What happened to Shane Warne and Rodney Marsh?

Letter to the Editor

Over 200 European Fully Vaccinated Athletes Have Died or Became Seriously Ill From “Sudden” Heart Attacks In the Past 5 Months. Soccer players were required to be fully vaccinated in early 2021.

We took a long time for this research, selecting each case individually. Was there a noticeably extremely high number of “sudden and unexpected” deaths in sport and top-class sport recently? No official can explain a possible accumulation since the start of gene vaccinations.

Full story here:-


Q. Why haven’t any of these tragic events been seriously reported in the Australian Media?

A. The Australian media is under government influence. Money speaks louder than words. The Fed government is now one of the largest buyers of prime time television space.

You don’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Politicians are like nappies, they need to be changed often, and for the same reason.—Mark Twain

from the Bribie Battler

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi Seb and brianconcannon, thanks for your comments. Totally agree. Now there’s yet another cover up occuring over the sudden ‘heart attack’ death of Taylor Hawkins (the powerhouse drummer of Foo Fighters) at 50 years of age. Frontman Dave Grohl has from the get go been a staunch advocate for the death shots and they perform only at fully jabbed audience concerts. So many otherwise seemingly intelligent people have allowed themselves to be sucked into the jab vortex. So nonsensical and sad.
    Of course they’re reporting Taylor had 10 various substances in his bloodstream. Really? I highly doubt it, especially due to his high level of fitness that he had to maintain in order to perform. The old rock-star-druggie myth conveniently being rolled out is just that. No mention of graphene oxide though of course. They also say his heart was enlarged. So? This is common in all athletes and others who regularly perform high intensity cardio activities. But no mention of Myocarditis of course either. I hope his wife and family are persuing this. I sure as hell would be.


  2. Your Quote: “Do we know if the spike proteins cross the blood-brain barrier?” YES…


  3. Scott Moronson as a Hellsong angel of death would not lie. He is a believer.


  4. The Thai military medico’s been silenced very early in the investigation and re autopsy result. For Shane’s wife and the 3 children it would be better to know the truth.


  5. American Vietnam Deaths = 58 000
    American Millennial Vaccine Deaths = 61 000

    Not in the Press probably will not be for the foreseeable future.

    The millennial generation experienced 61,000 excess death in the second half of 2021.

    CDC data shows the Millennial generation suffered a “Vietnam War event,” with more than 61,000 excess deaths in that age group in the second half of 2021, according to an analysis by a former Wall Street executive who made a career of crunching numbers at BlackRock.

    Millennials, about ages 25 to 40, experienced an 84% increase in excess mortality in the fall, he said, describing it as the “worst-ever excess mortality, I think, in history.” It was the highest increase in excess deaths of any age group last year, seven times higher than the Silent Generation, those who are older than 85.

    And the increase coincided with the vaccine mandates and the approval of the booster shots.

    He said the insurance expert with whom he worked is presenting the data to a financial group and will reveal his identity. “If you’re on Wall Street and you still think Pfizer and Moderna are good buys, I’ve got news for you: There’s some catalysts coming that are probably not going to be good for holding those stocks,” he said.

    Dowd said he also had examined the Pfizer clinical trial data provided by whistleblower Brook Jackson, concluding it, and the fact that Pfizer has tried to hide it, point to “clinical fraud.”

    He also posted tables showing excess mortality for Gen X — about age 41 to 56 — since August 2021 was 101,000. The Baby Boomers saw 306,000 excess deaths during the same period.



  6. Yes, indeed, injecting nano sized razor blades into ones body tends to give people hemorrhage, or even clots caused by hemorrhage! Science will catch up on that phenomenon once it is allowed to be science again. RIP Dr Noack.


  7. In response to D Johnson, or maybe something like a pulmonary embolus.
    A recent long haul flight to Thailand.
    Niggling chest pain since arrival.
    We now know these injections derange the coagulation cascade….clotting and/or bleeding.

    We also know there have been Airline pilots RIP since participating in their mandatory shots overseas.
    Even in NZ.

    Either way, my issue is that they say it had nothing to do with the mRNA experimental trial….a diversionary cover up at best.
    9 pages of Pfizer adverse effects (now released) would indicate otherwise.
    Then they put out photos of Shane Warne drinking and smoking to put the onus on him.

    Every smoker who has participated in the clinical trials x 2 should be very wary of having anymore of these experimental injections including the booster.

    The benefits do not outweigh the risks.
    They already have other risks.

    Everyone needs to do their own homework.
    There’s enough data out there by now.


  8. Yes Brian the government D notices are overwhelming. Ed


  9. Seb, This is not intended as a resume, but rather ‘food for thought’. I hold a degree (amongst other unrelated qualifications) in Health Science (Naturopathy). I have traversed many assorted career paths with a background as an athlete; dancer; equestrian; and musician. And guess what? I have always smoked… although not carcinogenic rich tailor made cigarettes. (Note, I’m referring to organic tobacco and not psychosis inducing marijuana!). I have been vegetarian for most of my life and never acquired the taste for fast or junk foods. I drink alcohol only occasionally.
    You can choose your individual ‘poison’ but you must also compensate and definitely not combine a number of them and/or yo-yo back and forth weakening the immune system. Poor diet, alcohol and lack of exercise are the main killers. In essence, you don’t have to be running to catch a bus to be hit by one. That is just life. Expect the unexpected and navigate the best you can.

    Am so pleased you mentioned Dr Andreas Noack (RIP). People rarely speak of his great work and his bravery in disclosing the use of graphene oxide/hydroxide in the drug experiment. Many are sadly totally unaware. I really hope one day his legacy will finally be acknowledged and honoured.

    And yes, the reports of blood splatter and blood soaked towels at the scene. That was the ‘smoking gun’. Without going into specifics, one word…hemorrhage.
    And yet another cover up.

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  10. In my opinion Shane Warne, Rod marsh and Kimberley Kitching all possibly died from the effects of the micro clot shots.. Too bad they didn’t do D dimer tests for micro blood clots at the autopsies.. The truth could come out.. NO no no.. Nothing that could cause vaccine hesitancy is allowed.. The coverup is untouchable

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  11. In response to D Johnson, I agree that to die from a heart attack at 52 years of age just because you smoked is long shot.
    It can happen though.
    Generally the person may already have other risk factors like high blood pressure, obesity or co morbidities.

    They say Shane was making efforts to try to be healthy even prior to his death.
    No different to what others do.

    We all know that smoking is a risk factor for heart disease with toxins that cause oxidative stress leading to inflammation of the arteries.
    A smoker would need high dose antioxidants to even hope to counteract this damage.
    There is also the laying down of plaque (atherosclerosis).

    Another risk factor however cannot be ignored, and that would be to take an experimental injection which has the known adverse effects of causing myocardial infarction (heart attack), myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) and pericarditis (inflammation of the heart sac).
    That is on the record.

    For anyone on MSM to say there was no association to this experimental injection is just another lie.
    Because they don’t know.

    Dr Noakes (Europe) was disturbed to see that graphene hydroxide was allegedly in the random vials that he had obtained. This was sheer madness from his educated point of view.
    Microscopic razor blades due to the shape of graphene hydroxide would be ripping through arteries unawares to the person if they had received that batch.
    Athletes who raised their heart rate would potentially create damage even quicker.

    This was just one potential ingredient in some batches.
    Remembering of course that the Manufacturers did not have to disclose all the ingredients due to their Commercial in Confidence Agreement.

    No one in this Country is looking at what is going on microscopically or in the blood of victims.
    Until they do, no one has a right to say that these experimental injections had nothing to do with a person’s death.

    It was mentioned in the Thailand report that there was blood spattered near Shane at the time of death and that it was ‘probably’ from the excessive CPR attempts.
    That is not a usual scenario.

    RIP Shane Warne.


  12. Han Barkmeyer: “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” — Benito Mussolini

    I wasn’t quoting Mussolini. Simply characterising a state of affairs which he installed and referred to as Fascism. It matters little to me whether the quote above is rightly or wrongly attributed to him.

    Apart from that, being a fan of the Hegelian dialectic I’m guessing that the Fascism v Communism = Globalism equation will eventuate in Globalism being a hybrid model of the former two. Fascism in the economic sphere and communism in the social, ideological control sphere.

    I don’t believe the global Money Changers will divest their assets to the state as would be required under communism. But they would welcome having the social and ideological control mechanisms of communism. Hence the hybrid option appears more likely ..


  13. Bombshell (well not really) evidence just released by VAERS; in only the first two months of this year, Myocarditis events are at nearly half the total number reported for the entire year of 2021.


  14. Why are people dying after getting the Covid ‘vaccine’? – Pathologists now have answers

    They titled the symposium, “Cause of Death after Covid-19 Vaccination.”

    This was followed by a session titled, “Undeclared Components of Covid-19 Vaccines.”

    The two pathologists who were the chief presenters at the symposia were stymied by these non-biological objects and structures.
    They had never seen anything like it in the many years they have been examining tissue samples from, altogether, hundreds of thousands of people.
    Here, below, are screenshots of several of their slides, to give you an idea of what the pathologists are talking about. Further down this page, I give a more extensive slideshow of their tissue slides, with explanations accompanying each.
    A word of warning: these images are not for the faint-hearted.
    What you are about to see is an immunological catastrophe on a global scale.

    I was a prize-winning historian who taught for decades at an Ivy League university, plus I have 2.5 years of PhD-level training in molecular biology and immunology (see below).

    These slides reveal a level of depravity and human destruction unprecedented in history.
    The worst part is, this immunological timebomb has been injected into hundreds of millions of people, including children.



  15. Referring to my last extensive post, I see the url dropped off – I have noticed before that the url has dropped off this ABS information when I copy and paste it sometimes, I don’t know why that is. Sorry about that and here it is in case someone wants the url for that part of my last posting.

    Due to the public health importance of COVID-19, the TOTALLY CORRUPTED World Health Organisation WHO have directed that the new coronavirus strain be recorded as the underlying cause of death, ie, the disease or condition that initiated the train of morbid events, when it is recorded as having caused or contributed to death.
    1205.0.55.001 – Information Paper: Cause of Death Certification Australia, 2008
    ARCHIVED ISSUE Released at 11:30 AM (CANBERRA TIME) 25/11/2008
    This document was added or updated on 25/03/2020.
    Guidance for Certifying Deaths due to COVID-19
    This guide published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics is intended to provide some immediate guidance on how the new coronavirus disease strain, i.e. COVID-19, should be recorded on the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. Examples are included in section 5 of this document.
    6. Coding of deaths due to covid-19
    The Australian Bureau of Statistics assign codes from the International Classification of Disease 10th Revision to all conditions listed on the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the WHO has issued emergency code U07.1 COVID-19 to be assigned to all mentions of COVID-19 on the death certificate.

    >>> Due to the public health importance of COVID-19, the WHO have directed that the new coronavirus strain be recorded as the underlying cause of death, ie, the disease or condition that initiated the train of morbid events, when it is recorded as having caused or contributed to death. <<>>>>>Following the guidelines above will assist in the accurate coding of these deaths and the production of robust national mortality statistics.<<<<<<



  16. Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency
    Four days after the Pfizer vaccine was approved for ages 16+, we submitted a Freedom of Information Act Request to the FDA for all of the data within Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine biological product file. We have now sued the FDA for not releasing the data. Click below for court documents and for productions of Pfizer’s documents from the FDA.

    NOTE FROM EDITOR: Dianne the comment was way too large to publish, so I have made it into a post that will be published later today … ED2


  17. WHY? are some people still pondering over Warnie’s jab status? As I stated in a previous post, it was common knowledge that he was fully jabbed. Warnie was a very vocal advocate for participation in the drug experiment. I had previously even provided a quote he publicly made. He was either manipulated, or personally believed it to be the right choice. That was his right. But consequently he was jabbed and boosted to death. Literally.

    But no, they’ll pluck at anything to explain his untimely death, even blaming his life style ‘excesses’ which is abhorrent and also defamatory. (Self righteous, sanctimonious and judgemental people have always enraged me, and are ironically, usually the true ‘evil-doers’). And anyway, if life style ‘excesses’ were fatal, Jagger and Richards, et al would’ve died eons ago. Go figure.

    Now again yesterday, we have Scottish Commonwealth Games cyclist John Paul suddenly and ‘inexplicably’ dead at 28 years of age. As I’ve said before, we don’t hear about the millions of other less notable victims…Joe or Jill Blogs. Or the millions of others’ left severely disabled by the drug experiment… I’ve watched interviews with some of these people, and frankly, death would be preferable to how they now have to exist. Next…..


  18. I heard in one instance (in France) where an insurance company refused to pay out, because the deceased deliberately took an experimental drug. Essentially suicide. The court upheld this. No money.


  19. In response to daviddd2, their plan is to do a combination flu/covid spike protein injection yearly, and (to knock off the elderly completely). My interpretation in the brackets.

    Maybe they will just rebrand the prepurchased ones they need to find a reason to use up.

    The National Cabinet which unfortunately has not yet been disbanded is already talking about the double whammy covid/flu that they predict is coming this winter.
    In other words, prepare for the next round.

    What is coming however, will be people who have disabled the ability of their own immune systems to fight the common cold that turns up every year.
    Instead of being a simple cold, it will knock them for a six.
    If they are not already struggling with mould illness from the floods, or have their latent cancers reappear due to the serious lack of killer cells that the injections wiped out.

    I note MSM are now talking about people having some memory issues after ‘covid’.
    Or is it the spike proteins that have gone to their brain?
    Do we know if the spike proteins cross the blood brain barrier?
    Will we see mad cow type symptoms of folded proteins in the brain?
    As they reported in Canada.

    Does anyone still believe a lying media?

    Round and round the merry go round.
    Atishu Atishu
    We all fall down…..


  20. Hi daviddd2,

    Just quoting you:

    “And when we have a merger of corporate and state interests we have ourselves a state of affairs Benito Mussolini referred to as Fascism.”

    “Fascism should more properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” — Benito Mussolini

    It is generally attributed to an article written by Mussolini in the 1932 Enciclopedia Italiana with the assistance of Giovanni Gentile, the editor.
    The quote, however, does not appear in the Enciclopedia Italiana in the original Italian.
    It does not appear in the official English translation of that article: Benito Mussolini, 1935, “The Doctrine of Fascism,” Firenze: Vallecchi Editore.

    And it does not appear in the longer treatment of the subject by Mussolini in: Benito Mussolini, 1935, “Fascism: Doctrine and Institutions,” Rome: ‘Ardita’ Publishers.
    Where the quote comes from remains a mystery, and while it is possible Mussolini said it someplace at some time, a number of researchers have been unable to find it after months of research.

    (If you have a source for the quote based on an actual original document that you copy and mail us, please let us know, and you will receive a free 3-year subscription to the Public Eye magazine)

    Well, daviddd2, there is your chance to win a free 3-year subscription to the Public Eye magazine.

    Why would a Left-wing site like politicalresearch.org, the enemy of Fascism, allege that Mussolini’s quote is fake?

    The quote has also been debated and removed from the Wikipedia pages.

    Wikipedia is run by the Jews and do they hate Fascism, but they also know that Mussolini never said that.

    Do you really think that BlackRock and Vanguard controlling virtually everything on this planet are merging with ALL the states in the world? THEY RUN ALL the states in this world. They are not Fascists but Jewish Communists hell bent on imposing their Great Reset on our world.

    Ask Klaus Schwab, the Jewish founder and chairman of the World Economic Forum if you don’t believe me.

    President Joe Biden names BlackRock’s Brian Deese as his Top Economic Aide.

    Vice President Kabbalah Harris, married to prominent Jew Doug Emhoff also a member of the Biden Administration, picked BlackRock Exec Mike Pyle as her Top Economic Adviser.

    Here a not complete list of Jews in the Biden Administration:

    Not in that list, for instance, is Jewish Victoria Nuland, real name Nudelman, the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs. She is married to Jewish Robert Kagan, a leading Neocon.

    Fascism has been dead and buried since 1945. Welcome to Pax Judaica.

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  21. Karma


  22. There was a German Bloke a Biologist or something like that was murdered poor man after he discovered and exposed that there was thousand of these Graphine Hydroxide not Graphine Oxide in these jabs that act like atomised razor blades millions of them that just tear the blood vessels to pieces , that is why you see these soccer players and top sports people hitting the deck and blood coming out of them and dying just like someone else that just past away , blood everywhere in the room so they say . You wont see that on main stream media folks .


  23. BTW, Senator Kitching also just dropped out, aged 52! Apparently a heart attack too. Lots of heart attacks lately, younger reasonably fit people too. Must be to do with modern age stress, eh?


  24. Would be interesting to know if Warne saw a doctor about his heart before or after the bio-engineering injections.

    I hear they’re expecting the return of the flu after it took a sabbatical for a couple of years to make room for c-vid.


  25. In response to Maggoo, an autopsy may not show spike protein damage.
    That is microscopic.

    I’m pretty sure they would not have announced any findings anyway.
    The only evidence of potential cause and effect will be if Shane had been vaccinated.

    Embalmers are starting to say they are seeing long white strands that appear at the end of the clot and very long clots in their post mortems when they remove the veins and arteries….
    Reference: Dr Jane Ruby


  26. I am a 75 year old & not Jab ,The palaszczuk Gov. has stop me from going to a Dr. I have to sit in my house all day & night because palaszczuk will not let us go out for diner or go to a Club .It is not the Un Jab that is parsing flue on. Covid is bull dust. We are all from Australia . Thank you Brian Eade

    Sent from Mail for Windows


  27. According to Max Igan, who runs thecrowhouse, a very good site, Shane Warne had been triple jabbed.

    But according to the Sydney Morning Herald “the 52-year-old had been on an extreme liquid diet in the days before he died, and his family told police he had been experiencing chest pains”.

    James Erskine, Warne’s manager: “He did go on these ridiculous sort of diets… obviously smoked most of his life… I think it was a massive heart attack.”

    “He had asthma and had seen a doctor about his heart,” Yuttana Sirisombat, superintendent at the Bophut police station on Koh Samui, told reporters.

    According to the Thai autopsy report “Warne died of natural causes” Yeah, sure. Myocarditis?… Pericarditis?…

    CDC and its partners are actively monitoring reports of myocarditis and pericarditis after COVID-19 vaccination. Active monitoring includes reviewing data and medical records and evaluating the relationship to COVID-19 vaccination.
    Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle, and pericarditis is inflammation of the outer lining of the heart. In both cases, the body’s immune system causes inflammation in response to an infection or some other trigger.

    What trigger, a “vaccine” ?

    “Vaccines” are never to be blamed for any death or injury as they are “safe and effective”.
    Ask PM Scott Moronson, he knows all about it.

    As a good Pentecostal Christian he would not want to hurt his fellow Australians, would he?

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  28. Yes this applies to a majority of those who got the jab. Ed


  29. I’m not at all cynical, I just recognise that the people who own the clowns in the government also own the clowns in the MSM. And when we have a merger of corporate and state interests we have ourselves a state of affairs Benito Mussolini referred to as Fascism.

    Never mind the BS rhetoric. Public and Private world ventures are exactly that: Money talks louder to governments than the population. Amen. We’ve been bought and sold on the LiveStock Exchange.

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  30. Brian Johnston

    The reason why the athletes/sports people are affected or dying is because the more active one is the quicker the jab takes one out. The sedentary will take a little longer.


  31. An autopsy was carried out on Shane Warne’s body. They say he died of “natural causes”, a healthy, fit and active man in his very early 50s! Yeah. Sure. I believe that. So, does this mean that Simone will ensure her and Shane’s 3 kids will be fully jabbed with all the “doses” required to maintain their “vaccination status”??


  32. There is also Dean Jones gold medalist cyclist, died of a heart attack, his age was either 52 or 55.


  33. Why are those that know allegedly saying that Shane took the booster shot 2 days prior?
    Blood on their hands if this turns out to be true.
    It will be a life cut short….because of their lies.

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  34. It’s no secret that MSM have been given a huge Tax break i.e. providing they’re following the governments narrative on covid 19. Period.. They have no morals only when it suits their agendas. I truly hope every one of them get shamed to death.

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  35. Maybe I am too cynical, but totally useless saturation TV advertising paid for by Federal Government such as the slip slop slap turning up almost at the end of summer looks like a bribe to keep up the covid narrative and ignore the facts piling up in clear site, hoping for revenge at the polls.


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