Victorian councils on notice over spy camera networks

Chinese people are tracked and scanned like supermarket items, right down to what they buy in supermarkets, and the state can even penalize their choices of certain products. This is the system being adopted by stupid and power hungry Australian local government bureaucrats. Melbourne City Council’s massive camera network is shown below with red dots.

VICTORIANS are standing up against municipal tyrants who are imposing spy camera networks that will eventually replicate the Communist Party of China’s total surveillance network with facial recognition and “social credit” scoring for “correct” or “incorrect” behaviour.

A Melbourne (Montmorency) man, who is a member of the My Place community network, has issued his local council and the Victorian Local Government Association with a Notice of Withdrawal of Consent to have his private life monitored by camera networks. The notice employs contract and commercial law principles and has been used in Victoria in several instances – apparently with success.

The Peoples Trust of Victoria, which operates in conjunction with the My Place groups, is reviewing various procedures and appropriate courses of action in relation to fines, rates and land taxes. Members will be advised of future, appropriate action.

In Geelong, local community activist Gary Oraniuk issued a lawful notice (explained in this YouTube video) to the Geelong City Council which was planning an Agenda 20-30-style bike lane on a street that would have effectively wiped out parking that the businesses rely on. The council dropped the plan, which is unusual as councils usually proceed with such projects regardless of so-called public consultations.

The lawful notice in effect warned councillors and staff that they, as paid employees of a corporation with an Australian business number (ABN), would be commercially and personally liable for losses incurred by the businesses. In fact all Australian government employees are corporate employees under the corporatised system of government, which is arguably unconstitutional and illegal.

Cairns News welcomes any comment on that lawful notice process, which is controversial and unlikely to be admitted to as valid by councils, government or the legal fraternity in general. But when silence and the desired non-action follows one being served, the question begs resolution. Given that even a simple letter can carry legal force, it seems likely that a notice employing legal terms does have force.

Oraniuk also plans to notice the Victoria Police and Geelong City Council CEO over the city’s so-called “Eye In The Sky” surveillance system. He argues that the police and council are still liable under their legislated duty of care obligations. The legislated Victoria Police mandate is ‘to protect life and property’ because, “although they are watching potential perpetrators, the fact is that they know these incidents occur, regularly, but will not put boots on the ground and make their presence known, either by day, or at night, on party nights,” Oraniuk says.

The Montmorency (City of Banyule) man David Coman’s notice “withdraws any and all consent to being under surveillance by any device in operation of any council within Banyule or within Victoria including but not limited to facial recognition device, numberplate reading device, audio recording device or GPS… you are noticed: This withdrawal is permanent and not negotiable” and “the undersigned has never willingly agreed to being tracked, monitored by any government or incorporated body…”

The notice states further that the Surveillance Devices Act 1999 (No. 21 Part 2) prohibits a person from installation, use or maintenance of an optical surveillance device to record or observe a private activity “to which the person is not a party, without the express or implied consent of each party to the activity”. The penalty is imprisonment (2 years maximum) or a level 7 fine (240 penalty units maximum) or both. In the case of a body corporate it is 1200 penalty units.

It also states: “As the Act states implied consent is considered consent, meaning if the undersigned remains silent then consent is granted, the undersigned now emphatically withdraws any form of consent.”

The notice demands that any and all records that are held by the LGA or councils including Banyule City Council and any arm, or department of the Victorian State Government that include any facial recognition, numberplate recognition, audio recording or GPS location that holds data containing the undersigned’s image, voice or numberplate data be destroyed, with proof of destruction required in the form of a sworn affidavit.

The entities noticed are given 28 working days from the date of receipt of the correspondence to comply, which includes a demand to cease and desist from any further breach of the Victoria Surveillance Devices Act 1999, or from taking any retaliatory action against the undersigned, or any other type of retaliatory harassment or actions.

“Further to paragraph 8, You are requested by the Undersigned to acknowledge receipt of this Notice-of-Withdrawal-of-Consent as well as Your agreement to CEASE AND DESIST from the above-described activities by signing below and returning the signed original document to this office within 28 days from the date of receipt of this correspondence.”

Those noticed are warned that failure to submit the signed acknowledgement of the notice may result in legal action, including the filing of a criminal action or a civil lawsuit. “The Undersigned will continue to monitor the situation to ensure Your compliance with this demand and any further violations of Criminal and or Civil Law, and the Undersigned reserves the right to draw this letter to the attention of a court relevant to any injunctive or related action that may be taken against you and as to costs which may be sought against you…”

The concluding section of the notice offers those noticed to direct any questions to the residential address provided.

    About Editor, cairnsnews

    One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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    1. Ed and Co, never mind these surveillance cameras. Other distracting news going on 900 or so supposed Chinese spy cameras, installed here in Australia across government departments. They are going to get rid of them, they supposedly have known about them for 6-7 years but now consider them a security threat. (Cannot make this stuff up).
      See just one article here

      and quote from article:

      “An audit has uncovered more than 900 units of surveillance equipment built by companies linked to the Chinese government within Commonwealth government buildings.

      Key points:

      Chinese government-linked equipment was found in hundreds of Commonwealth buildings, including Defence and Foreign Affairs offices
      Dahua and Hikvision cameras have been banned in the United States and United Kingdom
      The Shadow Cyber Security Minister says the government needs a plan to remove them
      The government has been urged to rip out cameras and security gear made by Hikvision and Dahua in the wake of them being banned in the United States and United Kingdom due to fears they may contain spyware.”

      Golden don’t you think?
      In comparison to all the other CCTV, and facial recognition cameras installed literally everywhere from the supermarket to the library monitoring everyday Australians going about their business.

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    2. Who is the US spying on at Pine Gap?
      What do the pharmaceutical corporations do with our personal information that they are constantly collecting?


    3. They are installing the infrastructure of the climate lockdowns and restrictions for the smart cities.


    4. Can you please send us a copy of this letter to council so that we can distribute it to our members?


    5. OK even a pic would be fine. Ed


    6. Yes, the installation of the “security network” was done in the cover of the ConVid1984 lockdowns and Curfews in Melbourne;
      Early into the “snuffing out of all information”, there were quite a few videos on the ‘net from people who “sneaked out” late at night or early morning to find out what the source of “construction noise” was all about;
      There was footage of Workers in Cherry Pickers (mobile elevation platforms) doing electrical work and installing cameras all over Melbourne and replacing “street lights” with “new LED lights” while society at large was under house arrest for having committed no crime;
      There was method to the madness and it wasn’t “for your safety”

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    7. In early 2020 roughly April , May I went to our local shopping centre early hours of the morning, they had foreigners working on electricals in our local shopping centre , as I made attempt to enter the parking lot , the workers started hurling some hard objects at my car , I felt I wasn’t meant to be there , that they didn’t want me seeing what they were working on , after lock down lifted there was new cameras put up , I’m assuming they didn’t want me to see them putting them up, Melbourne, Victoria

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    8. @ comeinspinner

      10 metres is a long way for anything to fall;

      Locals in Peru got rid of 5g trees without any permits; Locals removed HAARP installations without any permits in Brazil…..even some provinces in China are removing cameras and 5g trees;

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    9. ED, yes, I’ll try, but they are essentially unaccountable. Nhulunbuy is run by Rio and the Nhulunbuy Mafia. I will write them a letter covering a few outstanding issues and send the response to you.

      I can’t promise I will get anything out of them though LOL.


    10. Local councils are illegal. How are they getting away with this?


    11. Hi Tony can you get a photo of this and ask town management waht is going on? Ed


    12. Hi Tony can you get a photo of this and ask Rio town management what is going on?


    13. Step by step they are corralling us…one day we will wake up and find we are totally enslaved!


    14. Thanks Tony. We can only guess what those cameras are for ,and one does not have to be Einstien to figure it out. 10 metres high means they do not want any vandals pulling them down.
      And of course cutting down trees is so good for the environment.Where I came from it cost $150 for a permit to cut down a tree blocking my driveway.

      Be aware folks, These are local councillors you voted in. I thought they were there to obey the electors ? And the local council workers ,don’t they realize they are enslaving themselves ?
      Selling themselves and other residents out for money. Traitors or fools ?

      A gigantic trap of epic proportions .Come on Auzzies,WAKE UP.


    15. Hi Tony can you get a photo of this and ask Rio town management what is going on?


    16. So now to search other state and territory legislation for similar “Surveillance Devices Acts” and close these down too. In Nhulunbuy, our shopping centre is now surrounded with ten M high poles festooned with cameras and PA systems, for no reason yet explained. All our car park trees have been chopped down, which is unpleasant in tropical heat. This needs to stopped now.

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