from Restore Australia

On Monday, July 7, Charles our Chairman and I traveled out to the town of Quinalow to give a presentation about the halal scam.

The Shed Men are a group of farmers from the area between Toowoomba, Dalby, Oakey and other farming districts around there. They meet socially once a month. We were privileged to be invited to give our presentation to the largest gathering they have ever had, over 35 men. It was freezing cold, so getting that many people to turn up showed us that a lot of people are concerned about the creeping islamization of our nation.

The evening started off with a Bar-B-Q, giving us an opportunity to get to know a few of the men and enjoy a social drink with them. Then we all went into the warm shed (two big burners had already heated it up nicely) and I gave a presentation about the halal scam. When I finished about 20 minutes later there was total silence. The farmers were too stunned to speak. As some of them told me later, they knew about halal certification, but they didn’t realize how pervasive it has become, or how much money it generates each year.

I opened the floor for questions. After answering them we all adjourned for a coffee break. Then Charles addressed the group to explain his work to amend Section 128 of the Constitution to put the power into all voters to initiate referendums. With that power in our hands we could make the politicians accountable to We the People instead of to their political parties. And we would be able to initiate referendums to amend the Constitution to make it work for the people.

To wrap up the evening our host invited Pastor Stan Rodonski (I hope that is the correct spelling) to say a prayer to close the meeting. Before that, though, he gave an inspiring talk, asking us to deal with the islamic problem with love in our hearts. Moslems deserve our sympathy and love, because they lack these qualities under islam.

Our sincere thanks to our host Lex Kucks, and to all the men who turned up. I hope that they will talk about the halal problem and help spread the word.

If you would like us to address a meeting in your area please contact me at restoreaustralia


I have been invited by the Freedom & Heritage group to address the concerned citizens on the Gold Coast on July 27. If you are in the area I hope you will turn up to hear about the fight to stop the Currumbin Waters mosque, and what we can do about it. I will send out another newsletter with details about time and place as soon as we finalize them.


We are helping raise money for Irwin Ross, President of Concerned Citizens of Canberra, who has mortgaged his home to take the case to the Supreme Court. He lost the case and that mosque application has now been approved. We do not believe anyone should lose their home for standing up to preserve our country. Please help Irwin by donating generously. Money left over will form a fighting fund for the future. http://islam4infidels.com/donate-to-fight-islam/


A few days before we headed out to Quinalow we received a flyer from Sonja Cover, a tireless activist who lives out further west. The flyer explained that islamic imams are now traveling around the Lockyer Valley trying to talk farmers into certifying their farms halal. If they are targeting the Lockyer, they will also be going out to other areas around Australia, so please download and print out the image on this page and start doing mailbox drops today to farmers in your area. http://islam4infidels.com/boycott-halal/

The moslems are stepping up their recruiting efforts across the board now that the ISIS terrorists have invaded northern Iraq. We have heard of 4 mosque applications lately in Canberra, Kalgoorlie, Burleigh Waters (Gold Coast), and of course the ongoing fight by Bendigo Citizens to try and stop the development application in their town.

We have learned a lot from the Bendigo mosque fight. ‘Fight’ is the problem. We have been forced to fight against the city councils. Wouldn’t it be better if we could work with them? Why not go out and get to know your local councilors now? It doesn’t matter what part of Australia you are in, sooner or later the moslems are likely to target your area to try and build a mosque. Let’s get the councilors on side now. Start emailing individuals information about halal, mosques, and islam. Try to meet them at social or government meetings. If we get to know them now we can help them understand the danger mosques pose to our communities. Perhaps then they will act for the Australian people….not islam. You are welcome to use any information on our website at http://islam4infidels.com/