Facts about Russian invasion of Ukraine – war long overdue

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. In response to D Johnston, do we know if these alleged ‘bio agents’ are to be sent to the new Melbourne Moderna mRNA Manufacturing facility that they have signed up to, or will they just be sent to one of our usual BSL4 labs that we already have in Victoria?

    The Australian Corporate Government are pretty cock eyed to keep developing mRNA experimental injections in this Country.

    All Politicians should come under the same free will of choosing to have the experimental injection or losing their job.

    But the injection cannot be from the box they choose.
    No special batch numbers for them.
    There is already too much suspicion around them being injected with saline or the placebo.
    They should be required to turn up at their local drug injecting room and get what they are given.
    To take a punt just like everybody else.
    (might need to supervise that)

    If the refuse the jab, they lose their job.
    How hard can that be?

    If they don’t like that idea, then all mandates should be scrapped immediately and people given their jobs back.

    The Politicians are not more important than the people, in fact, they spend their time with the public, much more than some Professionals.
    That is their job.


  2. War and Deception go together like lox and bagels. The units actually tasked with killing civilians and shelling cities will most likely be identified with the flag or group that the aggressor/s want to be in the frame with an arrow pointing to them and captioned ‘these are the bad guys’. After the takeover it will make ‘normalisation’ easier.

    The Russians still don’t believe the Ukrainian Holodomor 1932-33 was Uncle Joe’s official Soviet policy to genocide Ukrainians. So who killed all those ‘Kulaks’ then? According to the Russians it was a Ukrainian famine that was exploited by the ‘reactionary Ukrainian elements’. For the Soviets, this has always been the trouble with Ukraine. It is full of Ukrainians and ‘reactionary elements’ .

    Like the recent EMF attacks on Australian protesters by the AFP. Are these Strategic and Tactical Response CT Australian police or are they foreign military patched as an Australian security force. This will be a state secret. The only clue will be – if they are foreign mercenaries they will be extracted from Australia and their actions here are indemnified. Good luck with finding them. The AFP however will have to wear it.


  3. Hi Hermann, Yeah love this video…I also posted it a couple of days ago via Gateway Pundit. M Z is a force of nature. And now a mountain of evidence being presented to the Security Council. O’Biden must be humming ‘How do you solve a problem like Maria?’. Won’t be as simple as when he paid off the Ukranian prosecutor that’s for sure.


  4. And as the Truth Train steadily rolls on from station to station, here’s another revelation that should dispel any lingering illusions held by the ‘asleep’, about what our Corporation (aka Government) have been up to and are capable of unleashing.
    The Ukranian Ministry of Health reportedly sent 350 cryocontainers with bioagent blood samples to Australia. These bioagents “can selectively affect various ethnic groups of the population”.
    And here y’all were jumping up and down about the useage of LRAD’S. That was only the ‘hor’deurves’!


  5. Recent public address from Russia to the Washington crime gang, – ‘We have found your biological weapons.’



  6. Excellent video and Very True Words. That man knows what he is talking about.

    But let’s not forget the overall picture. Goyim killing other Goyim in the Wars that he mentioned.
    Who benefits from those Wars as usual? Who is driving American Foreign Policy? Why did Putin had to wait 8 years to stop Ukraine from waging War on Donetsk and Luhansk and killing thousands of people?

    Did Putin’s Boss, Klaus Schwab, tell him to wait till 24 February, 2022, about the time that the COVID-19 narrative was about to collapse?

    All the attention is now no longer on COVID-19, but on the War in Ukraine and Climate Change.

    All these events were planned to create chaos and fear of WW3 throughout the world.

    Perfect timing to force their Great Reset through.


  7. I fully agree Kaiwanshou, I’ve been following this behaviour for decades, – and worked it out for myself. How can any conscious individual not?.

    It’s got nothing to do with education, – as the word derives from ‘educe,’ – meaning ‘to bring forth’ what is naturally inherent within the individual. If there is nothing in there to begin with, there is nothing to bring forth.

    What we have is the complete opposite of education, – which is indoctrination, which means to ‘force ideas into an individual’ [typically via repetition, i.e., brain-washing].

    This can only succeed if the individual is inherently mindless, hence the old Jesuit maxim, ‘get them before their eight, or it’s too late.’

    Smart people use their teachers, take what’s useful, then ditch the imbeciles. The source of all knowledge derives from the sensory nervous system, if this is at fault, perceived knowledge is at fault. This is the basis of common sense.


  8. Talk about a mic drop occasion! Washington caught red handed yet again. Go get em MK.



  9. He is right. Most of us have no idea of the shameful war mongering that have been going on around the world. Only what MSM told us. Garbage in, garbage out.


  10. The education system purposely removed their ability to learn. Ed


  11. Here, here! I’ve been following everything mentioned in the video and telling people about it all long before Mi5 brought down the passenger jet over Lockerbie in Scotland that was blamed on Gadafi, but no one wanted to know because those situations didn’t, seemingly, affect them. Fast forward to the Scamdemic which has directly affected them. Yet, still they, the majority, go along with it unlike lemmings who did not through themselves over cliffs by the way, and line up for hours to get the false PCR test to find if they sick or not. They don’t know when they are ill or not! Despite CDC, WHO, etc. declaring the PCR test useless it’s still being used in good old OZ, masks likewise, today!
    It is SO painful living amongst so many low intelligence sheeple.


  12. We reckoned his knowledge was as good as most others but not MSM. Ed


  13. Yeah we knew enough about the show to know he is on the ball. Ed


  14. From the speaker who seems to have a great grasp on the situation. Ed


  15. So where are these facts?


  16. Hi Editor, Absolutely superb video. Thanks. Impossible to get a more concise or well articulated summarisation than that.


  17. Fuck yes!! Australia had four bio labs in Ukraine. Australia has sent arms and money to Ukraine. These arms and money were used to shoot innocent Ukrainians and blame the russians. Fuck yes I know what’s going on.

    For your eyes only…. Tawain is next! Oh fuck yes I said it now Tawain is next. Why because tawain is the universe when it comes to micro chips. Without micro chips the NWO can’t function. Fuck yes bring it on!!

    God bless you Ron . Keep in touch.


  18. Well said…


  19. Comment bounced off YT: “Russia Issues 3 Demands to End War; U.S. Bans Russian Oil Imports; Gas Price Surges to to $4.17.” URL below.

    Your guest is a war monger. Be careful who you interview and who you support. And, read the text script thoroughly before you report and conclude. Any attempt to sanction and provide aggression against Putin (and the Russian people) will backfire. In the bigger picture, those actions will be found as just as cruel, or even more cruel, than Putin actions while he sticks up for millions of Russian speaking “Ukrainians” in East Ukraine who are being subjected to murder, torture and permanent psychological disability and permanent physical disability.

    All up, at the hands of several individuals and their follower friends, they came together under an ideological name describing themselves as Neo-Nazi’s. These “identified people”, along with some of their un-identfied friends, formed into groups and were employed directly by the West Ukrainian Federal Government. It is a fact that the Ukrainian Federal Government sanctioned and brought that mean group into and under its wing as a part of a Government controlled arm. It is a terrorist leaning group.

    The result of the stance above is that, over the past 8 years, more than 14 thousand people (mainly Russian speaking – all mums and dads and brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and cousins and wives and husband’s and lovers and friends and children and babies) were all murdered at the hands of the oppressors and supposed do-gooders.

    Also, some 28 to 42 thousand human beings in the same region have been physically and permanently disabled in the same time span. And, about another 10 million or more were (and still are) being subject to severe psychological trauma. All of this at the hands of the marauders and murders.

    That is, it is as clear as day, we see State sanctioned tyranny against the masses that the State does not like nor does it want “it” in “its community”. Ordinary people? Unless, of course, they’re all given a pacifier and either forced through fear, medication or by brute force to shut up and settle down. In that case, the West Ukraine State sanctioned tyranny would be deemed to be a success.

    As a leader of people in another place, in any walk of life – civilian or military (including police as a sub-arm) – how long would you put with up the murdering of your ex-population (mums, dads, … children and babies …) before you said its time to stand up, speak and take action?

    Putin stood off for about 9 years as the West, and Europe, and others, agreed to negotiate a settlement. There was one. A signed immediate ceasefire agreement. The West Ukraine “majority?” Federal Government broke that ceasefire within a week or so. And the killing and maiming by State sponsored hands continued. Do the lives of those murdered by the military and other State sponsored actors mean less than those we see and hear on TV showing the horror of war?

    With the narrative being: anyone who supports Putin is crazy. We should have an extra million bucket loads of guilt and shame and compassion and empathy towards those beings lost in West Ukraine. The mind boggles. The base stupidity being pumped out by most of the mainstream is colossal.

    This is a complicated issue. Its likely many tens of thousands of innocent lives will also be lost across all of Ukraine. And in particular in West Ukraine – as a result of the military action by Putin, his Advisors and Generals. That is, mainly Ukrainian speaking people – all mums and dads and brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and cousins and wives and husband’s and lovers and friends and children and babies – were all “murdered” at the hands of the oppressors and supposed do-gooders.

    Best to look over both sides of the fence before running up to and then, finally deciding to jump over to the other side. For those who don’t want to look before they jump the fence, they have also found compassion exists on the other side. Sometimes compassion is hard to come by when we find there is a pack of unfriendly hungry dogs of war on the other side.

    Please note too, Putin is within WEF crowd. Well, he was. Probably still is. [fact check anyone?] Ring a bell – where the liberators and the oppressors dine together and shake hands on deals. More recently, those deals treat almost every single one of us as a commodity and a labor resource on the cheap. Beware the false saviors. Ukraine and its people are in the shit – all of them. All of this is the “Wests” (including Europe) fault. It was engineered. Do you truly think a few tens of thousands of lives, or even millions or hundreds of millions of lives actually matter to the WEF hive?

    Beware the soothsayers that keep many under their spell and open your eyes to the false gods. Call them out when you can. How can one justify having truck loads of compassion (as called for by the 24/7 mass media) for one group of people living in West Ukraine and, at best, call out for less than one thimble full of compassion for those human beings living in East Ukraine? You can see from this juxtaposition, we are being hoodwinked and lead into fear – just like the CV 19 fear campaign.

    I thought I’d better get another take on your video and replayed it. I admit I haven’t yet seen the full version on EPOCH TV. I’m not so sure I want to hear much more from your warmonger guest.

    Please be careful who you interview and who you support – even if in simply nodding agreement during an interview. I stand by what I wrote. Beware the WEF puppets and or people who self identify as Machiavellian – as your guest did say by his own words. Having these hard self identified ruthless people in charge, along with their friends, is not a good thing for humanity. Because, at the end of the day, or night, YOU are only a number. A number to be used and reused until the Machiavellian gets old and lonely. Before that though, he or she may spawn from the hive many like minded Machiavellian clones.

    I hope your guest fails in his blind pursuit to become a god in action. If he succeeds for the longer term, hundreds of millions will die for no reason other than to satisfy a skyscraper high ego and a hollow selfish cause devoid of overall compassion. Don’t discount the WEF connection. Any takers to the facts on that? Roman, I’m with you on more than a thousand or more things and ideas. I look to you for good reliable information that has its basis in fact. You have not dismayed me here in that area. We got the facts as seen by your guest. I’m disappointed you didn’t think a bit more differently to the mainstream and not nod your head so much along with your Machiavellian warmongering guest. I chill to think how the rest of the interview went.


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