This year Cairns News has strived to present the news the Murdoch and Fairfax media won’t touch. There have been game changing events across the world and in Australia. Two highly suspicious Malaysian airliner crashes killing hundreds of innocent people, race riots in the UK, police shootings of innocent people in the United States. The farcical G20 Summit in Brisbane with the G20 Finance Summit earlier this year in Cairns.

Then we had the Bank Inquiry whose findings the Government studiously ignored. The banks were the subject of the huge ‘Bank Buster’ meeting held at Winton earlier this month. The main banks, with perhaps the exception of the ANZ have thumbed their noses at the rural sector and continue with foreclosures causing suicides across Queensland and the nation. A displaced elder statesman of the bush, Charlie Phillott has become the focus of the avaricious banking system that rips tens of billions of dollars annually from the economy.

Foreign coal seam gas companies continue to rape and pillage the Queensland landscape, ruining some of the best farming and grazing country in the world. On it goes unabated, having its origins with the Labor Party and its former Premier Peter Beattie, whose dodgy exploration permits allowed CSG to flourish. Peter of course in true ALP style made sure his government’s efforts in approving thousands of gas wells did not leave him financially bereft. The LNP and its highly questionable handling of CSG companies and permits now is the subject of a Senate Inquiry.

Then the festering Islamic issue raised its ugly head in the Far North when Standard Bearers Academy announced it would build an Islamic school near Mareeba. A large protest group was formed successfully deferring the school construction.

The Martin Place siege and deaths of two hostages propelled anti-Islam groups across the nation and world to say enough is enough. “We won’t ride with them,” these groups have said.


Cairns News asks its many thousands of readers to maintain your faith, and we know the overwhelming majority of our readership is Christian. Keep up your comments and maintain the pressure on all governments to develop a new and desperately needed financial system. Rothschild has to be kicked out of Australia and it could take a war to do it, but Russia’s Putin, Hungary and Iceland have rid their monetary system of the Rothschild bacteria, and are prospering like never before. Money must be issued to the public as a credit, not a debit and we will benefit like no other.

We wish you a peaceful and harmonious Christmas and New Year and may God be with you.