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Dozens of Aussie doctors defecting as Covid vax narrative crumbles

Dr McLinden (below) in his conversation with Graham Hood (right) and John Larter of Club Grubbery


WHEN long-serving and highly respected surgeon and reproductive specialist Dr Luke McLindon refused an mRNA vaccination last November, the medical establishment pounced and had him terminated from his position at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane.

But with dozens of doctors now “coming out” against the Covid narrative, so-called medical authorities in organisations like Ahpra (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority), will have big problems on their hands.

Dr McLinden recently spoke at length with Graham Hood on his Club Grubbery on social media. Hood said “dozens of doctors” were now approaching his group. McLinden had sounded warnings to pregnant women about potential miscarriages following mRNA shots. His personal research revealed pregnancy losses in up to 74% of the vaccinated women in his practice – 4.6 to 14.8 times higher than typical normal rates of loss which range from 5 to 16% (58 – 69% above typical losses).

Dr McLinden says pregnant women were omitted from the vaccine trial process. “On the whole the vaccine was not investigated in such a way that would allow us, hand on heart, to say ‘yes, this is fine we can vaccinate pregnant women or women of reproductive age, even.” A doctor colleague had lodged FOI requests tried three times without success to get relevant data on ovary histology from medical authorities.

“So that only tells me one thing – they’re either don’t have any information at all, which is culpable, or that they do have the information and don’t want us to know, and that’s still sitting with the Information Commissioner. So, the challenge now is how do I tell my patients ‘it’s fine’?”

Despite this, the College of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians came out in August 2021 with a statement saying vaccination during pregnancy was fine at all stages. But one paper provided as back-up had no references for data and another paper was seriously flawed and was admitted as such by the CDC.

The RMIT-ABC “fact checking” service predictably found medical authorities who simply denied there was any danger to pregnant women from mRNA vaccines. But there was no reference to fact-checking by the “fact checkers” of the issues raised by Dr McLinden and his colleagues.

The Australian and New Zealand medical/public health establishment, who rule over more than represent doctors and others, simply could not countenance the “mortal sin” of a leading doctor refusing the vaccine and performing his duty of care and warning against possible dangers of miscarriage from Covid-19 vaccines.

Dr McLindon had good reason to turn down the mandated shots. He worked out, from medical statistics, he only had a one in 287,000 chance of dying from Covid with moderate community spread. He also had a heart condition and knew from emerging reports that myocarditis was a real risk from mRNA vaccinations.

Despite these reasonable, science-based objections, the vice-grip of “correct thinking” and “approved narrative” of his medical masters prevailed. Not even warnings from the likes of The Lancet, one of the leading global medical journals, about the “spin” involved in vaccine safety and efficacy reporting, could influence the crowd of “yes men”. Dr McLindon meanwhile, is taking his dismissal to the High Court of Australia.

And now the public health establishment’s “mRNA vaccines are safe and effective” narrative is falling in a heap with government statistics in the UK and Australia showing the hospitalization rates and Covid deaths soaring among the multiple-vaccinated who make up the vast majority of the population.

TrialSite News reported that in the first 14 weeks of 2022, the number of fatalities related to Covid were double that for the entire pandemic years of 2020 and 2021. And again, the public health establishment and their media sycophants simply ignored the statistics. Like swimmers caught in a rip-tide, they flailed about, clinging to the sinking life raft of the WHO-Gates-Rockefeller-driven global vaccine narrative.

And then, in recent days and weeks, came what should be the two final death blows to the narrative: the US CDC’s total backflip on its Covid guidance, giving vaccinated and unvaccinated people the same status and rejecting the very quarantining they earlier assured us was a vital public health measure while the man overseeing all of this, Dr Anthony Fauci, announced his resignation.

Media reported the resignation almost as a “ho hum” news story and conveniently forgot the controversies around his lies about gain of function research his organisations funded in Wuhan China and the likelihood of lawsuits coming his way.

McLinden told Graham Hood the medical profession and public health authorities would have suffered much less distrust by the public if they had used some “M” for moderation instead of “M” for mandates in their approach to Covid treatment. Instead, they applied the “one size fits all solution” in the form of mRNA vaccines.

“Education explores all avenues, indoctrination says there’s just one and they just keep beating it in until you give up, and I say well, what are we submitting to?” McLinden said. He said the situation was analogous to being offered a lovely multi-coloured lolly by someone on the street.

You decline the offer and they say ‘it’s free’. You decline again and they offer you $100 if you take it. Naturally, suspicions are raised, then the lolly pusher pulls out a testimony list of those who like the lollies. And then after refusing again, you walk down the street a little further and find yourself surrounded by three, four or five people saying ‘if you don’t take the lolly you will lose your job!’

“And it’s like, how does that win trust? That’s what we were looking at. This was government domestic violence on a grand scale,” said McLinden. “And the more the stakes went higher the more you have to regard it suspiciously and I’m sorry, but you (public health system) are damaging your trust.” He likened mandated vaccinations to someone rolling up their sleeve and saying ‘assault me’ because the (common law) principle of informed consent was being violated.

Australian airline industry ignoring mRNA damage inflicted on pilots unfit to fly

from The Expose

The aviation industry is ignoring risks introduced via its own Covid policies. It has introduced widespread medical risk to its personnel. In a newly released video, ‘Global Aviation: Fit to Fly?’, a panel of accomplished pilots and deeply experienced doctors discuss the medical advice of the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (“CASA”) and discuss its serious shortcomings.

How long before mRNA Covid jabs cause more and more pilots to crash their aircraft?

The panel includes:

  • Lt. Col. Pete Chambers D.O., a heavily decorated US Special Forces Flight Surgeon who himself suffered vaccine injury.
  • Lt. Col. Theresa Long MD MPH, Aerospace Medical Specialist who testified to Sen. Ron Johnson regarding her experiences with vaccine-injured military patients.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD, President and CEO of Truth for Health Foundation.
  • Pilots Alan Dana (Training Captain Jetstar), Graham Hood (Captain, QANTAS), Glen Waters (Captain, Virgin Australia)

In Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition’s (“GAA Coalition”) video, the panel listen to the behind closed doors medical advice that the Principal Medical Officer of CASA, Dr. Kate Manderson, gave to the pilots of one of Australia’s airlines. The panel critique her advice in the context of their knowledge and experience treating vaccine-injured pilots and other patients.

Watch the full 34-minute video ‘Global Aviation: Fit to Fly?HERE. Alternatively you can watch it in sections: Part 1 (3 mins), Part 2 (19 mins), and/or Part 3 (12 mins).

What Dr. Manderson tells pilots and the context of her advice is shocking. The ramifications are far-reaching for pilots and passengers alike. Australia’s pilots have all crossed a line after they were forced into vaccination mandates, under fear for their jobs and livelihoods. This shows you how CASA unequivocally supported that mandate even in the face of known fatal risks to pilots from Covid “vaccines.”

The biggest irony of this is that Australian aviators who did exactly what good aviators should do – think critically, assess risk and make safe decisions – were the ones whom the airlines, regulator and government punished and sacked. These aviators worked out that new risks were being introduced into flying that simply should never have been allowed, and so they resisted. Now, their assessments are being proven right as pilot vaccine injury increases. They are taking their fight to the courts and they are not alone.

The panel provides recommendations for a way forwards that would:

  1. deal with the issues they have all seen;
  2. care for those affected; and
  3. restore flight safety.

Covid political decisions damaged the aviation industry, along with innumerable others. The industry made a choice to go along with the Covid narrative and became a willing participant in the political decisions that were supposed to lead to the way out. In doing so, aviation abandoned rational thought and care for aviation rules, regulations and the people in the industry.

Covid injections are brand new and inadequately tested technology that aviation embraced instead of treating with caution. This was a fundamental mistake because vaccination is an irreversible act. Now, we are coming to learn of the negative effects Covid mRNA/DNA injections have on the human body. As time goes on, we are learning just how little testing and scrutiny the injections have been subjected to and the picture gets worse. There remains no long-term data about Covid injections’ effects on human health. The number of recipients is not a substitute or analogue for the passage of time.

By aviation’s own rules, Covid injections should never have been allowed into aviation until sufficient evidence about them had been acquired. Now, they are widespread. In territories that have mandated their use, practically 100% of aviation workers including pilots and cabin crew have taken them and many have suffered various side effects and adverse events. Literally, no one did any testing of Covid injections in the aviation environment.

US Airlines suffer a dramatic loss of pilot health amid fear and intimidation over mRNA jabs:

Death by peaceful protest-mandate carries on

by Kato Rivera

In 1965, a well-meaning lecturer challenged me to discover the real me, and I discovered that not only was I not the genial good guy I imagined myself to be, but the entire world around me was an illusion draped in dark lies and deceit.

Who had done this? I asked myself; Who was responsible for an education system that forced me to see a world that was not real? I abandoned my career and decided to devote ten years of my life to finding the truth. The sad naivete of youth. Ten years stretched into fifty.

It was not until 2000, aided by the Internet, that I commenced a full-time journey of discovery in which, finally, I made real progress. By 2007, assisted by insiders, I discovered their actual names; a list of global manipulators led by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. By 2010, I had identified 17 elements of their strategic New World Order implementation programme (see which I anticipated would eventually grow to 20 because of their apparent fixation with numerology. This seems to be a byproduct of their belief that they are born to rule. Leadership of the NWO is their preordained destiny.

These early insights provided me with ample time to match their strategies with others of the past, and also provided clues as to chapters of history that have now been thoroughly sanitised, including removal from every public library in the world (2003>) all references to genuine democracies. With a budget of $110 trillion, expense was never an issue. However, my timely searches defeated their schedule.

Today, awareness of these entities and their former 2021 agenda is commonplace, as is the scheduled revision and postponement of NWO to 2030. This has had two effects. In most observers, it has inspired a belief that the World Economic Forum plotters have been outed, and that their fiendish plans can surely be confounded by a now-alerted humanity.

A very much smaller group has nervously looked around for the source of the Elite’s supreme arrogance. Nobody, they reasoned, with that much power and resources, is going to be silly enough to permit a 205 year old plan to be derailed that easily. Thus, there has been much speculation about ultimate weapons: a new virus or bacterium; catastrophic application of HAARP; lethal climate change; lethal climate change prevention; ionospheric engineering; nuclear war; a hidden source of lethal toxicity.

This latter real world comprehension requires us to recognise the time and resources that they have available to invest in the global takeover.  We need to step back and review their progress, now exposed by history and context.

The first of these strategies was implemented in the 1930s, the design of the UN by Nelson Rockefeller (unsurprisingly, the modern UN HQ is on Rockefeller land in NY).

The tandem strategy was to nurture a little Indian lawyer named Mohandas Gandhi, who was identified by the Rhodes Foundation in Africa and cultivated and nurtured by the City of London and, probably, the Tavistock Institute.

Gandhi was guided to create a new philosophy of non-violent peaceful protest, with a predetermined outcome. The British Raj had already decided that Red Coat control of the Empire was obsolete and expensive, so the new plan was to cultivate indigenous ‘leaders’ and to fund their success. Adern, Treudeau, and co are merely the most recent students. Africa and India were the experimental training grounds. Students who rebelled were assassinated. Several Hindu authors have exposed Gandhi’s duplicity and hypocrisy, unfortunately, in the language Hindi.

But why? Why nurture protest?

It was long-ago acknowledged by the Elite, as of the French Revolution, that we greatly outnumber them. So a method was needed to neutralise our numerical advantage. The first chicane to be laid was to design national Constitutions, or to suitably amend those that sprang up spontaneously (ie The Rights of Man; a manifesto by Thomas Paine). This is why no national constitution today includes the word ‘democracy’. Paine’s inspired effort was virtually demolished; especially expunged being phrases like “All authority resides in the People”.

Eventual discovery of the revisions spurred creation of the first ten US Bill of Rights… unsuccessfully for ordinary Americans.

The next strategy adopted was to promote ‘Gandhi’s’ philosophy of Non-Violent Peaceful Protest. Nevertheless, from time to time, peaceful protests were permitted to succeed in order to reinforce popular confidence, especially among academics, who then assumed the role of proselytism. Academics, school teachers, and students have been the prime targets of this indoctrination because they have never left school and thus have little experience in the real world and, hence, limited capacity to see through the ruse.

Histories that showed the massacres of peaceful protesters have been thoroughly deleted from public libraries, and History as a school subject has been largely removed from curriculum.

Peaceful Protest was demonstrated as potentially successful by the Canadian Truck Convoy, followed by the US and Belgium versions. A million Aussies converging on Canberra showed the world that indeed, the Great Awakening is really happening and it is only a matter of time before The People force the politicians to capitulate.

“Peaceful Protest is clearly the way to go”, everybody has concluded. Yet, nowhere, has the mRNA jab mandate been abandoned.

The current promotion of Peaceful Protest is led from the shadows and occasionally from the front, and is designed to undermine resistance; as are the useless constitutions and bills of rights. In this way our superior numbers mean nothing as we march happily to our execution, all the way singing of victory.

Looked at in this light, it is not surprising why the two most gullible and naive nationalities, Kiwis and Canadians, were the most suckered by this ruse. In other words, the plan is working perfectly. We are being defeated without a shot being fired.

I am unsure where Riccardo Bosi fits into all this. He talks big but does nothing. If he were genuine he would have responded to the two communications I sent him. He would have sent somebody to soften my later provocations. But he ignores me, which is what I would do in his position if I had an extraneous agenda.

Is he playing a double game? I know from peeking behind the curtains that he is part of the US fundamentalist Christian movement, subscribing to “an eye for an eye” sentiment. He is also ignorant and one-eyed, believing the nonsense about Aboriginal royalty spouted by David Cole in Darwin.

Such suspicions provoke other questions: Is Reiner Fuellmich and the ICC a part of this ploy?

Frankly, I never trust lawyers, whether Gandhi or Fuellmich. Look at the evidence. Why adopt the International Criminal Court when the US does not recognise it? Yet most of the top organisers of the mRNA and IMT/HCQ therapy-banning democide leaders are Americans? None of this makes strategic sense, unless it is all theatre and contrived blind alleys to drain our energy and people power.

Cold reality: we are being killed in our billions, without a shot being fired, because we victims refuse to defend ourselves.

We believe in our doctors because 80 years of radio, TV and movie magic have persuaded us that doctors and nurses are noble, self-sacrificing and good. Cold evidence shows they have been killing us slowly, deliberately, and lucratively for more then eighty years.

We believe our senior politicians because the mainstream media and celebrities unanimously say that we should. Any dissenters are banned from this media. Cold evidence shows the entire public media is owned by the Elite and that the politicians are liars and traitors.

Peaceful protest is promoted very subtly by the MSM and by paid or manipulated provocateurs, either by positive proclamation in some quarters, or by journalists very obviously pretending to not see the large crowds which, psychologically, implies the legitimacy of peaceful protests in the first place.

A little violence is permitted by the police to ensure drama, and to provide excitement and a solid whiff of danger. Actually, the video footage of police slamming a women’s head on the tram tracks and then pepper-spraying her directly in the eyes, probably doubled attendance at the next rally.

We need to understand that the Elite have planned these events and responses for several decades and have employed the worlds best psychologists and crowd motivators since 1967.

Non-violent Peaceful Protest IS the ultimate weapon.

Cold evidence says “Kill or be killed”.

Kato Rivera.

Hood, Kelly and Larter media conference Parliament House with list of demands

Historic list of demands signed in MHR Craig Kelly’s parliamentary office by representatives of the Convoy to Canberra

Go harder Graham Hood this is our last chance

Canberra Rally: Hoisting the Red Ensign at Government House today was a tremendous tactical move giving encouragement to the hundreds of thousands of protesters and faraway onlookers.

Graham Hood is carrying the charge quite well but as yet it hasn’t detonated. There have been so many demonstrations held at Parliament House over the years they all seem to fade into one.

Staff from Cairns News have been to several of them spanning 30 or more years but nothing ever seems to change. We fear the modus operandi of this rally should be harder, which will be the last opportunity to prevent the New World Order from engulfing this country that politicians and bureaucrats have referred to since the Covid plandemic began.

If this rally has no effect on the Corporation then Australians will face life owning nothing and being happy as Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum has alluded to.

Former Qantas pilot Graham Hood(right) is a decent God-fearing man who has achieved a great deal of credibility for the rally.

But we fear that having talks and listening to music on the Parliamentary lawn with whomever emerges from the Chamber when Parliament is sitting, from experience will achieve nothing.

Lip service is the norm, but figuratively speaking it seems nothing short of taking over Parliament House, Capitol Hill style will jerk these party tyrants into gear.

Over the past several years Cairns News has spoken to a lot of informants and received much material that has fallen off the back of trucks. We know for a fact that compulsory drug testing of the entire federal and state public service on a given day during PM Tony Abbot’s term revealed startling results showing 80 per cent had either taken illicit drugs or were still taking them.

Police were among the highest results. This is why many robo police officers have lost any semblance of humanity and seem soulless in their interaction with the public.

Protesters must realise party plants only hold the top positions because Deep State has compromised them beyond belief and these unpalatable people are entirely beholden to their corporate masters and to the Lodge, aka Satan. These party hacks will not yield an inch.

If a million people arrive there and it seems possible at this stage, there would be no shortage of younger loyal Australians willing to take affirmative action. They have no jobs, no future and have nothing to lose.

Many have lost or injured family members due to the jab and soon their kids will suffer.

The few of us at Cairns News would go willingly but age is creeping in and we are just too far away to travel. We believe we can achieve more by keeping the real narrative alive and we can’t be shut down by Falsebook or Yourboob, which we believe will soon happen to protesters.

Good luck Graham but we think you need to go harder. Mr Nice guy does not gel with demons. Lock down the city which the duopoly had no trouble doing to every citizen and small business, many of which will never recover and have lost everything over the biggest scam ever perpetrated on mankind.

Reclaim Constitutional government, the system doesn’t work speech by Graham Hood

Notice to reclaim Sovereignty of the people delivered to Governor General 10 days ago by former senator Rod Culleton. This will put the wind up those Satanic people who work in the building up the hill, said Graham Hood.

The incredible Graham Hood addresses Canberra rally

Many more trucks and people on their way to Canberra – remove flags and posters from vehicles

A great message from former Qantas pilot Graham Hood who has been present at the Canberra rally.

He warns protestors to keep your vehicles anonymous and you should get through any road blocks along the way.

He offers sound advice and warns against bad language and violent behavior.

Remember MSM is present and if they can show protesters in a bad light they will. He says more people should come if possible and “we will win.”

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