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It is up to us to get rid of Islamic fanatics

IF YOUR GOAL was the eventual overthrow of the government and establishing Shari’a Law as the law of the land, but you didn’t have a large enough majority to do it by voting or by force, how could you do it? One good way would be to keep pressing for small, incremental concessions. And when you gain one, to hold it, and try to gain another. And if you were using this strategy, what is the first concession you’d try to gain? I think it would be to establish laws and cultural norms that prohibit criticism of your group or its goals in speech or writing.

This could effectively prevent an organized effort to block the next concessions you try to gain. I believe that is exactly what Muslims are trying to do. Here are a few recent examples:

1. Giving in to political pressure by Muslims and their supporters, a National Counterterrorism Center memorandum prohibited the use of terms such as “Jihad,” “Islamist,” and “mujahedeen.”

2. The United Nations General Assembly is considering a resolution sponsored by the 57-nation Organization of the Islamic Conference in an attempt to “mainstream†prohibitions on any speech that could be considered critical of Islam.

3. Told by Muslims it could incite acts of violence, Random House decided not to publish a book on Mohammad — after it had already bought the rights. All three are Muslim attempts to accomplish the same goal: To hamper a non-Muslim’s ability to criticize Islam publicly. Every totalitarian state that ever ruled a nation has done the same thing, and did it first. If you can’t criticize something in public, you are left with your private thoughts and your few intimate friends. Are you the only ones who think this way? You don’t know. Silencing criticism isolates the dissenters. And it prevents important public discussions from taking place. Silencing criticism makes it possible for other concessions to be gained without effective opposition.


No Caption Needed

Earnest Muslims are using every method they can think of to shut down criticism and free speech. They legally lobby politicians and media outlets, pressuring them to silence or fire someone who criticized Islam. They slander anyone who criticizes Islam by calling them ” Islamophobic” or ” racist.” They bring lawsuits against people even if they know they will not win because the bad press is damaging enough. And they riot in the streets. After a Dutch newspaper published a cartoon depicting Mohammad, Muslims rioted all over Europe, leaving 187 people dead and making publishers think twice about publishing something critical to Islam again. And this aggressive religion will keep pushing unless we stop it.

A sufficient number of them will not try to be fair, will not try to “assimilate” into the European or American culture, and will never let up on the pressure to take over. It is their religious duty. The way to stop its spread without being cruel or violent is to establish the policy: No more concessions to Islam. I once had a job working for a seminar company. My job was to call people who had taken an introductory seminar and convince them to take the main seminar we were selling. I was given a stack of cards participants had filled out at the introductory seminar and I was told how to handle the calls: “If they give you a definite ‘no,’ throw the card away. Otherwise put it here and we’ll call them again later.” And we would keep calling these people, harassing them for years because those people were too nice to simply say, “I am not interested.” People would say, “I don’t know, let me think about it.” They would say all kinds of things other than “no.” I could hear in their voices that most of them really wanted to say no, but they wouldn’t. I felt sorry for these people, and yet I couldn’t help but think they were stupid. Why not be firm? Why not be honest? It would save them a lot of stress. If only they knew my instructions, they would have said no firmly right up front.

But the thing is, most of us are used to dealing with people who will not exploit our “niceness.” We deal with fair, considerate people almost all the time, and our ways of dealing with fair people work very well. I’m assuming you are a fair person. What do you do? If someone gave you a “socially acceptable” excuse like “I’ll think about it,” you would let them bow out, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t ignore their signals and keep pushing. But here’s what we all have to learn sooner or later: For people who ignore your signals and keep pushing, you had better develop a different approach — an approach with more firmness and strength, an approach that protects yourself and defends your interests. The same goes for dealing with aggressive vacuum-cleaner salesmen. Have they ever come to your door? If you show the slightest interest, you’ll be stuck talking to them until you say yes. They are relentless, and to deal with it, you had better be firm. If you say, “I’m busy right now,” they will say, “That’s okay, when would be a good time to come back?” Islam operates much the same, except on a much larger scale with a political agenda.

Islam is pressing for concessions constantly, trying to find the weaknesses, trying to find the cracks, the loopholes, and it will keep pushing until it accomplishes its goal: A world in which every country is ruled by Shari’a law. This is not one of those problems that will go away by itself. It is up to us to be firm. They are not going to stop on their own. They must be stopped by us.

Christmas Greetings from the Cairns News team

This year Cairns News has strived to present the news the Murdoch and Fairfax media won’t touch. There have been game changing events across the world and in Australia. Two highly suspicious Malaysian airliner crashes killing hundreds of innocent people, race riots in the UK, police shootings of innocent people in the United States. The farcical G20 Summit in Brisbane with the G20 Finance Summit earlier this year in Cairns.

Then we had the Bank Inquiry whose findings the Government studiously ignored. The banks were the subject of the huge ‘Bank Buster’ meeting held at Winton earlier this month. The main banks, with perhaps the exception of the ANZ have thumbed their noses at the rural sector and continue with foreclosures causing suicides across Queensland and the nation. A displaced elder statesman of the bush, Charlie Phillott has become the focus of the avaricious banking system that rips tens of billions of dollars annually from the economy.

Foreign coal seam gas companies continue to rape and pillage the Queensland landscape, ruining some of the best farming and grazing country in the world. On it goes unabated, having its origins with the Labor Party and its former Premier Peter Beattie, whose dodgy exploration permits allowed CSG to flourish. Peter of course in true ALP style made sure his government’s efforts in approving thousands of gas wells did not leave him financially bereft. The LNP and its highly questionable handling of CSG companies and permits now is the subject of a Senate Inquiry.

Then the festering Islamic issue raised its ugly head in the Far North when Standard Bearers Academy announced it would build an Islamic school near Mareeba. A large protest group was formed successfully deferring the school construction.

The Martin Place siege and deaths of two hostages propelled anti-Islam groups across the nation and world to say enough is enough. “We won’t ride with them,” these groups have said.


Cairns News asks its many thousands of readers to maintain your faith, and we know the overwhelming majority of our readership is Christian. Keep up your comments and maintain the pressure on all governments to develop a new and desperately needed financial system. Rothschild has to be kicked out of Australia and it could take a war to do it, but Russia’s Putin, Hungary and Iceland have rid their monetary system of the Rothschild bacteria, and are prospering like never before. Money must be issued to the public as a credit, not a debit and we will benefit like no other.

We wish you a peaceful and harmonious Christmas and New Year and may God be with you.

Senator David Leyonhjelm supports citizens being able to protect themselves

Former Prime Minister John Howard comes out of mothballs to demonise gun owners yet again!

John Howard ,children overboard, Port Arthur massacre, AWB $300M funding Saddam’s slaughter, land theft from our farmers to fund KYOTO, such  credits to his leadership

This autocrat of the Liberal Party lives in another world. This is the man who allowed Port Arthur to occur. This man knew there was to be a psychological operation about to be waged against the Australian people. It was our first real, large scale terrorist attack putting aside the 1970’s rubbish bin bomb in Melbourne, which on the facts today was the first psy-ops carried out with the knowledge of a few in authority.

Howard and others knew the Tasmanian massacre was about to occur. It was not perpetrated by an ineffectual and incompetent young man with an IQ if 60.

Martin Bryant

Cairns News has published much about the Port Arthur shootings. Martin Bryant was not capable of inserting a box magazine into a Colt AR 10, 7.62mm assault rifle. This testimony was given to police by a Tasmanian gunsmith. This gunsmith was pilloried and harassed by authorities until he lost his business and fled the State.

Martin Bryant was charged for mass murder which he was incapable of doing. Simple facts that were buried by a 30 year ban on court transcript publication.

Tim Fischer

Now we have a raving Jesuit such as former National Party deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer, again bagging and demonising gun owners. Tim should explain to the Australian people why he left Parliament overnight.  The Federal Liberal member for the Cairns-based electorate of Leichardt, Warren Entsch was involved in Fischer’s sudden departure from Parliament.

Fischer also might like to explain what happened to him when subsequently he was resident in the Vatican as Australian Ambassador to the Holy See.

The Jesuits are the hitmen of the Catholic church, pure and simple. Fischer was an army officer who served in Vietnam. He and the Bolshevik television personality Ray Martin led the campaign to disarm the Australian people.

David Leyonhjelm

Now after an Islamic terrorist attack in Sydney that, as Senator Leyonhjelm said today, could never have occurred in most States of America because its citizens are allowed the right of self-defence. The Islamic terrorist would know he was interfering with people who might be carrying a firearm. That alone would have been a deterrent.

At least one person in the café could have been carrying a firearm.

The mad muslim would have been shot immediately. The psychological distress and economic savings to the country are immeasurable.

As the Senator said: “Our citizens are victims waiting to be hurt.”

For many years Australian defence experts have advocated arming the population with military rifles based on the Swiss citizens militia model where all responsible adults keep a government issued rifle in their home.

They undergo periods of mandatory military training in readiness for any invader. Not surprising, there is little recorded crime against the body or property in Switzerland.  Can anyone remember Switzerland having ever been invaded?

There are no violent home invasions that we see every week in Brisbane and other larger centres. Because responsible Swiss citizens have been taught how to use a firearm.

How much longer do we have to put up with the treachery of the Labor Party’s Bill Shorten, the Greens Hanson-Young and the likes of Howard and Fischer. These people should have been tried for terrorism.

Watch this video featuring  Wendy Scurr the first person into the broad arrow cafe after the Port Arthur massacre.  She has a completely different story to tell from the mainstream media , the police, and the federal and state governments. Find out just how much disinformation and myths have been created around the pre-planned Port Arthur massacre. Watching this video with an open mind you will never be the same again.


The predicted cry-wolf propoganda to further tighten up internet spying laws

How is it this so-called ‘lone nut’ shooter had been previously incarcerated at a NSW jail under a different name? According to prison sources how is it the FBI had this ‘Iranian’ infiltrator tagged and not Australian police?

Lack of data records prevents serious crime investigations, AFP Commissioner tells parliamentary committee investigating new security laws

By political reporters Susan McDonald and Anna Henderson

Photo: The Chairman of the parliamentary committee investigating new counterterrorism laws is asking whether the Government needs further powers. (Audience submitted: Peter Morgan)

Related Story: Counter-terrorism laws unlikely to ever be wound back: Bret Walker

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin has warned of “grave implications” for terrorism investigations if telecommunications companies are not forced to keep phone and internet data.

Commissioner Andrew Colvin and other senior security officials were giving evidence to a parliamentary committee inquiring into proposed legislation making it mandatory for telcos to keep certain types of data for two years.

Mr Colvin told the hearing in Canberra agencies could not be left to “rely on luck” to deal with serious threats and serious crimes.

“I could not understate enough that it would have grave implications for law enforcement’s ability in this country to investigate, deter and disrupt potential terrorist acts,” Mr Colvin said.

He said that as more telcos were entering the market, less data was being kept and for shorter periods.

He emphasised that data had played a key role in terrorism, corruption and child exploitation investigations.

Mr Colvin gave the example of an online child exploitation case in 2013, where the lack of internet records retained by service providers prevented the investigation of 156 potential offenders.

“If those ISPs [internet service providers] face the consistent obligation to retain data for two years as proposed under this Bill, it’s quite possible additional persons of interest, some of whom appeared to be involved in serious offending, could have been identified and properly investigated,” he said.

New anti-terrorism laws explained

Find out more about the Government’s suite of proposed anti-terrorism laws targeting so-called foreign fighters and Australian terror threats.

Of the AFP investigations that started between July and September this year, telecommunications data has been used in 92 per cent of counterterrorism investigations, 100 per cent of cyber crime investigations, 87 per cent of child protection investigations and 79 per cent of serious organised crime investigations.

The Joint Intelligence and Security Committee was investigating the Government’s third wave of national security laws into phone and computer data retention.

Committee chairman Dan Tehan earlier asked whether the Government needed further powers in the wake of the Sydney siege.

Mr Tehan said he expected the Government to separately consider whether its new suite of measures would be enough to prevent lone wolf attacks.

“We’ve got to have a proper inquiry about that,” Mr Tehan said.

“We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves and say, ‘OK, we need to do this, this and this’.

“Let’s examine the facts, let’s have a proper look at it and then work out, ‘OK, do we need to make some changes?'”

The committee observed a minute’s silence in recognition of the hostages killed in the Sydney siege yesterday.

Mr Tehan started today’s hearing by acknowledging the violence and describing it as “a despicable attack on Australians at home”.

“Tragically two innocent people have lost their lives, Katrina Dawson and Tori Johnson,” he said.

“The impact on their family and their friends will be deep and everlasting.

“Threats of terrorism or terrorist acts will not change this nation, they will only strengthen our resolve.

“The values that we hold dear as Australians are the best way to defeat this evil.”

The committee was set to examine the next package of proposed counterterrorism laws.

Those listed to front the committee today include Australia’s top spy, ASIO Director General Duncan Lewis.

The committee was also expected to hear from the Australian Crime Commission and the Attorney-General’s department.

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