Will the real Brenton Tarrant please stand up?


The New Zealand and Australian Governments are in full crisis mode over the video games movie released onto the internet by intelligence agencies supposedly depicting a mass shooting in a mosque.

Any kid with half a brain would know immediately the rifles are air guns and the video which has terrified governments and their perpetrators is full of crisis actors who get shot by Tarrant’s air gun and naturally don’t bleed.

If Tarrant had a real weapon there would have been blood and guts all over him and spread across the floor and walls.

Firing a 5.56mm rifle with military grade ammo sends a 55 grain projectile at 3260 feet per second and has a muzzle energy 1294 lb-f. In other words if you get hit by the round at 10 to 40 feet distance you are dead and the impact leaves an awful entry wound easily seen at that range and a massive exit wound with blood and tissue everywhere.

Did any viewer see this occur in the video? Even the Port Arthur hoax was better than this, and that was in 1996.

Any person found transmitting or publishing this dodgy video can face up to 14 years in jail warns the NZ Government.

Take you pick on which one if either is Tarrant. In any case both are over age 40.

A photograph of the man charged in the Christchurch Magistrates Court taken in the court and without a blurred face shows a completely different person to the video still of the alleged shooter Brenton Tarrant sitting in a car.

The real identity of either man in these photographs is now in doubt. New Zealand Prime Minister and leader of the NZ Labour Party Jacinda Adern  either is totally incompetent or has been involved in this shooting scam since the plot was hatched.

Who is the person in court and who is sitting in a car in the footage released at the time of the shootings?

Irrespective of the identity of the two different  men in the photos, nothing alters the amateurish video mentioned above. A US reader sent this information and we leave it to readers to decide:

LMAO FFS! The face photoshopped onto Brenton’s body is actually SAM HYDE!! a famous guy for memes created about him. /pol/ 4chan likes to blame him for every shooting that happens its part of the meme. There is no False Flag.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Have all of these things been false flags? It looks like it.. As I have said previously, these events are staged to remove or rights and means of protection – from the criminal state that is..

  2. That pic was photoshopped to cause questioning/division, to throw off the real deception. It was a botched editing of training exercises.

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  3. We watched the video on the day that Tarrant allegedly committed the crime. and immediately said that it it looked like a video game.There were no people in the street outside the mosque. We didn’t see anything of what happened inside the mosque, then Tarrant appears from the door, walks down the path and gets another gun from the car.We expected to see people rushing out through the doors ( they would have thought he had left, and not realise he was getting another gun) but no! no screams or shouts..no people…nothing!It was so odd! Then we saw him get into the car and drive away, still no sound or people. It was like we were sitting in a simulater.
    Another scene we saw was a car, half on footpath with wheels spinning, and the police with something on the ground, which one of them kicked and prodded until it rolled over, all floppy like a dead body. Who was this? All this does not add up.
    Something smells very fishy in the halls of government

  4. In short the answer is yes most are false flags to push their communist/socialist agenda of ultimate control and world domination and the sheep who are asleep at the wheel do not understand their head is on the chopping block as well they think buy burying their head in the sand that they will be safe people have we learn’t nothing from history when you give in to tyranny and dictatorship it only produces more and accelerates it. We must all band together and stand up grow a pair and take it down other wise we might as well change the name of Australia to North Korea 2 or china STAND UP PEOPLE GET OFF THE COUCH AND TAKE ACTION ALERT YOUR FELLOW MAN DO NOT BE AFRAID TO STAND AND SPEAK THE TRUTH AND WE CAN PUT THE BRAKES ON THIS WHOLE CRAZY BUNCH AND REVERSE A LOT OF THIS CRAZINESS BECAUSE IF WE DON’T WE ARE DONE AS A COUNTRY YOU MIGHT AS WELL STICK A FORK IN US ——WAKE UP PEOPLE AND TAKE ACTION GET IN THE FIGHT——- FOR GOD SAKE DO SOMETHING.

  5. doesn’t anyone else think the same the timing of this event is very suspect as its in the same time that the Muller report in the US president which found no collusion and 25 million dollars spent 2 years and 6 months later i can’t help but think this was a multi angle approach for gun control world wide to silence speech world wide and to divert the worlds attention of the nothing burger of the witch hunt that was the Muller investigation when its the democrats are the real traitors and the ones colluding to undermine the democracy of not only the US but people world wide. Connect the dots people this is all connected.

  6. Well, Veterans Today, an intelligence website, says that he spent the last two years in Israel,(Is that how he is such a merciless killer?) is 42, born a jew, is on Russian and Syrian watch lists as an assassin, targeting President Assad,
    Obviously we are being conned by our security goons and the lying mainstream media.

  7. The pic with Tarrant??? ‘the shooter’ appears to be photo shopped. Huge head and no shoulders. The whole CC thing is a massive Adern government fraud, with all emergency services involved in a DRILL but instead have purported it to be an authentic ‘attack’.
    A lot of enablers here & a lot of effort has gone into carrying this off.
    Shame on them all. What a disgrace to do this to New Zealanders. All the flowers, memorials and sickening acting of the ‘survivors’ causing such grief to so many people.

  8. The pic has been checked closely and we cannot find any evidence of photoshopping. Ed

  9. Freedomman you are brilliant.Editor

  10. Yep- with you.. But I will say I believe insurrection is what they are planning for – all the Fema camps etc.. They will just call martial law and bring in troops from other countries..My thought is to start our own secret societies.. handshake and all! It seems to work so why not for us?

  11. If you have been following these events you will notice how many coincide with “training drills” – 911 etc..

  12. and why was Podesta in NZ just before the shooting and Hilary just after Methinks the PM who donated to Clinton foundation will have blood on her hands. And Podester had the number 14 on one hand and the fish symbol on the other the same as were on the gun Tarrant had

  13. LMAO FFS! The face photoshopped onto Brenton’s body is actually SAM HYDE!! a famous guy for memes created about him. /pol/ 4chan likes to blame him for every shooting that happens its part of the meme. There is no False Flag.

  14. Thank you for the info. Ed

  15. Larry check the footnote on this posted article.Ed

  16. Thanks John we have a good deal of information about Podesta which will be published.Editor

  17. They don’t come much lower than Potesta – vermin..

  18. Clearly photoshop job and sloppy one at that. Look at the top of the head and you can see a rectangular shape. then look at the orig photo…the shape is part of the blur. they missed that when pasting the head over the top.

  19. It should be noted the footnote in this story warns the original FB post could have been photoshopped with the face of another person.Editor

  20. Well said freedomman….and a lot of it leads back to the UK as well. They tried to assassinate Trump and start WW111 with Russia. Research Qanon, Q and Q+.
    Q is JFK jr who survived the plane crash orchestrated by HRC. He is Joe M on twitter. Trump is taking down the Deep State with JFK jrs help as well as the military and Australia’s corrupt politicians are caught up, particularly Gillard, Downer, J Bishop,

  21. Yep. Nz.. Tassie.. Even names of shootets❓ similar.. Plus coincidence after coincidence.. Re their life.. Inheritance.. Overseas travel ect.. Ect..
    I do not believe in coincidence like these…..

  22. Yep.. Something fishy indeed is underfoot.. I myself have my own theory very similar to urs. 🤔

  23. Have u seen original nz vids,?

  24. Somewhere along the way I saw a review – it is childish fraud from what I saw and based on the expert commentary..no wonder they don’t want us to see it..But it’s ok to see beheddings – my God they are criminals..

  25. Hi Kelly can you get us the videos? Don’t think we have seen them.Thanks Editor

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