NSW Premier Perrottet admits again mRNA jabs do not prevent virus transmission

John Larter once proudly wore the NSW paramedics uniform until the goons in charge of the NSW health system (below) forced him out of his job because he exercised his lawful common law right to decline a vaccination.
The loud-mouthed bully Brad Hazzard and his chief medical adviser wearing a mask that doesn’t stop viruses but is a great tool to help spread misplaced fear.


THE outspoken Tumut paramedic and deputy mayor of Snowy Valleys Council John Larter has called on NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet to sack “morons” like his Health Minister Braz Hazzard and Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant.

Perrotet, in an attempt to get thousands of people back into state and private sector jobs, has again gone public to say what Larter and many others have been saying for more than a year now – there is no evidence that mRNA vaccines stop transmission of coronavirus and should not be mandatory.

Only a year ago in January 2022, Perrottet extended the vaccine mandate for NSW teachers, nurses and other “frontline workers”, ordering them to get a booster shot of the dangerous mRNA gene technology medicine masquerading as a vaccine. But somewhere along the way the Premier woke up.

Back then, Perrottet was acting on the advice of Chant and Hazzard over rising cases of the so-called Omicron variant. All viruses mutate but in so doing lose strength. In the case of Omicron it was highly infectious but was easily fought off by the natural immune system.

Like thousands of NSW police, nurses, paramedics and teachers John Larter lost his job, as did his wife Caitlin, an emergency nurse, because both refused to take the shots. This week Larter spoke to Perrottet on 2GB talkback radio with Ben Fordham. The Premier told Larter he had repeatedly told the public and private sector to end vaccine mandates.

Larter was in Sydney to appear at the Industrial Relations Commission, trying to get his wife’s job back. He has been fighting the NSW government in the NSW Supreme Court since 2021. Unsurprisingly, and despite the criminal coercion of mandates and the gross violation of the right at common law to informed consent to medical treatment, the court dismissed his case in November that year.

Larter spoke to freedom fighter Joel Jammal about Perrottet’s backdown and said it was a “massive, massive breakthrough”. Larter still needs the help of Australians to pay his and his wife’s legal fees. Larter acknowledged that the legal fight was all about technicalities and not about whether the mandates were morally bankrupt.

“Perserverance – that’s where we’re all at,” he told Jamal. “Every one of us who has been in this fight from those who donated $2 or just gave us a hug, they’ve been in this. They’re part of every moment of this. If we don’t stop pushing now all this hard work will be undone…”

When asked by Jamal about Perrottet’s thinking, Larter said he probably agreed with his stance but unfortunately the Liberal Party of NSW had been hijacked by its left wing. “He just doesn’t have control and knows it. He can demonstrate real leadership and I think that’s what people are looking for and they don’t see in the opposition (Labor Party).

“I think Perrottet can be even more decisive. He can say to these bureaucrats, whether he thinks he does or doesn’t have the power, he just needs to publicly say if anyone in the bureaucratic system from Hazzard to Chant or any of these other morons that are printing this nonsense (that is baseless) want to continue, you’re out. You’ve got 48 hours. I’ll personally sign your discharge, you’re gone. That’s how he needs to confront this.”

Perrottet told Fordham he had “made it clear for the simple reason that there is no evidence that the vaccines stop transmission”. But Fordham noted employers in private and public sectors were not listening. He said it was “crazy” the mandates were persisting despite the shortage of paramedics and others.

Mr Perrottet then reiterated there was no evidence the vaccine stops transmission. “It is based on the evidence, there is no evidence that in this current environment that vaccines stop transmission,” he said.

Perrottet’s view is backed by mRNA vaccine pusher Pfizer, who were forced to admit to the European Parliament that the COVID-19 vaccine was never designed to stop transmission of the virus, and it was never tested to see whether it did.

The admission came after Pfizer’s lying CEO Albert Bourla was called to appear before the Parliament’s Covid 19 Committee. Bourla, who in 2021 said the vaccine was “100% effective in preventing COVID cases in South Africa”, instead sent his international markets president Janine Small.

Dutch MP Rob Roos asked Small if the vaccine was “tested on stopping the transmission of the virus before it entered the market” to which Small replied “no”, and then suggested it was because the company had to “move at the speed of science”.

Paid-for “fact checkers” such as the RMIT-ABC CheckMate group, Julie Leask “a social scientist specialising in immunisation”, did their best to downplay the admission by saying “Pfizer never claimed that its pre-market trials tested the vaccine’s effect on transmission”.

These faceless, shameless media worms who slyly defend every government-corporate narrative, deliberately forget that Pfizer and governments strongly implied that this was the case when they imposed the so-called vaccine passports and forced tens of thousands of Australians out of work because they were labeled “potential spreaders” and only vaccinated people would stop it spreading.

The same media, bureaucrats and “medical experts” in Pfizer’s back pocket also blatantly lied to the public about the safety and efficacy of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin and even published bogus scientific reports to support their claims.

Meanwhile the deaf, dumb and stupid bureaucrats on the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) are still recommending that anyone over 18 who has not been infected with Covid or received a vaccine within the last six months should get a fifth shot – and to hell with the risk of heart attacks and other serious side effects.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. G’day daviddd2 | March 4, 2023 at 3:18 am

    I agree that autopsies might tell us causes of death. That is why they frequently don’t do them. But often they may not be able to prove the ‘jabs’ actually caused a death.
    I also agree that where an autopsy indicates that a ‘jab’ caused or contributed to a death that information could be disastrously inconvenient for families of the dead; BUT arguably that may be what’s necessary to wake up some people. At least it might help them overcome their ignorance and cognitive dissonance. Nothing else seems to do that for many people.


  2. “Germ theory” is a 100+ year big money Rockefeller $cam=pseudoscience. Pasteur was a $nake-oil $alesman passing himself off as a scientist.
    “Virology” is modern day $orcery.

    “Healthcare industry” is a misnomer.

    What’s in the injections…?
    They are conning humans to turn their life and will(well-being) over to the care of an anti-Christ system—they are then slaves to that system, addicted to their drugs and injections. A game of Russian Roulette, results being depopulation and return sick customers.


  3. What is a Mandate
    How to Deal with One

    The definition of mandate in a law dictionary is:

    Mandate Black’s 9th
    1. An order from an appellate court directing a lower court to take specified action.
    2. A judicial command directed to an officer of the court to enforce a court order.
    3. In politics, the electorate’s overwhelming show of approval for a given political candidate or platform.
    4. Roman & civil law. A written command given by a principal to an agent; specif.,a commission or contract by which one person ( the mandator ) requests someone ( the mandatary ) to perform some service gratuitously , the commission becoming effective when the mandatary agrees.
    In this type of contract, no liability is created until the service requested has begun. The mandatary is bound to use reasonable care in performance, while the mandator is bound to indemnify against loss incurred in performing the service. A contract by which one person, the principal, confers authority on another person, the mandatary, to transact one or more affairs for the principal.
    The contract of mandate may be either onerous or gratuitous. It is gratuitous if the parties do not state otherwise.

    Bouvier’s Concise 1856
    2. From the very term of the definition, three things are necessary to create a mandate. First, that there should exist something which should be the matter of the contract; secondly, that it should be done gratuitously; and thirdly, that the parties. should voluntarily intend to enter into the contract.

    So a mandate is not something compulsory given the use of the words “requests” and “agrees”.
    When an employer mandates the workers to be “vaccinated”, then it is a request to alter the terms of a contract/arrangement given that there has been a change of circumstances, which may or may not be agreed upon.
    The worker is obliged to enter into negotiation in good faith, as is the employer given that a renegotiation of the employment contract/arrangement has been instigated by the employer.1

    The employee is unaware that they exist in one jurisdiction and have use of a fictional entity in the legal jurisdiction.2

    So when a employer mandates their employees to be jabbed, they are not specifically requesting the employee as a man or woman to be jabbed (note the deliberate language and terms used), and they rely on the ignorance of the mandated to presume they are referring to their physical body. More about this later.

    The reason employees are sacked, is because they do not respond to the renegotiation in an honourable and meaningful way, and by being silent they in effect have acquiesced ( https://archive.org/details/cu31924084259872/page/62/mode/2up ) to the change of the terms of their employment contract/arrangement, and when they don’t perform their added duty (to be jabbed), then they breach the modified terms of their employment contract which they agreed to!
    An honourable way of negotiating the proposed change of terms is to do what is called a Conditional Acceptance, wherein the proposed change of terms is accepted upon the answering of particular uncertainties so that there may be a meeting of minds.
    The employer has to substantiate their claims as to why it has become a necessary added duty.
    Given the disparity between the unfolding science of Covid and the less than truthful claims made by health officials and employers, they can’t provide the evidence they rely on.

    And this is where the mandate can be defeated.

    An example of the 1st Notice of a Conditional Acceptance is provided at the end. It is accompanied by an Affidavit being the evidence the employee relies on to substantiate their case.
    The Affidavit is in the form of a negative averment as it is impossible to prove a negative, and the Affidavit can be defeated by the simple process of providing evidence that justifies the employer’s claim.
    But the employer cannot provide that evidence because as it has been revealed, their game is deception.

    If the employer does not respond, or responds in a way that does not completely address all the points of contention, then that is a form of acquiescence which equates to an agreement of the Notice of Conditional Acceptance.

    A 2nd Notice is sent giving the employer opportunity to state their case and alleviate the doubt of the employee.
    This effectively is a 2nd witness to the process.
    If no meaningful response is forthcoming, a final and 3rd Notice is sent, and this become the 3rd witness to this process.

    At the end of the process, if the employer has not provided the evidence in the form of an affidavit to answer all the raised points of doubt, then they have agreed with the employee and have essentially scuttled their own mandate.
    The Courts cannot over-ride a lawful and voluntary agreement between 2 parties.
    They can only deal with disputes and non-performance by one of the parties to the agreed arrangement.

    Notes on Numbered Conditions

    1. Has the Covid19 virus been isolated.
    No, the genomic sequence is an incomplete computer generated best guess.
    No sample has been extracted from an infected source nor concentrated let alone purified.
    Virologists have agreed on a protocol to purify a sample, but it hasn’t been done for the scientific research benefits nor to simply prove Covid19’s existence.

    2. Did WHO declare a global pandemic?
    I have not found any evidence that WHO declared Covid to be a pandemic.

    That WHO did declare a pandemic is asserted as the reason for the Chief Medical Officers (or like) of the various States in declaring medical emergencies and then justifying using extreme powers that trespassed against the peoples’ unalienable and traditional rights.
    The only declaration I can find is a verbal declaration given at a press conference dated the 11th of March, 2020 by Tedros.

    I have not found any signed document by WHO.

    The actual words spoken by Tedros are:
    “Covid-19 can be characterised as a pandemic”

    The use of the qualifying word “characterised” means that what was essentially said was that Covid-19 looks like a pandemic but it is not !

    If it was a pandemic, then “characterised” would not be necessary and the simple statement “is” would have sufficed.
    There is a vast difference between having the nature of a pandemic vs looking like a pandemic.

    It is a disingenuous bit of word-smithing to say the least.

    3. Will the employer confess to the crime of using coercion to force the employee to participate in a medical experiment against their will ?
    And because they can’t provide evidence that they have a right to transgress against your unalienable right to bodily autonomy, then their claim to require one to participate in a medical experiment against one’s will is unsubstantiated.

    As a consequence of the Nuremberg trials, it was also classified as a crime which became incorporated into most nations’ Criminal Codes.
    It is questionable that Workplace Insurance ( which the principal is obliged to provide ) will provide coverage for the participation in the trial of an unapproved medication.

    And as per the definition of “mandate”, if the principal is not providing indemnification then they have no right to request the performance.

    4. Can the employer provide the indemnity to cover the living man/woman ?

    In a nutshell, no.

    The indemnity has to be in the form of like for like, and if the employee is challenging the presumption that their body is located in the legal jurisdiction, then the employer needs to show the capacity to restore the employee to full health, or in the case of death, to restore life.
    The indemnity that must be provided has to be in the equitable/inherent jurisdiction.

    The best they can provide is that one’s health or life can be given a legal tender value ( once again a form of equitable conversion ).
    And if the evidence of insurance coverage is provided, then I expect that the insurance policy will not cover the participation in a medical experiment using “medicines” that are only provisionally approved.

    The fact the “medicine” is not a vaccination in the true meaning of the old definition but qualifies as a genetic modification therapy is further grounds to challenge the mandate.
    And further down the rabbit hole, does the recipient become the legal property of the corporation who has the patent for the incorporated genetic material?

    Does the employer have a right to compel the jabbing of the employee?

    The employer exists in the legal jurisdiction, the realm of fictions and dead things, whereas the corporeal body of the employee is found in the equitable jurisdiction and that body is a grant from the Creator.

    It is arguable that the employer has the right to jab the employee’s Birth Certificate, and in the current climate of distended logic pervading this society, who knows what may transpire.

    The employer does not have the jurisdictional reach to compel the employee if the employee challenges the presumption that they are a fiction in the legal jurisdiction.
    Unfortunately many people suffer just such a delusion from their ignorance.

    6. Can the employee require a fee to do the requested task?
    Yes, and what price your life ?
    The definition of mandate facilitates the requirement of a fee for the additional service above and beyond the previously agreed terms.
    The employer is not obliged to pay it, nor is the employee obliged to provide the service gratuitously – there has to be an agreement of minds, and where through sincere endeavours that does not occur then the pre-existing contract/arrangement stands.

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  4. “greatly increasing death rate from unknown causes”

    Unknown causes? Nonsense! Pure lies. An autopsy can tell them the causes, but they REFUSE to do autopsies since in many cases they can’t demonstrate “c-vid” as the cause of deaths. More like they don’t want to identify the causes.

    We all know why people were unusually and suddenly claimed to be dying WITH c-vid rather than FROM c-vid.

    Following mass injections, we can just as readily now claim that people are dying WITH injections as opposed to FROM injections.

    The autopsies could of course disprove that too but they won’t do them. That truth would be disastrously inconvenient for the families of the dead.


  5. @Dandy, normally it’s not possible to accurately predict the weather/ climate over 6 months time, unless they are directly influencing it themselves, which of course they are.

    They are planning to destroy many rural areas/ properties, with devastating bush-fires, it’s another way for them to drive (force) more people off their rural farms/ towns/ villages, into those so-called smart (death) cities etc.

    The PSYCHOPATHS indeed seem to be well organized, covering every possible angle.


  6. I agree with you, Pat from Vic.

    This is a slow kill.

    From the poisoning of our skies and land over a number of years with not just particulate metals
    but also biological warfare agents through DOD authorised geo engineering.

    Reference: rielpolitik .com “BIO-WARFARE: Morgellons and the CIA’s MK/NAOMI project”

    Then the injecting of a poison aka the ‘safe and effective’ one.
    Some may have chosen to be injected with trepidation, even caution, but against their better judgement, they agreed to take it anyway.

    And now the coming turning up of the heat in Australia.
    The drought and heat waves and fire risks we had to have.
    All according to the Meteorological soothsayers.
    Somehow they know that in advance too.

    All the while remaining calm and collected.

    It’s way past time to take (them) down.
    All of them.
    As Dr Jane Ruby recently noted, the enemy is “coming from inside the house”.

    If you are in a car with a psychopath, you don’t wait until there is no way out.
    You either get them, or they get you.


  7. Dandy said – “… jumping up and down, pleading, acting stressed, sending sad letters, threatening….none of these things work with psychopaths.”

    Which, seeing as how the entire Australian political class and their associated beauracrats like to wipe their arses with our petitions, strongly suggests that 99.9% of them are indeed F*CKING PSYCHOPATHS.

    However, there is an alternate angle which neither dismisses the notion that we’re being ruled by psychopaths nor avoids the reality that they delight in generally causing us harm, torturing kittens and killing babies.

    That alternate angle is that their attacks on us aren’t the random acts of self-interested psychopaths, their assaults are being DIRECTED and COORDINATED in an extremely sophisticated, well-resourced and meticulously planned attempted global genocide, in what is literally a 5th generation WAR AGAINST HUMANITY.

    That means that it’s not sufficient to just understand how they think, because whatever they might be thinking is being invested into multiple campaigns of warfare directed AGAINST US with the intention to ENSLAVE and KILL US ALL.

    What’s required to survive a war is to first understand that we are at war (even though it’s not US who started it), and then to identify our adversaries, counter their attacks and ELIMINATE them before they succeed in KILLING US.

    Poor old Commo John might be getting on a bit, but he’s still got what counts…



  8. To Pat from Vic

    Dr Leah Giarrantano (Clinical Psychologist) once gave a good explanation of a psychopath.
    She specialised in psychopathology and was part of the “Beyond the Darklands” screening which unveiled the reasons “why psychopaths cross that invisible line from being criminals to monsters”.

    Dr Leah noted that a small proportion of children are born with low levels of empathy.
    “Often they will be compulsive and wont respond appropriately to punishment”.
    If they go on to “experience abuse either at the hands of their parents, or those close to
    them, they are more likely to develop a psychopathic nature”.

    Psychopaths can also be in the workplace.
    Jason Blaik (Organisation Psychologist) was noted to have said that “psychopaths created workplace conflict, caused top talent to flee and could damage a Company’s reputation”
    At the time he warned businesses to be on the lookout for Corporate psychopaths within their ranks.

    His view was that “psychopaths main failings were that they did not show honesty, modesty, and trustworthiness. (They) did not experience emotions such as love, empathy and guilt. (They) exhibited impulsive behaviour and led anti social lifestyles”.

    He believed Psychopaths made up 1% of the general population, but 3% of the Corporate world.

    “While people generally associate the term psychopath with murderers, the majority ply their trade in more subtle ways”.

    “They actually exhibit characteristics highly valued by the business world because their lack of empathy and conscience can be seen as an ability to make tough decisions, and they don’t seem to experience stress”.

    “Signs an employee might be a Corporate psychopath included being smooth and charming, redirecting conversations to themselves, putting down others, telling lies, demonstrating a lack of empathy, creating internal power networks and using them for personal gain”

    This is the analysis of just two Psychologists in their speciality.

    My point is to all the angry and frustrated among us: jumping up and down, pleading, acting stressed, sending sad letters, threatening….none of these things work with psychopaths.

    They don’t work.
    It’s water off a duck’s back.

    If we want to find solutions, we have to know the enemy, and how they think.

    Then we have to look after ourselves.
    Because they sleep very well at night.

    I think more Australians are awake than we all realise.
    Nothing like a vaccine injury amongst friends and family to do that.

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  9. betty mac said – “The elephant in the room may be slowly being exposed, but there is still a dinosaur lurking around the corner, and a deadly one at that!
    The WEF/ Great Reset are still planning to take us over…it is already happening …every step our govt. takes is a step in that direction!
    15 minute cities…the Voice…digital Id….banks closing…cashless…taxes etc”

    Very wise words, albeit stating the bleedingly obvious, it has to be stated because apparently a lot of people can’t see the forest for the trees.

    The fake Corona Chan “pandemic” was / is just the FIRST CAMPAIGN, the OPENING CAMPAIGN, in an all-out WAR ON HUMANITY by the genocidal Globalists. Here in Australia, they HAVEN’T STOPPED PUSHING the fake “vaccine” BS, they’re officially pushing “Booster No. 5” and getting everything ready to INJECT OUR FOOD SUPPLY and rolling out MORE fake “vaccines” for EVERY OTHER AILMENT UNDER THE SUN.

    Meanwhile, as Betty said, they’re SIMULTANEOUSLY rolling ahead with FULL SPECTRUM WAR on a dozen DIFFERENT FRONTS, in every Australian state and territory.

    It’s taken THREE YEARS for the Australian public to just start WAKING UP to the Corona Chan and fake “vaccine” BS, and the fake “government” and mainstream media and corporatocracy and genocidal medical “professionals” and beauracrats and their hired armies of gestapo arseholes posing as “police” are STILL PUSHING IT. They haven’t admitted defeat, they’re just REGROUPING and REPOSITIONING for their NEXT ASSAULT, because although WE may not “get it”, they’re waging a WAR against us and they’re determined to WIN THIS WAR and KILL US ALL.

    They’re NOT “backing down”, they’re DOUBLING DOWN. And apparently most sleepwalking Australians are still HAPPY to LET THEM DO IT. How many Australian parents have happily KILLED THEIR OWN CHILDREN on government orders, and HOW MANY MORE will keep right on doing that with every new “booster” and fake “vaccine”?

    How in HELL are we going to fight back on all those OTHER FRONTS now being opened up against us SIMULTANEOUSLY if we can’t even decisively put down their FIRST ASSAULT which rolls on RELENTLESSLY?

    Don’t get comfortable, folks. You better be sure to have your preppers supplies in order and be ready to hunker down for the long haul, because we’re staring THE HUNGER GAMES in the face right now.

    Just BTW, how many of us realise that walking dog-dropping Dictator Dan is planning to SHUT DOWN all use of natural gas in Victoria within the next couple of years? Watch EVERY OTHER Australian state and territory follow suit IN LOCKSTEP. This is REAL, folks, they’re pushing ahead AGGRESSIVELY and SIMULTANEOUSLY on EVERY FRONT to GRIND US DOWN INTO THE DIRT where they can kill us all off at their leisure. We are being CARPET BOMBED by the genocidal Globalists and most Australians seemingly remain CLUELESS about their impending demise.

    IMO Martin Armstrong is ON THE MONEY when he says it won’t be all over and done with until around 2032 – we’ve got another TEN YEARS of this shit to survive before the light at the end of the tunnel finally arrives.


  10. The elephant in the room may be slowly being exposed, but there is still a dinosaur lurking around the corner, and a deadly one at that!
    The WEF/ Great Reset are still planning to take us over…it is already happening …every step our govt. takes is a step in that direction!
    15 minute cities…the Voice…digital Id….banks closing…cashless…taxes etc
    We are a test case in the eyes of the world…that is why they are still pushing boosters when the rest of the world is not.
    If digital Id is passed…Albo wants it orchestrated at the end of the year…boosters will be mandated as we will all be living in the Chinese credit system or worse.There will be no freedom, and who will be screaming loudest?
    All those gutless wonders who follow the government’s every word…every order!
    Wake up, Australia sheeple!


  11. it seems Pfizer agrees with Perottet, the injections do nothing for preventing transmission. But apparently Senator Gallagher, Australian Health Miinister (?) disagrees in her reply to Senator Babet. What sort of health is she talking about?

    Seems that a disinformation and criminal marketing exercise may still be very much alive and well despite calls for the ACCC to investigate and punish the perpetrators.


  12. G’day Pilgrims,

    The COVID-19 magic virus allegedly killing and maiming Australians has never been scientifically proven to exist. Illnesses and deaths attributed to COVID are normal cold and flu ailments or other comorbidities exacerbated by gamma radiation and weakened immune systems caused by ingesting poisonous food, air, water and drugs; and repeated injections of toxins labelled as vaccines administered from birth to death by the healthcare professions.

    COVID-19 is a planet wide psy-op, a scamdemic designed to increase fear induced illness and to ramp up acceptance of experimental injections of unknown experimental substances that are not vaccines since they don’t protect recipients from illness.

    Anti-COVID-19 injections constitute a bio-weapon, a lethal hoax, because they don’t prevent illness or transmission and are causing more injury and death than flu and comorbidities labelled as COVID-19, as evidenced by greatly increasing death rate from unknown causes since the medical profession began inserting these injections.

    In Murder by Injection (1988) Eustace Mullins wrote: ‘The practice of immunization goes directly against the discovery of modern holistic medical experts that the body has a natural immune defense against illness. The Church of Modern Medicine claims that we can only be absolved from the peril of infection by the Holy Water of vaccination, injecting into the system a foreign body of infection, which will then perform a Medical Miracle, and will confer life-long immunity, hence the term, “immunization.” The greatest heresy any physician can commit is to voice publicly any doubt of any one of the Four Holy Waters, but the most deeply entrenched in modern medical practice is undoubtedly the numerous vaccination programs. They are also the most consistently profitable operations of the Medical Monopoly’.

    Murder by injection – https://www.heritage-history.com/index.php?c=read&author=mullins&book=injection&readAll=true


    Doctors and healthcare ‘professionals’ touting and/or administering anti-COVID-19 injections of unknown experimental substances; and politicians and governments that recommend, mandate or condone those procedures are criminally and civilly liable for subsequent injuries or deaths caused by injection into peoples’ bodies of substances they didn’t want. That constitutes facilitating RAPE. Anyone responsible for doing that must be held legally accountable pursuant to the Nuremberg Code.

    Perrettet and his ilk cannot avoid responsibility by pretending they can’t prevent use of these anti-COVID -19 injections.

    Devotees taking their fifth anti-COVID “vaccine” are playing ‘Russian Roulette’ and must eventually hit the ‘Jackpot’. Either they’ll get a dose from a lethal batch or the accumulation of foreign substances injected into their bodies will destroy their immune system.


  13. I think all of these state premiers elected in the jiggy-jiggy are either bots or cloning lab experiments gone terribly wrong. They are xerox copies and programmed with the same script. Dom is a vacancy that can not be remedied. If he indeed has a back story, the real one went missing somewhere along the timeline.

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  14. Dandy, Yes all premeditated… But it looks we are starting to get a lot of RAT catchers.


  15. The evil behind the covid jab is far far worse than the Nazis in WW2
    Evil has ramped up its destruction of mankind every front.
    the fools who believe that the government is a good guy can and will go one believing such lies as they think that the government has solutions for their benefit.
    Well, all good then, as the population watches and listens to too much main stream media and says all that bad or wow they are doing good, whatever they are told they believe.
    Stop watching get about your daily life, looking after your own business and family, trust GOD your creator and he will give you wisdom and discernment, which without these two things, you are an empty stupid person just looking for trouble to come your way. The government of any country is not your friend, only GOD is.


  16. Dom Perrottet might not win the election but he just slipped the noose of covid crime complicity from his neck by exposing the scam. That took some courage. What other Premier is speaking out and not doubling down?
    Dom now has a target on his back for this act of belling the elephant in the room. Survivalist or man with a conscience, does it matter? If all so-called leaders did the same, this shite would end in a week.


  17. Once again this is only a half truths yes they don’t do jackshit in terms of any of their claims to do with covid … as for passing whatever puss is in the hokie not a vacation to the unvaccinated WELL it appears to be doing that just fine !


  18. Perrottet will not win any elections with last year’s news. Most people figured that out for themselves last year. And many have worked out that the CoVID vaxx itself, those who become infectious with the spike protein they have injected (and therefore transmissible) is the source of so called CoVID.

    We have now moved on Dom. The numbers of excess mortalities by the professional numbers crunchers is another nail in the coffin of the CoVID Correctness of the United [Communist] Nations CoVID Regime and the operation they ran with the Dept of Defense.

    It is the VAXX and its shedding.

    Here is just the latest

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  19. Dandy, MSM, switching away from the Wuhan wet market theory to a lab leak, pretending they were not central players in the biggest crime in history, how convenient.
    2020 ‘Sorry, conspiracy theorists. Study concludes COVID-19 ‘is not a laboratory construct’ – http s://abcnews.go.com/US/conspiracy-theorists-study-concludes-covid-19-laboratory-construct/story?id=69827832 and
    3 years on MSM are changing their tune in an attempt to remain relevant and avoid Nuremberg 2.0 trials. But too late, it must be enough of the public accept the lab leak or deliberate release theories as most likely.
    Watching the media pack walk-back to the conspiracy fact (the ‘virus’ was man-made) is a bit like watching the family dog walking around the lounge room with a smile on its face, all the while with its tail between its legs after getting caught doing a dump in front of the TV while 60 Minutes was promoting the wet market theory.
    Anyone working in MSM should do us all a favor and quit while they are ahead. Same advice for all the pro-vax politicians.

    Liked by 1 person

    This exposure of the world-wide fraud/genocide is very well written, although it is not new information, but thank God, it is part of a recent refreshing and wider exposure of the whole insidious plot, as some at least are being called to account, and have admitted to their crime (e.g. Pfizzer).
    The whole thing is a FIZZER actually, because you just don’t get to mock Almighty God, while deliberately destroying His people and His creation in general. (ZECHARIAH 2:8 “….he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye” – N.B. The apple of His eye includes the babies killed by the abortion industry and used for ‘science’ and ‘health’; ROMANS 12:19 “Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord”‘ MARK 9:42 “whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea”).
    Pirouette is a politician – enough said – but his sudden enlightenment, as one commentator reminded us, is in the lead-up to an election, and he has done nothing yet to convince me he is even a decent Catholic, let alone a Christian (Bible-believer).
    Why? Because anyone with a brain and a conscience (at this late stage of the COVEN-MINDID-2019 COUP), knows as well, that the (morally)vacant-obcine itself was developed using aborted foetal body parts (of babies – not rats) – Oh, and it was all about cash (Never mind, “Thou shalt not steal”, “Thou shalt not covet”; Thou shalt not kill”, and all that! – EXODUS 20).
    The Catholics might have hidden the Second Commandment (“Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image…”), but they haven’t altogether repudiated the Sixth – “Thou shalt not kill”!
    So, it’s politics as usual: Pirouette is still turning; Chant is still mindlessly spewing forth “vain repetitions, as the heathen do”; and Hazzard and Death are just continuing to do what God CALLED them to, as they all prove the doctrine of “Total Depravity”.
    Sincerely in the service of Christ, Crown, and Constitution,
    Trevor W Sullivan,
    Nanango Christian Faith Centre Inc.

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  21. The mRNA jab doesn’t prevent transmission of a boogey virus. Say it ain’t so. The “virus”. if anyone still believes in such things. has never been isolated. They just repurposed the flu. All a bioweapon will do is kill people.


  22. “Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over, each time expecting a different result.”
    – Albert Einstein.


  23. Thanks for the link to Aussie Cossack. Let us not forget .I will not. My niece has been sick for two years now she has heart problems ,that will not go away .
    She only had that damn injection because she could not see her dying father without it. Now her life is ruined. She cannot work. Forgive and forget ? I will pray they get justice. Perrotot ? He sounded revolting, so weak. And what sort of leader is he ? What power ? So who is to blame ? I do not trust any of the b…….ds. None of the pollies had to have those needles . why no and what about Katarina , the police chief of Qld and her 129 ? senior officers ?.

    I still want t know who paid who , and who is calling the shots and why .Who is really pulling the strings ?

    I have never been a supporter of Communism . But in this case I believe the US and Nato were determined to get Russia. It was an absolute setup. Russia will not give in to the clowns Biden and Zelensky. They look like they are acting in a some type of stage play

    Can America recover ? Not without a miracle .I pray for the state of the world.

    Come on you good men and women , you are needed now, urgently. Yes we are in a sorry state, but we can and must recover. At least most of our enemies have shown themselves,

    United we stand.


  24. It has taken the strength of those who refused to get that poison jab.


  25. MSM is in damage control diverting the hysteria back to the idea that the ‘virus’ was leaked from a Wuhan lab.
    Why all of a sudden does it matter?

    The reality is that a hydrogel nanotech ‘commercial in confidence’ secret has been injected into Australian citizens who for whatever reason, gave their (misinformed) consent.

    Of course this injectable does not stop transmission of a coronavirus (cold/flu)
    There is no zoonotic cause.

    Perhaps when all this is over, the idea of (non injected) zoonotic spread should be seriously looked at as a furfy.

    With citizen Investigative Journalists sniffing around, there is damming evidence being uncovered over the last few weeks.
    That could be why there is so much noise around it being a ‘Wuhan’ leak with the spotlight back on China.
    Rinse and repeat.
    To divert the attention away.

    It appears the USA Department of Defence (DOD) used their ’emergency pathways’ to direct an injectable manufactured by not just Pfizer, or Astrazeneca, Moderna or Johnson/Johnson, but other Manufacturers too.
    (Pfizer acknowledged this in Court essentially placing the blame on the DOD.)

    Being a Military Operation, they didn’t have to go through the clinical trials and FDA pathways and the time they would take….because ‘covid’ was classified as an ’emergency’.

    Nevertheless, the big name Pharmaceutical Companies were ready and waiting in the wings.
    Patents prior to 2019 can prove that.

    For clarity on these claims watch Dr Jane Ruby @RealDrJaneRuby and her interview with Researcher Sasha Latypova (twitter link) or Dr Jane Ruby on Rumble.

    The question remains, how does the Bioweapons Act in this Country even allow this to have happened?
    This is an Act with broad sweeping definitions and needs to be placed under closer scrutiny.
    Citizens were coerced to participate in an injectable that may well fit the definition of a bioweapon with no safety studies.

    The longer any mandates remain, the more those who push them hang themselves out to dry.

    One thing is for sure.
    Watch the rats scramble, and the lies continue.

    The only thing leaking is their sinking ship.

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  26. Sorry, folks, I think the Aussie Cossack has got it right on this one – strange how former NSW Premier and second-ugliest woman in history after Globalist stooge and baby-killer Dr. Kerry Chant, Gladys Berejiklian’s right-hand man Dom Perignon has done got religion and SEEN THE LIGHT just a few weeks out from the NSW election.


    In any case, the MAJOR PARTIES aren’t the solution, THEY’RE THE PROBLEM, and they ALL have to go (preferably all nice and legal-like at the end of a couple thousand lamp posts – along with EVERY LAST ONE of their private hired Gestapo army bash-artist Nazi thugs and every arsehole beauracrat all the way up the line).

    And then there’s the HORDES of kill-for-cash “professionals” contaminating the so-called “medical system” to deal with, and the paedophile-infested judiciary, and so on…

    Q. How do you eat an elephant?
    A1. One bite at a time.
    A2. With a frigging howitzer, a lot of rope and a mighty big lamp post.

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  27. Remember, the ATAGI who last year came out with this genocidal ‘advice’:

    ‘💉 administered OPPORTUNISTICALLY while patients are undergoing sedation for unrelated procedures’ !!


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