United [Communist] Nations Regime of Australia is building a black insurgency – make civic life impossible, drive out citizens of Alice Springs

By columnist Lyndesy Symonds

As Albo and the Gates Entity stitch up Australia, the feral ‘kids’ problem has gone off the dial in Alice Springs. On the face of it, this is Black Entitlement to Crime with the ‘kids’ being indigenous, xerox copies of the ‘youths’ of African gang Entitlement to Crime problem that rampages the Southern States.

NB. This is the very age group of male ‘youths’ that the Australian government continues to fly into Australia from every failed Marxist state in Africa. We are talking the age group of the best soldiers of any gook cadre anywhere in the world – aged say 17 – 21 years. If they can pass for 13 – 16 in the Big Jew msmedia photo-op so much the better.

The Sky News interviews with Darren Clark should should tell us everything we need to know about where Alice Springs fits into the synoptic picture.


Points to note. These rampages have been going on at this level of intensity for three years. The police are overwhelmed and/or stood down by covert order. Whenever the media spotlight is shone on the ‘feral kids’ problem, the feral kids go to ground. [Kind of like they are either bussed in [read inserted] for these rampages or they were ordered to stand down]. This is at odds with the ‘senseless behaviour’ that is so well documented on Darren Clark’s FB page.
When the federal or state politicians visit, suddenly The Alice is tidy town of the NT. Nothing to see here. The federal and state leaders who could take these matters smartly in hand in the Southern states and in Alice Springs refuse to do so. The media censor the hell to which an Australian town is being subjected and sanitize the reports that filter through. Anyone demanding action is of course a racist, a white supremacist ( probably a Nazi) .

What are the Australians looking at here? What is going on?

Short answer: Together with its multi-lateral partners circling like vultures, the United [Communist] Nations Regime of Australia is building a gook insurgency. It is being cherry picked and flown in and home grown units are training in Alice Springs. The idea here is to do whatever is needed to make civic life impossible and drive out the Australians – the majority Anglo-Celtic demographic. Crime, chaos and corruption is not incompetence, it is the underpinning sistema of every Marxist state. This is the method they use to destroy the White population, the private business sector and the social infrastructure that is built on this productivity. These are the class enemies of the Revolution.

Alice Springs is not ‘crime riddled’. It is being subjected to insurgency. Anyone who happens to notice this, is (of course) racist. And there will be payola involved for all the bad boyz who are running amok, not least their entitlement to crime.

Want to see where this is going? South Africa July 2021. ‘Kill the Boere. Kill the farmer’ is the solution to the systemic failure of every branch of government, most notably the failure to even keep the lights on in major cities.

Burning, looting, murder, mayhem, Black entitlement to crime is the way the criminal cartel behind the ANC keeps the minority White population and the Black constituency in line. And that is exactly the way United [Communist] Nations Australian Regime intends to break the class and racial ‘enemies’ in Australia. This is a tried and true formula of the Revolution on at least four continents.

Reclaiming Rhodesia covered July 2021 in SA with an on-the-ground podcast

Emergency Broadcast The Real Story of the Worst Riots in South Africa that are Happening as we speak!
July 19 2021.

Sights and Sounds: South Africa

Sights and Sounds: South Africa Burns

We asked Senator Jacinta Price to comment on this article 10 days ago. She declined yesterday. It seems it is too hot to handle. Editor

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Yeah, well do I remember older African bus passengers from 10 years ago, most arrogant people on the planet. However, I do recall a Bible verse for those who turn from following Christ> Ezekiel 7:24 “Wherefore I will bring the worst of the heathen, and they shall possess their houses: I will also make the pomp of the strong to cease, and their holy places shall be defiled.” Can anyone deny this has been fulfilled in their lifetime?


  2. In my regular click-around of websites / channels I consider to be essential, Darren Clark’s FB page is now one of the my regulars. I am noticing that comments regarding similar feral kids crime waves are coming from many outback towns. This is a very important story and it has been for some time. The only way the Big Jew msmedia and government has kept it under the radar is their ‘racist’ label and ‘nazi’ treatment for the people who are attempting to organise solutions: the people who contribute to the civic life of their community with volunteer work, produce, goods, services and economy. Your standard issue white supremacists and nazis.

    And the type of crimes they are documenting are ‘waves’ with many teenagers in the street looting, car jacking, breaking and entering premises, homes, assualts and fighting. The under tens are there, but it is the teenagers who running these towns.

    A community of productive adults who can build a town in terms of infrastructure and economy are not helpless in the face of this type of confrontation and conflict. They have to be made helpless by law enforcement that is policing them instead of the crime wave.

    Think Rotherham in the North of England. While you are there in Yorkshire think about all the Northern English towns. Who went to jail? Who was prosecuted over the rape and grooming gangs that freely roamed the North and preyed upon English girls for DECADES. Was it Paki rape and child trafficking gangs? No. It was English fathers who went after them. Meanwhile the police, the clinics, hospitals [THE NHS AND MEDICAL PROFESSION], the civil authorities, the social workers – all the infrastructure of the communist UK state covered for the gangs. And Big Jew msm reviled the English who took action as evilracistwhitesupremacists for noticing the ethnicity of the British citizens who formed these gangs in the stans and ran them over the entire North.


  3. Well, folks, here’s another chance coming your way…


    Let’s see how far we get this time around.


  4. Beau Loots said – “Humans are competitive, territorial pack animals like wolves who live in a “chicken like pecking order hierarchy”.”

    There is great wisdom in your words, Little Grasshopper.

    … but I’d qualify that perspective with another quite similar view –

    Humans are a herding species – our brains are hardwired to predispose us to align our world-view with what we BELIEVE that other people around us are thinking. That results in the generally observed herding behaviour of humanity, much like sheep.

    BUT humans also have a prodigious intellect which affords the capacity to organise and behave as predatory packs – something for which leadership is required. When we’re under threat, that directed behaviour can work to our advantage as much as that of any adversary – especially if we outnumber our adversary 10,000 to one.

    Just saying.

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  5. nasho23 said – “the worsat thing of all is, IDIOTS, with their Hands Out, VOTE for these COMMO Bastards…”

    We are idiots, ona and all, I’ll grant you that.

    But we don’t actually “vote” for these Commo Bastards (and I’d argue they’re not actually “communist”, they’re FASCISTS, and the very worst example of their kind in recorded human history).

    Voting is so last year nowadays – our fake “leaders” are SELECTED, not elected. Kind of makes the utterly corrupt electoral commissions rather redundant.

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  6. obviousbob said – “What is required is that these business owners make claims against their local Members, State and Federal, and the Police.”

    Just to be the Devil’c Advocate here – whenever ANYONE steps forward and says “We must do this” and “We must do that”… nothing happens.

    And just BTW, it’s already WAY PAST any notion of “making claims” against politicians and hired Gestapo mercenaries pretending to be “police”. Who exactly is going to hear it, and then who exactly is going to enforce it?

    These people wipe their arses with our claims and petitions, and then fart in our general direction. And then come after us for daring to challenge them.

    The ONE recourse that remains to us is the simple fact – we outnumber these bastards by 10,000 to one. And we have LOTS of rope and lamp posts.

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  7. Neville Thompson

    This has been ongoing for over 40 years , in the early 80’s they were referred to as being “The Gap Angels’ that numbered approx 100 and ranged in age from early child hood to the moron age group between 17-20 .
    They had no respect for anyone while they were all together as one Mob especially for white ladies walking on the footpath through them in town would have their dresses lifted exposing their underwear .
    The only way I can see the end of this if for the town camps to be disbanded and those living in housing commission homes return those people to their tribal lands and give the Tribal Elders the responsibility and authorisation to do what ever it takes to make those kids respectful by leading in the direction they need to take .


  8. k Jan, because she hapens to be Indigenous – Get RED COMMO Albo off a A380 for Ten minutes ans FORCE him to become Involved, as a SUPPOSED LEADER of this Country – Under the RED Sickle, our Country is becoming Worse than Africa and, the worsat thing of all is, IDIOTS, with their Hands Out, VOTE for these COMMO Bastards – WAKE UP Before IT IS TOO LATE.


  9. Senator Price represents her constituents and that is more than I can say for most politicians.

    Those of us who have lived through the Communist Revolution during last half of the twentieth century see exactly what is going on Alice Springs because we have lived it. We know what Marxist Leninism in action looks like. We know an insurgency when we see one.

    I remember myself as a first year university student struggling with this whole idea of the permanent , world-wide revolution and its International Revolutionary Network, its sistema, its creation of Deep States in the governments it was subverting. The summer of 1968, there was a smoking pile of American aircraft at the base of every hill around Khe Sanh , yet victorious ARVN and US forces were ordered to fall back from the North, Westmoreland was stood down and the SDS, hippies, yippies, Blacks and every gook Marxist identity in the nation had been astroturfed by the Big Tax Exempts like Ford and Rockefeller to the airports and college campuses.

    So what does this all mean?? What is all of this about. And the faces back from Khe Sanh and in the chain of command were ashen.

    “It means the executive office and branch of the US government is now completely capitulated to the Revolution and the civilian authority is going to use the US military, and worse our allies, in a screw up to hand the Indo-China peninsula to the Chinese Communists. And it’s not going to end there.”


  10. Humans are competitive, territorial pack animals like wolves who live in a “chicken like pecking order hierarchy”. Therefore, different cultures compete all the way to outright violence and war. Australia is not an exception.
    Secondly, children are taught how to live in a civil society. Religion usually plays that role. Think of the Ten Commandments. The legal system manages disputes between persons, legal and natural. The political system mediates conflict between social and cultural, and economic entities. That is why exceptions in a democracy, like a voice to parliament will cause intractable conflict!


  11. If you deport them, or shoot them, and tell others if they come and do this shit you will also shoot them, the problem will go away. Invest in backhoes.


  12. A few months ago I read about similar goings-on in Broome, and phoned a shop mentioned in that article.
    The shop owner’s husband, a former policeman, told me that there are 70 police in Broome, and they were told-about young black kids, etc., raiding and destroying such premises by their higher-ups in the force, this: “Do nothing.”
    What is required is that these business owners make claims against their local Members, State and Federal, and the Police.
    The mandate (contract) applicable to local Members is: “to act in the best interests of their constituents.”
    And the contracted Police mandate: “To protect life and property.”
    If either of the above fail in regard to these obligations, then breach of contract charges and full commercial liability apply, especially given Oath of Office all the above take.

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  13. According to Darwin residents Alice is not the only city where these criminals (age has nothing to do with this) are running the law. They have forgotten that the working, tax paying white is how their free cars, clothes, food, grog, cigarettes, health care mobiles and houses are obtained? Before white settlement they lived under trees, were naked and lived very short lives. White folk have even taught them their do called art. They should bless the white people for their generosity.


  14. Yep, well said Lyndesy Symonds. I would hazard a guess that the drug Ice plays a major part of the mayhem.


  15. It is time for the people to fight back they need to be bashed within an inch of their lives then the message may get through.


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