Former Magistrate forgot to mention in his hit piece that his court is unlawful under Chapter 3 of the Constitution

From Rupert at News Ltd

Dean of Law at Southern Cross University, David Heilpern, is way out of his depth and should not be teaching his convoluted interpretation of natural law.

Former magistrate David Heilpern heard the arguments of “hundreds” of sovereign citizens during his time in the Australian court system – but not one ever held up.

Now Dean of Law at Southern Cross University, it’s his well-researched understanding that a sovereign citizen has never successfully proven why they are immune from the rule of law in an Australia court.

But that hasn’t stopped a significant number, even in recent days, from trying.

“I think it’s pretty sad, really, that people are so sucked into what is so blatantly and obviously, illogical, and nonlegal,” Professor Heilpern told

“As a magistrate, I dealt with literally hundreds of these people who would come to court and claim all sorts of bizarre rights apply to them.

To think this intellectual pygmy actually heads a law faculty and teaches law is terrifying for students who will be beholden to this propaganda then practice it in the ‘courts’.

Parents should be careful about sending their kids to this university.

Chapter 3, s 79 and 80 of the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia clearly states a Magistrate (judge) cannot sit without a jury. Mr Heilpern has probably never heard of Kable v Director of Public Prosecutions (NSW) (1996) 189 CLR 51; 138 ALR 577; [1996] HCA 24 (Kable) which puts him and his jaundiced opinions right in place.

There is no lawful Governor-General or state Governor in Australia appointed by the Queen or King. The term ‘sovereign citizens’ coined by lawyers and brain-dead media is an oxymoron. They don’t exist.

Summary Jurisdiction is unlawful. What has the learned Mr Heilpern been doing? Sending people to jail without a jury decision. An international case starting in February is about to scuttle the usurpers of the rule of law.

Watch this space.

From Robert J Lee

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Watch the Melbourne court video. Ed


  2. Agree. THERE IS NO LAW WITHOUT LAW ENFORCEMENT. They have the Military, Police and Justice System. We have the numbers but they are Cowards so they don’t count.


  3. who cares what people on here say or anywhere else for that matter, If you can’t enforce your position then what good is your position. Everyday in courts people who try these FREEMAN sovereign and so forth type strategies get smacked and jailed


  4. Being subject to foreign powers namely the RBA and the UN which Australia is bound to by treaty, no politician under section 44 of the Constitution has the right to sit in parliament. Therefore all politicians laws are invalid. Therefore the magistrate has nothing to rule on.

    I note that the assumed PM Albanese wants to sign a treaty with aborigines – has he not ever read the Constitution?

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  5. Just to be VERY clear: a sovereign is a queen or king. I claim neither. I am not aligned of any “royalty”. A citizen is a fiction. I am not. I am a living, breathing, flesh and blood being.

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  6. WTF? I must be thick as two planks or a story short of a two story house. In laymen’s terms if you please. I comprehend the legal proceeding garbage they go on with but I not quite sure the rest, I am missing some point here. I have no contract with any any corporation or do I?? By way of something I was never made aware of from birth perhaps? And If so i personally signed no contract.

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  7. LAW stands for LAND – AIR – WATER. LAW and LEGAL are not the same they stand independent of each other that is what needs to be understood when you are fighting a CORPERATION they have no Lawful grounds to charge you under and no contract


  8. Everyone needs to understand that when you end up in court you are not there under the guidelines of the law you are there under legal rulings of a CORPERATION. A Corporation has to have a contract with you that you have broken and show you have broken it is a legal proceeding not LAW ( A CORPERATION HAS NO RIGHT TO RULE OVER YOU STATING THAT IT IS LAW “A CORPERATION IS NOT THE LAW” )

    LAW stands for LAND – AIR – WATER

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  9. Jesus wept!
    Former Magistrate and Dean of Law at Southern Cross University, Professor (((David Heilpern)))
    Every fkn time !!!

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  10. I am confused if there is no such thing as a sovereign citizen, then what is sovereignty all about? To quote Pauline Hanson can someone ‘please explain” to the very uneducated one here.

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  11. Law “professors” are just that…..they profess to know “the law”;

    In actual Fact, they should be stating that they are professors of LEGALESE; They profess all to be LEGAL;

    Well hang on a minute there “Professor” my not so learned friend…..

    LEGAL is The Colour Of Law…..get out your colouring in books and Crayons “Professor”;

    LEGAL is :NOT: Rule Of Law as stated in The Constitution of The Commonwealth of Australia;

    Common Law :IS: Rule Of Law in this Commonwealth, dipshit;

    You can keep on trying to hide Law behind your LEGAL Necromancy but there are many more learned than i that are coming at you lock stock and loaded barrels;

    i am but a man of the tools and even know enough to shoot you down in flames before you even get to open your sad excuse of a mouth;

    I can only hope your grand children (God please forbid) have more intelligence than you and figure out that Grandad is the Enemy

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  12. Specifically
    How am I immune from the Rule of Law in an Australian Court?

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  13. I have just read Kable. You imply a Magistrate must operate with a Jury to be valid. Show me specifically under Kable or any other tested case that this is so. And I don’t mean 84 pages…just the stated judgement that this is so, as you claim. Any example will do.

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  14. s79 and 80 of the Commonwealth Constitution only applies to courts exercising ‘FEDERAL JURISDICTION’ and offences against laws of the Commonwealth.s106, 107,108 retain the validity and State laws and constitutions unless s109 inconsistency rule applies


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