Dan Andrews’paramilitary cops now weaponised against Victoria taxpayers, other states have followed

By Lyndesy Symonds

The whole can of worms is an Internationale can of worms and it is being opened. Australia should not miss out. We should get this can opened in Australia through our own Federal House of Review: the Senate.

With the release of the Pfizer / FDA document tranche (March 22 2022) from US District Court, Northern Texas, CN readers were among the first to know that WHO , US Dept of Defense – a corrupt dept of the US Executive branch of government in cahoots with Big Vaxx, ran the Pandemic Hoax of 2020. Remember the SARS nouvelle Corona cov-2 dreaded virus with its 99.9% survival rate?
That Corona Boloney Hoax. Revolutionary Assets positioned in the FDA, CDC, Fauci, especially put out the full spectrum dysinfo, covered and ran interference for the DOD.


And the Hoax was the operational platform for the CoVID vaxx of the mass of the population – which was one of the main objectives of the exercise.

We should at least entertain the idea that it will be the same story here with Operation CoVID Shield as it was in the US with Operation Warp Speed.

The corporate pretenders to government here and the corporate pretenders in the US belong to the same Internationale, the same Revolutionary sistema and nexus. It matters not a jot whether you cite UN multi-lateral partner WEF – tasked with destruction of Western nations and economies or whether you cite UN multi-lateral partner St Petersburg International Economic Forum – tasked with wars for building Eurasia. It is the same sistema of the Revolution now based in the UN after the Supreme Soviet was dissolved 1991.

In the US, of course, the Assets of this sistema made government unworkable in terms of the civilian authority for a sitting president not on board with the Communist Agenda. And they have been busy setting up Chekas – secret police to enforce Communist Takeover. In the US this is the weaponisation of the FBI. And that is happening here also with the weaponisation of Australian police .

The US Senate is currently grilling the FBI on this subject. The same should be happening here.

Stay tuned to the US Senate Judiciary – it is only going to get better.

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