True Aboriginal bloodlines disappearing through intermarriage with whites

Letter to the Editor

The ‘half-caste problem’ in Australia

“…………….Yet two basic difficulties bedevilled this long-range process. First, it relied on the intermarriage of half-caste women with European men but left unanswered the question of what to do with half-caste men (McGregor 1997:167-8). The second difficulty related to the supposed racial distance between Aborigines and Europeans. A policy favouring marriage between half-caste women and white men had, in effect, to shorten that distance. Advocates of such a policy tried to do precisely this. They insisted that no harmful effects of Aboriginal ancestry could be discerned in the children resulting from intermarriage with whites: unlike ‘Negro blood’ which allegedly produced occasional ‘throwbacks’ to the Negro-type among white descendants, ‘Aboriginal blood’ disappeared after a few generations. Indeed, Neville (1947:63) averred that among whites and Aborigines, the opposite kind of ‘throwback’ occurred, with a child of an Aboriginal mother sometimes reverting to the colour of a white grandfather. Moreover, increasing stress appears to have been laid on racially classifying Aborigines as ‘Caucasian’.[35] The geographer Griffith Taylor (1880-1963) joined a chorus repeating that ‘blood-tests of Australian aborigines agree more closely with those of west Europeans than with similar tests of most intervening races’.[36] Thus, with assurances rather than celebration, the racial distance between Europeans and Aborigines was narrowed.”

From Kev Moore


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Yes Tony a lot of Islanders have intermarried with the Aborigines and Papuans, their cultures have diffused somewhat
    that PNG dances have been accepted as Islander and vice versa. Mixed cultures now are on the mainland right to Cairns and maybe beyond. There is a new book soon to be launched by Gil May which covers the antecedents of the northern tribes. Ed


  2. tonyryan43 said – “Aboriginal culture and Torres Strait Islanders have nothing in common.”

    … but they sure are useful to the pollies when you throw them all in one basket.


  3. The Aboriginal Gene is recessive, unlike the Negro Gene which is Dominant ,there needs to be guidelines as to what percent is considered Aboriginal

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  4. Aboriginal culture and Torres Strait Islanders have nothing in common. I was the only white bloke working with TIs on the North Australia Railways and so got to know them quite well.

    I can’t say this for certain, but my understanding is that the islanders of this region had engaged in cannibalism, as had people of certain other regions. I note that TI dance reflects war, as does Polynesian dance, but the only Aboriginal dance of this nature is the Yiki dance, which was introduced by the Maccasans. The two go together.

    Contrary to what so many Queenslanders insist, prior to western invasion, no large scale wars had occurred. Moreover, if fighting seemed inevitable, makarata was used as a conflict resolution intervention, and I have witnessed this. Frankly, every person who was always alluded to as an expert on Aboriginal culture was exposed as knowing nothing. The situation got so absurd that I became known as an expert when in fact I knew very little at all. Basically, I have still only scratched the surface of Aboriginal culture. But I am expert on western culture, relative to other cultures. That is what I write about.

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  5. Phil… bludging is as annoying as hell and it’s just as bad here with the long grassers. But this isn’t Aboriginal culture. It’s just the bludging of hopeless alcoholics who were not sent to school as kids, who then grew up to be unemployable. I have seen it happen from babies to old age.

    It’s now happening to white people with the same background. What we call bogans. The product of ‘welfare rights gone insane’. And for those who claim only blacks get caught up in this, a Supreme Court Judge tried to force me to give supporting mothers payments to his 3 months pregnant daughter, who was clearly not eligible. When I refused, he called me to his chambers to intimidate me, black gown, wig and all. I still refused and everybody said I’m a marked man. He finally blackmailed the Director of Welfare into giving the girl money illegally.

    This was the same judge who launched the ‘Aboriginal deaths in custody’ farce which found no case to answer. Fact: More whites die in custody. Yet the media says the opposite. Get the picture, the big bludge is established from the top, not the bottom of the heap. It is the deliberate destruction of Australian values as a prelude to destroying the entire nation.

    That is why I say “Don’t kick the victims. Get rid of the globalist oppressors.

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  6. I am just as connected as you are and my longtime Aboriginal and Islander friends and a few of my cousins have stories about
    eating enemies in the 18th century and beyond. This includes the Torres St and Gulf of Carpentaria on the eastern and western sides. This was practiced by lower Peninsula blackfellas who liked to dine on early Chinese miners. Check Nancy Bates she wrote about her eye witness accounts of cannabalism in NW. Ed


  7. @tonyryan43
    “I have never noticed any difference in absorption or behaviour”
    Well mate, could well be the case in the NT, but the southern mob, different tribe, sad to say is not the case. When I was living in Collingwood, at the local shopping strip in Smith St groups of Abbos camped out, hitting the grog chronically, pissed as. Invariably I was approached and asked for a cigarette or money. Being a soft touch I would usually concede, being addicted to nicotine myself I know how it is. Often I would also part with a few dollars in loose change or a $5 note. Got to know a few of the regulars, harmless enough. Same with the junkies which was a big problem. Felt sorry for the poor buggers.

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  8. tonyryan43 said – “And so we find, surprise, surprise, that all this anti-Aboriginal bullshit is about skin colour.”

    Perhaps you’re right, at least in the NT and elsewhere across the far North. They seemed to be REAL particular about using the army to hunt down and inject the natives, after all.

    Meanwhile, elsewhere in Australia – especially in the more urbanised south – all this PRO-Aboriginal bullshit appears to be about NOT skin colour. Kind of like a Twilight-Zonish Alice in Wonderland, where blond-haired blue-eyed Alice is “Aboriginal” and the Red Queen STILL believes six impossible things before breakfast.

    When in Rome – be an “Aboriginal”.

    What’s the best way to wipe out the Indian race? Make EVERYONE an “Indian”! Who knew that Hillary Rodham Clinton was “Jewish”? Basically, no-one – until being “Jewish” served her political purposes. Etc.

    Bottom line – we can only deal with the problems that we can see, and Australia is a mighty BIG place.


  9. “Yeah the interfering NT and feds should bow out and let the murris fix it themselves, minus the grog. Ed”

    When did we ever interfere in the other states? It’s the other way around. The other state politicians (like ignoramus Queenslander Noal Pearson) constantly demand that Canberra introduce idiotic policies that are then inflicted on us. “The Voice” campaign comes from the states, not the NT. The states have these absurd smoking ceremonies, which are just a joke because no such ceremonies are done by the tribal people, only post-funeral. ie my troopie gets smoked every time I cart a body in it.

    All this welcome to country , not saying the names of deceased, and acknowledging blah blah of whatever country, all comes from the states. We don’t do stupid shit up here. We just want to be left alone.

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  10. It is a “well-known fact” in Queensland. Nowhere else.

    In the NT, bioscientists have condemned such absurdity. For myself, I have been drinking with Aborigines for half a century and I have never noticed any difference in absorption or behaviour, other than that many are from dry communities and when they come to town, alcohol hits them hard, as it would any other non-drinker on his first try.

    Another aspect is those who deliberately fast before drinking, the goal being to get pissed faster and cheaper. Plenty of white teenagers do the same, for the same reasons.

    My entire household is Aboriginal and we all drink, exactly the same way. My old friend, Wes Lanhupuy, a former Territory MLA, could drink me under the table, especially on whisky. “Ah” I hear you say, ” but MLAs are different”.

    Queenslander are famous for their beliefs in outback myths, like cannibalism. I was born in a historical cannibalism zone and this only happens under certain circumstances, such as in NZ, Fiji, and parts of PNG. Those conditions exist nowhere in Australia. But, I am aware I am casting pearls before swine… “Aw yeah, mate, I know a bloke who knew an ol’ blackfella who said…”. You cannot beat hard evidence like that LOL.

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  11. Yeah the interfering NT and feds should bow out and let the murris fix it themselves, minus the grog. Ed


  12. It is a well known fact that Aborigines possess a gene that cannot digest alcohol. That is one reason why they have such terrible behavioral problems when on the grog. Ed


  13. And some of these folks will buy into Marxist identity politics and want to run a ‘victim shtick’ on the rest of us. Don’t go there.

    I saw all this crap when I was growing up. In America there are many who claim to have native American, Indian ancestors. I knew some of them at school. They were not hated or rejected among the White Americans in any way. They were respected. So much so that you have the phenomena of Whites like Senator Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren [ zero native heritage I would say ]claiming Cherokee ancestry and using that as a moral high ground from which to race hustle the Whites and advocate for Marxist causes.

    But the truth is never allowed to get in the way of the Revolution. The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the Revolution. And the Americans were subjected to Revolutionary music like Cher’s ‘Half Breed’. So whether she was running her victim shtick and sacred Marxist oppression narrative as a gypsy or a Cherokee this crap dominates the Jewish commercial culture of entertainment that spews out of the bunghole of the entertainment industry.


  14. “That is why they do not digest sugars and alcohol…”

    Who lets these nutters loose.

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  15. And so we find, surprise, surprise, that all this anti-Aboriginal bullshit is about skin colour.

    The truly ignorant can never see past skin colour, as if this has anything to do with human behaviour. News time, trogs, the problems emerge because of the clash of cultures. Melanin does not influence behaviour or values much, if at all.

    90% of the problem is caused by stupid white people who interfere in matters they do not understand. Mostly, in my experience: stupid politicians, stupid bureaucrats, and stupid Christians. That sums up the mess in the NT.

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  16. It is a wel-known fact that it takes only 10 generations to breed out the indigenous bloodlines. If you wish to prove a person’s heritage, it is as simple as a blood test. Indigenous cannot have O blood. That is why they do not digest sugars and alcohol…they only have A or B bloods. Too easy.(;

    Barbara J Gibbs, Dip.Diet& Nut:BA/BSc:Grad.Cert.OSH;TEFL Cert Ganoderma Distributor


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