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Land rights determinations usually go to the wrong people

From Kev Moore

In 1996 the Carr Government in NSW badly needed a ‘success story’ to validate its land claims legislation, under which not one square inch of land had been restored to its aboriginal owners. Fortunately, there was a case in the legal pipeline, which could fill the need. The Crescent Head case on the NSW central coast had been before the courts for months, and the NSW Aboriginal Land Council, representing Mary-Lou Buck of the Dunghutti people, had established its native title credentials.

Crescent Head Island originally handed to the wrong people

When the Crescent Head ruling was handed down, the first ever case of aboriginal land being restored to its “rightful owners” was touted as establishing the native title credentials of the Carr Labor administration. The land was ‘handed over’ with great fanfare, and the new aboriginal owners promptly sold their title. Perhaps they knew something Carr didn’t?

Now, however, according to columnist Piers Ackerman (Sunday Telegraph, 31/1/99) there is doubt that the Dunghutti people really were the traditional owners of the Crescent Head land. The allegation has been raised by another Dunghutti, Anthony Carter, who points out that there is a very strong case of traditional ownership by the Biripai people. The NSW Land Council has refused to acknowledge these doubts as valid, because its own credibility is at stake. It was the Land Council that validated the Dunghutti claim, and provided the ‘experts’ to verify their validation. Last November, a meeting of a number of representatives of different tribal groups confirmed that the traditional owners, who had been removed from the area a century ago, had been completely ignored.

This is not the first case in which “land rights” have been allocated to the wrong people. The most famous case, covered up at the time, was that of Ayers Rock, now known by the trendy as “Uluru”. In November 1983 the new Hawke Government announced that it was handing the Uluru National Park to an Aboriginal Land Trust. The Minister at the time was Mr. Clyde Holding, and although experts like Peter English warned that the Land Trust did not represent the (dispersed) traditional owners, the transfer went ahead. Peter English went on to document the betrayal in a book published in 1986, Storm Over Uluru. Rev Cedric Jacobs, drawing from Peter English’s material, confirms what he has to say in (Jacobs’) book Healing a Divided Nation (1986).

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Half of the Australian continent already given away to Aborigines by the Federal Court

by Quadrant and Cairns News

The Labor and Greens communist agenda to give Aborigines Constitutional recognition is a Trojan horse when indigenous people are already recognised in the Preamble of the country’s founding document.

So-called Aborigines have been given 49.3 per cent of our land mass as of July 1, 2022 and they want more, all of it if possible. If the remaining claims of an additional 13.4 per cent are allowed, Aborigines will own 62.7 per cent of Australia.

To put this in terms of area rather than percentages, Australia contains 7,686,850 square kilometers of land, including Tasmania and the offshore islands (Wikipedia: Geography of Australia) and native title now exists over 3,789,617 square kilometers of it.

The rider in the world’s greatest land claim scam is that white people funding the dwindling taxpayer base are the bunnies who will, if the Constitutional amendment and a treaty get through, be paying rent to murris for ever more.

Taxpayers are coughing up more than $35 billion each year to keep elite, black bureaucrats fat while they starve out their regional communities.

Local governments nation-wide will be forced to add a levy to rates notices which will be collected by the federal government then paid as rent to blackfella fatcats. Naturally this coin clipping operation is backed by the communists of the United Nations.

Unfortunately city people generally believe the fake media, in shades of the Covid plandemic, that Aborigines are badly wanting. The Labor and Greens duopoly have succeeded with their Marxist, divisive, racist policies in dividing the nation into a black versus white race to the bottom.

Vast areas of rural Australia already have been locked up and no white man (Migaloo) is allowed to enter.

The major flaw in this massive land transfer is that while the title is erroneously called Aboriginal Freehold, is bears little resemblance to Deed of Grant in Fee Simple, or freehold land issued to white fellas. The indigenous instrument does not allow for the land to be sold, subdivided or title transferred.

While the corporatisation of Australia allowed every state government to shred the original parchment land title deeds and replace them with electronic titles, it has come to bear that usual freehold title now for suburban homes allows almost no security to the land holder, who once used to be the land owner.

Until there is a widespread revolution against this massive land transfer, the blackfellas will have surpassed the World Economic Forum’s agenda that you will own nothing and be happy.

from Quadrant

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