Dozens of Aussie doctors defecting as Covid vax narrative crumbles

Dr McLinden (below) in his conversation with Graham Hood (right) and John Larter of Club Grubbery


WHEN long-serving and highly respected surgeon and reproductive specialist Dr Luke McLindon refused an mRNA vaccination last November, the medical establishment pounced and had him terminated from his position at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane.

But with dozens of doctors now “coming out” against the Covid narrative, so-called medical authorities in organisations like Ahpra (Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Authority), will have big problems on their hands.

Dr McLinden recently spoke at length with Graham Hood on his Club Grubbery on social media. Hood said “dozens of doctors” were now approaching his group. McLinden had sounded warnings to pregnant women about potential miscarriages following mRNA shots. His personal research revealed pregnancy losses in up to 74% of the vaccinated women in his practice – 4.6 to 14.8 times higher than typical normal rates of loss which range from 5 to 16% (58 – 69% above typical losses).

Dr McLinden says pregnant women were omitted from the vaccine trial process. “On the whole the vaccine was not investigated in such a way that would allow us, hand on heart, to say ‘yes, this is fine we can vaccinate pregnant women or women of reproductive age, even.” A doctor colleague had lodged FOI requests tried three times without success to get relevant data on ovary histology from medical authorities.

“So that only tells me one thing – they’re either don’t have any information at all, which is culpable, or that they do have the information and don’t want us to know, and that’s still sitting with the Information Commissioner. So, the challenge now is how do I tell my patients ‘it’s fine’?”

Despite this, the College of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians came out in August 2021 with a statement saying vaccination during pregnancy was fine at all stages. But one paper provided as back-up had no references for data and another paper was seriously flawed and was admitted as such by the CDC.

The RMIT-ABC “fact checking” service predictably found medical authorities who simply denied there was any danger to pregnant women from mRNA vaccines. But there was no reference to fact-checking by the “fact checkers” of the issues raised by Dr McLinden and his colleagues.

The Australian and New Zealand medical/public health establishment, who rule over more than represent doctors and others, simply could not countenance the “mortal sin” of a leading doctor refusing the vaccine and performing his duty of care and warning against possible dangers of miscarriage from Covid-19 vaccines.

Dr McLindon had good reason to turn down the mandated shots. He worked out, from medical statistics, he only had a one in 287,000 chance of dying from Covid with moderate community spread. He also had a heart condition and knew from emerging reports that myocarditis was a real risk from mRNA vaccinations.

Despite these reasonable, science-based objections, the vice-grip of “correct thinking” and “approved narrative” of his medical masters prevailed. Not even warnings from the likes of The Lancet, one of the leading global medical journals, about the “spin” involved in vaccine safety and efficacy reporting, could influence the crowd of “yes men”. Dr McLindon meanwhile, is taking his dismissal to the High Court of Australia.

And now the public health establishment’s “mRNA vaccines are safe and effective” narrative is falling in a heap with government statistics in the UK and Australia showing the hospitalization rates and Covid deaths soaring among the multiple-vaccinated who make up the vast majority of the population.

TrialSite News reported that in the first 14 weeks of 2022, the number of fatalities related to Covid were double that for the entire pandemic years of 2020 and 2021. And again, the public health establishment and their media sycophants simply ignored the statistics. Like swimmers caught in a rip-tide, they flailed about, clinging to the sinking life raft of the WHO-Gates-Rockefeller-driven global vaccine narrative.

And then, in recent days and weeks, came what should be the two final death blows to the narrative: the US CDC’s total backflip on its Covid guidance, giving vaccinated and unvaccinated people the same status and rejecting the very quarantining they earlier assured us was a vital public health measure while the man overseeing all of this, Dr Anthony Fauci, announced his resignation.

Media reported the resignation almost as a “ho hum” news story and conveniently forgot the controversies around his lies about gain of function research his organisations funded in Wuhan China and the likelihood of lawsuits coming his way.

McLinden told Graham Hood the medical profession and public health authorities would have suffered much less distrust by the public if they had used some “M” for moderation instead of “M” for mandates in their approach to Covid treatment. Instead, they applied the “one size fits all solution” in the form of mRNA vaccines.

“Education explores all avenues, indoctrination says there’s just one and they just keep beating it in until you give up, and I say well, what are we submitting to?” McLinden said. He said the situation was analogous to being offered a lovely multi-coloured lolly by someone on the street.

You decline the offer and they say ‘it’s free’. You decline again and they offer you $100 if you take it. Naturally, suspicions are raised, then the lolly pusher pulls out a testimony list of those who like the lollies. And then after refusing again, you walk down the street a little further and find yourself surrounded by three, four or five people saying ‘if you don’t take the lolly you will lose your job!’

“And it’s like, how does that win trust? That’s what we were looking at. This was government domestic violence on a grand scale,” said McLinden. “And the more the stakes went higher the more you have to regard it suspiciously and I’m sorry, but you (public health system) are damaging your trust.” He likened mandated vaccinations to someone rolling up their sleeve and saying ‘assault me’ because the (common law) principle of informed consent was being violated.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Are there any trustworthy doctors anywhere in the far north.. asking for a non compliant friend

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  2. aapkoning: “You have been busy, nice one”

    Yes, very much inspired by David Cameron’s and Boris Johnson’s surnames and “British” heritages. lol


  3. Hi auntieet and anyone else who’s interested…re the rebel news link I provided; it also contains quite an unpack involving other Independent NZ media such as BFD and The Platform… which do great work – and are well worth following. Very interesting to learn about the ‘Wrap-up Smear’ (on BFD) – apparently also used by the likes of Pelosi. There ya go…..

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  4. auntieet

    Welcome back, I thought we had lost one of the good ones.

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  5. Hi auntieet, Yay! Great to hear from you! Yeah “weird sh*t” indeed…seems to be goin around eh? But we all had your back. Maybe it’s Interpol and Jumpin Jack Flash Ardern’s gestapo.
    What infuriates me about the suspected ‘blockings/’vanishings’, is that it only appears to be happening to commentators who genuinely contribute to this forum and conduct themselves respectfully to others in their dialogue. UNLIKE one particular commentator (who has re-emerged and still going under their alter-ego as well) – who uses CN as a receptacle for their venomous, juvenile spits mainly at “dumb Australians”. (Y’all know who I’m referring to). Has CN thrown out their Code of Conduct commenting guidelines?! Other alternative/independent forums I contribute to (who also strongly support freedom of speech), have ZERO tolerance towards that sort of behaviour – and if commentators persist after being cautioned, then they are permanently blocked.
    Anyhoo…Great to see NZ’ers are being vocal in their support of Avi Yemini and his illegal treatment. Ardern just keeps on digging ‘it’s’ grave – arrogantly thinking there will be no consequences.

    Please auntieet, keep imparting your wisdom and sharing your amazing life experiences imbued with your own Warrior Woman spirit, with us all here. If not, I will hunt you down hahaha.

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  6. Yay Auntieet. We are all human after all, well most of us at this point anyway. !!!

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  7. Unbelievable! Weird sh#it happening!… Wpress is working again, with no BS hiccups whatsoever. It must have decided to let me through, I had some back-up mob rooting for me it seems, still that’s really weird what was going on with it. daviddd2 is right, “hissy fit”, but they wouldn’t let me on the plane to Montenegro & a sea journey was too long for anyone to put up with a Double Humped Snorting Cranky Old Camel, that obviously was having a ‘big’ hissy fit. So reckon I’ll be watching on in the wings here a bit, until I calm down from chucking a wobbly. I got the feeling it was just something else amongst the scamtimes trying to censor me, shut me up, or block me from entry & that really hit the skids, as who else is it doing it to. Cheers all

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  8. daviddd2, You have been busy, nice one!!!


  9. auntieet, You are Thinking, and keep on going as you are. You are on the right track… Your comments are very good and I respect that you have taken the time to write down what has been brooding inside you…

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  10. Blisskitt, You are Thinking, and keep on going as you are. You are on the right track…
    Your comments are very good and I respect that you have taken the time to write down what’s has been brooding inside you… The last comment tops it all…

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  11. How many more? The ‘omicron variant booster’. Just wait bananas in pyjamas variant (B.6) must be right around the corner. Or will it be yet another virus?

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  12. Wikipedia/Hasbara

    Systematic gatekeeping for Jewish interest on Wikipedia

    “…….Basically, Wikipedia was holed below the waterline as soon as editors such as Jayjg became firm personal friends of Jimbo Wales and set about writing history the way they wanted it to be. Jayjg was eventually told to knock it off, but only after most articles within the topic were heavily contaminated by the activities of him and his numerous cronies, great and small. Towards the end of 2010, one can still see a few very high-quality editors left and a huge amount of the most utter dross, editors who should, in very many cases, have been identified and stopped within days of their first appearance.

    The content of this page is intended to demonstrate the bias within Wikipedia brought about, ultimately, by the selective promotion of Zionists such as Jayjg to all administrative roles.

    Some of this page is a collection of evidence of the organisation (and funding) behind this manipulation. ……………”

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  13. crisscross767 – “Rockefeller Foundation Wants ‘Mercury Project’ Behavioral Scientists to Come Up With More Convincing COVID Vaxx Narratives | 28 Aug 2022”

    Thanks for the info, especially the link.

    Very interesting, Rockefeller foundation would likely use the project for additional shonky reasons, will keep an eye on that.

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  14. Latest news email from Senator Roberts says:
    “I’ve just sent the below media release out to mainstream media, let’s see if it gets any coverage.”
    Senator Roberts is calling on the Senate to reject the Climate Change Bills 2022 due to the complete lack of cost-benefit analysis.
    He says, “Carbon dioxide emissions reduction is the biggest change to Australian lives Parliament has ever considered.”
    “Despite the target’s huge impact, absolutely nothing in the Climate Change Bill says how it will be achieved, what the cost to Australia will be or what measurable impact reducing Australia’s carbon dioxide production will have on global temperature.”
    “Politicians don’t accept this kind of blank cheque and ignorant attitude to the flow-on effects of legislation in any other policy, and shouldn’t on energy.”
    Emissions reduction policies are expected to significantly impact energy, transport and agriculture.
    “Grids that have tried to rely on wind and solar to provide their needs have either been left in the dark or have skyrocketing energy prices. Instead of learning from international wind and solar disasters like Texas and Germany, Australian climate alarmists want us to follow their road to ruin.”
    “Adding emissions reduction to the National Energy Objectives will compromise the existing objectives of price, quality, safety, reliability and security of supply of energy.”
    “A government funded study has already sounded the alarm on the forced and premature uptake of electric vehicles, finding that uptake could increase electricity demand by 30-100% on Australia’s already struggling power grid.”
    “Under an emissions target, taxpayer money will be spent telling farmers to lockup their land for carbon dioxide credits, essentially a scam plagued with integrity issues and currently under government review. Australia’s farmers can grow enough to feed and clothe the world, yet won’t be able to under this target.”
    Senator Roberts’ submission to the Climate Change Bills inquiry outlines the lack of due diligence and ideological, rather than evidence based, attitudes that have driven climate policy.
    “Not a single politician can say what specific measurable impact these emissions reduction policies will have on any aspect of climate or weather.”
    “Until the true, full costs of an emissions target are given to Australia, this Bill must not pass.”

    Is HAARP a weather control weapon as well? Is weather control and electromagnetic weapons part of “owning the weather” and enforcing climate laws?
    Dark world of HAARP. and Lies v Truth:

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  15. Malcolm Roberts just sent this out to mainstream media… wonder if it will do any good..or if they will even print it…

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  16. Dandy – ” The Mercury project?!”
    “They use provocative articles to pick your brain”

    Thanks for the info.
    The Mercury Project – don’t have to go far to find who runs that project, just scroll down their home page, surprise, surprise, Rockefeller.

    Rockefeller, the family who donated the land for the UN in New York, Rockefeller owns the land around the UN building. Rockefeller owns the UN?.

    If the plandemic and all that it involves, is legit, above board, safe, and of great benefit for the people of the world – why would they need to have entities such as the Mercury project.
    Their home page shows that they are collecting information to prop up the failing C,,,d narrative, and find new ways to brainwash the sheeple?

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  17. “Jimmy Wales and the violating of children. In the 1990s Wikipedia’s criminal ‘founder’ Jimmy Wales, was selling internet pornography, and became known to US government as someone willing to violate children, tell lies, murder innocent people, and to be the largest global fraudster in the history of the internet. Wales accepted the ‘deal’ to be enriched posing as the founder-leader of the CIA’s Wikipedia, and to be the ‘face’ of a global operation of terrorism, molesting of children and murder, using a CIA-orchestrated ‘non-profit’ spreading lies under fake and anonymous names”.


  18. Meet Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales: Ex Porn Peddler Paid by ‘Israel’ to Spread Zionist Propaganda
    10 August 2018

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  19. KGB Defector Yuri Bezmenov 1985 Interview. Explains KGB Manipulation of US Public Opinion


  20. To crisscross 767, I wondered who had taken over CN, now I know.
    The Mercury project?!
    They use provocative articles to pick your brain.
    Don’t give it to them.

    May CN remain the historical record of just went down in our lifetimes.
    Unless the Editor can verify who is running the commentary now then maybe it’s time to say ‘au revoir’….

    Not one person in Australia has an excuse to not know everything they need to know.
    If they still don’t know, then no one can help them.

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  21. Rockefeller Foundation Wants ‘Mercury Project’ Behavioral Scientists to Come Up With More Convincing COVID Vaxx Narratives | 28 Aug 2022 |

    In yet another sign that the covid vaccination agenda of globalist institutions did not do quite as well as they had originally hoped, the Rockefeller Foundation has revealed that it (along with other non-profits) has been pumping millions of dollars into a behavioral science project meant to figure out why large groups of people around the world refuse to take the jab. The “Mercury Project” is a collective of behavioral scientists formed by the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), a non-profit group which receives considerable funding from globalist organizations and governments. …The root intentions appear to be focused on using behavioral psychology and mass psychology elements to understand the global resistance to the recent covid compliance efforts. Mercury groups will be deployed in multiple nations and regions and will study vaccine refusal and the medical “disinformation” that leads to it. They are operating with the intent to tailor vaccination narratives to fit different ethnic and political backgrounds, looking for the key to the gates of each cultural kingdom and convincing them to take the jab.


  22. “Yes it seems CN is not the forum it was”

    Yes, it does seem as if it’s been turning into an old, abandoned Spanish mission since the good padre retired. 😦

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  23. auntieet… Hang in there… there are some good people on here and much to learn. Re diabetes and dementia… prescription drugs have been causing these for years, and a biggie is the cholesterol con, and Statins in particular, and billions of people are on this. Cholesterol is made naturally in the body, without it you would be dead. Cardiac surgeons report that on autopsy people who had heart failure had almost no cholesterol in the body and high cholesterol had nothing to do with heart failure.

    I have higher cholesterol and doctors always try to get me onto statins which I always refuse. I take no prescription drugs and do not have diabetes and my brain is in perfect working order.

    See this link for more info and there are articles by doctors that state higher cholesterol is actually protective.. I think Dr Mercola, who is now banned, may have reported on this as well.

    Many drugs cause disease… another very popular range of drugs, PPIs, cause heart disease and deplete the body of B12… billions are on these as well..

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  24. Awww… awright auntie, have your little hissy fit, you’re entitled to one. lol But you make sure you’re back quick and smart after your holiday in Montenegro. XXX

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  25. Yes it seems CN is not the forum it was – but don’t leave – have a break – keep in touch.. and keep speaking the truth..

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  26. Auntieet. I agree somewhat with you and have been reading this site for about 3 years. I don’t think I made a comment for about 18 months. What I have learned here is beyond what I ever thought. I have been studying dementia now for 6 years and I question everything I am taught thanks to you knowledgable people (literally means I am a challenging student). And recently revealed 40 years of study on dementia total fraud ( not disclosed to me by university, found elsewhere). Diabetes causes dementia, diabetes caused by vaccines, as is cancer and the list goes on, can’t write that though because doesn’t fit their criteria. The Science is not peer reviewed or on their database so I can’t use (censorship again). Please don’t quit keep fighting. We are here in the present and what we do today can and will make a difference. We can’t change any history contrived or otherwise (as I have learnt), but we can bloody well do something about tomorrow. I have 3 girls, their life is going to be absolutely crap if I don’t stand up for them. I can’t prove this but guessing everyone of us has been told lies from childhood and always thought it the truth. Like the 7.5% welfare levy my mum remembers as does a friend of mine who did her dad’s tax. I have questioned lots of things my whole life but always came up empty till here and a few others 6-7 years ago. We all need to keep the knowledge coming please but also start by encouraging one person at a time to see the reality of this bullshit COVID fiasco in our own area then we have a chance. Look for the sick people walking around your street. I have absolute respect for older adults and to see them fully masked brings me to tears. The absolute fear mongering has been relentless. And from what I read many 4 dosed teachers, masked, that are educating my children, won’t be for long. I have never done drugs but been a smoker. Absolute reason government doesn’t give a shit about health. The banning of Ivermectin also shows that the government doesn’t give a shit about health. The overprescribing of anti-depressants and antibiotics (note anti) shows medical practitioners don’t give a toss about your health. So I am officially anti vaxxer, anti drugs, anti doctors. But hey in contrast pro abortionists aren’t considered ‘anti life.’ All of us here need to educate just one person and we can win. Please.

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  27. Hey auntieet, Absolutely everything that ron has expressed so well. I’m speechless right now – which as you know never happens. Feel a bit bereft. Hope you do a Lazarus! Love, WW DJ.

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  28. auntieet

    I will miss your uplifting, no messing around, to the point, and interesting comments.

    You are not afraid to hold your head up and tell it like it is – no nonsense and honest.

    You obviously have a great deal of very useful knowledge that is not only interesting but of value in the fight to help sort out the mess we are all in.

    Thanks for your info, thanks for your effort to help others.

    Please return when things settle (wordpress problems, etc) real patriotic Aussies are hard to find these days. At least let us know how you are going.

    You also take care. I look forward to hearing from you in the not too distant future…

    Cheers auntieet

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  29. …& Sunny (& …damnit, ol girls disease, lost your usernames) a few others I missed. You’re Champions, thank you for giving me hope we’re not all asleep sheep following a misguided flock following a leader to destruction

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  30. Goodbye my favourite CnsNews mob. I’m over the blocking, censorship & waffling morons telling us what we all know & self spruiking idiots. So, WarriorWoman, Freddie, Pcwwp, BonzaDavid, Ron, Blisskitt, Bloody Obvious Bob, Aakoning, AussieFem & Piggy…Any alternative news sites you’d recommend?
    You all take care, wonderful to meet you

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  31. Crypto Jews? Ah, you mean Jews who publicly change their names or religious affiliations for sales reasons? Is that to avoid every actor in Hollywood having a Jewish name?

    Jon Stewart, bob Dylan, john Kerry, michael Douglas, jason Alexander, brad Garrett, albert Brooks, david Brian, gene Simmons, ben Cardin, george Soros, woody Allen, larry King, jonah Hill, edward G. Robinson, estee Lauder, ralph Lauren, josh Keaton, natalie Portman, josh Peck, winona Ryder, sean Kanan, mike Wallace, andrew Dice Clay, barbara bach, elliot easton, elliot gould, erin Heatherton, jerry Lewis, barbara Hershey, gene Wilder, bea Arthur, benny Blanco, Ad-Rock, brian Robbins, cassandra Clare, david benioff, michael Bolton, don diamont, doris Roberts, elizabeth Berkley,Paul Rudd, frank Oz, Paul stanley, gal gadot, helen Slater, robby Benson, henry Rollins, jake Kasdan, jane Seymour, jared Polis, jason Alexander Katims, jeff Ross, jennifer Grey, jennifer L. Morrow, jessica rothe, jessica Walter, jill st. John, joan Rivers, joel Grey, judith Light, kat Dennings, sumner redstone, kirk Douglas, kenny G, lauren Bacall, wesley Clark, leslie kay, lindsay Sloane, mel Brooks, lauri Alan, michael Ian Black, michael Landon, michael oren, michael Savage, mike and Weston, Paul ben-Victor, perry Pharrell, peter Coyote, reid Scott, richard donner, rodney Dangerfield, ronn owens, samantha Harris, sandra Adair, sara Gilbert, sara rue, scott Clifton, seth grahame-smith, shelley Berkley, spike Jonze, susan Davis, tania raymonde, tony Curtis, tony Randall, walter Matthau, william garson,

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  32. “We are paying for our own demise. LOL”

    Yes, Han, and in so many moron cases very happily! lol


  33. Han, Dixon’s explanation is pretty close to the damn truth*, (regarding the infiltration of many crypto-Jews) in Germany as well as many other countries in Western Europe. “Yes many crypto-Jews infiltrated (Klaus Schwab would say: Penetrated) into various government positions in Western Europe after WWII.”
    Have met quite a number of them, and many kept on flaunting this…
    I did not mention this damn Holocaust, — maybe Dixon by accepting promoting this ongoing Holocaust, they let him get away with other anomalies as usual — and for him, it is paying bills. By the way, you know MORE people have survived this Holocaust than died.


  34. Big (A L) is very busy…

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  35. tonyryan43, Yes RIGHT on…

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  36. Is that one of the reasons, that so many are of the same type of Devil(s) that need to be named?


  37. Han, I think you know what’s happening… LOL

    “Rockefeller Foundation Wants Behavioral Scientists To Come Up With More Convincing COVID Vaxx Narratives.”

    The “Mercury Project”.

    They are keeping on trying, the KILL you…


  38. “There’s no business like repeat business.” Losing deliberately their repeat customer with their Covid kill shots is not a problem to them as they have been given indemnity for ‘inevitable’ side effects.

    They murder us, the useless eaters, and are getting paid for it from our tax money? Isn’t that a perfect business model?
    We are paying for our own demise. LOL

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  39. Debbie, here is some more ‘anecdotal evidence’. I had reason to go to a doctor to renew a script. I had a convo with the doctor and s/he knew everything I did about treatment of convid which means s/he was looking at the same source of research I had. There is no way possible even an ordinary person would take a jab if they had read that research let alone a docotr. Yet that doctor was involved in injecting patients.


  40. The medical industry is unfortunately one of the few where if you do the job PROPERLY and SUCCESSFULLY you lose your repeat customer. There’s no business like repeat business.


  41. “No vaccine works. It is all a giant con”

    Sadly, between the “germ” and “terrain” theories the more commercially exploitable one won the day.

    The reality we the stock are fed is bought and sold on the stock market, together with the stock. And it’s all subject to insider trading and price fixing by Mammon’s little helpers.

    That’s why we have governments, so the traders can be assured of an unfair day’s pay for an unfair day’s work. 🙂

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  42. tonyryan43: “Just a gentle reminder, before we make shrines to the doctors who have spoken out against the mRNA jab, they still support vaccinations.”

    “Vaccinations” as we knew them and were conditioned to accept were one thing, EXPERIMENTAL INJECTIONS are something quite different.

    EVERY doctor knew the injections were EXPERIMENTAL in nature, only a few said so. Most didn’t care about their duty of care, they cared more for going with the flow and being well paid puppets.

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  43. As Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said:

    The vaccine companies are making $60 billion a year selling mandatory vaccines.
    They are also making $500 billion a year selling epi pens, inhalers, anti-seizure medications, diabetes and arthritis meds, etc.

    Virtually all of the medications they sell are targeted to treat diseases that are listed as SIDE EFFECTS of the vaccines on their own manufacturer inserts.

    It is the perfect business model. They make us all sick and create lifetime customers.

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  44. tonyryan43 – “No vaccine works. It is all a giant con”

    Fully agree.

    If any person knows how to carry out unbiased ,and open minded research, which is easily and quickly achievable using the internet, they would very likely come to the same conclusions – “No vaccine works. It is all a giant con”

    They would then have far more up to date and real factual knowledge on the subject than most biased and brainwashed doctors.and nurses.

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  45. Hi tonyryan43, re: “All of this has been known by actual medical experts since around 2007, and Dr Joe Mercola has been warning for two decades.” EXACTLY. Thank you. Now those ‘doctor shrines’ can go the same way as the bloody Guidestones.

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  46. Now I’ll see if I can do a like on WarriorWomans last comment on ‘the vanishings’, if not, cheers DJ, yeah you’re right

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  47. Just a gentle reminder, before we make shrines to the doctors who have spoken out against the mRNA jab, they still support vaccinations.

    I will say this carefully: No vaccine works. It is all a giant con.

    For those who are hesitant about believing this (LOL), please go to (Australia Fights Back) and go to the drop-down menu and select the Vaccine/Autism controversy.

    All of this has been known by actual medical experts since around 2007, and Dr Joe Mercola has been warning for two decades.

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  48. Well I’ll be a MonkeysUncle, that one just got through, didn’t do anything different… & people wonder why I get paranoid

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  49. daviddd2: don’t know if this one will get through, (I’ll have a go anyway). Yeah mate, but it’s getting really weird, mostly if I try & post something to Freddie. I’ve had ‘ the you already said this’ thing in the past once, but this is different, this is what I reckon pcwwp & others were saying a while back, it just disappears, no option for ‘like’ either, amongst other things, but basically it’s a block not a freeze. So… I won’t remember what I tried to post earlier to Freddie/Tryan/number adds up to 7 & but this is the short of it & I’ll see if this goes through, they won’t block your name at the start of the comment, you’re too bonza. Be very interesting if it does & be more interesting if my last comment to him appears randomly at some stage & we see how much memory of mine goes in a flash, that’ll be something to laugh about too.
    See, couldn’t give you a ‘like’ agreed with what you said to him & having been around the traps a bit in my life, I wanted to add a little more… The crust of it was … that the feline knows you, your strengths & convictions, loves you for who you are, then expects you to not be you. What? And ‘Wailing’ to ‘go with the flow’? I summized ‘snorting like a spoilt sow’. I commended him on his survival instinct to question everything & disagreed with his answer on those who question. As nope, people like him will be expected to fight the fight they haven’t got the guts to fight……….

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  50. Hi auntieet, These reported ‘vanishings’ are quite bizarre. I had it happen a few times, but quite some time ago and then it stopped… just as I’d started getting used to copying and pasting as a preemptive strike! Since then, Tonyryan43 and dianedraytonbuckland started reporting it. I thought it was because Tony had changed his user name and suggested reverting back – which he has done. I REALLY don’t think (as Editor also did at one point) that this is a WordPress issue. I regularly comment on Waikanae Watch NZ who also use it, and have never had a problem. I also contribute to Independent US sites with no problem. It’s certainly generating some paranoia though eh?! Doubt it has anything to do with content either…if Han Barkmeyer, et al can all get through unscathed then anyone can hahaha.

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  51. auntieet,
    yep, sumthing’s amr with WordPress every now and then. It freezes blank and when you roll back to the previous page and try and repost, it says “you’ve already said that” . And then sometimes shows up in the comments and sometimes doesn’t.

    I reckon that Akismet fellow invites a bit of bad Kismet every now and then..


  52. Hi Debbie, Does not surprise me in the least.


  53. Hey Ed/s been talking to a few people, none of our comments, likes or links getting through on Wpress to CnsNews. Just posted comment to tonyryan43, my comment disappears


  54. I am told the outcome of the Haavara Agreement proceeded at a very slow pace and was required to be stepped up a few notches. Many previous, paid and sponsored migrations by the prospective owners of the Promised Land resulted in returns to Europe so an extended solution was probably considered more expedient. Nothing scatters people far and wide as much as panic.

    Besides, the eligible migrants from Germany were not sufficient in number to counter the Arab population in the Promised Land so it may well be that a wider and faster European effort was required.


  55. Anecdotal evidence has come out that some doctors and nurses used fake vax certs to keep working and avoid the jabs… my mind this makes them more cowardly than the other health pros still working. They took a big risk by committing fraud in order to keep their salaries but knew full well, indeed played a pivotal part in continuing to poison (injure and kill) the public and especially children.


  56. Hi aapkoning, Re: “A strong man cannot help a weaker unless the weaker is willing to be helped, and even then the weak man must become strong himself…etc etc”. Seriously? Forgive my candor here but, What has happened to you? So utterly down on the ‘Jews’ (or rather those perceived to be ‘Jews’ – which incidentally is a RELIGION not a RACE), but so utterly forgiving of the ‘weak’. Let me remind you that it is the ‘weak’ who have got us here. The ‘weak’ have ambled through their entire lives being ‘weak’ and leaning upon others. Their weakness and complicity in all the restrictions/mandates and loss of quality of life that they have selfishly inflicted on strong people; who at NO stage complied with ANYTHING. So WHO gives a rats about them?! Certainly not me…and most other courageous cerebral cortex functioning people. Some of these ‘weak’ have even committed alruistic pedicide (via death-shots) on their own children for God’s sake! If these ‘weak’ weren’t already dropping off from ‘Suddenly’ – we would no doubt like to finish them off ourselves. Survival of the fittest. And only then the rest of us (the STRONG) can maybe start anew and rebuild – without the ‘weak’ hanging around our necks.


  57. Hi aapkoning,

    “Dixon explained how this is the exact same type of race deception previously used by crypto-Jewish Nazi’s Himmler, Hess, Mengele, Eichmann, and Gobbles, in WW II to shape the direction of the war… through controlling most of Hitler’s decisions, as well as making ones without Hitler’s knowledge or consent, like the exterminations at the labor (concentration) camps, which were solely carried out by crypto-Jews Himmler and his crypto-Jew accomplice, Eichmann.

    “This Dixon explanation is pretty close to the damn truth…”

    I think that Dixon explanation is anywhere near the truth. Dixon accepts the Holocaust narrative, which is built on a huge lie.
    The reason why I didn’t want to mention Dixon as a source for exposing Bill Gates’ Jewish origin because he is wrong on the “crypto-Jewish Nazi’s Himmler, Hess, Mengele, Eichmann, and Gobbles (sic)” and “the exterminations at the labor (concentration) camps, which were solely carried out by crypto-Jews Himmler and his crypto-Jew accomplice, Eichmann”.

    Dr. Robert Faurisson, a French academic who became a prominent Holocaust Denier in the 1970s, was convicted and jailed several times.
    He was severely injured in a nearly fatal attack on September 16, 1989. After spraying a stinging gas into his face, temporarily blinding him, three assailants punched Faurisson to the ground and then repeatedly kicked him in the face and chest. “He was conscious, but he couldn’t speak,” said a fire fighter who gave Faurisson first aid. “His jaw was smashed. They destroyed his face.”

    The 60-year-old scholar, who had been out walking his poodle in a park in his home town of Vichy, suffered a broken jaw and severe head injuries. Physicians operated for four and a half hours to repair his jaw and treat a broken rib and badly swollen face.

    A group calling itself, “The Sons of the Memory of the Jews” claimed responsibility for the savage attack. In a statement, the group threatened:
    “Professor Faurisson is the first, but will not be the last. Let those who deny the Shoah [Holocaust] beware.”

    While French police officially would acknowledge only that “three young Jewish activists from Paris” had carried out the assault, the attackers are strongly suspected to have been with the Tagar/Betar organization.
    In Europe the most important Zionist terrorist group is Tagar, the youth (or “student”) branch of the radical Zionist movement Betar. The Tagar/Betar group has carried out numerous criminal attacks against “enemies”, including Holocaust revisionists.

    Headquartered in Paris, Tagar/Betar has close ties with the Israeli government, and particularly with the political party of Begin and Shamir. Tagar is reportedly controlled by Israel’s covert operations agency, the Mossad.

    Dr. Robert Faurisson once made an extremely interesting observation regarding the memoirs of Eisenhower, Churchill, and De Gaulle:

    Three of the best-known works on the Second World War are General Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe (New York: Doubleday [Country Life Press], 1948), Winston Churchill’s The Second World War (London: Cassell, 6 vols., 1948-1954), and the Mémoires de guerre of General de Gaulle (Paris: Plon, 3 vols., 1954-1959). In these three works not the least mention of Nazi gas chambers is to be found.

    Eisenhower’s Crusade in Europe is a book of 559 pages; the six volumes of Churchill’s Second World War total 4,448 pages; and de Gaulle’s three-volume Mémoires de guerre is 2,054 pages. In this mass of writing, which altogether totals 7,061 pages (not including the introductory parts), published from 1948 to 1959, one will find no mention either of Nazi “gas chambers,” a “genocide” of the Jews, or of “six million” Jewish victims of the war.

    Given that the Holocaust would reasonably rank as the single most remarkable episode of the Second World War, such striking omissions must almost force us to place Eisenhower, Churchill, and De Gaulle among the ranks of “implicit Holocaust Deniers.”

    The 1988 Leuchter report also demolished the existence of “gas chambers” in Auschwitz-Birkenau and Madjanek.

    Ron Unz is an American Jew and the owner of the Unz Report.

    The word “Holocaust” was not used before 1970. The Jews then decided to make the “Holocaust” a trade name or brand name to be marketed to the gullible and made it a dogma. NOT to be questioned.

    The Haavara (Transfer) Agreement from the 1930s suited both the Zionists who wanted the German Jews to move to Palestine and the German government to move the Jews out of Germany.

    From jewishvoiceforpeace 3 September 2013:

    Haavara (Transfer) was a company established in 1935 as the the result of an agreement between the Jewish Agency (the official Jewish executive in Palestine) and the Nazi regime.
    The agreement was designed to facilitate Jewish emigration to Palestine.
    Though the Nazis had ordered Jewish emigrants to surrender most of their property before leaving Germany, the Ha’avara agreement let them retain some of their assets by transferring them to Palestine as German export goods.
    Approximately 50,000 Jews emigrated to Palestine under this arrangement.

    The Haavara Agreement came to an end in 1939 with the start of WW2.

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  58. tonyryan43, know the feeling, like your comments re your EX, been in the same boat.
    Please note below part of my comment to Han.

    “When will people^ wake up? I don’t know… Maybe one day when they^ start thinking.!

    A strong man cannot help a weaker unless the weaker is willing to be helped, and even then the weak man must become strong himself; he must, through his own efforts, develop the strength he admires in another. No one but himself can change his condition.” ~ James Allen, the link is also available on the main website. 13 Languages are available on the website.


  59. Han many of the Crypto Jews Himmler, Hess, Mengele and Eichmann, “This was well known and many years ago, 1947” Lets say about halve of the NATO forces in the sixties all knew this. (((Yes I paid for what I was aware of dearly))). Can remember the propaganda movies* well. Now it looks even more compiled by the Jewish* Hollywood propaganda machine. You must admit, most people have fallen for the Hollywood* Crap even today it continuous.
    Re: “Dixon explained how this is the exact same type of race deception previously used by crypto-Jewish Nazi’s Himmler, Hess, Mengele, Eichmann, and Gobbles, in WW II to shape the direction of the war… through controlling most of Hitler’s decisions, as well as making ones without Hitler’s knowledge or consent, like the exterminations at the labor (concentration) camps, which were solely carried out by crypto-Jews Himmler and his crypto-Jew accomplice, Eichmann.
    This Dixon explanation is pretty close to the damn truth…”
    Many Jews before – during and after WWII blamed the Germans and even today,
    it is as simple as the bloody BLACK kettle and the BLACK furnace, they have been doing this for more then 3000 years. When will people^ wake up? I don’t know… Maybe one day when they^ start thinking.!
    A strong man cannot help a weaker unless the weaker is willing to be helped, and even then the weak man must become strong of himself; he must, through his own efforts, develop the strength he admires in another. No one but himself can change his condition.” ~ James Allen, link also available in the main website.


    What is being done to the Goyim world today, needs to be done the the Jewish world.


  60. Han, My historical sources go an similar direction, and what I know myself. Tend to agree with your article above.


  61. He who has got the printing Press, the Gold, the banks, he has got the Power.
    He is Never mentioned ((By agreement of the Jewish pack)) as the person who has Trillions…
    He sits on top of the heap…


  62. Hi Joey,

    I know about Greg Dixon and what he said about Bill Gates. There are also others like John de Nugent and Miles Mathis ‘Bill Gates – Jewish Aristocrat’.

    Gates like the Rockefellers try to hide their Jewishness and are very successful at doing so. Jewish sources say that the Rockefellers are also Jewish.

    American Jewish historian Rabbi Malcolm H. Stern wrote a book ‘Americans of Jewish Decent’. It was only published for Jews and only 550 copies were printed and each copy consecutively numbered.
    The book gave the history of 25,000 Jewish individuals in America and Rockefeller is mentioned in his book.

    Stephen Birmingham not a Jew but an expert on Jewish history, in his book ‘The Grandees’ published by Harper & Row, 1971, mentions Stern’s book and writes: “Who would expect to find the Rockefellers in the book?”

    Stephen Birmingham in the 1960s also published a book “OUR CROWD” The Great Jewish Families of New York

    Describing the rich New York City Jews from Germany, who considered themselves superior to the Polish and Russian Jew, stated clearly that the Rockefellers are Jewish.

    I would not doubt if the Rockefellers and Gates’ were of Jewish origin. Their actions speak for themselves. Their hatred and contempt for the Goyim know no bounds and they are hell bent on destroying, eradicating us.

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  63. Please Joey: note my reply to Han: Re Gates being Jewish it might help an bit.


  64. Han, Your last quote: “Very hard to find out if Bill Gates is Jewish too, but if he is not, he definitely is their Biggest Shabbos Goy and works hand in glove with them.”
    If he is Jewish, he might be both into one. Playing both sides to give credit to the unbelievers.
    Anyway, Have you seen this one? From: mileswmathis please note the link below. He has got many PDFs available for download…
    NEW PAPER, added 11/19/17, Bill Gates: Jewish Aristocrat.
    Where we link Gates to everyone else you have ever heard of, and show Microsoft is one more front of the MATRIX. By, the way, I like your article…


  65. The Jewish owned Central Banks which include the RBA are the basis of all the ills inflicted upon us.

    The Story of the Commonwealth Bank
    (D.J. Amos)


    “Here ends the story of the Commonwealth Bank and 3 features in it stand out very clearly;

    1. That of all the Administrations which have carried on the government of Australia, two of them are pre eminent for the injuries they have inflicted upon the people they, were appointed to serve: – The Bruce-Page of 1923-1929, and the Chifley Administration of 1945-1949. The former enslaved to domestic financiers an institution, which stood between Australia and ruin during the WWI, and could have been used to create permanent prosperity in times of peace. The latter rescued that institution from domestic slavery only to hand it over to a far harsher servitude abroad.

    2. That institutions, no matter how excellent they may be, are of little permanent use to a people who do not understand the value of them. The right of the people of this Commonwealth to expand or contract financial credit in accordance with their needs, by means of the Commonwealth Bank, was something that Australians should have safeguarded with the same jealously as they safeguard the right to vote. They did not do this, so when the artificial depression of the “thirties” burst upon them, they were exposed to the mercy of domestic and foreign financiers, who knew no mercy. Today, thanks to the International Monetary Agreements Act of the Chifley Administration, they are just as powerless to help themselves against future depressions, which those same financiers may be preparing for them.

    3. That International Finance now has complete control over the policy of the Commonwealth Bank – and through it over the policy of the entire banking system of Australia – no matter in whose hands the administration of the various banks may rest. International Finance can be trusted to see to it that the banking system in Australia is used, not for the benefit of the people but in furtherance of its own policy; we prosper or starve as it determines.”


  66. “WHEN long-serving and highly respected surgeon and reproductive specialist Dr Luke McLindon refused an mRNA vaccination last November, the medical establishment pounced and had him terminated from his position at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane.”

    Poornimah Wagh in her video says that there is no MRNA in the vaccines – that the batches are just various degrees of a toxic chemical cocktail

    “The Jab – It’s Poison And Will Kill You”

    The censors prevent me from posting the link


  67. Ahh yes – but who owns Blackrock?


  68. @Han, Gates is defiantly Jewish.
    He’s a Crypto-Jew, Pseudo-Christian

    According to John Bolton‘s nephew, Greg T Dixon, a Masonic High school friend and informant deeply connected with Freemasonry, Bill Gates is hiding from the goyim public the fact he is really Jewish.

    Dixon said Bill Gates father, Bill Gates Sr., made the decision a long time ago to hide the fact he’s Jewish because he thinks there are far too many “prominent Jews” in America and doesn’t want people to gain suspicion of this fact.

    So, just like that, he became a Christian. Funny thing is, Bill Gates Sr. has a history of doing this. If you check his bio on Wikipedia, it says he changed his name from Bill Gates II to simply Bill Gates Jr. “to avoid the appearance of elitism,” he openly states in the article.

    Dixon said Bill Gates mother, Mary Maxwell Gates, is also Jewish and played her part in the Gates family crypto-Jew ruse as well by going to the extremes of commissioning an oil painting portrait tinted to make her look more Aryan than her original Jewish genetic heritage.

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    In this flashback to the Economics 101 series, Michel Chossudovsky of explains the circular mechanism by which the banks become creditors of the very government that is bailing them out and thus leverage financial power over the political system itself. 12 minute video.

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  70. “In 2017, Bloomberg reported: “Blackstone built its rental-home business with an advantage few if any other buyers could match: billions of dollars in credit from large banks.”

    Hence the real estate bubble, which will explode into disaster and into the mother of all crashes as interest rates skyrocket, economies are driven backwards, and people lose their jobs.

    One could be forgiven for believing that they are getting into REAL and tangible assets as they ditch the ballooning fictional value of their fictionally created $ .

    After all, that’s why DEPRESSIONS are created, is it not? To convert paper wealth into REAL wealth. To make the poor poorer and the wealthy wealthier. The term “robber barons” comes to mind.


  71. You’re welcome, Jen, but the credit and merit goes to blisskit. 🙂


  72. Hi aapkoning, CATACLYSMIC DUCK and David,


    “BlackRock may control the World’s Economic Future
    To put this into perspective, BlackRock, an investment firm, has more power than most governments on Earth, and it also controls the Federal Reserve, Wall Street mega-banks like Goldman Sachs and the WEF’s Great Reset, according to F. William Engdahl, a strategic risk consultant and lecturer who holds a degree in politics from Princeton University.

    ““There is a definite pattern and suggests that the role of BlackRock in Washington is far larger than we are being told,” Engdahl says. The Campaign for Accountability also released a report in 2019 detailing how BlackRock “implemented a strategy of lobbying, campaign contributions, and revolving door hires to fight off government regulation and establish itself as one of the most powerful financial companies in the world.”

    “BlackRock founder and CEO Larry Fink also has close ties to WEF’s head Klaus Schwab, and joined WEF’s board in 2019. According to Engdahl:
    “Fink … now stands positioned to use the huge weight of BlackRock to create what is potentially, if it doesn’t collapse before, the world’s largest Ponzi scam, ESG [Environment, Social values and Governance] corporate investing. Fink with $9 trillion to leverage is pushing the greatest shift of capital in history into a scam known as ESG Investing.

    “The UN ‘sustainable economy’ agenda is being realized quietly by the very same global banks which have created the financial crises in 2008. This time they are preparing the Klaus Schwab WEF Great Reset by steering hundreds of billions and soon trillions in investment to their hand-picked ‘woke’ companies, and away from the ‘not woke’ such as oil and gas companies or coal.

    “… Oil companies like ExxonMobil or coal companies no matter how clear are doomed as Fink and friends now promote their financial Great Reset or Green New Deal … And we can expect that the New York Times will cheer BlackRock on as it destroys the world financial structures.””


    “Another giant private equity firm, Blackstone, is also deeply entrenched in U.S. real estate. Blackstone is the largest landlord in the U.S. as well as the largest real estate company worldwide, with a portfolio worth $325 billion. In June 2021, Blackstone agreed to buy Home Partners of America, a company that rents single-family houses, and its 17,000 houses, for $6 billion.

    “Blackstone and BlackRock sound alike for a reason. Blackstone’s co-founder, billionaire Steve Schwarzman, said during an interview on Squawk Box that he and Fink “started in business together. We put up the initial capital.”
    BlackRock used to be called Blackstone Financial, but Fink went off on his own. Schwarzman said, “Larry and I were sitting down and he said, ‘What do you think sort of about having a family name with ‘black’ in it,’” and BlackRock was born.

    “Blackstone became notorious for swooping in after the housing bubble burst and buying tens of thousands of homes at deeply discounted prices. They then turned them into single-family rentals, taking advantage of the recession.

    “In 2017, Bloomberg reported: “Blackstone built its rental-home business with an advantage few if any other buyers could match: billions of dollars in credit from large banks. Its Invitation Homes subsidiary quickly became the largest single-family home landlord in the U.S., with 50,000 properties. Altogether, hedge funds, private-equity firms and real estate investment trusts have raised about $20 billion to purchase as many as 200,000 homes to rent.”
    Now, with many struggling due to yearlong business shutdowns and lockdowns, and home prices rising, many Americans are having difficulty finding affordable single-family homes to buy.


    “Both BlackRock CEO Fink and Bill Gates are pushing for “net zero” carbon emissions. But as BlackRock is busy buying up houses, Gates is hard at work amassing farmland and is now the largest owner of farmland in the U.S.

    “By 2030, Gates is pushing for drastic, fundamental changes, including widespread consumption of fake meat, adoption of next generation nuclear energy and growth of a fungus as a new type of nutritional protein. The deadline Gates has given to reach net zero emissions is 2050, likely because he wants to realize his global vision during his lifetime.”

    BlackRock founder and CEO Larry Fink also has close ties to WEF’s head Jewish Klaus Schwab.

    Laurence D. Fink, more popularly known as Larry Fink, was born on November 2, 1952, into a Jewish family.

    Blackstone’s co-founder, billionaire Steve Schwarzman is also Jewish:
    From Israeli HAARETZ Sep 14, 2017

    “Jewish Billionaire on Trump’s Business Council Says People Called Him ‘Nazi’ After Charlottesville. Billionaire investor Steve Schwarzman co-founder and CEO of the Blackstone Group, says “I mean, I’m Jewish, it was absurd”.”

    Very hard to find out if Bill Gates is Jewish too, but if he is not, he definitely is their Biggest Shabbos Goy and works hand in glove with them.

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  73. Blisskitt… sorry it was you that provided that Dr Thorpe link… well done and thanks..


  74. daviddd2 – Thanks for that link, it was definitely worth listening to. I wonder which countries he was talking about that have now stopped the vax completely? Must investigate.

    And yes, wouldn’t mind betting they throw all the doctors under the bus..


  75. blisskit: “Another Dr in the US. James A. Thorp speaking up. Worth a listen.”

    It’s actually worth a few listens! Thanks.


  76. tonyryan43: “Why can’t you just go with the flow, like the rest of us?” she wailed.

    That’s right, follow the sheep over the cliff, why bother to use your head? LOL You did well to cut your losses, mate! 🙂

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  77. Auntieek…

    Why did not all of us fall for the scam?

    It comes down to one thing.

    My former wife was driven nuts by my attitude. “Why do you have to question everything? Why can’t you just go with the flow, like the rest of us?” she wailed.

    I doubt she will ever see the irony, jabbed to the eyeballs as she is. But the answer to her question is, those who ask questions will probably be alive in 10 years. Those who go with the flow will be down the gurgler.

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  78. Great Post – I knew of the deaths – 1223 – but most people don’t – just mind blowing..
    Fatal 1223
    Not recovered at the time of report 11361


  79. To aapkoning, I recall watching MSM back in the early days of ‘covid’ when one of the interviewees in Victoria made a compelling comment.
    He said he didn’t want to get hexed due to the response he was going to give.
    He also looked like he meant it.
    I thought it was a very odd thing to say at the time.

    The more people that show no fear, the better off we will all be.

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  80. Another Dr in the US. James A. Thorp speaking up. Worth a listen.


  81. Thanks for the farmer video, Han, it’s well on the mark.

    It’s also very well for governments and the big Money Merchants to get in bed with each other, but it’s not very well that we ordinary folk end up fkd. In America it’s known as “Love, American Style”. Elsewhere it’s called “Love, Fascist Style”, a globalist Money Merchant production.



    Thanks for the video link Han


  83. Han, Yes this video does show what’s going on in a nutshell, for people that rather listen than read.


  84. Dandy, Part of your Quote is likable: “Operation mass hypnosis was underway…..”
    Already for a long time.
    If people really had any idea re:
    “Hypnosis” — | — Fear, Angst, Curse, Faith, Spellbound. A turnaround could be Quick.

    Fear is an essential ingredient of a curse, (Spellbound), just as faith is vital for psychosomatic healing. One may dismiss the notion that fear of magic could paralyse a modern, educated human being, but the fact is that, with a little elementary psychology, almost anyone can cast a spell on almost anyone else.
    Just look back at the last 2½ years during this lockstep control of the world population. The majority of the population changed into putty of the controllers and became totally “Spellbound.”
    A London psychiatrist whose interest runs to magic and witchcraft explained: ‘If I told even an average layman that I was a witch and had put a fatal curse on him, he would probably just laugh. But if I told him, with a suitable expression of horror, that I had accidentally poured a deadly poison into his gin and that he would die within five minutes, it is highly likely that he would suffer severe stomach cramps, headache, and nausea. Knowing that I am a doctor, he would probably just take my word for it: and that’s the way that magic – curative of malicious – works.’
    Remember the look of the mask wearers, their fear in those eyes?
    For many de-briefing of being Spellbound is not an easy fact…
    Let’s hope for most people the urge for Freedom is so strong that the percentage goes up that much so a turnaround could be fast. Because it needs to be FAST…


  85. Blackrock is buying up US homes like there is no tomorrow.
    In the first quarter of 2021, 15% of U.S. homes sold were purchased by corporate investors — not families looking to achieve their American dream. While they’re competing with middle-class Americans for the homes, the average American has virtually no chance of winning a home over an investment firm, which may pay 20% to 50% over asking price, in cash, sometimes scooping up entire neighborhoods at once so they can turn them into rentals.

    BlackRock is one of a number of companies mentioned by The Wall Street Journal in a recent exposé.
    “Yield-chasing investors are snapping up single-family homes, competing with ordinary Americans and driving up prices,” they warned. The question is, why would institutional investors and BlackRock, which manages assets worth $5.7 trillion, be interested in overpaying for modest, single family homes?

    To understand the answer, you must look at BlackRock’s partners, which include the World Economic Forum (WEF), and their extreme political and financial clout.

    (WARNING!) From An Australian FARMER! ~ (MEGA!) Food Shortage ~ No More Farm Land! 13 Aug 2022
    In today’s video, Matt and Texas Dad react to an Australian Farmer Warning video. We feel passionately that this “WAR ON FARMERS” needs to be exposed and discussed. The long play is very easy to see, it’s a land grab by the big corporations to buy out the farmers and push them off of their land. Once the land is controlled by huge investment groups and corporations, they have the power to control our food supply.

    “Money is literally no object to some of these large venture capital companies and guys like Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Blackrock.” 4:30 minute mark

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  86. Spot on, Dandy! The American duopoly is Hegel’s Dialectic at work, just as it works in Australia and elsewhere.

    Trumpf v Biden = American Messiah who will rescue America from the chaos created and institute order by installing a regime of complete obedience “demanded by the populace”. And so for the rest of the world which is being plunged into chaos at super sonic speed.

    The Mammonites are in a real hurry at this point, lest the “populace” suddenly wakes up and mounts any resistance.


  87. Just had to mention this – while I was out driving to go shopping, I saw a ute parked on the side of the road with a big sign saying – treason – do not trust doctors… there was more but I could not stop to read it all as it was on the opposite side of the busy road I was on…. I must say it gave me a good feeling. Someone was doing something, however small, to get the message out…

    I understand people are putting billboards up on private property with similar type messages elsewhere..

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  88. To Han, the link you posted is only “based on one first-hand account and one journalistic account”.
    I don’t think it holds enough weight.

    There are many twists and turns to the playbook.

    It seems increasingly plausible that (((they))) of a certain branch of ‘Society’ with religious and/or race overtones are striving to create their own scenario of ‘order out of chaos’.
    This saying is written on the Baphomet.
    ‘Ordo ab Chao’ in Latin.
    They have seized this time in history.

    Once this ‘Ordo ab Chao’ scenario has played out, then (((they))) plan to take the reigns in their new International Rules based World Order, as the ‘chosen ones’ they believe themselves to be based on their interpretation of historical writings (with their own poet licence added).

    There is no way the free world would allow any of this to happen unless there was a chaos that demanded it.
    Chaos like famine or war or economic hardship.

    A ‘pandemic’ not seen in this generation was the opportunity that set the stage.

    In this playbook we are up to the part where they have sent in the ‘chaos’….a so-called demented old man called Biden (who I believe is of sound mind) to further trash America, and he’s doing a stellar job, while his wayward son and the family dealings remain intact.

    Soon enough (((they))) will bring in their chosen ‘order’….a ‘predestined’ Trump that Americans already know, and were programmed to believe was on their side just because he held up a Bible and used the right rhetoric.
    Smoke and mirrors as they do in this Country.

    Trump knew, Trump knows, Trump has been biding his time.
    Some say it is Biden who is ‘biding’ time until it’s Trump’s turn again.

    Trump is not ignorant to the playbook.
    Not at all.
    He has attended their functions.
    They play the same games they play in this Country.
    They look like opposite sides, until they get together for drinky poos.
    “It’s one big club….”

    At first Trump will have the American conservatives fooled.
    Until the honeymoon is over.

    Trump would have known that Fauci was a hand in coat man.
    Fauci cast this deliberate action on stage for those who were watching while his face revealed that smirk.
    “It’s just one big club….”

    Operation mass hypnosis was underway…..

    The snake poem (as Trump read to a public crowd in 2020), remains open to interpretation. While some claim it’s about xenophobia….I propose it is more about ritual predictive programming….because they have to tell you beforehand…

    Why would Trump even read something like a snake poem at a Rally?…..


    “On her way to work one morning, down the path along the lane, a tender hearted woman saw a poor half frozen snake.
    His pretty coloured skin had been all frosted with the dew, “poor thing” she cried, “I’ll take you in and I’ll take care of you”.

    “take me in oh tender woman, take me in for heaven’s sake, take me in oh tender woman”…sighed that vicious snake.

    She wrapped him up all cozy, in a comforter of silk, and she laid him by the fireside with some honey and some milk.
    She hurried home from work that night, as soon as she had arrived, she found that pretty snake she’d taken in, had been revived.

    “take me in oh tender woman, take me in for heaven’s sake, take me in oh tender woman”… sighed that viscous snake.

    She clutched him to her bosom, “you’re so beautiful” she cried, “but if I hadn’t brought you in by now, you know you would died”.
    She stroked his pretty skin again and kissed and held him tight but instead of saying thank you, the snake gave her a vicious bite.

    “take me in oh tender woman, take me in for heaven’s sake, take me in oh tender woman”….sighed that vicious snake.

    “I saved you” cried the woman, “and you’ve bitten me, but why?, you knew your bite was poisonous, and now I’m going to die”

    “Shut up silly woman” said the reptile with a grin, “you knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in….”

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    It is not an impossibility, that BlackRock’s influence over the banks denies services to companies that haven’t written ESG into their policies and procedures, or to individuals that do not comply with Schwab’s “collective endeavour”, of ruling over future Global Super Cities, regions, bugs and all.”

    As the Covid fake vax narrative crumbles amid Shingles and sticky blood, the global warming lies ramp up.

    The AMA takes global warming seriously, as does Bank Aùstralia Limited based in Victoria as it exploits an environmentally abusive opportunity.

    It is stated ~ 1,892,700 litres (500,000 gallons) of water is used in the extraction of 1 tonne of Lithium.

    Water is a finite resource.

    That doesn’t include the manufacture of, or what fuels the drill rigs, haulage trucks or electrical power generators in the extraction process, or the energy used in waste management to incinerate damaged non recyclable cells and cost of depolluting contaminated environments for the World’s


  91. Hi Ashley, Thank you so much for your comment. Yes, the levels of consciousness and transcendence from base levels of consciousness. Most have no comprehension – and it is not something you can impart and/or ‘teach’ as you obviously know. Rather like trying to explain aerodynamic theory to your goldfish!
    For Māori, (and other first nation peoples), Wairua (spirituality) has always been acknowledged as a necessity of their health and wellbeing. And interestingly, from which many Western psychoanalytical theories were based upon, albeit with little true understanding – just as Western esoterocism is prone to do.


  92. Ashley: “To Sunny’s question – “What made all of us different? Why didn’t we fall for the scam?”

    Simple answer is that some people are screwed in the head and some are not.


  93. To Sunny’s question – “What made all of us different? Why didn’t we fall for the scam?”

    I think there will be various individual reasons but I believe it’s highly relevant to consider how the ego mind state behaves. Those under it’s spell, on a subconscious level, will actually seek out and accept bad things to happen to them – the ego mind CONSPIRES to deny our true Godly and natural selves.

    Those not falling for the scam are more likely to have developed wisdom, whether that be via an impactful experience within this life or they may simply possess evolved wisdom at the core, which attracted them to being a conspiracy researcher in the first place.

    It is through experience and subsequent wisdom that we learn to see through and reject a problematic world that is being allowed for and created through compliance of the masses.

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  94. Han, The Australian Government bureaucrats blocked “Ivermectin” simply because they know it works, and been (Ha Ha following orders)…Yes I — we just followed orders.
    AND it fills our bank accounts with futuristic credit tokens… The all mighty US $ that is totally Fiat and dying!…


  95. YES: “The entire show is one big fking massive “PLANNED” FRAUD and we’re right in it!”


  96. Moderna suing Pfizer for using mRNA technology for COVID vaccines.Moderna patented the technology between 2010-2016 according to the article. Interesting?!


  97. Hi David,

    “And if the goal was something else then as George Carlin would say: “The entire show is one big fking massive FRAUD and we’re right in it!””

    I am a big fan of George Carlin, he was and still is my favourite comedian.
    Have a look at this 1999 video where he delivered a humorous speech in which he made fun of Washington politics and the language of politics. He also talked about America’s penchant for euphemism and about labeling minorities.

    George Carlin: Brain Droppings His speech starts at the 5:30 minute mark.

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  98. Jared Kushner and the Mystery of the First US Lockdown

    “Thanks to several journalistic accounts, we have a better idea of what went on in the White House before the dreadful March 16, 2020, press conference of Donald Trump, Anthony Fauci, and Deborah Birx in which the lockdowns were announced. Along with that came a flier with tiny print about which the ever-trusting Trump apparently knew nothing: “bars, restaurants, food courts, gyms, and other indoor and outdoor venues where groups of people congregate should be closed.””

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  99. I did post this yesterday but disappeared perhaps too many links. Remember also Apr 2020, Clive Palmer ordered 33 + million doses of HCQ. Some of which went to the medical stockpile (but never used for COVID) and some reportedly destroyed.

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  100. CDC Backtracks on COVID Guidance — Is It a Political Ploy?
    Without fanfare, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Aug. 11, reversed all its COVID-19 guidelines — was the move politically motivated? And what happens after the midterms?

    “In fact, many have noted it appears the CDC wanted to bring as little attention to it as possible.
    This is understandable, considering the new guidelines more or less admit the original rules were in error, without actually stating as much.

    “Under the subhead, “Protecting Persons Most at Risk for Severe Illness,” the CDC now takes a page straight out of the Great Barrington Declaration and recommends focused protection, meaning protecting those “at particularly high risk … because of older age, disability, moderate or severe immunocompromise, or other underlying medical conditions.”

    “Need anyone be reminded that doctors and scientists have been defamed and dragged through the mud for saying this?

    “And Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and his former boss, Dr. Francis Collins, then-director of the National Institutes of Health, were the masterminds behind the effort to discredit and take down the authors of the Barrington declaration.”

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  101. To D Johnson, your latest comments highlight to me that you get it.
    A good summary in my view.

    Anyone still using terminology like ‘long covid’ still believes in ‘covid’.

    ‘Long covid’ is vaccine injury.
    An experimental gene technology that disrupts a person’s own complex immunity can do that.
    It can take a ‘Long’ time to get over it, if ever.


  102. Blisskitt… You are correct. So much has happened and it is so complex, its easy to forget some things that happened in the beginning.

    daviddd2- I agree with your comments re prophylactic use of the Ivm and Hyd – and to ban these and continue to ban them, proves complicity of governments worldwide in these crimes against humanity. Even some herbs with the same properties are banned. And herein lies the proof of their guilt.


  103. danielafuritane

    The Australian government want to destroy the human life. They will not win.


  104. Han,
    For me, the prohibition of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine et al, and the GOVERNMENT FAILURE to even look into such demonstrated and empirically proven prophylactic and curative options gave the entire game away.

    Instead, they forced us into receiving experimental injections without adequate trial and research. That never made sense unless the goal was something else other than public health. And if the goal was something else then as George Carlin would say: “The entire show is one big fking massive FRAUD and we’re right in it!”

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  105. “Prof. Jeffrey Sachs says he is “pretty convinced [COVID-19] came out of US lab biotechnology” and warns that there is dangerous virus research taking place without public oversight.”

    The “mysterious” respiratory disease in Maryland,immediately preceding the emergency closure of the Maryland US bio-weapons labs at Fort Dietrich due to leaks and security reasons might be a starting point.

    That was on the eve of the pandemic breakout around July 2019. It was attributed to a vaping pandemic by teenagers but the sad part was that it was the elderly not the vaping kids who were dying. Of similar problems as are attributed to c-vid.

    A few brave journalists attempted to research it but ran into a wall of non cooperation from anyone connected. Even the victims!


  106. Of all the harmful misinformation spread over the past couple of years, one of the most disturbing false narratives was targeted at the Nobel Prize winning HUMAN medicine, Ivermectin.

    We produced this short film to correct the narrative and to reveal the motive behind the smear campaign against one of the safest and most effective medicines of this era.
    A medicine that, according to the numerous top scientists I’ve interviewed, would have ended the pandemic before it began.
    A medicine that could have saved countless lives.

    Every medical professional I’ve spoken with, stress the importance of early treatment and the critical use of Ivermectin for long covid.
    Myself, my family and friends use Ivermectin regularly as a preventative against all the new variants spreading throughout our immune compromised communities.

    Because I believe the withholding of Ivermectin is a crime against humanity, I’ve sourced what I believe is one of the best places to stock up on this truly remarkable medicine.
    Please watch this important video and share it with everyone you know.

    Mikki Willis
    Father, Filmmaker 14 minute video

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  107. Why the Chair of the Lancet’s COVID-19 Commission Thinks The US Government Is Preventing a Real Investigation Into the Pandemic

    Prof. Jeffrey Sachs says he is “pretty convinced [COVID-19] came out of US lab biotechnology” and warns that there is dangerous virus research taking place without public oversight.

    Prof. Jeffrey Sachs is the Director of the Center for Sustainable Development at Columbia University and the President of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network. He has also served as the chair of the COVID-19 commission for leading medical journal the Lancet.

    Through his investigations as the head of the COVID-19 commission, Prof. Sachs has come to the conclusion that there is extremely dangerous biotechnology research being kept from public view, that the United States was supporting much of this research, and that it is very possible that SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19, originated through dangerous virus research gone awry.
    Prof. Sachs recently co-authored a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences calling for an independent inquiry into the virus’s origins.

    He believes that there is clear proof that the National Institutes of Health and many members of the scientific community have been impeding a serious investigation of the origins of COVID-19 and deflecting attention away from the hypothesis that risky U.S.-supported research may have led to millions of deaths.

    If that hypothesis is true, the implications would be earth-shaking, because it might mean that esteemed members of the scientific community bore responsibility for a global calamity. In this interview, Prof. Sachs explains how he, as the head of the COVID-19 commission for a leading medical journal, came to the conclusion that powerful actors were preventing a real investigation from taking place.

    He also explains why it is so important to get to the bottom of the origins of COVID: because, he says, there is extremely dangerous research taking place with little accountability, and the public has a right to know since we are the ones whose lives are being put at risk without our consent.

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  108. Thanks everyone.
    We need an emoji of hangman’s noose lol.

    For me, think was my instinct screaming at me that it didn’t make sense, or perhaps angels whispering.
    I’m SO glad I dug my heels in and refused to cave into any of the nonsense and convinced my family as well.
    I still share with those who will listen but despair for those who just won’t see.

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  109. Hi Jen, Well suffice to say premeditated murder from start to finish – although also, ultimately, death by stupidity unfortunately. Ivermectin is purely an antiparasitic – so in reality may only prove effective on the perpetrators haha. Yes, the fake PCR tests designed to give false positives and the ridiculous RAT’s that vanished almost as quickly as they emerged. The QR check-ins designed to track and steal personal data. The masks which have caused untold health problems:- from skin disorders, to oral and dental issues, to respiratory illnesses. So many people fell for it all – hook, line and sinker. The sheer gullibility breathtaking. But Yes, these are the same mentality of people who would’ve been religiously getting their useless out-of-date flu shots year in year out. The only ones I feel for are the innocent children who had no say or recourse against their so-called ‘parents’ moronicy and altruistic abuse.


  110. We need to back track a little and remember things. They had to ban and discredit ivermectin because if there was an alternative treatment already available, they could not get vaccine through even under Emergency Authorisation.


  111. D Johnston… Yes you are right – and 10,000 5G towers were turned on in Wuhan that same week.. what a coincidence…!!

    Though whatever the people were sick with – which was probably normal flu – were helped by the Ivm probably because it was antibacterial and antiviral – there is proof of that in the countries that did use it. The Remdesivir and intubation of course helped to bring up the so called covid death figures. I think so many healthy people died for nothing when diagnosed by the fake posiitve PCR tests (which they have since admitted could only detect the common cold!), once they got to hospital, it was game over.

    Of course people have been groomed for years to line up for useless flu shots…

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  112. “And how will practitioners react who finally come to their senses and realize the enormity of their decision to inject this experimental concoction despite the many warnings, and for what? — to hold onto a job?”

    “But really, at this point, many public health officials must be secretly wondering how they will evade prosecution.” –James Howard Kunstler, August 9, 2020

    “Some doctors should lose their licenses. Some bureaucrats need to lose their jobs while others need to go to trial.” –Chris Martenson, August 12, 2022

    They’re Killing our Children: Will There be Doctors and Public Health Officials Fleeing for the Exits?

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  113. Hi Jen, I thoroughly agree with your comment… except for; “they banned the medication that really was safe and effective and had been used for 30 years and would have stopped the whole thing overnight….” This is only my opinion but 1) they banned the medication (and I assume you mean Ivermectin), because they didn’t want ANYTHING interfering with their experimental-gene-therapy-death-shots. This would have severely impacted upon the uptake/administering of jabs – which of course (as always) would have lead to loss of untold $$$$$”s whilst failing in their culling agenda. It was their circus and the monkeys were to perform only as they were supposed to. And incidentally, probably where they got the inspiration for the other mythical virus Monkeypox from actually.
    2) There was NEVER EVER a virus “to stop” in the first instance. It was the hoax/precursor they needed to create simply as a means to administer their poison. So Ivermectin would be pointless anyway. Akin to taking it to ward off little green men invading from Mars. Last time I looked, they don’t exist either.


    A documentary and interview series covering the information needed to understand where we are today. The full-length film came out on January 15, 2022.

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  115. Sunny – why did I not fall for the scam..? I have been reading alternative news for years and know the world is not as it seems, and also that MSM does not tell the whole truth about anything, but misinforms/omits information that puts the wrong perspective on things.

    Also the biggie, the word “experimental”, i.e. guinea pig – raised countless red flags for me.. so I immediately began investigating and did not like what I found.

    Lockdowns, which is a prison term… isolation… segregation…. these are tyrannical things and take away people’s freedoms.,. another bunch of red flags. Also the fact that they banned the medication that really was safe and effective and had been used for 30 years and would have stopped the whole thing overnight.. and are still banned.

    Then they censored experts, doctors and scientists who tried to warn about these dangerous vaccines and what was in them and what they were doing in the body.

    I was surprised that everyone else did not see what I saw immediately, and I am still surprised.. and dismayed.


  116. Hi Dandy, Thanks for your reply. To eliminate misunderstanding and further clarify my views – just a little etymology…
    Fan = “a shortened version of the word fanatic. Fanatic itself, introduced into English around 1550, means “marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion”.
    Hero worship = “veneration of a hero. 2 : foolish or excessive adulation for an individual.”
    Both are terms and forms of behaviour which I have always deemed to be juvenile or adolescent traits…even when I was an adolescent myself! – and therefore have never subscribed to them. Arrested development results in the adoption or adherence to such traits and is always prevalent with those who in life are ‘followers’ rather than ‘leaders’. As we know, this leads to herd mentality.
    Having Respect or Esteem however, is rooted in critical analysis – weighing up pros and cons (which entails taking into account weaknesses as well as strengths) and also judging from evidential actions – in order to arrive at an opinion or judgement.
    As for DJT….as I keep saying; this is NOT all about him. That is an extremely myopic view. He is simply spearheading the charge to not only overthrow the illegitimate Presidency and the Democrats but to eradicate the RINO’S who are also part of the Deep State. There are a number of worthy and well primed candidates for the Republican Presidency. Devin Nunes to name but one. After all, DJT is not immortal – and would no doubt far prefer to just live out his remaining time in peace – free from years of relentless lies, hoaxes and unfounded persecution. That is all I wish for him.


  117. thankyou for telling the truth


  118. Sunny: ““why didn’t we fall for the scam”

    Because some people haven’t bought into the gas lighting inculcated in us since birth, namely we are all sinners and not worthy of such things as self esteem, self respect and whatever else the false Prophets declare us unworthy of.

    Because some of us somehow still realise that we are actually capable of TALKING rather than simply BLEATING!


  119. Dandy: “My con radar cannot unsee, maybe I too, was looking for a hero.”

    Amen! Good to see you haven’t fallen for the one they served you. lol 2 and 2=4, not 22 like some people are conned into believing.


  120. ““The world is engaged in the largest clinical trial, the largest global vaccination trial ever” according to Health Minister Greg Hunt.”

    And the mandates from the Australian government and corporate institutions say you will be fined and won’t eat until you submit to participating in their medical experiment.

    Straight out of Dr Mengele’s playbook. Enjoy, Australia! There’s plenty more to come.


  121. To Sunny, and your interesting question, “why didn’t we fall for the scam”?

    Given the state of hypnotic fear and daily ‘covid’ floating images and programming at the time it is difficult to define why not.

    I think there are those who have a tendency to ‘oppositional defiant behaviour’ and this is the one time it has worked in their favour.
    Generally these people prefer to do the opposite and are comfortable with that.
    They are well practised in it.

    Then there are those who don’t like being pushed into a corner, and that was their motive….”my body, my choice”.
    They may have had no concerns about the injection at the time, and not even realise it was a clinical trial but they just didn’t like the overreach.

    Then there were those who wanted to know the devil in the details first so their deliberations which took time, gave them opportunity watch it all unfold and they are very glad they waited.
    They were either good listeners and heard the faint cries of debate or just had open enquiring minds.

    Then there were those who don’t waste time with propaganda MSM so were not hypnotised on a daily basis. They just carried on. The sun still shone and no-one looked sick to them. Realists.

    The biggest one I think were those who were prepared to listen to their gut which was more compelling than going along with the popular stream.

    This was an extremely difficult situation to be in.
    Australia has a culture that demands otherwise.
    These were the people who are in tune with themselves.
    That gnawing sense however would come at a personal cost to their lives, their once happy and stable relationships and even their jobs…

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  122. Sunny: “Q what made all of us different? why didn’t we fall for the scam”?
    Often wonder that myself. Who knows? Critical thinkers? Enquiring minds? In charge of our own minds, educated by life not schools? A thirst for knowledge? Not easily led? An inbuilt distrust of govt & media? The uncontrollable instinct to fight our own fight instead of wavering in the background waiting for someone else’s info & guidance? The ability to see through bs & not be bluffed by a distinguished position, being govt or any authority? A hunch that something’s just not right? Your gut telling you. Magnetic resonance passed down from ancestors? To know when to be ‘onguard’, survival instinct? The knowledge to look after our own souls?
    Ever been to a hypnotist show, where a lot of the audience is hypnotized, but some of us aren’t, cause as soon as you think “ah this is bs”, breaks the spell

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  123. To D Johnson, I was a fan of Trump’s for a very long time and spent way too much time analysing his every word. It is actually on that basis I came to the conclusion in my own mind that he was in fact, a fraud. The artifacts in his own home did not tally with him holding up a Bible, his Corporate connections and who he truly supported in the crisis, including keeping alive the QAnon lie while setting himself up as a future hero. Remember his speech towards Hong Kong? I do, because I wrote down every word, and it was long.
    He essentially threw Hong Kong under the bus.
    The devil is in the detail of this man’s life.
    1776 and the Freemasonry Presidents through the ages are interwoven into his speeches.
    His protection of all things Israel, the created ‘State of Israel’, that is.
    Do I think he will be chosen as the next President.
    I do, so no need for you to panic about that.
    But he will not be chosen by the people.
    He will be chosen by those who chose.

    My con radar cannot unsee, maybe I too, was looking for a hero.


  124. Hi all
    Thanks for everyone’s wonderful comments. We’re a great community, and I believe lights in the wilderness that hopefully others will see.
    What made all of us different? Why didn’t we fall for the scam?

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  125. Dandy: “Trump pushed the mRNA warp speed vaccines and he’s on the record for being proud of having done that.”

    That’s one way to clean out a swamp, but which one? lol


  126. obviousbob: “A doctor cannot tel;l you the vaccines are safe because they do not know what is in them. ”

    Prefkingcisely, obviousbob! We don’t know either, therefore NO INFORMED consent. Just blind trust and belief in people we know nothing about! People in the business of making money and profiting from our stupidity.

    People who now want us to believe we are their property.


    They’re free to keep on killing us, as long as we keep thinking that they couldn’t be that evil

    Thus they rely on us to serve as our own thought police

    by Mark Crispin Miller

    “Here’s a post by Dr. Meryl Nass, which makes the crucial point that those intent on killing us have been protected from discovery—and punishment—by our own inability to think that THAT could possibly be true.

    “This is, as I say, the crucial point; because, once we snap out of that fond fantasy of their benevolence, and face the fact that, yes, they are that evil, and (worse yet) that all the institutions we’ve been taught to trust from childhood on—the government at nearly every level, the medical establishment, “higher education” and (above all) “our free press”—have been corrupted by that evil, and are now part of it: once We the People, or enough of us, stop thinking that that can’t be true, then everything will change.

    “Only when enough of us accept that shattering fact will everything begin to change—and fast. No evidence against the “vaccination” horror, however solid and (to us) compelling it may be, can penetrate the minds that just don’t want to know what all such solid evidence so obviously means—i.e., that those great institutions claiming to respect “the science,” and to want to keep us “safe,” and lead us “back to normal,” have actually—deliberately, and systematically—denied “the science” all along; consistently discouraged effective regimens and remedies, while fiercely pushing products known to kill or cripple us; and otherwise explicitly conspired to acclimate all human beings (that is, those left alive) to “life” in an inhuman world.

    “Confronted with that likelihood, it’s only natural that people, by and large, don’t want to think it’s true—just as a child long horribly abused at home will often have “forgotten” it years later, and angrily resist the therapeutic understanding that it happened. Whereas, in such a case, the therapist is mainly up against the patient’s own psychic defenses, we who have been trying to waken all those others up to what’s been done to them (and us) these past few years (and even earlier) are up against a force far bigger—and a lot more dangerous—than any individual’s internal blinders. It is to keep those millions in denial, and thereby prevent the global Reckoning to come, that the government-and-media’s gigantic propaganda chorus keeps assuring them that, no, it isn’t true, that all our evidence (of every kind) is “conspiracy theory,” all our facts “disinformation,” all those sudden and untimely deaths and grievous disabilities entirely normal, and yet also due to anything and everything but the “vaccines” that have obviously caused them. And as the propaganda chorus struggles to prevent that Day of Reckoning by doubling down on all its Oceanic lies, it also ever more extensively, and desperately, blacks out whatever findings, facts, perceptions and/or arguments might help snap people out of their hypnotic trance: Google (for example) quickly took down Dr. Nass’s piece, when she posted it (or tried to) on her blog.

    “Effective as such Nazi stratagems may be in keeping some of us asleep, those Big Lies can’t keep working as they did between the rollout of “the virus” and the second year of universal “vaccination,” nor can the censorship, however sweeping it may be, keep everyone completely in the dark. Sooner than you think, the people (or enough of us) will see, and not deny, that those “vaccines” are killing and disabling people in unprecedented numbers—killing children in unprecedented numbers—and yet all those august institutions keep on pushing still more “vaccination” anyway. And when that happens, everything will change, and not the way Klaus Schwab et al. have hoped. “


  128. The bastard Trudeau has signed Canada up to the WEF for the Digital ID these leaders are the first we need to get under the Nuremberg Code 3 hopefully with Reiner Fuellmich and his team of lawyers AB 😎👍🥋


  129. And we’ve got Scott Cam from the Block Channel 9 saying the people who died got Culled. We will remember him name that’s for sure AB 😎👍🥋

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  130. Hi Dandy, Immediately after posting my previous comment to you – upon checking on GP – this popped up. Kinda spooky considering what I was just saying…but then again that’s me! Guess they’ll be blaming DJT for Hiroshima and the Hindenburg next.


  131. Hi Dandy, re: “Brian Johnson, you are joking right?” As you know I usually agree with you and appreciate your comments even when I don’t. DJT was still in office during the early stages of the scamdemic and vaccine rollout – where everyone was running around in circles. He even ‘guinea-pigged’ himself with Hydroxychlorocane; searching for a safe solution. Yes he did crank up the rollout – which he has since said was a “mistake” – BUT he REFUSED to introduce mandates regarding both masking and vaccination – vehemently stating that they should be an individual choice. Enter, the Biden regime……..


  132. This video is certainly worth watching definitive and damning – – it ties up all the loose ends.


  133. Another censor stroke by the WordPress red ink pen… this time for linking Rupert Murdoch to the current news repression and fabrications.

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  134. Brian Johnson, you are joking right?
    Trump pushed the mRNA warp speed vaccines and he’s on the record for being proud of having done that.
    Given there are 300 million Americans….how many pregnant women might that have been?

    It is not, and should not be usual practice to include a pregnant woman or a nursing Mother in any Drug Clinical trials.

    Look what happened with thalidomide.
    It was given out like lollies to pregnant women for nausea until it was finally stopped by a determined Canadian Doctor by the name of Francis Kelsey before any more children could be born without their limbs….

    “To vaccinate pregnant women without knowing the impact on reproduction is utterly reckless. There are multiple potential mechanisms of toxicity which could impact reproduction, but even if there were none, it would still be reckless.
    Also, it is not necessary.
    Youngish, generally healthy women, are not at elevated risk for this alleged virus”

    Dr Mike Yeadon (gettr. com)
    Professional research & development scientist, novel pharmaceuticals. Former Pfizer executive. Former Ziarco CEO.

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  135. Yep, never underestimate the quiet ones, for once they show their face & raise a voice by their mere support & presence… Just like that day at Mums funeral (which I might add had a full church that spilled out to the carpark, I had no idea who most of the crowd was, no idea where they all came from), as soon as those men walked in to take Mums coffin & my bro’s, you could have heard a pin drop, except one fellas voice that I heard clearly from not far behind our family, “whoa fu#ck” he said & people shuffled. I had no idea what he was referring to till I got to near 60. There’s quiet achievers behind the scenes, there’s a chance we’ll see this through

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  136. Sunny: I hope they choke on their seeds, hafcknha


  137. Hi auntieet: thanks for your responses. I always enjoy your comments so I’m pleased we’re thinking along the same lines.
    Perhaps they’ll hide in their seed vaults lol.
    Think gates and co have one in Antarctica.

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  138. Pat from Vic: You’re right there, I come from a line of wogs, they had dealings with the mafia, my mother’s side, not the jew mafia, they carried my mother’s coffin along with my brothers to her grave, they watched over me when I went to town, until my 20’s, though in my 30’s they weren’t seen but I know they protected me and got me out of a scrap in other districts, s#it, I was in primary school, smoking down the alley beside the TAB, we had no phones, but by the time I got home Mum was filled in on the news what her daughter was seen doing, in anything I did, boys were warned to keep away. They had the convictions to protect what they perceived as their family. One of my brother’s & his wife were followed by suits, along the roads & playing along the beach with their children, in the early 80’s, they’d gone to a different town away from the outback, they with one of my nephews & one brother got into a ‘police scrap’ the family protectors protected, even though Mum would say, “accept no help, owe no favours”, they ignored her & provided help where it was needed. I’ll always appreciate their help even though not asked for nor expected

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  139. No Credibility left… The trust is gone…

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  140. I’m afraid even the Medical Journals, sponsored by Big Pharma, are not squeaky clean either:

    “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness.”

    (Richard Horton M.D)
    Editor-in Chief, Lancet (at the time)

    and this:

    “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgement of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of the New England Journal of Medicine”

    Marcia Angel, M.D.
    Long time Editor-in-Chief (at the time)
    The New England Medical Journal

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  141. Evil Incarnate… But name and Shame the Evil Devils… Most people don not know the real Devils, One guess, they pray to their god Lucifer…

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  142. The narrative may be crumbling, but in the process it’s left a hard-core reality check for Australian society.

    Our governments are NOT “our” governments, they answer to hidden handlers and NOT to the voting citizenry.

    When is anyone going to be held accountable for (let alone anyone actually admitting to) our fake governments signing SECRET CONTRACTS to buy untold billions worth of Big Pharma’s experimental injections and indemnifying Big Pharma against any injuries?

    When is paedophile Scomo going to held to account for ALL of his SECRET ACTIONS and SECRET DELIBERATIONS and SECRET DEALS to flush Australia down the toilet?

    When are Australians going to PUSH BACK against a bunch of CORPORATIONS masquerading as our “governments” and “authorities”?

    We keep hearing about AHPRA revoking medical licenses. For pity’s sake, AHPRA is NOT a legitimate government body, it’s a PRIVATE CORPORATION. Since when are statutory licensing powers delegated to PRIVATE CORPORATIONS? Does anyone go to the local used car lot to get issued their driving license?

    That’s about the same as Bunnings issuing licences to garden in your own backyard, and declaring the power unto itself to revoke your gardening license if you don’t toe the Bunnings line. AND THEN, if you dare to keep gardening, Bunnings sends the cops around to beat the shit out of you, arrest you and throw you into prison!

    That’s how utterly NONSENSICAL we’ve allowed Australia to become. AHPRA and every other two-bit dictator outfit (including the GESTAPO COPS and the PAID-OFF PAEDOPHILE JUDICIARY) is akin to a Mafia operation calling the shots because – although invested with no letimate authority whatsoever – no-one is game to stand up to them.

    At least the Mafia had it’s origins in community service and the Christian faith. These bastards with Australia in their grip have no such redeeming qualities.

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  143. And anyway why has it taken so long for this doctor and others to speak out? Do they know its all going to hit the fan soon and they are covering their backs?

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  144. I do not feel one bit sorry for ‘respected’ doctor who got dismissed because he refused the vaxx for HIMSELF in NOVEMBER 2021 and then got dismissed. OH Boo-hoo..

    When is this man going to discover that he has a pair? Did he ever swear to the Hippocratic Oath? To hell with his research. There is no substitute for simply doing your f….. job – however humble – with integrity. The evidence about the Corona Hoax 2020 and the Plague Shot 2021 was on the table from the start. It was available and mounting from the start. No one would have understood this better than a health professional – even a health professional a lot further down the pecking order than a specialist.

    The word ‘M’ for moderation and genocide do not occur in the same sentence.

    From the beginning of this standard issue Communist genocide, the official website of the UK posted that “As of 19 March 2020, CoVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious deisease (HCID) in the UK.” [ And this information would have been available to every Health Dept in the world ] ” There are many diseases which can cause serious illness which are not classified as HCID” – like influenza for example which kills millions of immuno-compromised people every year.

    This information would have been available to the Communist States of Australia, Canada, the US and all the other United [Communist] Nations which mandated and enforced a plague shot on their populations – a plague shot that is certainly tanking the immune systems of both vaccinated and unvaccinated alike.

    You want to hear a courageous testimony listen to a senior NHS board member and senior nurse who was saying just after the mandates upon the UK population went into force universally through the NHS and the public, private sectors – medical ethics and protocols went into the dumpster. Listen to how her colleagues were treating her (and had been doing for months) when she gave this heartbreaking interview to UK Column. You can’t tell me this exact same scenario was not being played out at the Mater and every other hospital in this country.

    People from within the system were attempting speak out as this person was from as early as Feb. 2021. But they were threatened, muzzled, terminated and stood down.


  145. Well its just a matter of time now – everyone must do their bit and spread all these news articles on every platform and to everyone they know and ask them to share – and word will spread – and when it all gets out in the open which it definitely will, then there will be hell to pay.

    Everyone who even held one small doubt about these shots and still gave them are guilty of crimes against humanity and there will be a heavy price to pay – they are the slime of the earth.

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  146. McLindon declined the shot because he thought it might endanger him personally due to his issues, then worries that this may engender distrust in the jab? WTF?


  147. BTW my GP clinic was near empty. (something like 18 doctors there, not one Australian born). Perhaps more people are awake than not. Always a busy clinic I was in within 5 mins and bulk billed. ( never happens there)



    I now have zero trust in medical science, government or the media and that’s saying something, as I worked in media for 28 years. That trust will never be rebuilt.

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  149. I’m not sure about elsewhere but here locally I know many doctors who did not do vaccines. A lot were at state run clinics, surf clubs etc constantly plugged via government messaging and relentless media. A lot were done by nurses, remember. Bigger pay, chasing the money, also complicit. I always thought the whole thing was insane. My partner for eg. was flying into WA (FIFO) for work with the total Emperor McGowan demanding jabs, his second dose (according to him was done at the airport 45 mins before his flight) WTF? I cannot believe he consented but then he didn’t really. That’s like a junkie, drug dealer technique. Moving on.

    Recently I took my daughter to my GP of 30 plus years, she did not ask one question about COVID or vaccinations, although there was a mask requirement, which I wore on my chin. I find that very strange because they can see your medical history with them but I am guessing they cannot see your details with medicare (of course I did not approve my E-health record be shared). Therefor, I give this particular doctor, Dr McLinden, the benefit of the doubt as he remained unvaccinated (so he says) if true, it is unlikely he gave or promoted the vaccine. Furthermore, as a specialist it would not be his domain to be vaccinating. And there are others who have lost their licences like Dr Mark Hobart (Victoria). I have heard, I don’t know how many stories of people being told to wait in cars till their appointments if unvaccinated (remembering Tassie supposedly has a vaccination over age 18 of 96-100.8%). Clearly this percentage is not the case.

    In smaller communities, it is easy to know who those doctors’ practices are. I have recorded. Whether they did vaccinate people or not they are equally punishable for contributing to discrimination, fear mongering and division. None of them deserve any forgiveness in my opinion. But there is obviously now many jumping ship who did do the wrong thing or perhaps some who felt they couldn’t speak out because of threats but now have said ENOUGH.
    Side note: I recently received three letters from Medicare advising me my children were all eligible for the COVID shots (their language has been deplorable). They all went in the bin. Interesting I didn’t receive one, nor the parents I know that are unvaccinated. That would be because they didn’t have immunisation register 30-40 years ago, none of us are on it. So they actually in my view don’t know.

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  150. Sunny: Maybe Antarctica? & Yes, they underestimated ‘the control group’ in their scheme, us, they underestimated the ones that will always say no!, I’m part of their so called trials, I took the placebo, I said fck you no!


  151. We the world’s people, await appropriate justice.
    ALL Those Who have been a part of this vile Tyranny and caused catastrophic Harm in many ways and deaths and injuries – Gunpoint Medicine aka Mandated Jabs / vaccines have (& still are) coerced threatened intimidated menaced traumatized and terrorised our people.
    Is this not Terrorism against the people of our Country and the people of the World ?
    Now we await the most severe punishments for these extensive and heinous crimes against innocent populations.

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  152. ALL Those Who have been a part of this vile Tyranny and caused catastrophic Harm in many ways and deaths and injuries – Gunpoint Medicine aka Mandated Jabs / vaccines have (& still are) coerced threatened intimidated menaced traumatized and terrorised our people.
    Is this not Terrorism against the people of our Country and the people of the World ?
    Now we await the most severe punishments for these extensive and heinous crimes against innocent populations.

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  153. This is EXCELLENT. Its the definitive, damning & irrefutable evidence video – Who controls the agenda & how fear was used to push novel, unproven gene transfer technology to people of all ages. It ties up all the loose ends.


  154. Yes Sunny, ‘they’ underestimated the ‘animal side of humans’

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  155. obvious bob: “maybe the best is yet to come”? Thank you. Your comment as usual is spoken straight & true, you say it how it is. Those in perceived power are yet to show us their best, they’ll regroup time and again & try their tyranny full force, but they haven’t experienced humanity’s full force yet. We’re in for the fight of our lives, the showdown has begun. No-one knows the outcome of a battle when they bring on war, but time & time again they underestimate their opponents. Yeah, I have hope, OUR best is yet to come, the enemy jumped the gun in their haste, there’s still room for pushback & a win. I ain’t giving up on that till I’m dead.

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  156. Two and a half years for the Australian doctors to finally start making some real noise about the Experiment.

    From day one – did they not know that there were no ingredients listed for what they were jabbing into people? They had no idea but had no problems putting an experiment into adults and kids that was known to injure and kill.

    Did they not realize that the people they were jabbing were not getting both sides of the story, that is, unbiased informed consent?

    Did they not know that the (supposed) treatments they were inflicting on people to combat the (supposed) virus, were in fact injuring and killing people?

    Did they not know that it was (still is) an EXPERIMENT?

    Are doctors now coming out of the woodwork to escape retribution, to now be the friends of the victimized, the oppressed, the conned?

    There are many brilliant doctors, trouble is, there are way more that only respect the money, and will do just about anything to get as much of it as they can.

    .Plenty of peeved off people are now waking up and will be wanting answers and retribution for the injured and dead.

    To all of those decent and honest doctors out there, especially the ones who lost their jobs and careers, thanks and good luck.

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  157. I think we’re seeing the tip of the iceberg.
    Sadly, I think street justice will begin and will grow and grow. When loved ones die from the jabs, the anger and need for revenge will be massive, especially if people feel they were duped and cant accept the blame on themselves for jabbing their kids or convincing elderly parents or employees or patients …
    I won’t hold my breath waiting for justice from the courts.
    I wonder where the drug pushers will hide – in their underground bunkers … on their super yachts … an estate in south america … but even there they probably wont be safe because people talk and they will be gotten at.
    I think ‘they’ underestimated the ‘animal side’ of humans.
    Also think ‘they’ underestimated just how many of us wouldn’t fall for their shots and lies.

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  158. Thank you TonyMobilifonitos for bringing us the news. Will give others courage to not only look deeper, but to stand up, sometimes just a little leak will eventually burst the whole dam wall & what follows is an outstanding ‘flush out’ of the whole system. Your news brings promise amongst the dark pages.
    HAN: Thank you for the link to DrHoffe’s speech, I’d only seen snippets before, good (& encouraging) to view his whole speech. Actually, you bring a wealth of knowledge & promising news to this site, I’m appreciative of your comments, makes me look further.
    streetrkf0b…….: Damn straight! (& every self serving lunatic health bureaucrat & sellout judge too)

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  159. To put it as mildly as I can “Please may every doctor be named & shamed who undermined their own profession to hop on the gravy train at their patients expense” You have no EXCUSES & you know it, hang your heads in shame hopefully you took the jab blindly too & will suffer the same consequences that you put on innocent people. I have utterly lost faith in the medical industry totally not to be trusted in anything ever again.They sold out on ever person in Australia they all should be hung for being selfish, ignorant & corrupted & that’s the peoples blanket solution on all of you scum peddling jab pushing bastards.

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  160. Brian Johnston

    Only the return of The Donald can sort this mess.
    Deputy Robert F Kennedy Jr will be right there.
    No sense Pence needs sorting.

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  161. XXAmerica First Report
    Suzanne replied to your comment
    Albert Bourla said at the last WEF meeting “We are on track to eliminating half the world’s population by 2025.” Everyone applauded. Look for the video. It’s out there.
    With 7.4 Billion of the world’s population, now vaccinated, Albert does tend to understate these things, don’t you think?


  162. Trying to escape like rats up a drain-pipe.Too bad, too late.They were so arrogant, so mightier than thou..Some of us were never fooled by them.Unfortunately so many would not listen.Still will not. I am done with trying .to convince anyone.People in my family are suffering damage, no, not side effects. results. These injections are meant to cull the herd. That is still in operation.
    Remember the names of all the people who kept pushing citizens to obey their commands.Threatening them.I for one will never forget. They are pathetic. What on earth possessed people ro fall for this experiment.?
    Are you awake yet, about what they are doing to the world;s population ?
    For your sake, For God;s sake , wake up. This is NOT over.

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  163. I was told of a recent event in Adelaide where police were called in after a doctor was attacked after someone’s parents both died upon receiving the jab.


  164. Being a contributor / member of Mater Hospital in Brisbane for OVER 45 years, this is for me the last straw. “Shame on Mater Hospital Brisbane,” My financial contribution will be cancelled as of today…
    “On the positive side: The long-serving and highly respected surgeon and reproductive specialist Dr Luke McLindon, maintaining his stance made him getting extremely high amount of credibility – from me personally.
    I became an financial contributor to Mater Hospital more then 45 years ago after my son’s car accident. Mater Hospital has LOST ALL CREDIBILITY… DESPICABLE – DEPLORABLE…


  165. A doctor cannot tel;l you the vaccines are safe because they do not know what is in them. The vax companies, Pfizzer especially, have been accused of illegally changing the formula. Dr Jane Ruby, who can be seen on the Stew Peters how on Rumble, busted Pfizzer months ago, but seems not to have yet taken them to Court.
    She said Pfizzer are in for massive compensation, but that has not happened yet, unfortunately.
    Maybe the best is yet to come?

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  166. Hopefully this will be taken further and all those in authority pushing the mandate mantra like our State Premiers like Dictator Dan et al and Gates, Fauci etc etc are prosecuted and jailed for their culpability in killing so many people with their poisons.

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  167. Bring on Nuremberg 2 I say


  168. So good to see so many doctors now coming out against the Covid narrative! Hopefully this will be the start of a tsunami drowning it and those responsible for driving the “pandemic’ and the kill shots.

    Here Canadian Dr. Charles Hoffe’s powerful speech of July 22, 2022:

    Protesting the biggest disaster in medical history and the accomplices to it at the CPSBC

    When Dr Hoffe attended to the first patients injected and damaged by the covid-gene-experiment in his town, he searched for reasons and ways to help them. He performed D-dimer tests which revealed blood clotting.

    He reported this to BC health authorities and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia. Rather than being honored, thanked and supported, he was fired from his hospital, and persecuted by the CPSBC.
    Dr Hoffe is no coward; he will not submit truth to corruption.

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  169. streetrkf0b663c190

    Great to see more speaking out against this trial jab. We will find you all guilty of crimes against us, along with your accomplices, being media, government, APHRA & TGA.

    Liked by 2 people

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