Death by peaceful protest-mandate carries on

by Kato Rivera

In 1965, a well-meaning lecturer challenged me to discover the real me, and I discovered that not only was I not the genial good guy I imagined myself to be, but the entire world around me was an illusion draped in dark lies and deceit.

Who had done this? I asked myself; Who was responsible for an education system that forced me to see a world that was not real? I abandoned my career and decided to devote ten years of my life to finding the truth. The sad naivete of youth. Ten years stretched into fifty.

It was not until 2000, aided by the Internet, that I commenced a full-time journey of discovery in which, finally, I made real progress. By 2007, assisted by insiders, I discovered their actual names; a list of global manipulators led by the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. By 2010, I had identified 17 elements of their strategic New World Order implementation programme (see which I anticipated would eventually grow to 20 because of their apparent fixation with numerology. This seems to be a byproduct of their belief that they are born to rule. Leadership of the NWO is their preordained destiny.

These early insights provided me with ample time to match their strategies with others of the past, and also provided clues as to chapters of history that have now been thoroughly sanitised, including removal from every public library in the world (2003>) all references to genuine democracies. With a budget of $110 trillion, expense was never an issue. However, my timely searches defeated their schedule.

Today, awareness of these entities and their former 2021 agenda is commonplace, as is the scheduled revision and postponement of NWO to 2030. This has had two effects. In most observers, it has inspired a belief that the World Economic Forum plotters have been outed, and that their fiendish plans can surely be confounded by a now-alerted humanity.

A very much smaller group has nervously looked around for the source of the Elite’s supreme arrogance. Nobody, they reasoned, with that much power and resources, is going to be silly enough to permit a 205 year old plan to be derailed that easily. Thus, there has been much speculation about ultimate weapons: a new virus or bacterium; catastrophic application of HAARP; lethal climate change; lethal climate change prevention; ionospheric engineering; nuclear war; a hidden source of lethal toxicity.

This latter real world comprehension requires us to recognise the time and resources that they have available to invest in the global takeover.  We need to step back and review their progress, now exposed by history and context.

The first of these strategies was implemented in the 1930s, the design of the UN by Nelson Rockefeller (unsurprisingly, the modern UN HQ is on Rockefeller land in NY).

The tandem strategy was to nurture a little Indian lawyer named Mohandas Gandhi, who was identified by the Rhodes Foundation in Africa and cultivated and nurtured by the City of London and, probably, the Tavistock Institute.

Gandhi was guided to create a new philosophy of non-violent peaceful protest, with a predetermined outcome. The British Raj had already decided that Red Coat control of the Empire was obsolete and expensive, so the new plan was to cultivate indigenous ‘leaders’ and to fund their success. Adern, Treudeau, and co are merely the most recent students. Africa and India were the experimental training grounds. Students who rebelled were assassinated. Several Hindu authors have exposed Gandhi’s duplicity and hypocrisy, unfortunately, in the language Hindi.

But why? Why nurture protest?

It was long-ago acknowledged by the Elite, as of the French Revolution, that we greatly outnumber them. So a method was needed to neutralise our numerical advantage. The first chicane to be laid was to design national Constitutions, or to suitably amend those that sprang up spontaneously (ie The Rights of Man; a manifesto by Thomas Paine). This is why no national constitution today includes the word ‘democracy’. Paine’s inspired effort was virtually demolished; especially expunged being phrases like “All authority resides in the People”.

Eventual discovery of the revisions spurred creation of the first ten US Bill of Rights… unsuccessfully for ordinary Americans.

The next strategy adopted was to promote ‘Gandhi’s’ philosophy of Non-Violent Peaceful Protest. Nevertheless, from time to time, peaceful protests were permitted to succeed in order to reinforce popular confidence, especially among academics, who then assumed the role of proselytism. Academics, school teachers, and students have been the prime targets of this indoctrination because they have never left school and thus have little experience in the real world and, hence, limited capacity to see through the ruse.

Histories that showed the massacres of peaceful protesters have been thoroughly deleted from public libraries, and History as a school subject has been largely removed from curriculum.

Peaceful Protest was demonstrated as potentially successful by the Canadian Truck Convoy, followed by the US and Belgium versions. A million Aussies converging on Canberra showed the world that indeed, the Great Awakening is really happening and it is only a matter of time before The People force the politicians to capitulate.

“Peaceful Protest is clearly the way to go”, everybody has concluded. Yet, nowhere, has the mRNA jab mandate been abandoned.

The current promotion of Peaceful Protest is led from the shadows and occasionally from the front, and is designed to undermine resistance; as are the useless constitutions and bills of rights. In this way our superior numbers mean nothing as we march happily to our execution, all the way singing of victory.

Looked at in this light, it is not surprising why the two most gullible and naive nationalities, Kiwis and Canadians, were the most suckered by this ruse. In other words, the plan is working perfectly. We are being defeated without a shot being fired.

I am unsure where Riccardo Bosi fits into all this. He talks big but does nothing. If he were genuine he would have responded to the two communications I sent him. He would have sent somebody to soften my later provocations. But he ignores me, which is what I would do in his position if I had an extraneous agenda.

Is he playing a double game? I know from peeking behind the curtains that he is part of the US fundamentalist Christian movement, subscribing to “an eye for an eye” sentiment. He is also ignorant and one-eyed, believing the nonsense about Aboriginal royalty spouted by David Cole in Darwin.

Such suspicions provoke other questions: Is Reiner Fuellmich and the ICC a part of this ploy?

Frankly, I never trust lawyers, whether Gandhi or Fuellmich. Look at the evidence. Why adopt the International Criminal Court when the US does not recognise it? Yet most of the top organisers of the mRNA and IMT/HCQ therapy-banning democide leaders are Americans? None of this makes strategic sense, unless it is all theatre and contrived blind alleys to drain our energy and people power.

Cold reality: we are being killed in our billions, without a shot being fired, because we victims refuse to defend ourselves.

We believe in our doctors because 80 years of radio, TV and movie magic have persuaded us that doctors and nurses are noble, self-sacrificing and good. Cold evidence shows they have been killing us slowly, deliberately, and lucratively for more then eighty years.

We believe our senior politicians because the mainstream media and celebrities unanimously say that we should. Any dissenters are banned from this media. Cold evidence shows the entire public media is owned by the Elite and that the politicians are liars and traitors.

Peaceful protest is promoted very subtly by the MSM and by paid or manipulated provocateurs, either by positive proclamation in some quarters, or by journalists very obviously pretending to not see the large crowds which, psychologically, implies the legitimacy of peaceful protests in the first place.

A little violence is permitted by the police to ensure drama, and to provide excitement and a solid whiff of danger. Actually, the video footage of police slamming a women’s head on the tram tracks and then pepper-spraying her directly in the eyes, probably doubled attendance at the next rally.

We need to understand that the Elite have planned these events and responses for several decades and have employed the worlds best psychologists and crowd motivators since 1967.

Non-violent Peaceful Protest IS the ultimate weapon.

Cold evidence says “Kill or be killed”.

Kato Rivera.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. We do have many choices when it comes to fighting back.

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  2. Keely Maitland

    I think the information provided in this article is entirely plausible – that peaceful protests were created by the elites to serve their agenda. I disagree with the conclusion that violence, therefore, is the only answer. We learn in martial arts not to return force with force but to use the opponent’s forceful movement to put them off balance. I think the answer is to withdraw our energy from their agenda – don’t push against it and don’t buy into it. As Tom Barnett says – it’s just an offer, and we are quite within our rights to say – no thank you. We should instead put our energy into creating the future that we do want. Our power is in our unity, our love and our light and that is something the elites have no understanding of.


  3. Exactly right, Vesna-no solutions. All that is being offered anywhere is the next election. Not even Riccardo Bosi is offering any more than that, an election solution (and I do hope he gets in and wins a heap of seats) and none of the frequent commentators here have offered solutions either.
    And in this country there just is no Law!
    I don’t hear any of the commentators here saying they have communicated to hundreds of people in their electorates-have you?
    Maybe everyone should see something like this, to understand what the hell is going on in this country, because as the guy says (and I unfortunately have to agree, especially for my patch) that Australians are generally very dumbed down:


  4. I kept from suggesting solutions, some are obvious and wouyld be easy, EVERYBODY DISCARD AND DON’T WEAR MASK , AND NO TRACING. The biggest obstacle is MSM , relentless pumping of misinformation , and CASES< CASES<AND MORE CASES.With all independent media , we are not cutting through to majority, unawakened people who are falling for propaganda.Resistance is the answer, and many Australians did put the resistance on, held and still hold the line.They are creating fertile ground for a civil war ,as those who lost basic human rights to work to feed their family , are put under further pressures and coercion, with all kinds of threats, and destitution. Vietnamese people won the war without weapons, they deafeated most armed nation on earth, who used all kinds of chemical and biological weapons , beside guns. How did they win, resistance , and they created only weapons they could, wisdom, heart , and what they could find around, slingshots, arrows and so on.Hard to apply those today, and because of division along family lines, we would be figting against closest one!? We have to take back our freedom, but it seems we did not reach point of being ready die for it!!


  5. So we are all well aware of their numerous devious tactics that they have employed world wide for who knows how long but in the end none of this matters.

    Whilst I enjoy reading and agree with what you all have to say…nobody has put forward any ideas or remedies to combat this situation.

    This is what I believe we need to focus on. What strategies can we invest in? Clearly the law means nothing to those behind this insidious situation. What avenues of recourse do we have…besides none?

    The fact a milllion people showed up in Canberra must say something about the number of people wanting to change how things are and the fact they know very little about what is going on shouldn’t preclude them on what is essentially ignorance. After all we each had to start somewhere and they have now begun. Of course I know there are plants in there I’m not interested in them.

    They showed up because someone, possibly controlled opposition, organised something they could relate to.

    Most of those people want some action, they want to know something is happening and they want to contribute. How can we harness that enthusiasm? We aren’t interested in being told stuff is happening behind the scenes…yeah sure it’s happening, our graves are being dug as I type.

    Solutions, strategies, ideas, actions.

    We’re clearly spread out across the country so need to take into account we aren’t concentrated in one area. We will be monitored and controlled and reported on. Or maybe it’s enough that we are aware of what is going on and everyone is happy to just know!??


  6. 🙂 Vote for whoever you like as long as you put the LNP-Labour/Greens Duopoly last. I would really appreciate it if we could get less of the same from them. 🙂

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  7. Gandhi is just another synthetic hero manufactured to exploit our reliance on self delusion as an escape mechanism from being screwed against our will and feeling as if we’re not able to do much about it. Ultimately, a lolly pacifier for us suckers to suck on. Besides, we like superheroes anyway. 🙂


  8. Having read the two books on Nonviolence by Peter Gelderloos, i tend to agree:
    ‘The Failure of Nonviolence’, and,
    ‘How Nonviolence Protects The State.’

    By the way, you learn from the books that Gandhi was not 100% pro-nonviolence. That he supported some acts of active resistance is conveniently omitted to make him such a saint…
    Dr Kings backstory also has had any misbehaviours removed to make him a saint, too.


  9. Finally, another man or woman that comprehends reality. The powers-that-be are masters of psychological warfare. You must comprehend Tavistock Institute, Chatham House, Royal Institute of International Affairs, Cambridge Analytica, Dynology, and others. These organizations, and the buggers that use them, work full-time to control the world. Full-time. They are masters of manipulation and control. Please check out Brendon O’Connell’s channel on Youtube, or better yet Patreon as he is often suspended from Youtube. Especially watch this (How to control the mob) –


  10. In response to Kato if it took years for you to join all the puzzle pieces as you have described, then sadly, most will not grasp fully the extent of your message.
    But it’s a start.

    The biggest thing to grasp is that true ancient history has been stolen from us.
    So we can’t learn from it.

    The Globalist goals to create a dumbed down people has been successful.
    We know nothing.
    Our Education System has failed us.
    By design.

    Given that people groups have survived through the ages, by their blood, sweat and tears, the seriousness of what we yet may face is sobering.
    Those who think it’s all over bar the shouting will go down with the ship.


  11. I agree with you on UAP… I think these two are only out for themselves. I don’t trust them and I certainly won’t vote for them.


  12. Obviously, the Globalists are mad-keen on depopulation by the millions, so a bit of resistance may be the go, Tony.


  13. The Brits rally may not have needed to sustain colonialism.
    See this:


  14. sound,s like a pretty realistic summary to me . the elites need to be wiped from the plant. all their ill gotten gain,s used to recompense for the wealth they have plundered . the ultimate punishment for all their minion,s especially the armed thug enforcers posing as police. It needs to happen & madame guillotine is going to be very busy.


  15. An enemy of your enemy is on your side, unless you’re an enemy of your enemy’s enemy.

    Simply put, someone on your side is better than no one on your side.


  16. Graham Deyer and others…

    My bad. My point is that the Ultimate Weapon so many fear is to follow covid and mRNA, was already launched 80 years ago… the concept of Non-Violent Peaceful Protest. It was a setup.

    The elite have been planning democide for a long time but realised that introducing the idea of Non-Violent Peaceful Protest during the peak of violent oppression would be heeded by very few. Most people, they realised, would scoff at the idea as absurd. So it was created as a part of history, proved successful, which made it entirely believable to many.

    The entire idea of Non-Violent Peaceful Protest is to enable genocides throughout the West with absolutely no fight-back; no defence. We all become lambs to the slaughter.

    The reality is that we are all to be killed unless we prevent the killing by disarming and disempowering the oppressors. It is realistic to presume they will apply police and military violence to end the resistance. Therefore, we are in a situation where we either kill or be killed.

    I am not fomenting violence here, the government is doing that. I am saying that we must demand that government desist from genocide, especially the jabbing of small children, and if they respond violently, we do what freedom-valuing humans have done since time began, we fight back and restore freedom.

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  17. I probably agree more with Vesna’s comments. I believe now that the elites will do everything they can to derail and steal the next election.

    They know too many are on to them now. They MUST head this off.

    There is a dearth of prominent non-establishment leadership, and what parties we do have threaten to split the collective vote. Of all, Riccardo Bosi, is my choice – I dont believe he’s controlled – yes he is arrogant, but his main problem (to me) is his constant use of bad language. The UAP does seem to have more support than Bosi, only because of Clive’s deep pockets. For me, Craig Kelly is too close to Clive Palmer, and I did vote for him once and regretted it.

    At the end of it all, the election is almost upon us and we are not very well prepared.
    So we had better hope that the UAP are successful.
    If UAP do get up, all we can do is hope that they will act in our interests.


  18. aapkoning: ” What does it take to wake the LIONS?”

    It’s a big ask! Unfortunately most LIONS seem to have been woke’d.


  19. In response to Kato, and in relation to Fuellmich, Reiner is foremost a German, who also worked in Legal Practice in the USA so he has dealt with cases in both Countries.

    Why wouldn’t he use the International Court with his team of International Lawyers?
    This was an international Directive to all the UN signatory Countries around the world.

    Their Legal challenge also did have early success.
    (even though Australia has remained selectively deaf to it)

    The challenge to the PCR being redundant as a diagnostic tool was won by them.
    The PCR was the basis for every ‘case’ and the so called need for an untested ’emergency vaccine’.

    If the PCR was not accurate, then there was no pandemic on which to base the cases.

    There was no pandemic.

    I think Reiner Fuellmich and his International team made great inroads.
    So on that point I disagree with you Kato.

    Behind the scenes legally, it continues to unravel.
    Right to the very top and in real time.

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  20. If you want an un-peaceful protest then you better be organised-like Putin!


  21. It is not the answer. Ed


  22. It seems the WA Premier has been studying his hero, Chairman Mao. Ed


  23. It would be interesting to know how Gandhi might have fared if the British Empire at the time had not significantly waned in its ability to sustain colonialism. As it turned out, it didn’t need to, all it had to do was ensure control of the central banking system and state finances..


  24. Life is a great unknown. Ed


  25. =============================================================================
    I couldn’t agree more with Kato Rivera.

    Peaceful protests are utterly useless and History show the evidence. You cannot beg, petition the Oppressors for Freedom. You have to take it and might have to pay for it with your life. That is why Freedom is so precious.

    The State has the monopoly on Violence with the police and military as their instruments to keep the people downtrodden.

    Gandhi, the champion of peaceful protests was the Biggest Fraud and the darling of the British Empire. No wonder he got his statue, together with 33rd Degree Freemason Nelson Mandela, next to Churchill’s overlooking Parliament Square in London.

    Mandela admired Margaret Thatcher for her privatisation policies, while she called him a terrorist. Mandela imposed Thatcherism on South Africa, no wonder that Mandela is a “Hero”.

    Gandhi was also a Sergeant-Major in the British Army in South Africa and once wrote in his diary: What a pity, no Zulus killed today.

    Arundathi Roy, the Indian Booker prize winning author and activist, has accused Mahatma Gandhi of discrimination, described the generally accepted image of Gandhi as a lie and called for institutions bearing his name to be renamed.
    “It is time to unveil a few truths about a person whose doctrine of nonviolence was based on the acceptance of a most brutal social hierarchy ever known, the caste system … Do we really need to name our universities after him?”

    Roy also endorsed a book written by two prominent South African academics of Indian origin, The South African Gandhi: Stretcher-Bearer of Empire, casts him as a white supremacist who spewed hatred against native Africans during his time as a lawyer in South Africa between 1893 and 1914.

    The French wished they had a Gandhi like character opposing them in Indochina. Instead Ho Chi Minh took up arms and defeated them in Dien Bien Phu in 1954 in spite of the Americans footing 80% of the French war bill by that time.

    Alan Dulles was the CIA director at the time the French fought in Indochina and he wanted an international military intervention on the Korean model.

    Not only did Rockefeller donated the land for the UN building, there is also the Rockefeller Archeological Museum in Jerusalem opened in 1938.

    The US came up with the idea of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, Netherlands, but refused to become a member of the ICC. They even threatened to storm the Dutch beaches if an American was held in custody by the ICC.

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  26. Thank you for your work. You have a very interesting perspective. However with all perspectives it is based on information that you know to be factual and no doubt some information that you believe to be true. The elephant in the room is perhaps worth a mention – what accurate information exists that you are unaware of and what impact will it have on the future chain of events that you allude to? As with everything in life it’s what we don’t know we don’t know that can have the greatest impact..


  27. So, if you reckon Riccardo Bosi may be playing with a double edged sword, what are your opinions of the rest of them?

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  28. well said and I personally think peaceful protest achieve nothing. look at Melbourne for an example Diktator dan has given himself unprecedented powers and the othe rpollies rolled over as well
    Non compliance is a good start, if that does not work the politicians will have to be physically removed from office.


  29. Excellent article, I agree 150% , it is something that I have been observing , and shaking my head.I went to few protests, and were astonished by the lack of passion of 70% of protestors, and in the end stopped going out of pure frustration.And you watch people in Perth, mask mandates are for inside, BUT people themselves extended them outside, in the heatwave temperatures that we are having now for the last couple of months.How stupid is that??and according to a study that mask wearing will cause irreversible brain damage, so WA is doomed, no one will even protest, and they will all line up in the row for a testing or for another booster, out of many to follow. Coming from a different education system, where Elite did not have influence ,goal of that education was to equip you with critical mind, logic so you can make sound judgment. Whern I came to live in NZ and Australia, judgment was a dirty word, and you are not suppose TO BE JUDGMENTAL. Well I thought, wtf I went to school, so now have to become like a leaf swinging as the wind blows, or like a jelly, spineless, and if I was a man, castrated without balls.You could not have deep discussion, and put your argument, oh because you could not even mention that word, because YOU WERE ARGUING , which is not a good thing in this culture. Years gone by, and I do understand now, why they don’t like you to have your opinion (as you get that label – opinionated) and they don’t like you to pass your judgment, they don’t like you to be free ,critical,thinker, BECAUSE YOU ARE THREATENING ELITE’S AGENDAS, you are awake and you may start to awake others. That kind or a same conditioning applies to a PEACUFULL protests , while politicians take recluse and laugh at protesters, knowing that NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. They will do ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING to steal elections, they will be determined to do that now more than ever before.Their life depends on that , while many people will get permanently hurt, children die or get abducted,many more young people die, from imposed vaccines,and NO ONE WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE.Deception will go on!

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  30. Kato,
    A very good article would be good if I could argue with you and write down say you are wrong!
    The Cabal has now available all the tools to make their predictions come true.
    Yes, all the Biblical so-called disasters and all the predicted bad tidings are here now.
    Finally, last but not least: “Freedom has never been maintained and won by Lambs.”
    It looks at the moment all the Lions are asleep? What does it take to wake the LIONS?


  31. Marie are you able to share this back to me or on FB so i can re-share it as well,And as i have been saying all along you cant fight a war with a peaceful march and a piece of paper- ITS EITHER KILL OR BE KILLED so this is why the WA COPS have got this big GUN AMNESTY going on at the moment they have even gone to extreme to DOB in your neighbours if they have fire arms so we cant protect ourselves when it gets more violent by the cops YOU watch there will be a new virus let loose soon and the suckers that all comply will completely fuk our lives up.


  32. Great article Kato Rivera finally someone else that knows that Gandhi is a construct.
    Cole is just a muppet of the controllers.
    Bosi is a Jesuit and is in the employ or Raytheon Intelligence.
    Raytheon Intelligence is in control of Jesuit ASIO.
    The Jesuit art of war – lead the opposition.


  33. Rich M (Blaxland)

    Thank you for your work. You have a very interesting perspective. However with all perspectives it is based on information that you know to be factual and no doubt some information that you believe to be true. The elephant in the room is perhaps worth a mention – what accurate information exists that you are unaware of and what impact will it have on the future chain of events that you allude to? As with everything in life it’s what we don’t know we don’t know that can have the greatest impact..


  34. what happens when THEY turn off the internet?
    WHO??? can turn off the internet?
    that is who owns you.
    also the shareholders of the federal reserve.
    communists,,,,,, simple minds. low iq and idiots believe.


  35. Is Kato saying that peaceful protest is the answer or is not the answer? If not, what is?


  36. To Kato and Tony Ryan: I do do my own research, but have, for a long time, been using other trustworthy people’s research, and using it to best effect.
    I will save myself that thousand hours of research Tony mentions, as I am total;ly understanding of what he is saying, so far as I have read (and I will not be reading it all now) because Tony is trustworthy.
    I will no doubt uncover some little nuggets myself, along the way, but believe that stern measures are needed, especially because no Australian government is likely to actually obey the Law anyway.


  37. That’s about it, Kato.


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