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Whistleblower solicitor threatened by Victorian Government over Covid class action

Covid crusader Serene Teffaha is seeking whistleblower protection from the Federal Government and Victorian Ombudsman from interference by State Government regulators threatening to shut her down and steal funds from her trust account to cover costs after she filed in the Supreme Court on March 19, a substantial class action against the Victorian government seeking damages for Covid lockdowns, forced testing, forced vaccination, forced detention, forced masking and forced restrictive behaviors.

One of several class actions has 5000 participants challenging the responses to the pandemic and she is on the verge of filing a national class action attested by the knee jerk reaction from Deep State politicians who want to shut her down with government interference bordering on criminal behavior.

Cairns News has thrown its support behind this gutsy solicitor who in 2012 took on the ‘old boys club’ of the Australian Taxation Department when she blew the whistle on corruption within its higher ranks.

Her firm Advocate Me provides a commendable community service often acting on a pro bono basis and it is of note she is acting for two gutsy NSW police officers who blew the whistle on highly questionable Covid responses and suppression of readily available and cheap remedies by the NSW Government last year.

She said she has another class action ready to file against the Family Court due to the way in which it deals with family violence and is specifically targeting the corruption and maladministration by Family Court judges who have brutalised thousands and thousands of people.

We applaud her gutsy, long overdue actions which would be sending shivers up the spines of her colleagues in the legal profession and courts Australia wide. Is it any wonder the corrupt court registries wielding unlawful power in concert with judges and their wink and nod outcomes would be terrified of her offensive. Hopefully she can find enough honest judges and demand a jury as insurance.

Federal Police investigating both Labor and Liberal politicians with charges likely soon

The Australian federal police are currently investigating three federal politicians and had a win in the Federal Court in the Peter Slipper/Mal Brough/James Ashby matter on Thursday (19/5/2016) which is the same day they raided the offices of Senator Stephen Conroy and a Labor Party staffer’s home. Early in the week Federal Liberal National MP Stuart Robert, who is also under investigation by the AFP, was busted corruptly stacking the Gold Coast Council with LNP people while they claimed they were independent.

Police raids on Senator Stephen Conroy and a Labor Party staffer

The Australian Federal Police raides on Thursday night were in relation to leaks in January from a government department regarding cost blowouts at the National Broadband Network (NBN). This embarrassed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull as he previously had responsibility for the NBN when he was the Communications Minister.

Read the full story at Kangaroo Court OF Australia – [CLICK HERE]

McJannett’s Address to Indonesian President for Chan’s Life

A plea from to the President of Indonesia by Robert Paul: Mcjannett Commonwealth Public Official and former Kerobokan prisoner for the life of Andrew Chan set to be executed.


Senator David Leyonhjelm supports citizens being able to protect themselves

Former Prime Minister John Howard comes out of mothballs to demonise gun owners yet again!

John Howard ,children overboard, Port Arthur massacre, AWB $300M funding Saddam’s slaughter, land theft from our farmers to fund KYOTO, such  credits to his leadership

This autocrat of the Liberal Party lives in another world. This is the man who allowed Port Arthur to occur. This man knew there was to be a psychological operation about to be waged against the Australian people. It was our first real, large scale terrorist attack putting aside the 1970’s rubbish bin bomb in Melbourne, which on the facts today was the first psy-ops carried out with the knowledge of a few in authority.

Howard and others knew the Tasmanian massacre was about to occur. It was not perpetrated by an ineffectual and incompetent young man with an IQ if 60.

Martin Bryant

Cairns News has published much about the Port Arthur shootings. Martin Bryant was not capable of inserting a box magazine into a Colt AR 10, 7.62mm assault rifle. This testimony was given to police by a Tasmanian gunsmith. This gunsmith was pilloried and harassed by authorities until he lost his business and fled the State.

Martin Bryant was charged for mass murder which he was incapable of doing. Simple facts that were buried by a 30 year ban on court transcript publication.

Tim Fischer

Now we have a raving Jesuit such as former National Party deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer, again bagging and demonising gun owners. Tim should explain to the Australian people why he left Parliament overnight.  The Federal Liberal member for the Cairns-based electorate of Leichardt, Warren Entsch was involved in Fischer’s sudden departure from Parliament.

Fischer also might like to explain what happened to him when subsequently he was resident in the Vatican as Australian Ambassador to the Holy See.

The Jesuits are the hitmen of the Catholic church, pure and simple. Fischer was an army officer who served in Vietnam. He and the Bolshevik television personality Ray Martin led the campaign to disarm the Australian people.

David Leyonhjelm

Now after an Islamic terrorist attack in Sydney that, as Senator Leyonhjelm said today, could never have occurred in most States of America because its citizens are allowed the right of self-defence. The Islamic terrorist would know he was interfering with people who might be carrying a firearm. That alone would have been a deterrent.

At least one person in the café could have been carrying a firearm.

The mad muslim would have been shot immediately. The psychological distress and economic savings to the country are immeasurable.

As the Senator said: “Our citizens are victims waiting to be hurt.”

For many years Australian defence experts have advocated arming the population with military rifles based on the Swiss citizens militia model where all responsible adults keep a government issued rifle in their home.

They undergo periods of mandatory military training in readiness for any invader. Not surprising, there is little recorded crime against the body or property in Switzerland.  Can anyone remember Switzerland having ever been invaded?

There are no violent home invasions that we see every week in Brisbane and other larger centres. Because responsible Swiss citizens have been taught how to use a firearm.

How much longer do we have to put up with the treachery of the Labor Party’s Bill Shorten, the Greens Hanson-Young and the likes of Howard and Fischer. These people should have been tried for terrorism.

Watch this video featuring  Wendy Scurr the first person into the broad arrow cafe after the Port Arthur massacre.  She has a completely different story to tell from the mainstream media , the police, and the federal and state governments. Find out just how much disinformation and myths have been created around the pre-planned Port Arthur massacre. Watching this video with an open mind you will never be the same again.


AFP, Indonesia Govt terrified of Corby TV interview


The Pickering Post



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Four-time Walkley Award winning political commentator and Churchill Fellow, recently returned to the fray over concern that news sources are being threatened by the Gillard Government.


According to Indonesian officials, their Parole Board had no choice but to release Schapelle Corby. “It’s not my decision, it’s the law”, said the Minister for Justice. But if it was “his decision”, Corby would still be in jail where Australian Federal Police would also prefer her to be. Channel 7 executives want Corby to talk but AFP and Indonesian officials want her gagged. Why is that?

As Pickering Post said before Corby was released on parole, “… it will be years yet before Corby has the chance to give her side. Strict parole conditions prevent her publicly defending herself. A slip of the tongue and she’s back inside.”

But Channel 7’s concern is for ratings, not for Corby’s welfare.

The AFP were not looking for cheque butts, they knew no money had changed hands, unless of course Channel 7 was misleading Federal law enforcement. That’s a criminal offence of obstructing justice and highly unlikely.

But the AFP were sending a clear message to Corby: “Keep your mouth shut if you want to stay on the outside!” At the same time a clear message was being sent to Channel 7, “Don’t do it!”

The only payment Channel 7 has given Corby so far is a free night in the luxury Sentosa Seminyak resort in Bali, where Willesee has also been seen, lurking in the shadows, awaiting her signature and his share of the ‘proceeds of crime’.

Seven Network’s Commercial Director, Bruce Mr McWilliam said, “The raid will not stop the network from pursuing an interview.” Like all current affairs programs, consideration for their target runs a distant second to ratings.

Most readers on this site believe in Corby’s guilt (and she may well be guilty) but the AFP and DFAT have some serious questions to answer regarding evidence that convicted her and the AFP operates on the ground in Indonesia with close connections to the most corrupt judicial system in Asia.

[DFAT is no stranger to international criminality. Under Bob Carr it aided and abetted the kidnapping of four girls from Italy, a nasty situation Australian courts have reversed, but DFAT personnel have never been held to account.]

There is nothing that Corby can say of interest to Willesee that won’t put her back in jail, but Willesee is a wily interviewer and Channel 7 will run with it regardless.

If Corby reads this (and she will) I hope she takes this advice: “Stay away from the silver-tongued Willesee and do not accept any money from Channel 7. You can tell your story in three years’ time.

“Meanwhile, enjoy what you can of that corrupt country




The real Schapelle Corby story with never before published accounts of phone hacking by Australian media, Australian Customs Dept corruption, Indonesian Police corruption, Australian Federal Police corruption on a grand scale.

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