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Will the real Brenton Tarrant please stand up?


The New Zealand and Australian Governments are in full crisis mode over the video games movie released onto the internet by intelligence agencies supposedly depicting a mass shooting in a mosque.

Any kid with half a brain would know immediately the rifles are air guns and the video which has terrified governments and their perpetrators is full of crisis actors who get shot by Tarrant’s air gun and naturally don’t bleed.

If Tarrant had a real weapon there would have been blood and guts all over him and spread across the floor and walls.

Firing a 5.56mm rifle with military grade ammo sends a 55 grain projectile at 3260 feet per second and has a muzzle energy 1294 lb-f. In other words if you get hit by the round at 10 to 40 feet distance you are dead and the impact leaves an awful entry wound easily seen at that range and a massive exit wound with blood and tissue everywhere.

Did any viewer see this occur in the video? Even the Port Arthur hoax was better than this, and that was in 1996.

Any person found transmitting or publishing this dodgy video can face up to 14 years in jail warns the NZ Government.

Take you pick on which one if either is Tarrant. In any case both are over age 40.

A photograph of the man charged in the Christchurch Magistrates Court taken in the court and without a blurred face shows a completely different person to the video still of the alleged shooter Brenton Tarrant sitting in a car.

The real identity of either man in these photographs is now in doubt. New Zealand Prime Minister and leader of the NZ Labour Party Jacinda Adern  either is totally incompetent or has been involved in this shooting scam since the plot was hatched.

Who is the person in court and who is sitting in a car in the footage released at the time of the shootings?

Irrespective of the identity of the two different  men in the photos, nothing alters the amateurish video mentioned above. A US reader sent this information and we leave it to readers to decide:

LMAO FFS! The face photoshopped onto Brenton’s body is actually SAM HYDE!! a famous guy for memes created about him. /pol/ 4chan likes to blame him for every shooting that happens its part of the meme. There is no False Flag.

Sacked FBI Director warned of terrorist refugees entering US

The Rudd Government allowed 120,000 refugees of unknown origin to enter Australia by air

from The Horn News

Just before he was fired, FBI Director James Comey dropped a truth bomb on the floor of the U.S. Senate: President Donald Trump was right.

Our broken refugee policy is killing us.

Accepting refugees from the Middle East has let hundreds of would-be terrorists enter the United States, he told the Senate last Wednesday.

Comey testified that the FBI was investigating at least 2,000 terrorists nationwide – and about 15 percent of them got into the United States by posing as “refugees.”

“You take that 2,000-plus cases, about 300 of them are people who came to the United States as refugees,” he told North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis.

Sacked FBI Director says Islamic terrorists have entered the country posing as refugees

One Muslim terrorist killed 49 people in Orlando. Two pulled off the shootings in San Bernardino. And 18 managed to kill about 3,000 people on 9/11. Who knows how much damage 300 could do?

Comey said the terrorists are everywhere – no corner of America is safe. The terror investigations include all 50 states, including small communities.

Immigration officials were amazed in 2011, when they found two al-Qaeda terrorists living in the U.S. after posing as “refugees.” The Muslim terrorists – who had killed American soldiers in Iraq – had settled in Bowling Green, Kentucky. One of them was living in government housing on the taxpayers’ dime. The FBI recorded them planning a “huge” attack in the U.S.

As bad as that is, the problem’s actually worse –- much worse. The refugee terrorist problem is even bigger than the numbers let on. The 2,000 FBI investigations include everybody suspected of terrorism, from the Ku Klux Klan to Barack Obama’s old buddies in the Weather Underground.

A lot of those terrorists are Americans. That means refugees make up an even bigger percentage of immigrant terrorists than the government wants to let on.

That wasn’t even the most shocking part of Comey’s testimony. He said that if Donald Trump’s travel ban had been in effect, it would have kept all of these potential terrorists from ever setting foot in the United States.

Comey testified that every single one of those 300 refugees came from the seven Muslim nations Trump wanted to place under a temporary immigration ban: Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

But instead, left-wing judges have struck down both his executive orders. Now, the floodgates are open.

The United States has admitted more than 5,500 refugees from these seven Muslim countries since Donald Trump has been president – more than 50 a day. How many of these will end up under investigation for terror?

The Hate Trump crowd doesn’t care. It considers spiting Trump more important than protecting their own country. And they seem to live in an alternate reality when it comes to terrorism.

Senator Chuck Schumer said Trump’s executive order “makes us less safe, not more. It is mean-spirited, and un-American.” 800 diplomats signed a cable to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in February saying a refugee ban would make America less safe.

Not to be outdone, the United Nations issued a report saying that tough immigration measures “may in fact be damaging to state security.”

That would be news to countries that have admitted refugees in massive numbers, like most of Europe. ISIS used the refugee crisis to infiltrate the continent and kill the infidel.

Last summer, there were three separate attacks by refugees inside Germany within a week – two of them on the same day.

ISIS managed to get its murderers into Paris by posing as refugees. The November 2015 Paris attacks left 130 people dead.

And not all the terrorists were refugees – some of them just used the refugee chaos to help cover their tracks. One of the people who planned the Brussels bombing last March was a Swedish-born Muslim of Syrian heritage. Swedish police knew he was a radical. But he eluded them by slipping into Greece and re-entering Europe as a “refugee.”

The Brussels bombing killed 32 people.

Trump’s executive order would have kept at least 300 potential terrorists out of the country – but experts say it’s not really enough to keep us safe. We need a much tougher policy.

“Better, tougher, more thorough vetting isn’t likely to make any difference since refugees really are pretty thoroughly vetted,” wrote immigration reformer Mark Krikorian wrote in National Review. “The problem is that vetting people from failed or enemy states is impossible.”

Donald Trump would have bought a little time to figure out how to deal with that problem. But the “resistance” shot even that down.

If one of these murderers pulls off their terrorist intentions, the PC liberals will have the blood of Americans on their hands.

Trump – and Comey – tried to warn them.

Muslim refugees coming soon to a town near you

Regional Queensland to provide safe haven for eligible refugees

April 7, 2016

longreach refugee

Eligible refugees will soon be making their way to regional Queensland.

It’s part of the Federal Government’s Safe Haven Enterprise Visa (SHEV) scheme, agreed to by the Queensland Government late in March.

SHEV is open to those who have arrived in Australia “illegally” but who qualify for protection and “have demonstrated an intention to work and or study in Australia”.

It is a path to permanent residency, and many see it as a win-win for regional communities who are desperate for workers.

But the Federation of Diverse Cultural Communities in Queensland (FDCCQ) says more can still be done to help get the SHEV scheme off the ground.

President of FDCCQ, Agnes Whiten says without the financial support base, it will all be for nothing.

“FDCCQ is willing and able to support this initiative and do much more, but we need funding to do so,” Ms Whiten explains.

“Our aim is to encourage migrants and refugees to settle in the regions where their skills can be utilised.”

Currently there are settlement services for migrants and refugees in Queensland, but they are concentrated mainly in the South East corner of the state and these organisations need support in enhancing what they offer.

They say there’s a need to connect migrants with each other and the communities that they live in.

“The scheme and it’s success is vital to Queensland’s future but employment opportunities and local support will be crucial,” continues Ms Whiten.

“Relocating these people with the help of new technology will ensure a smooth transition both culturally and economically.”

A SHEV holder can also apply for a prescribed permanent or temporary onshore substantive visa (except a permanent Protection visa) if, for at least 42 months of the 5 years of the SHEV, they:

• were employed in regional Australia and did not receive any social security benefits;

• were enrolled in full time study in regional Australia;

• a combination of the above

The FDCCQ say the new scheme is a step in the right direction to facilitate greater community engagement, regional business engagement and business to business opportunities.

It’s a start to help unite culturally and linguistically diverse communities as never before.

“Our organisation was started because we are passionate about helping migrants to settle and to feel they belong in regional Queensland,” Ms Whiten says.

“We are now a culturally diverse society; we have embraced multiculturalism so we can’t send 25% of Australians who come from a different background back home.”

Answer religion question in August census or your town will soon be overrun with Islamics

Want a mosque next door?

Muslims occupy street outside Lakemba mosque in Sydney, 2013. (ABC file image)

If you don’t want a mosque built next to your place, we suggest you fill in the question asking about your religion in the August census. Do not leave it blank, because the nation’s 450,000 Muslims won’t miss their opportunity. At the very least insert ‘Christian.’

Haron Monis, Sydney siege and ASIO involvement


Whistleblower Mamdouh Habib(above) is accusing the Australian government of obstructing and sabotaging his ongoing court case in Egypt, in retaliation for allegations Habib levelled at ASIO over its highly unusual activities before and during the 15 December Sydney siege.

In February, Habib travelled to Egypt, where he is seeking redress in an Alexandria court for the torture he suffered in Egypt in 2001–02 under the discredited Mubarak regime, after having been rendered to Egypt by ASIO. He reports that although the Australian government is not a party to his case, the Australian authorities through an embassy representative have interfered twice in the court proceedings, first on 15 March and then on 28 May.

The interference Habib is alleging includes: an Australian embassy lawyer participating directly in the court hearing, even though the Australian government is not a party to the case; blocking Habib’s star witness from entering the country to testify; and persuading Habib’s lawyer to withdraw from the case and hand over his evidence to the opposing lawyers. These instances of recent interference follow years of Australian government obstruction of his case by, among other things, refusing to certify documents he successfully used in evidence in Australia, so he can use them now in Egypt.

Following the 15 March instance of alleged Australian government interference, Habib on 27 March wrote to Attorney-General George Brandis to accuse ASIO of responsibility for the interference. He then made the following explosive allegation about the Sydney siege:

“I further bring to your attention, that I believe ASIO’s interference in my case [is linked] to what’s being said [by Habib –ed.] publicly about ASIO and the 15 December 2014 Sydney siege terrorist attack. I have reported that I first met hostage-taker Man Haron Monis in 2007 when I was running for office. Haron offered to help me in my campaign, and I knew Haron well from that time until the siege at Sydney’s Martin Place 15 December 2014.”

Habib continued: “On the day of the siege, I offered to negotiate with the gunman, but police refused. I contacted the Commonwealth Attorney-General office twice to negotiate with Haron. My call was transferred through to ASIO to whom I repeated my offer but was more careful, because I feared ASIO was involved. I contacted police again and explained that I knew Haron well; that Haron might be mentally disturbed but he was not violent and he wouldn’t harm anyone. I confirmed to the officer, if I was given the chance to speak with Haron I could get him to surrender. My offer was rejected, and this is when I realized that the siege was being handled as a terrorist attack, I told police that ASIO was intending to kill this man, and if that happens the Government would be responsible if any lives were lost.

“That raises serious questions about the handling of the siege, as it is a common practice to use someone that the hostage-taker might respect.”

Man Haron Monis – Sydney siege gunman

Habib then revealed, “Prior to the Sydney siege, Haron informed me that ASIO wanted him to do some sort of job in order for him to be reunited with his children and leave the Country with [sic] different identity and that he needed someone else to help him. He never confirmed what the job ASIO wanted him to do was. But ASIO said to him that if Habib helps in that job they would assist in settling my case overseas. I will release the full story in relation to this matter if I receive a fair public investigation.”

These revelations from Habib, and his allegation against ASIO, are so explosive that he must be called to testify before the inquest presently underway into the Sydney siege. However, when the Attorney-General’s Department replied to Habib, on 1 June 2015, their letter completely ignored his allegations pertaining to ASIO and the Sydney siege. The department chose, instead, to deny any interference in his civil case in Egypt (although they did concede an Australian embassy lawyer attended the hearing, which is itself an admission, given that Australia has no involvement in the case).


Mamdouh Habib is a credible witness against ASIO. In December 2010, following years of denial, the Australian government suddenly reached a confidential financial settlement with Habib, to settle his claim for damages against the Commonwealth Government for his detention and torture in 2001-2002. Habib had insisted that not only had ASIO rendered him to Egypt to be brutally tortured, but that an ASIO officer had actually been present during his torture. Habib was vindicated when an Egyptian official came forward and confirmed his charge, and even named the ASIO officer.

The Australian government admitted ASIO’s wrongdoing by its actions, if not its words. Aside from the financial settlement, ASIO went into full damage control, returning Habib’s passport and declaring him not to be a threat to national security. In Habib’s final security assessment interview with ASIO in early 2011, a senior ASIO officer said to him and his wife Maha, “You have every right to be mad and angry at this country.”

Habib’s present experiences raise the question: is ASIO again targeting him, because of his willingness to speak out about firsthand knowledge of ASIO’s involvement with Man Haron Monis? Habib isn’t just embarrassing ASIO, because the latter is both historically and presently merely a branch office of Britain’s intelligence services (in particular of MI5), and these British agencies are deeply involved in running international terrorism and provocations of all sorts, as the CEC and the LaRouche organisation internationally have exposed for decades now, most recently in a featured speech at the CEC’s 28-29 March international conference in Melbourne, “Who is sponsoring international terrorism?”

It is of vital importance to Australia’s national security that Mamdouh Habib give his testimony to the NSW Coronial Inquest into the Sydney siege, and that the Australian government cease any actions to obstruct Habib’s legal case. –from Citizens Electoral Council, Melbourne

Christmas Greetings from the Cairns News team

This year Cairns News has strived to present the news the Murdoch and Fairfax media won’t touch. There have been game changing events across the world and in Australia. Two highly suspicious Malaysian airliner crashes killing hundreds of innocent people, race riots in the UK, police shootings of innocent people in the United States. The farcical G20 Summit in Brisbane with the G20 Finance Summit earlier this year in Cairns.

Then we had the Bank Inquiry whose findings the Government studiously ignored. The banks were the subject of the huge ‘Bank Buster’ meeting held at Winton earlier this month. The main banks, with perhaps the exception of the ANZ have thumbed their noses at the rural sector and continue with foreclosures causing suicides across Queensland and the nation. A displaced elder statesman of the bush, Charlie Phillott has become the focus of the avaricious banking system that rips tens of billions of dollars annually from the economy.

Foreign coal seam gas companies continue to rape and pillage the Queensland landscape, ruining some of the best farming and grazing country in the world. On it goes unabated, having its origins with the Labor Party and its former Premier Peter Beattie, whose dodgy exploration permits allowed CSG to flourish. Peter of course in true ALP style made sure his government’s efforts in approving thousands of gas wells did not leave him financially bereft. The LNP and its highly questionable handling of CSG companies and permits now is the subject of a Senate Inquiry.

Then the festering Islamic issue raised its ugly head in the Far North when Standard Bearers Academy announced it would build an Islamic school near Mareeba. A large protest group was formed successfully deferring the school construction.

The Martin Place siege and deaths of two hostages propelled anti-Islam groups across the nation and world to say enough is enough. “We won’t ride with them,” these groups have said.


Cairns News asks its many thousands of readers to maintain your faith, and we know the overwhelming majority of our readership is Christian. Keep up your comments and maintain the pressure on all governments to develop a new and desperately needed financial system. Rothschild has to be kicked out of Australia and it could take a war to do it, but Russia’s Putin, Hungary and Iceland have rid their monetary system of the Rothschild bacteria, and are prospering like never before. Money must be issued to the public as a credit, not a debit and we will benefit like no other.

We wish you a peaceful and harmonious Christmas and New Year and may God be with you.


from Larry Pickering

Bendigo residents will know of a certain Mr Donald Erskine who appears to own, or have his fingers in, much of everything that ticks in the city.

Earlier annual reports of Bendigo Bank state that Donald Erskine is or was a Bendigo-based director of the bank. Members of his family are employed by the bank.

The board and management are digging in for a fight to gain approval for the Bendigo mega-mosque and Mr Erskine and the bank have been able to get the Bendigo Press onside. This has left those opposing the mosque with an uphill battle.

In an unprecedented move the bank showed its determination that the mosque be built by cancelling the accounts of all those who are opposed to the mosque, stating it had the right to decide who its clients were and that the bank was “promoting racial tolerance”. Hmmm.

The mosque is designed to provide for 1,000 prayer mats yet, according to the 2011 census, Bendigo (which includes the areas of Castlemaine, Heathcote, Pyramid Hill and Kyneton) supports only 263 Islamic residents within that entire area.

So it appears Bendigo residents can look forward to half Victoria responding to Fridays’ wailing calls to prayer.

Digging deeper it seems Mr Erskine also has an interest in the land adjacent to the proposed mosque on which there is an application to council for subdivision.

On its register of shareholders, Bendigo Bank doesn’t have to declare any holdings over 5 per cent so it’s also interesting to note that the register shows Mr Erskine’s “direct” interest as zero but an “indirect” holding by Erskine Investments Pty Ltd of 840,000 shares.

But there is one obnoxious little potential terrorist who is also determined that the mosque goes ahead, the Australian born Zaky Mallah (pictured).

In 2005 the AFP claimed he planned a suicide attack on offices in Sydney. Mallah was charged under the counter-terrorism laws and jailed in the maximum security multi-purpose unit at Goulburn for two years before being acquitted of the charge.

Sentencing Judge Wood CJ, concluded that: “The prisoner was an idiosyncratic, and embittered young man, who was to all intents something of a loner, without significant prospects of advancing himself. While I accept that the prisoner enjoyed posing as a potential martyr, and may from time, to time, in his own imagination, have contemplated creating a siege and taking the lives of others, I am satisfied that in his more rational moments he lacked any genuine intention of doing so.”

The number of clairvoyant judges seems to be increasing.

In 2011 Zaky Mallah was sacked from his job at ANZ Stadium for broadcasting a video of areas of the Stadium on Youtube. The videos included shots of the VIP private dining room, and the kitchen. It was claimed he was again planning a suicide mission, but he has not been charged due to inconclusive evidence.

Mallah has been active in recruiting other Australian Lebanese to fight overseas. He recently travelled to Syria but returned saying he was just there to “have a look” and to have his photo taken with Al Queda combatants but did not fire his weapon. Hmmm.

In 2013 he was again arrested and charged for posting instructions on how to join jihad and boasting of his glowing experiences of life on the frontline in Syria.

Mallah, now 29, proudly claims that ASIO says he is potentially Australia’s first suicide bomber.

Since being charged he has toned down his rhetoric but his “impassioned” plea for the building of the Bendigo Mosque can be seen here:

“Watch this video and Shudder”

Try not to throw your coffee mug at the monitor.

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