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NSW Premier Perrottet admits again mRNA jabs do not prevent virus transmission

John Larter once proudly wore the NSW paramedics uniform until the goons in charge of the NSW health system (below) forced him out of his job because he exercised his lawful common law right to decline a vaccination.
The loud-mouthed bully Brad Hazzard and his chief medical adviser wearing a mask that doesn’t stop viruses but is a great tool to help spread misplaced fear.


THE outspoken Tumut paramedic and deputy mayor of Snowy Valleys Council John Larter has called on NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet to sack “morons” like his Health Minister Braz Hazzard and Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant.

Perrotet, in an attempt to get thousands of people back into state and private sector jobs, has again gone public to say what Larter and many others have been saying for more than a year now – there is no evidence that mRNA vaccines stop transmission of coronavirus and should not be mandatory.

Only a year ago in January 2022, Perrottet extended the vaccine mandate for NSW teachers, nurses and other “frontline workers”, ordering them to get a booster shot of the dangerous mRNA gene technology medicine masquerading as a vaccine. But somewhere along the way the Premier woke up.

Back then, Perrottet was acting on the advice of Chant and Hazzard over rising cases of the so-called Omicron variant. All viruses mutate but in so doing lose strength. In the case of Omicron it was highly infectious but was easily fought off by the natural immune system.

Like thousands of NSW police, nurses, paramedics and teachers John Larter lost his job, as did his wife Caitlin, an emergency nurse, because both refused to take the shots. This week Larter spoke to Perrottet on 2GB talkback radio with Ben Fordham. The Premier told Larter he had repeatedly told the public and private sector to end vaccine mandates.

Larter was in Sydney to appear at the Industrial Relations Commission, trying to get his wife’s job back. He has been fighting the NSW government in the NSW Supreme Court since 2021. Unsurprisingly, and despite the criminal coercion of mandates and the gross violation of the right at common law to informed consent to medical treatment, the court dismissed his case in November that year.

Larter spoke to freedom fighter Joel Jammal about Perrottet’s backdown and said it was a “massive, massive breakthrough”. Larter still needs the help of Australians to pay his and his wife’s legal fees. Larter acknowledged that the legal fight was all about technicalities and not about whether the mandates were morally bankrupt.

“Perserverance – that’s where we’re all at,” he told Jamal. “Every one of us who has been in this fight from those who donated $2 or just gave us a hug, they’ve been in this. They’re part of every moment of this. If we don’t stop pushing now all this hard work will be undone…”

When asked by Jamal about Perrottet’s thinking, Larter said he probably agreed with his stance but unfortunately the Liberal Party of NSW had been hijacked by its left wing. “He just doesn’t have control and knows it. He can demonstrate real leadership and I think that’s what people are looking for and they don’t see in the opposition (Labor Party).

“I think Perrottet can be even more decisive. He can say to these bureaucrats, whether he thinks he does or doesn’t have the power, he just needs to publicly say if anyone in the bureaucratic system from Hazzard to Chant or any of these other morons that are printing this nonsense (that is baseless) want to continue, you’re out. You’ve got 48 hours. I’ll personally sign your discharge, you’re gone. That’s how he needs to confront this.”

Perrottet told Fordham he had “made it clear for the simple reason that there is no evidence that the vaccines stop transmission”. But Fordham noted employers in private and public sectors were not listening. He said it was “crazy” the mandates were persisting despite the shortage of paramedics and others.

Mr Perrottet then reiterated there was no evidence the vaccine stops transmission. “It is based on the evidence, there is no evidence that in this current environment that vaccines stop transmission,” he said.

Perrottet’s view is backed by mRNA vaccine pusher Pfizer, who were forced to admit to the European Parliament that the COVID-19 vaccine was never designed to stop transmission of the virus, and it was never tested to see whether it did.

The admission came after Pfizer’s lying CEO Albert Bourla was called to appear before the Parliament’s Covid 19 Committee. Bourla, who in 2021 said the vaccine was “100% effective in preventing COVID cases in South Africa”, instead sent his international markets president Janine Small.

Dutch MP Rob Roos asked Small if the vaccine was “tested on stopping the transmission of the virus before it entered the market” to which Small replied “no”, and then suggested it was because the company had to “move at the speed of science”.

Paid-for “fact checkers” such as the RMIT-ABC CheckMate group, Julie Leask “a social scientist specialising in immunisation”, did their best to downplay the admission by saying “Pfizer never claimed that its pre-market trials tested the vaccine’s effect on transmission”.

These faceless, shameless media worms who slyly defend every government-corporate narrative, deliberately forget that Pfizer and governments strongly implied that this was the case when they imposed the so-called vaccine passports and forced tens of thousands of Australians out of work because they were labeled “potential spreaders” and only vaccinated people would stop it spreading.

The same media, bureaucrats and “medical experts” in Pfizer’s back pocket also blatantly lied to the public about the safety and efficacy of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and even published bogus scientific reports to support their claims.

Meanwhile the deaf, dumb and stupid bureaucrats on the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) are still recommending that anyone over 18 who has not been infected with Covid or received a vaccine within the last six months should get a fifth shot – and to hell with the risk of heart attacks and other serious side effects.

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