curl your hair. We do need a sixth PM TODAY with balls and a policy to fight for Australia against this blatantly obvious Muslim push to taker over the country.

Living next door to Malcolm


This video is a load of laughs that does highlight the comfort zone of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs considered safe from refugee invasion on King Malcolm’s turf. It is worth the police involvement, the residents’ comments, the disgust at robed people in their suburbs displaying the self proclaimed elite who do not want 5,000 refugees in their suburbs, or “Living next door to Malcolm”

Secret meeting of Halal leaders in Mecca

Some of the region’s most influential Muslim leaders met in secret in Mecca last year at the behest of a Saudi-born Wahhabi leader to sign an agreement that would set up a new umbrella organisa­tion and an investment fund to control much of the booming halal certification market.

The accord, obtained by The Australian, brought together the unlikeliest of figures under the “honorary presidency” of World Muslim League general secretary Abdallah Ben Abdel Mohsen al-Turki.

Dr Turki had brought the figures, including embattled Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Hafez Kassem and “Mr Saudi” in Australia, Sha­fiq Khan, to Mecca to conquer and divide the multi-million-dollar halal certif­ication market.

Leaders from Fiji and New Zealand, hardline preacher Sheik Omar El-Banna and Australia’s Grand Mufti Ibrahim Abu Moham­med were all present and all signed the document.

Abdallah Ben Abdel Mohsen al-Turki (left) Worldwide, the halal food market is worth more than $1 trillion and certification proceeds are worth tens of millions of dollars in Australia.

“The federation shall seek to set up an Islamic investment fund to invest in good-return projects, especially in the area of halal food of all kinds, as well as investing in the establishment of an Islamic abattoir,” the agreement says.

The federation more broadly would “adhere to the middle-of-the-road approach to Islam in all aspects of life, without melting in the others or staying on the sidelines” and would introduce “Islam through books, leaflets, lectures, conferences and the internet”.

Though the agreement also enshrines the establishment of a “fund to support Islamic associ­ations, centres and schools in the South Pacific Islands” and other groups, The Australian understands the real concern was to control more of the halal market.

According to those familiar with the meeting, it was discussed that 70 per cent of the profits from the investment fund would be distributed among the various signatories and 30 per cent would go to the World Muslim League. The agreement has never been made public and one signatory, when confronted with a copy, tore it up on the spot.

The Grand Mufti, Dr Mohammad, signed the agreement representing his own centre — the Australian Islamic Culture Establishment — and not the Australian National Imams Council.

Sheik Omar El-Banna is considered by the community to follow teachings of the Tablighi Jamaat, a conservative strain of Islam.

None of the parties to the agreement responded to detailed questions put by The Australian.

“The intention was that a bank account would be created, a kitty, and these people would be the custodians of the fund,” one man told The Australian.

“They worked out the distribution formula and some of that money would go to the league. Whether that goes to their Australian office (in Melbourne) or back to Saudi Arabia, we do not know.”

The Australian has corrobor­ated this account with three un­related sources.

The US Central Intelligence Authority estimates the Saudis have spent almost $100 billion since the oil boom exporting their nation’s homegrown interpre­tation of Islam, which is based on an 18th-century revivalist preacher, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab. Their man in Australia has for years been Mr Khan, the guiding hand of hundreds of millions of Saudi dollars designed to influence the content and practice of Islam across the continent.

The Muslim World League is funded by the Saudi regime and Dr Turki has the ear of internal ­officials.

In 2003, Mr Khan was caught up in a legal battle for control of halal certification profits from the Supreme Islamic Council of Halal Meat in Australia when his former supporters accused him of siphoning more than $1 million into his own charities and Al Faisal College, in Sydney’s west, where he is director.

Mr Khan settled out of court and agreed to pay $1m back to the council.

Worldwide, the halal food market is worth more than $1 trillion and certification proceeds are worth tens of millions of dollars in Australia.

Australia exports about $1bn worth of food to Saudi Arabia each year and $2.5bn to Indonesia, which is home to the world’s largest Muslim population.

The battle for influence and power in Australia took on a comic­al turn when Dr Turki made it clear he wished to hold a conference in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra in 2013.

He approached the national peak body — AFIC — to organise the event but a host of community organisations boycotted the event because of concerns over the management of AFIC, which has been accused of questionable acco­unting practices.

Dr Turki was instead treated to a forum at Sydney’s Malek Fahd Islamic School — also in Sydney’s west, and controlled by AFIC — with the Saudi ambassador Nabil al-Saleh before being hosted at a dinner by Mr Khan, the Saudi fixer, who brought along a coterie of Australia’s most influential Muslim leaders.

Mr Kassem flew with Dr Turki on his private jet with his entourage of 12 people to New Zealand and eventually Jakarta. The plane broke down and had to land in north Queensland for repairs so the entourage paid $3000 in excess baggage fees and carried on to Indonesia.

“It was not a very successful trip for AFIC: it made Dr al-Turki realise they had no real influence in Australia,” one man said.

“That influence was with Mr Khan.”

And so the “Mecca charter” was invented.

It includes AFIC, which has control of a significant portion of halal certification trade, but mostly contains supporters of or people loyal to Mr Khan.

Years after he was forced on to the sideline of the halal trade, Mr Khan appears to have made a spectacular comeback, at least in terms of his strategic position.

Not that the new federation has been officially formed.

There is no evidence the organisation has been registered as a not-for-profit in Australia as the agreement foreshadowed and those familiar with its operation are unsure if the investment fund has been created.

Some of AFIC’s state member councils have not been told about the agreement, the name of the umbrella group or the other sig­natories.

The Muslim World Leage did not respond to a request for comment. – from The Australian

Bendigo Mosque video exposes the real issue

There are 36 Muslims living in Bendigo at that number has remained constant for many years. There is now an Islamic plan to build a Mosque to accommodate 2000 worshipers that will make it the largest mosque in the southern hemisphere at a cost of $15.5 million. Government officials and Bendigo Councilors are set to make a fortune out of this project.

This video below reveals damning information you need to know:

United Patriot Front VideoThe corrupt banks have closed accounts opened by protesters seeking donations to stop the Jihad of Bendigo – [click here]


Alan Jones says Muslims are only economic refugees and not in fear of lives


Alan Jones has echoed the millions of comments on social media stating the Islamic scourge is mostly opportunism by people wanting to bludge off the west. He says 73 per cent of this tide are men. He wants to know why these fit young men are not staying in whatever country they come from to fight the Islamic lunatics. Like the majority of social media comments, Jones thinks these battalions are fifth columnists ready to take over Europe once they are settled. He is correct and the bleeding heart Labor, Green and Liberals want these bastards in Australia. My grandfather fought in France 1914-1918.

He would roll over in his grave along with my uncle who was awarded the MM fighting the yellow peril of 1943 in the Pacific Islands. This is reality and we are again facing it all over the globe. Who will pay to host these fifth columnists in Australia?

Listen to the end of this audio program.

Saudi Arabia has 100,000 tents siting empty that can accomodate 3 million people



While European countries are being lectured about their failure to take in enough refugees, Saudi Arabia – which has taken in precisely zero migrants – has 100,000 air conditioned tents that can house over 3 million people sitting empty.

The sprawling network of high quality tents are located in the city of Mina, spreading across a 20 square km valley, and are only used for 5 days of the year by Hajj pilgrims. As the website Amusing Planet reports, “For the rest of the year, Mina remains pretty much deserted.”

The tents, which measure 8 meters by 8 meters, were permanently constructed by the Saudi government in the 1990’s and were upgraded in 1997 to be fire proof. They are divided into camps which include kitchen and bathroom facilities.

The tents could provide shelter for almost all of the 4 million Syrian refugees that have been displaced by the country’s civil war, which was partly exacerbated by Saudi Arabia’s role in funding and arming jihadist groups.

However, as the Washington Post reports, wealthy Gulf Arab nations like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and others have taken in precisely zero Syrian refugees. Although Saudi Arabia claims it has taken in 500,000 Syrians since 2011, rights groups point out that these people are not allowed to register as migrants. Many of them are also legal immigrants who moved there for work. In comparison, Lebanon has accepted 1.3 million refugees – more than a quarter of its population.

While it refuses to take in any more refugees, Saudi Arabia has offered to build 200 mosques for the 500,000 migrants a year expected to pour into Germany.

Saudis argue that the tents in Mina are needed to host the annual Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca, but given that the Arabic concept of Ummah is supposed to offer protection to all Muslims under one brotherhood, surely an alternative location could be found so that Mina can be repurposed to house desperate families fleeing war and ISIS persecution?

While Europe is being burdened by potentially millions of people who don’t share the same culture or religion as the host population, Gulf Arab states refuse to pull their weight, resolving only to throw money at the problem.

The likelihood of the Saudis inviting Syrian refugees to stay in Mina is virtually zero, but the thousands of empty tents serve as a physical representation of the hypocrisy shared by wealthy Gulf Arab states when it comes to helping with the crisis.

Nationwide Reclaim rallies shake the political foundations!

by Nick Folkes –29/07/2015


Rally in Sydney

Last weekend’s nationwide Reclaim rallies shook the foundations of the treasonous political establishment. Never before has the public witnessed such a firestorm of verbal hate and bigotry emanating from the pampered multicultural lobby and political elites who are finally being challenged for not listening to the peoples’ concerns. The Australian people are fed up with the failed policies of mass third world immigration, the foreign sell-off of Australia, failed political ideology of Islam and the preferential treatment given to those seeking ethnic privilege in the soiled state sanctioned multicultural industry.

Sydney Rally - (image courtesy of google)

Sydney Rally – (image courtesy of google)

Thousands of patriotic Australians took to the streets exercising their freedom of speech in a peaceful and dignified way. Regrettably, the nationwide Reclaim rallies were countered by a brutish collective of anarchists, communists and nappy clad students who were intend on inflicting violent physical attacks on their peaceful opponents. The violence and hatred manifested itself particularly in Melbourne where alcohol and drug fuelled mobs of anarchists and communists attacked protestors, Police and innocent bystanders resulting in many arrests.

The collective of ‘useful idiots’ representing failed anarchist and communist rabble, the militant gay lobby and ‘tolerate’ Muslims banded together in a marriage of convenience to strike a blow against peace loving Australians. The ‘useful idiots’ were on a violent rampage displaying their totalitarian nature and hatred of freedom and democracy.

The treasonous political elite and multicultural industry are both up in arms, totally shocked that their genocidal ideology and morally corrupt policies are being exposed and challenged. The response from the decadent and self-serving elites proves that they are removed from the daily struggles of life that most Australians face. Many politicians have come out publicly pouring scorn on patriotic Australians who attended nationwide rallies calling them “bigots” and “racists” for merely exercising their freedom of speech, again highlighting the disconnect and lack of natural affection shown by arrogant politicians who are not interested in trying to read or understand the peoples’ concerns.

George Christensen MP  (image courtesy of google)

Only one sitting member of the federal parliament broke ranks and spoke at a Reclaim rally in Mackay, MP George Christensen. He spoke passionately about his opposition to the repressive ideology of Islam, sharia law and affection for free speech. Opposition ‘leader’ Bill Shorten attacked Christensen for exercising his freedom of speech but Christensen wasn’t fazed by the old, lazy communist but he was disappointed and surprised at the “tidal wave of hyperventilation and confected outrage on social media”.

The week prior to the nationwide Reclaim rallies, the University of Western Sydney (UWS) hosted a conference entitled ‘Advancing Community Cohesion – Towards a National Compact 2015’. The taxpayer funded two-day do-gooder extravaganza was held to “examine international best practices for dealing with national and local issues regarding social cohesion”. In other words, the rampantly divisive ‘multicultural gravy train’ and its commissars are worried about the lack of social cohesion in Australia and they are searching for ways to counter the growing movement opposing the policy of ‘cultural & heritage genocide’. The quiver lipped cultural charlatans must be having nightmares about the impending collapse of the policy and the possible loss of their highly paid, and irrelevant existence. Multiculturalism is not ‘natural’, it is a policy of ethnic and socialist privilege that has created a hierarchy of over-paid swindling big eaters who have one mission; destroy the Anglo nation and replace it with a ‘meaningless state of no patriotism or heritage’.

Nick Kaldas  (image courtesy of google)

Regrettably, Deputy NSW Police Commissioner Nick Kaldas, the police force spokesman on cultural diversity or ‘cultural genocide’ listed “far right extremism and rallies which encourage divisive notions of us and them” as some of the biggest challenges facing his troops. Kaldas born in Egypt of Coptic Christian heritage has spat in the face of Anglo-Australians who welcomed his family to Australia escaping the diverse cultural hellhole of a Muslim dominated nation. I’m sure most Copts in Australia wouldn’t be so rude and ungrateful in the way Kaldas attacked patriotic Australians who said, ‘we’re fed up with state sanctioned multiculturalism and incompatible large scale third world immigration’. Does he expect Australians to lubricate their backsides and walk backwards down the ethnically privileged ghettoes of Lakemba or Cabramatta in fifth gear?

Another conference seat warmer Dr. Anne Aly, a “counter terrorism expert” from Curtin University said, “violent extremism in Australia is beginning to mirror that of the US” – what a lie! Aly highlighted a report from leftist think tank ‘New America Foundation’ in which a selective report tries to fabricate the usual leftist position of manufacturing right-wing threats, fear and propaganda. The report entitled, ‘Deadly Attacks Since 9/11’ lists 26 people killed in ‘deadly Jihadist attacks’ and 48 people killed in ‘deadly right wing attacks’ in America. The selectiveness of the vulnerable left is on display again. If the report was produced by balanced and honest citizens it would have listed the 2,996 people murdered in the 9/11 Muslim terrorist attacks which would change the statistics to ‘3,022 people killed in ‘deadly Jihadist attacks’ since 2001 in America.

Dr Anne Aly   (image courtesy of google)

Dr. Anne Aly is no stranger to selective thinking when trying to portray “right wing extremism” as our enemy when it is abundantly evident that Muslim, leftist or anarchist groups have killed far more ‘innocent people’ than a few ‘right wing’ nutters. This is the same Anne Aly who said, “Don’t call Man Haron Monis a terrorist – it only helps ISIS” but more recently said, “Chapel Hill Shooting ticks all boxes for terrorism. Violent extremism has many faces”. Dear oh dear, Anne should pick up a dictionary from her local discount bookshop. Man Monis was driven to murder by the world’s most murderous and intolerant ideology so it is fair to label him a ‘Muslim terrorist’.

Dr. Anne Aly’s selective twitter comments:


The worldwide statistics compiled by National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), a US government organization that provides information on known terrorist groups and individual terrorists and is also a knowledge bank says otherwise. The chart entitled, ‘Grouped By Perpetrator Characteristics’ gives a more balanced and honest view of the extent of terrorism in the world from 2001 to 2010. It is clear to see that Muslims and Anarchist individuals and groups are the real danger to peace and security, not a few beer swilling ‘White Supremacists’. The left needs to stop playing politics and accept the truth; that their deranged Muslim and Anarchist brethren are the ‘real extremists’.

National Counterterrorism Centre (NCTC) data on worldwide extremist groups:


Well-known Oriental supremacist, Race Commissioner ‘Trivial’ Tim Soutphommasane reached a new level of heightened stupidity when he said, “White supremacists” may become bolder in the future. Oh really, could this highly paid cultural commissar name one “white supremacist” organisation that is supposedly threatening the nation? Tim went further saying, “The last thing we would want to see is physical violence involving racism in our streets and in our suburbs”, I agree so I challenge Tim and the old tired Soviet relic called the Australian Human (less) Rights Commission (AHRC) to make a public statement requesting Police and other government agencies urgently address the growing issue of ethnic gang violence in our suburbs. The real victims are Anglo Australians who are targeted, bashed and raped by Muslim, African and Islander gangs. The unpatriotic left’s failed attempt at manufacturing a false scenario is pitiful and laughable at the best.

The angst coming from the political establishment over the nationwide Reclaim rallies is worthy of scorn. The Reclaim organising committee has made it abundantly clear in its media releases and also on social media that it will not ‘racial hatred or violence’ at its rallies. At the last Reclaim Sydney rally, there was a sea of unprejudiced patriotism coming from a diverse audience of Australians, many from migrant backgrounds. How refreshing to be joined by patriotic Australians of varying backgrounds whom identity and love this nation as much as I do. Many migrants have also rejected multiculturalism and the plethora of second-rate executive garbage emanating from Canberra.

The treasonous political establishment should hang their head in shame at trying to manufacture a red flag scenario branding patriots as “right wing extremists” or “white supremacists” for attending the Reclaim rallies. The pinko social engineers and the sooty-faced intellectual Bolshies are the real ‘racist extremists’ who should apologise to the Australian people for forty years of multicultural failure. We deserve better than to see our nation and its people fractured over some stupid Marxist dream of a utopian society based on preference, division and intolerance.

The nationwide Reclaim rallies have made Australian political history. Never before have we witnessed such a magnitude of patriotic Aussies taking to the streets exercising their freedom of speech. I’ve never seen so many different patriotic political groups; parties and individuals come together in unity under one banner before, what a great development. There will always be differences in methodology or delivery of the message but together we can create a new political paradigm that actually represents our interests and continues to challenge the status quo.

Over the past few months Party for Freedom activists have been targeted and physically attacked by anarchists and communists at rallies so it was indeed comforting to know Police were going to be present at Sunday’s rally. It is insane to think that any protestor could be in danger of being attacked for their political beliefs but the loony far left is driven by anger and intolerance and these ‘useful idiots’ will do anything possible to deny patriotic Australians their right to express their political beliefs.

Antifa attack Patriots, again

The attacks and intimidation perpetrated by the drug fuelled mobs of anarchists and communists on Party for Freedom members and supporters will not deter us from continuing our activism. On Sunday, 19th July, a group of Party for Freedom members and supporters met at the Queen Victoria building prior to the Reclaim rally as we planned to form a procession walking from the QVB to the designated Reclaim rally area at the top of Martin Place. A returning group of patriots from the Melbourne Reclaim rally also joined us at the QVB for the walk to the rally. We were very fortunate to have a Police escort to Martin Place, which provided the protection needed as we marched through the streets of Sydney to our final location.

As we walked through the streets, quite a few mentally challenged Stalinists and Maoists tried to breach the Police line formed around us but were held back further infuriating them. In childish retaliation, our aggressive opponents directed verbal threat and taunts at Police and protestors. Our opponents carried cheaply made cardboard placards with crayon drawn “anti-racism” slogans on them. The left has been using the “anti-racism” theme to compensate for their violence and hate, and today was going to be no different. The left has no capacity to debate, just intimidate and destroy.

As we approached Martin Place, we could hear the Reclaim crowd cheering in the distance. The volatile lefties were still yelling the same irrelevant slogans as we walked into Martin Place. It was impressive to see a large crowd of patriotic Aussies listening intently to guest speaker Pastor Danny Nalliah, President of the ‘Rise Up Australia’ political party speak about the disaster that is Islam. Danny is no stranger to controversy; in 2002 his ministry ran a seminar entitled ‘Insight into Islam’. At the seminar, Danny who is well versed in Islam spoke about the violent texts of the Koran and the danger the Islamic political ideology poses to Western nations. Unknown to Danny was the presence of “Australian” Muslim converts in the audience who later lodged a complaint with the then Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission on the premise of “religious intolerance”. The Victorian Opportunity Commission demanded an apology from Danny but he rightly refused on the grounds that what he said was from the Koran. Regrettably, Danny was forced to face the tribunal in a very costly case. Danny was finally vindicated after many two years of legal wrangling pushed by the Islamic Council of Victoria. Danny proved that the Koran is ‘hate speech’ in its purest form.

There were quite a few other speakers who touched on their concerns about Australia’s collapse into the abyss. It seemed everyone was in agreement about the failings of multiculturalism and the unfortunate advance of Islam in Australia. Shermon Burgess of UPF spoke about the unfolding violence perpetrated by anarchist and communist thugs in Melbourne at the previous day’s rally. Again, protestors were targeted by the ‘violent loving’ authoritarian thugs who attacked countless protestors and innocent bystanders. After the Melbourne rally, a group of patriots went to a local pub for a few celebratory ales but were attacked when the chartered bus was about to leave. The unwashed ferals ambushed patriots who were on the bus, pelting the bus with large rocks smashing the front window screen. The boys got off the bus to defend the passengers from further attacks. When the anarchist thugs were confronted, they ran away in a cowardly fashion.

Patriots attended the Reclaim rallies to voice their frustrations and concerns about the present disastrous direction pushed by treasonous government unlike the anarchists & communists who showed up, not to counter our political platform but to engage in physical battle proving that they are motivated by violence and hatred.

The rally was well organised and the presence of the NSW Police gave peaceful Reclaim protestors the security needed. The Police contained the rat bag collective of feral filth just one block away forming Police lines to make sure the feral bog stench could not breach the Police lines.

After the rally, the protestors dispersed pretty quickly to avoid possible dramas with the methadone fuelled anarcho-pinko thugs. It was time to move and the Police kindly gave a group of Party for Freedom activists’ police protection when walking back to our vehicles. Anarchists and communists who were no doubt looking for us rudely interrupted our walk. Once the screaming children of the left spotted us, their behaviour became instantly aggressive with them turning the corner towards us in the hope of breaking the Police line to attack us.

Police Escort

" "

“Anarchists at Work ” -(image courtesy of google)

Fortunately, there was a Police van nearby. The back doors of the Police van swung open and we were told to get inside the vehicle while other Police detained the aggressive mob. The anarchists and communists were in the background screaming for our blood. Once inside the van, we travelled down Market Street passing the motley gang of thugs. We drove in style and protection while our aggressive opponents were kept at bay. We arrived at our destination safe and sound ‘thanks’ to the efforts of the NSW Police.

Party for Freedom would like to say ‘THANK YOU’ to the good men and women of the New South Wales Police Force for doing an excellent job in maintaining order and keeping the peace despite the difficult and volatile environment.

And, we would also like to thank the Reclaim organizing committee for their diligent work in coordinating successful nationwide rallies.

Reclaim Sydney rally pictures:


‘Ode To Australia

Farewell to Australia, just two hundred years old,

Your heritage fought for, now has been sold,

by wimps we entrust, they’re changing the mould.

The spirit of ‘ANZAC’ and ‘DIGGERS’ so bold,

beats in the heart of we who are old.

For they who have no sacrifice made,

do sell our heritage, tho’ it were trade.

What of the ‘ANZACS’ the DIGGERS’ tradition?

The quisling wimps have no definition.

Oh! What a time to run out of ammunition.

(By: J. John 39-45 veteran)

Haron Monis, Sydney siege and ASIO involvement


Whistleblower Mamdouh Habib(above) is accusing the Australian government of obstructing and sabotaging his ongoing court case in Egypt, in retaliation for allegations Habib levelled at ASIO over its highly unusual activities before and during the 15 December Sydney siege.

In February, Habib travelled to Egypt, where he is seeking redress in an Alexandria court for the torture he suffered in Egypt in 2001–02 under the discredited Mubarak regime, after having been rendered to Egypt by ASIO. He reports that although the Australian government is not a party to his case, the Australian authorities through an embassy representative have interfered twice in the court proceedings, first on 15 March and then on 28 May.

The interference Habib is alleging includes: an Australian embassy lawyer participating directly in the court hearing, even though the Australian government is not a party to the case; blocking Habib’s star witness from entering the country to testify; and persuading Habib’s lawyer to withdraw from the case and hand over his evidence to the opposing lawyers. These instances of recent interference follow years of Australian government obstruction of his case by, among other things, refusing to certify documents he successfully used in evidence in Australia, so he can use them now in Egypt.

Following the 15 March instance of alleged Australian government interference, Habib on 27 March wrote to Attorney-General George Brandis to accuse ASIO of responsibility for the interference. He then made the following explosive allegation about the Sydney siege:

“I further bring to your attention, that I believe ASIO’s interference in my case [is linked] to what’s being said [by Habib –ed.] publicly about ASIO and the 15 December 2014 Sydney siege terrorist attack. I have reported that I first met hostage-taker Man Haron Monis in 2007 when I was running for office. Haron offered to help me in my campaign, and I knew Haron well from that time until the siege at Sydney’s Martin Place 15 December 2014.”

Habib continued: “On the day of the siege, I offered to negotiate with the gunman, but police refused. I contacted the Commonwealth Attorney-General office twice to negotiate with Haron. My call was transferred through to ASIO to whom I repeated my offer but was more careful, because I feared ASIO was involved. I contacted police again and explained that I knew Haron well; that Haron might be mentally disturbed but he was not violent and he wouldn’t harm anyone. I confirmed to the officer, if I was given the chance to speak with Haron I could get him to surrender. My offer was rejected, and this is when I realized that the siege was being handled as a terrorist attack, I told police that ASIO was intending to kill this man, and if that happens the Government would be responsible if any lives were lost.

“That raises serious questions about the handling of the siege, as it is a common practice to use someone that the hostage-taker might respect.”

Man Haron Monis – Sydney siege gunman

Habib then revealed, “Prior to the Sydney siege, Haron informed me that ASIO wanted him to do some sort of job in order for him to be reunited with his children and leave the Country with [sic] different identity and that he needed someone else to help him. He never confirmed what the job ASIO wanted him to do was. But ASIO said to him that if Habib helps in that job they would assist in settling my case overseas. I will release the full story in relation to this matter if I receive a fair public investigation.”

These revelations from Habib, and his allegation against ASIO, are so explosive that he must be called to testify before the inquest presently underway into the Sydney siege. However, when the Attorney-General’s Department replied to Habib, on 1 June 2015, their letter completely ignored his allegations pertaining to ASIO and the Sydney siege. The department chose, instead, to deny any interference in his civil case in Egypt (although they did concede an Australian embassy lawyer attended the hearing, which is itself an admission, given that Australia has no involvement in the case).


Mamdouh Habib is a credible witness against ASIO. In December 2010, following years of denial, the Australian government suddenly reached a confidential financial settlement with Habib, to settle his claim for damages against the Commonwealth Government for his detention and torture in 2001-2002. Habib had insisted that not only had ASIO rendered him to Egypt to be brutally tortured, but that an ASIO officer had actually been present during his torture. Habib was vindicated when an Egyptian official came forward and confirmed his charge, and even named the ASIO officer.

The Australian government admitted ASIO’s wrongdoing by its actions, if not its words. Aside from the financial settlement, ASIO went into full damage control, returning Habib’s passport and declaring him not to be a threat to national security. In Habib’s final security assessment interview with ASIO in early 2011, a senior ASIO officer said to him and his wife Maha, “You have every right to be mad and angry at this country.”

Habib’s present experiences raise the question: is ASIO again targeting him, because of his willingness to speak out about firsthand knowledge of ASIO’s involvement with Man Haron Monis? Habib isn’t just embarrassing ASIO, because the latter is both historically and presently merely a branch office of Britain’s intelligence services (in particular of MI5), and these British agencies are deeply involved in running international terrorism and provocations of all sorts, as the CEC and the LaRouche organisation internationally have exposed for decades now, most recently in a featured speech at the CEC’s 28-29 March international conference in Melbourne, “Who is sponsoring international terrorism?”

It is of vital importance to Australia’s national security that Mamdouh Habib give his testimony to the NSW Coronial Inquest into the Sydney siege, and that the Australian government cease any actions to obstruct Habib’s legal case. –from Citizens Electoral Council, Melbourne

This insult is doing the rounds of the US internet

Jacqui Lambie receives beheading threat, ordering her to help implement Sharia law in Australia

From ABC

By Tyson Shine Updated about 6 hours ago



Senator Jacqui Lambie was threatened with beheading unless she complied with the letter’s demands.

AAP: Alan Porritt

A letter containing a threat to behead Tasmanian senator Jacqui Lambie unless she helps implement Sharia law in Australia has sparked a security assessment at the outspoken independent’s office.

The letter was received at the senator’s Burnie office last week and included threats to behead the former Palmer United Party member unless she converted to Islam and helped implement Sharia law by March 18.

It was accompanied by graphic images of a man being beheaded, which prompted the senator’s office to treat the threats seriously.

“By the powers invested in me by Allah, I sentence you to death,” the letter said.

“I will take the honour in beheading you … when you are least prepared; my men and I will take your office by surprise.”

Senator Lambie has been a vocal critic of Islamic Sharia law, but she said the death-threats would not deter her.

“I have no doubt that it is my stance against Sharia Law and my questions on Halal that are going on at the moment,” she said.

“The bottom line is that we are at war with ISIS and we are just going to have to be extremely cautious.”

She said the matter had been handed over to the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and Tasmania Police.

“I’m ex-Army so I guess that I’m always very consious about what’s going on around me and what’s happening in my environment so I’ll just continue to be on that sort of high alert and just lift that a little bit more,” she said.

The staff member that recieved that letter has been offered some counselling.

“At this stage she hasn’t taken up that offer but that offer will always be open.”

The senator said she would continue to go about her business as a senator undeterred.

“I will continue to advocate for a ban on Sharia Law, unnecessary face coverings in public and tighter regulation of Halal certification fees in Australia – and to have those Australian Citizens who assist Islamic State in any way, charged with the high crimes of Sedition or Treason.”

A personal security assessment is being done to ensure the safety of Senator Lambie following the letter, the spokesman said.

The letter specifically mentioned a controversial proposal to build a mosque at Green Fields in Adelaide’s northern suburbs.

Senator Lambie said the threat to her life would not help the proponents of the mosque.

“If they think that’s way of going around to get a mosque in Adelaide by threatening my life then I tell you what, they’re certainly going in the wrong direction,” she said.

The senator conceded the death threat could be a hoax but she said she was taking it very seriously.

“This is what we’re waiting for AFP to determine and I can’t do anything else apart from get on with my daily life until that’s been determined,” she said.

Christmas Greetings from the Cairns News team

This year Cairns News has strived to present the news the Murdoch and Fairfax media won’t touch. There have been game changing events across the world and in Australia. Two highly suspicious Malaysian airliner crashes killing hundreds of innocent people, race riots in the UK, police shootings of innocent people in the United States. The farcical G20 Summit in Brisbane with the G20 Finance Summit earlier this year in Cairns.

Then we had the Bank Inquiry whose findings the Government studiously ignored. The banks were the subject of the huge ‘Bank Buster’ meeting held at Winton earlier this month. The main banks, with perhaps the exception of the ANZ have thumbed their noses at the rural sector and continue with foreclosures causing suicides across Queensland and the nation. A displaced elder statesman of the bush, Charlie Phillott has become the focus of the avaricious banking system that rips tens of billions of dollars annually from the economy.

Foreign coal seam gas companies continue to rape and pillage the Queensland landscape, ruining some of the best farming and grazing country in the world. On it goes unabated, having its origins with the Labor Party and its former Premier Peter Beattie, whose dodgy exploration permits allowed CSG to flourish. Peter of course in true ALP style made sure his government’s efforts in approving thousands of gas wells did not leave him financially bereft. The LNP and its highly questionable handling of CSG companies and permits now is the subject of a Senate Inquiry.

Then the festering Islamic issue raised its ugly head in the Far North when Standard Bearers Academy announced it would build an Islamic school near Mareeba. A large protest group was formed successfully deferring the school construction.

The Martin Place siege and deaths of two hostages propelled anti-Islam groups across the nation and world to say enough is enough. “We won’t ride with them,” these groups have said.


Cairns News asks its many thousands of readers to maintain your faith, and we know the overwhelming majority of our readership is Christian. Keep up your comments and maintain the pressure on all governments to develop a new and desperately needed financial system. Rothschild has to be kicked out of Australia and it could take a war to do it, but Russia’s Putin, Hungary and Iceland have rid their monetary system of the Rothschild bacteria, and are prospering like never before. Money must be issued to the public as a credit, not a debit and we will benefit like no other.

We wish you a peaceful and harmonious Christmas and New Year and may God be with you.

Corrupt Muslims siphon Halal scam funds for terrorism


… unless you have a good supply of brown paper bags

By Larry Pickering

In 2012, the Cole inquiry’s findings led to a court case that found the Australian Wheat Board, between 2001 and 2005, had circumvented UN agreed sanctions on Iraq and paid millions to the Saddam Hussein regime to secure wheat contracts in a food-for-oil scam.

ASIC agreed with Victorian Supreme Court Justice Ross Robson who imposed on AWB Chief, Andrew Lindberg, a penalty of a $100,000 fine and disqualification from directorships for two years. Other executives of the AWB also suffered varying penalties.

Lindberg admitted to serious breaches of his duty as a director.

Trevor Flugge, AWB Chairman and PM John Howard’s Senior Agricultural Adviser, is pictured here in Iraq while organising “kickback” deals that were just plain dumb.

How the scam worked was simple, transparent and unsophisticated, it had no hope of not being detected and it went like this:

Once a tendered price for wheat contracts was agreed to, the AWB transferred millions for trucking costs within Iraq. Naturally these millions did not go to truck drivers but instead finished up, via a Jordanian trucking company, in Saddam Hussein’s pocket.

But, as with all tender processes, there is one winner and many losers and those angry losers, fully aware of what had happened, tipped a bucket on the AWB.

The Cole inquiry eventually found that, “At the insistence of the Iraqi government, the AWB had agreed to pay artificial ‘transportation fees’ of around $290 million”. Cole’s findings were in line with a UN report on the illegal Iraqi “kickbacks”.

The rort was remarkably similar to the Reserve Bank’s note printing subsidiaries, “Securency” and “Note Printing Australia”, and that also involved Iraq’s Saddam Hussein.

Everyone, including Tony Abbott, knows if you wish to deal with Muslims you’d better have a good supply of brown paper bags… It was suggested here two years ago that Abbott would certainly be able stop the boats, but it would take cash to do it… and that’s exactly what it did take.

The Indonesians had refused to budge until the cash arrived, once it did arrive on Abbott’s first rushed visit after his election, we turned the boats around and they immediately stopped leaving.

“Or do you think it was Scott Morrison’s superior negotiating skills”?

Gillard had continued to spend billions on boat arrivals, saying they couldn’t be stopped and Abbott solved the whole thing with a lazy two million.

It was a shame that the Aussies in the AWB were so damned naive. Outright stupid actually. Blind Freddy and his dog know that trucking non-perishable goods from Jordan to Iraq does not cost $290 million.

The AWB blokes should have known the world had moved on to a far more sophisticated form of international “kickbacks” called “halal certification”.

All the AWB needed to do was ask Saddam to simply impose a halal certification fee on Aussie wheat and no-one would have questioned any of the transactions.

A Halal certification fee implies a religious component that will never be questioned… and it is imposed on just about every commodity exported to Islamic countries and every product, including milk, smoked salmon and plastic containers, sold here in Oz.

The only difference is that these Islamic countries now impose the fees themselves under threat of the exporter losing his contract. It has developed into a multi trillion dollar international extortion racket that has been proved to finance terrorism.

Many countries, including most recently Canada, have already closed these Islamic extortion rackets down, banned an array of tax-exempt “charity” front companies from operating and prosecuted those responsible, but Australia is lagging badly behind.

“In fact media and Government Ministers deny the destructive scam even exists.”

As with all surcharges, the consumer pays one way or another and when they complain of the same Islamic scam imposed on most domestic products, they are called bullies and rednecks intent on hurting Australia’s trade.

Well, that’s a normal reaction from Muslims and from those who have no concept of what is going on and from those who refuse to look any further than profitable trade contracts.

Authorities jumped all over the Iraqi trucking scam but when it comes to the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on Aussie shoppers (halal certification) they prefer to stay asleep, despite being handed documented proof that Islamic leaders in Australia are using an array of tax-exempt “charities” to launder millions in certification funds to terrorist organisations.

Barnaby Joyce now refuses to take my calls.

Just where does Barnaby think these jihadists get their bucket loads of money from? Bloody chook raffles and meat trays?